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15 Free Things to Do in Warren, MI

  • Published 2023/01/06

Warren is a vibrant city full of life and culture; residents can enjoy the many free sights and activities here.

Warren is the third-largest city in Macomb County and Metro Detroit’s most prominent suburb.

From taking leisurely walks to picnicking in the lush local parks, there are plenty of outdoor options to explore.

Visitors can check out theaters, indoor parks, and cinemas or read books at the library for indoor activities.

Check out the free things to do in Warren, Michigan!

Explore the Veterans Memorial Park

Aerial view of Veterans Memorial Park

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Visit Veterans Memorial Park, conveniently located on Martin Road, to experience quality time with your family.

The park’s highlight is the All Veterans Memorial, dedicated to the fallen war heroes; it’s an ideal spot for reflection.

The luscious greenery and shaded trees provide a calming environment for adults seeking respite from everyday life.

A trail at Veterans Memorial Park

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Do you need something more active?

Kids can expend energy in the park by running around with friends or playing sports.

Veterans Memorial Park is the perfect place to create a lifetime of memories.

Pack some sandwiches and snacks, then spend an enjoyable afternoon taking in all this park offers.

Spend an Afternoon at Licht Park

Warren has a gem in Licht Park.

You’ll find beautiful streams, lush green sports fields, tranquil lakes, and a visitor center with park information.

Visit the park for a day of fun and exploration!

Enjoy magnificent football fields, as well as plenty of interesting historical features.

Licht Park offers the perfect outdoor escape as you spend a leisurely afternoon picnicking under its shaded picnic gazebo.

Whip up an al fresco feast with the help of its barbecue grills.

Let your kids expend their energy in two purpose-built game areas while you take advantage of colorful shrub borders and heather woodlands to marvel at nature’s beauty.

Afterward, take advantage of their outdoor exercise station to get energized before quenching your thirst at one of the many water fountains.

Licht Park is the perfect spot for basketball enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, and those who love to soak up some sunshine!

This park should be a hit with everyone because of its bustling court, thrilling slides, cozy shelters, and ample open space.

Watch a Sunset at the Halmich Park

Nestled off East Thirteen Mile Road in Warren is the sprawling, tranquil oasis known as Halmich Park.

Joggers and dog walkers roam the park’s wide paths during the day.

Different kinds of animals, including mammals, birds, reptiles, and bugs, make it their home.

Halmich Park is the perfect place for kids to let their imaginations soar!

With three distinct play areas complete with five pieces of equipment each, plus various swings, it’s an outdoor playground paradise.

Among its most attractive features is, without a doubt, the sunset view from one of Halmich Park’s highest points.

Visitors can take in the gentle hues of red and orange as the sun begins to set over this picturesque urban park before heading back for an enchanted evening walk.

Beat the Heat at the Warren City Square Fountain

At Warren City Square Fountain, visitors of all ages can cool off in the warm summer months.

Shrouded by lush trees with the historic City Hall building as a backdrop, the fountain is the perfect place to escape the hot sun for a few hours.

Various jets of water spray at different heights, allowing the kids to play in shallow water or jump higher jets for extra fun.

The fountain operates from late morning to early evening from Monday to Saturday.

On Sundays, it operates from early afternoon to early evening.

Conveniently located in front of City Hall, the Warren City Square Fountain s the perfect place for family time, quality bonding, or a mid-day break.

Delve into the Past at the Detroit Arsenal of Democracy Museum

The Detroit Arsenal of Democracy Museum is the perfect destination for anyone looking to delve into Detroit’s fascinating role in World War II.

Detroit rose to the challenge when President Roosevelt declared the United States an “arsenal of democracy” in 1940 and supplied 30% of all war materials used by Allied forces until 1945.

The city transformed from a hub for automobiles into a weapons manufacturer that helped end World War II.

Through interactive displays and artifacts, visitors go on a journey back in time to experience how everyday life was affected by the war.

The exhibition showcases three main components: the factory, neighborhood, and household, spotlighting how the conflict impacted daily life.

Visitors can see firsthand how rationing changed diets, victory gardens provided necessary resources, and propaganda encouraged involvement in the war effort.

The Detroit Arsenal of Democracy Museum is a beautiful opportunity to learn about world history and discover America’s most important cities during wartime.

Enjoy the Outdoors at Burdi Park

If you want to enjoy the outdoors and have some fun, Burdi Park is the place for you!

Do you have the urge to play soccer?

You’ll find plenty of games ongoing, or join yourself for a kickaround.

There are also plenty of picnic areas if you feel like grabbing a bite with your loved ones.

Kids can also keep themselves busy at the park’s playground, providing endless hours of entertainment to children of all ages.

Or you can play with them and kick it back to the old school with a game of hopscotch.

Enjoy some much-needed sunshine with the beautiful offerings that Burdi Park has to offer.

Remember to take a few snaps and post them online!

Step Back in Time at the Bunert School Museum

An excellent trip down memory lane awaits visitors at the Bunert School Museum.

This historic one-room schoolhouse dates back to 1875 when August and Mine Bunert sold land to the Warren School District No. 4.

The school was constructed on the corner of Martin and Bunert streets and continued as an active part of the district until 1944.

Now it stands proud as a Michigan State Historic Site and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

At the Bunert School Museum, you’ll step back into a bygone era and explore local history through an immersive educational experience.

With plenty of interesting artifacts on display in Burnet School Museum, visitors can deepen their understanding of their history.

Have Fun with Family at Wiegand Park

Spanning 12.5 acres of preserved nature, Wiegand Park provides a way to bond with your family and the outdoors.

There’s plenty of space for playing your favorite ball games like softball.

Wiegand Park also offers the opportunity to picnic on one of its many grassy knolls.

Additionally, there are plenty of trees for some peaceful shade to read an engaging book or interact with a mural you might find within the park.

Finally, an impressive playground awaits your little ones; pack a ball and enjoy this unique public space.

Whether actively playing sports or enjoying one another’s company, Wiegand Park provides plenty of ways for families to have fun together.

Uncover the Beauty of Shaw Park

Playground at Shaw Park

GEOGOZZ, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Shaw Park offers visitors the perfect balance of outdoor adventure and relaxation.

With a baseball diamond, tennis court, and play area for kids, this municipal park is ideal for families or friends looking to enjoy fresh air in beautiful surroundings.

Shaw Park offers a range of activities for sports lovers, from tennis to football; two courts and fields are ready for use!

Whether you want to play a competitive game or brush up on your skills, the park provides ample space and activities to make everyone happy.

Easy access through plenty of parking spots and ADA-friendly amenities makes it an ideal environment for any experience level!

You can get fit with a workout, enjoy some friendly competition on one of its sports fields or show off your skills in an exciting basketball game.

You can also take in the beauty of nature with a picnic and explore its lush grassy areas or take your pick between views by strolling along its winding, gorgeous multipurpose walk.

Whatever you do, it should get your blood pumping and provide hours of fun.

Join the Annual Holiday Craft and Vendor Show

Mingle with the community at the Annual Holiday Craft & Vendor Show at Warren Community Center.

Explore unique gifts, handmade goods, and an array of special treats while indulging in much-needed downtime before the festivities truly begin.

The show is open from morning to afternoon, so you’ll have plenty of time to soak up the festive atmosphere and chat with local artisans about their work.

Don’t forget that admission is free; it’s the perfect chance to get acquainted with your Community.

Check out the Annual Holiday Craft and Vendor Show at Arden Ave.

It should be an unforgettable experience.

Bring Your Friends to Butcher Park

Located just off the Walter Reuther Fairway, Butcher Park offers a natural oasis to unwind with friends and family.

Butcher Park’s playground is a real treat for children and is undoubtedly one of the city’s main attractions.

Playtime here certainly will be exciting, as there are great slides and climbing elements to explore.

Additionally, the little ones can take on the challenge of the small maze–great exercise for everyone involved.

Moreover, parents will love all of the seating spaces, affording fantastic views of their kids having fun.

If your child loves the swings, they’ll find plenty to do at this vibrant park.

They can ride tire swings and conventional ones or ADA-approved models and baby buckets.

Spend an afternoon full of freshness in Butcher Park; you won’t be disappointed by the inviting atmosphere here.

Join the Cold Rush Ice Festival

The Cold Rush Ice Festival is a premier Michigan event that kicks off the winter with many fun activities.

The annual festival is held in Warren City Square every January, located across from City Hall.

The festival offers something for everyone: warm drinks and fireside chats, competitions, ice skates, and more!

Plus, you can enjoy hot beverages and the best comfort food while watching kids ice skating to their hearts’ content.

If you’re looking for a way to participate in Michigan’s winter season, come to Warren and join the Cold Rush Ice Festival.

Explore the Warren Public Library

With a wide selection of books, music, and movies for all ages, Warren Public Library is the perfect place to explore new worlds or rediscover old favorites.

With four branches located around the city, each offering various engaging and fun programming, it’s easy to find something that will fit your interests.

Warren Public Library is committed to offering excellent resources for children and teens with specially designed programs each month.

Engage your child in an exciting journey of reading and fun at the Civic Center’s monthly PJ Story Time.

Are your teens up for a night of fun?

Let them enjoy an evening packed with classic board games and new favorites.

It should be filled with laughter, friendly competition, and lasting memories at the Cozy Game Night at the Arthur Miller Branch.

Get your kids excited for the Lego Block Party hosted at Dorothy Busch Branch, as they’ll have a blast building unique creations, and you get to enjoy watching their imaginations run wild.

Teens could come and test their engineering and problem-solving skills at the Maybelle Burnette Branch as they join their STEAM challenge.

Whether you’d like to get lost in a great book or participate in an interactive program, Warren Public Library won’t disappoint.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Commune with Nature at the Red Oaks Nature Center

Red Oaks Nature Center, located in Madison Heights, Michigan, spans 37 sprawling acres.

It offers visitors a chance to experience nature firsthand through its outdoor programs.

Located 29 minutes from Warren, Red Oaks Nature Center offers an array of experiences for visitors to engage with the local wildlife.

Discover a variety of native animals, explore exhibitions that educate guests about their habitats, and get involved in unique classroom activities.

Red Oaks Nature Center provides a unique experience for visitors with its 1.3-mile paved track, ideal for a refreshing walk, bike ride, or hike.

While the storybook walks along the sensory trail should create lasting memories and instill an appreciation of nature in all who visit!

Park naturalists also give year-round educational programs that the public can join to gain an immersive experience with nature.

Experience the Wonders of Rosie’s Park

Visit the wonderful Rosie’s Park in Madison Heights and experience a unique adventure.

Whether you prefer biking on the dirt BMX course, including a half-pipe, or walking and hiking trails, this park has everything you need.

There are lighted ball fields, a basketball court, and even an inline skating rink, which also doubles as an ice skating rink, depending on the weather.

Whether you’re a disc golf fan or just looking for somewhere to relax outdoors, this location has something for everyone.

With its nine-hole disc course and amenities like parking, picnic tables & grills, and play structures fit for tiny adventurers, it’s the perfect spot to soak up the sun.

Rosie’s Park is 12 minutes from Warren.

Final Thoughts

Warren is full of unique experiences you can enjoy without spending a dime.

You will get some fresh air, have fun outdoors, and create memories with your family and friends that will last forever.

Start exploring all the free things to do in Warren, Michigan!

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