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15 Free Things to Do in Rosemead, CA

  • Published 2023/02/09

The quaint city of Rosemead is in Los Angeles County, California.

The city is a fantastic place to spend with family and enjoy Rosemead’s beautiful parks.

Many also consider the city as a jumping-off point to visit the crowded attractions and festivals in the cities nearby.

In Rosemead, you can visit historical landmarks, sports centers, community centers, events, and various parks that allow for many outdoor activities.

Come to Rosemead and enjoy the quiet suburban atmosphere, beautiful surroundings, and fantastic attractions.

Here are free things to do in Rosemead, California.

Take the Kids to Rosemead Park

Start your trip with your family at Rosemead Park.

The Rosemead Park is the largest community park in the city, spanning almost 20 acres north of downtown Rosemead, at 4343 Encinitas Avenue.

The park has three separate playgrounds around the park the children will enjoy.

Plenty of large trees help keep visitors cool with its shade, especially in picnic areas, making this a fun place to have lunch with family.

Three sites have picnic tables and BBQ pits.

Although there are many trees at Rosemead Park, there’s also a flat and empty green space perfect for outdoor activities.

You can also play sports at their sports facilities, with two baseball diamonds and two basketball courts.

There’s also a ½-mile walking trail that loops around a picnic area and playground, crossing their fitness zone, where you can exercise through their fitness equipment.

In addition, the Rosemead Aquatic Center pool is also next to the skate park.

Enjoy a Family Picnic at Garvey Park

Garvey Park is the second largest community park here in Fort Smith.

The park has at least 12.59 acres of space, and it’s arguably the best place in the city for a picnic with the family.

It has six areas, small and large, with each filled with picnic tables and BBQ pits, with some regions only having four tables and the largest ones having eight at most, ensuring that your family can have a spot all for yourselves.

The park also has three separate playgrounds the kids will enjoy, and the largest one is close to the picnic area.

Garvey Park also has two large ball diamonds for a game of baseball or softball, each with a large field.

They also have five tennis courts, a new indoor gym with basketball hoops, and a wide-open field for various outdoor activities.

Another fantastic attraction in the park is the Splash Zone, with two slides, a splash pad, and a pool; unfortunately, it’s not free.

Garvey Park is at 7933 Emerson Place.

Bring Your Pets to Klingerman Park

Klingerman Park is the second smallest community park in the city.

This tiny, at least 0.26 acre sized park is found at the end of Klingerman Street at 8800 Klingerman Street, right next to a golf course.

It’s a triangular park with a playground and plenty of picnic tables, with some shade from tall trees and some space for outdoor activities.

Due to the tiny space at Klingerman Park, it’s not that popular, so it’s become a quiet, sleepy park that allows for a relaxing day with family.

You can bring your beloved dogs here and walk around on a leash; clean up after your dog for the next park-goers.

Enjoy a Quiet Day at Sally Tanner Park

Sally Tanner Park is a community park in the city.

This park is at least 1.4 acres, situated in the Rosemead Trailer Park neighborhood at 8343 E Mission Drive.

There’s a playground here that the kids will enjoy, and most of the playground is fenced for safety.

There’s also a covered pavilion with plenty of picnic tables, perfect for a day outdoors with family.

Since Sally Tanner Park is relatively small, there are few people, which is perfect for more private time with family.

Work up a Sweat at Zapopan Park

Zapopan Park is an active community park here in Rosemead.

The park has seven acres of lovely green space and is a great place to set your body in motion and to work up a sweat.

Here you can walk or jog on the paved trails that loop around the park.

You can also exercise on their fitness equipment that each targets a specific muscle, ensuring you get a full-body workout.

There’s also an outdoor basketball court and two playgrounds.

However, it may not preciselybe a kid-friendly park compared to others, as fenced, towering electrical power lines are striking through the park.

Zapopan Park is at 3018 North Charlotte Avenue in Rosemead.

Run at Jay Imperial Park

Jay Imperial Park is a community park in Rosemead with a bit of history.

The park was named after Jay Imperial, a former council member and a longtime mayor who passed away.

One unique thing about the park is that a road cuts right across the middle of it.

You can also stroll on the decomposed gravel path that loops around the whole park, with fitness equipment along the trail you can stop at and do.

There are picnic tables and shade, but night running is also great here as the park is well-lit.

Come to Jay Imperial Park at 2373 Pine Street if you’re in for a peaceful jog.

Practice Your Tricks at Rosemead Skate Park

The Rosemead Skate Park is the best place in Rosemead for skating and more.

This is the only skate park in the city, inside Rosemead Park beside the community pool.

The skate park has many excellent features: hubbies, wallride banks, a manual pad, a snake run, a bump-to-flat bar with a wallie option, a vast flat bank, and more.

There are two sets of descending stairs and rails for you to do tricks on.

If you want to ride your scooter, rollerblade, skateboard, BMX, or longboard, visit the Rosemead Skate Park!

Cool Off at Potrero Heights Park

Potrero Heights Park is a community park here in Rosemead.

It’s a relatively small park with not much open space, but what it lacks in play makes up for the features and amenities found at the park.

The park has many picnic tables with BBQ pits, a kid’s play area and playground, a ball diamond, and a small theater.

There’s also a splash pad at the park, where the kids can have fun during a hot summer day.

If you want to visit this hidden park, Potrero Heights Park is at 8501 Arroyo Drive.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Ride a Bike at Rio Hondo River Trail

Daytime view of Rio Hondo River Trail

Cromagnom, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Rio Hondo River Trail is a long trail starting in Downey, California, 20 minutes from Rosemead.

It’s a 15.6-mile bicycle trail and path that flows along the Rio Hondo river along the San Gabriel Valley.

Here, the trails are gentle, and the environments vary with each area.

The path at Rosemead is clear of any trees but turns greener and more filled with life as you go further south.

Part of Rio Hondo River Trail lined with trees

Cromagnom, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The trail is challenging for its length but shows fantastic sights alongside the Rio Hondo River.

If you want a unique biking experience, try out the Rio Hondo River Trail here in Rosemead by going to the Rio Hondo River area South East of Rosemead.

Join the Rose Parade

Daytime view of Rose Parade

Kit Leong /

Since 1890, the Rose Parade has become an annual parade and festival in Pasadena, California, 15 minutes from Rosemead.

You can see the start of the parade at Colorado Boulevard.

Insect-style float at Rose Parade

Kit Leong /

The parade is also known as the Tournament of Roses Parade.

As thousands of people gather, many participants showcase beautiful flower-covered and themed floats, horseback units, and marching bands.

House float at Rose Parade

Marie1969 /

Here you’ll see one-of-a-kind floats and the essence of California.

If you want to catch the Rose Parade with your family, go to Pasadena either on New Year’s Day or January 2 (if the New Year falls on Sunday).

Underwater-styled float at Rose Parade

Kit Leong /

Commune with Nature at Peck Road Water Conservation Park

Visit the refreshing Peck Road Water Conservation Park in Arcadia, California, ten minutes from Rosemead.

This five-acre nature park has become a favorite spot for 25 years for a soothing wildlife park experience.

The park has fantastic views of the San Gabriel Mountains and a double lake that allows for more recreational activities.

Although there are no amenities here, you can do so many other things, from watching nature, walking, biking, hiking, and fishing!

If you want to be close to nature, Peck Road Water Conservation Park is the place.

Discover Monterey at the Monterey Park Historical Museum

You can visit the humble Monterey Park Historical Museum at 781 S Orange Avenue in Monterey, California, nine minutes from Rosemead.

This museum is maintained and operated by the passionate Monterey Park Historical Society, which keeps the collection open to the public to tell the stories of Monterey’s past.

Here you’ll find artifacts such as photos, postcards, slides, picture clippings, and other objects that tell the story of the events in Monterey.

You’ll learn a lot about the city of Monterey and some snippets that tell little stories about the state.

The Monterey Park Historical Museum is a convenient spot to learn history.

Learn Local History at the Ramona Museum of California History

You can visit the Ramona Museum of California History in San Gabriel, California, ten minutes from Rosemead.

This historical museum was founded in 1998 after it was purchased by the Native Sons of the Golden West group to display artifacts that tell the stories of early California.

Here you can see all sorts of artifacts and old memorabilia that tell the story of California, with some objects dating back to 1887.

However, the museum community also hosts various events, such as student competitions, pool parties, historical outings, and golf tournaments!

Stop by the Ramona Museum of California History; you might catch an event or two during your museum visit!

Appreciate Heritage at the Gilb Museum of Arcadia Heritage

You can visit the Glib Museum of Arcadia Heritage in Arcadia, 11 minutes from Rosemead.

This historical museum focuses on the historical heritage of Arcadia and showcases it through permanent and temporary exhibitions.

They also have a digital collection that shows images and texts from the 1920s-1990s.

You’ll learn more about the fascinating history of the Arcadia Women’s Club, photo albums of the old California scenery and landmarks, and a famous 1984 letter from Richard Nixon himself.

The Glib Museum of Arcadia Heritage also has many programs and opportunities for students and visitors to connect with the city’s culture and heritage.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Fiesta Broadway

Fiesta Broadway is an annual downtown Los Angeles, California festival celebrating Cinco de Mayo, about 20 minutes from Rosemead.

It originated in 1990 when an estimated half a million people attended and celebrated Cinco de Mayo on Spanish live TV.

Many famous and talented celebrities perform on stage; likewise, many stalls populate the venue, creating a fun community experience.

You’ll learn more about the culture of Mexico through the many cuisine, costumes, and folk dances during the event.

Visit downtown Los Angeles on May 5 and join Fiesta Broadway.

Final Thoughts

The charming city has many opportunities for its visitors to have a good time with their families.

It’s the perfect place to lay low while big crowds stay in those cities.

This list of free things to do in Rosemead, California, should help you build your itinerary on your next visit!

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