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15 Free Things to Do in Perth Amboy, NJ

  • Published 2023/03/08

Perth Amboy is a small city bordering New York in Middlesex County, New Jersey.

It is known for its stunning sunrise and sunset views.

Although this small city is on the side of New Jersey, Perth Amboy remains part of the New York Metropolitan Area.

Its 55,291 inhabitants regularly cross the Raritan River to either work or study in New York.

Thus, Perth Amboy has a storied maritime legacy that its residents are proud of.

Also, Perth Amboy is renowned as where the first African American voted during the elections in 1870.

Visiting Perth Amboy is an idyllic destination for budget travelers who want to enjoy engaging activities and attractions without breaking the bank.

Despite its size, Perth Amboy is home to gorgeous waterfront parks, playgrounds, and natural attractions, all within reach of nearby New York.

Read this post about the free things to do in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, to help you plan a budget-friendly vacation.

Take Photos of the Outerbridge Crossing

Far view of the Outerbridge Crossing

Felix Lipov /

The Outerbridge Crossing is a cantilever bridge connecting Perth Amboy to Staten Island in New York.

The bridge is pretty easy to spot since it towers over Perth Amboy.

The bridge carries the Route 440 of New York and New Jersey, with two roads interconnecting both states for motorists and pedestrians.

Close view of the Outerbridge Crossing

Felix Lipov /

The entire bridge stretches 10,140 feet in length and 62 feet wide.

One of the best souvenirs you can take home from Perth Amboy is a bridge photo, which is vital for New York and New Jersey commuters.

You can also cross the bridge with your car or on foot to visit nearby areas, particularly Staten Island.

Aerial view of the Outerbridge Crossing

EQRoy /

Browse the Perth Amboy Free Public Library

The Perth Amboy Free Public Library is more than just a place to read books and find information.

This library along Jefferson Street is one of the oldest libraries in New Jersey.

It has provided the public with free access to thousands of books and information since 1825.

This library opened through the efforts of several locals who purchased a stock and became the first subscribers of the Perth Amboy Library Company.

From then on, the library grew bigger but was eventually disbanded in 1835.

In 1888, another group re-formed the library and was instituted by State Law in 1896.

Today, you can visit this library and browse countless books and information, including a vast collection of historical resources about Perth Amboy’s history.

Drop by the Perth Amboy Free Public Library for a worthwhile read.

Catch Fish at the High Street Municipal Fishing Pier

One of the best fishing spots in Perth Amboy is the High Street Municipal Fishing Pier along Sadowski Parkway.

This municipally owned fishing spot is where most local anglers cast their line to catch various fish species.

You can catch weakfish, stripers, bluefish, fluke, bulkhead, and bass, in this area of the Raritan River.

When visiting Perth Amboy, bring your fishing gear for relaxing fishing sessions with locals at the High Street Municipal Fishing Pier.

Besides the abundance of fish, the High Street Municipal Fishing Pier is renowned for its scenic river view.

Enjoy the Outdoors at the International Park

International Park is one of the gorgeous outdoor attractions in Perth Amboy.

You can visit this park along Sadowski Parkway, along Perth Amboy’s scenic waterfront area.

This park is where you can find the Juan Pablo Duarte monument, Count Casimir Polaski plaque, and other historical monuments.

At the same time, this park is ideally situated nearby the St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church.

The park’s setting features gorgeous greenery along the city’s scenic waterfront, making it one of the perfect locations for sightseeing in Perth Amboy.

At the same time, your visit to this park will be exciting as it offers plenty of outdoor activities for kids and grownups.

International Park is an excellent hiking spot that takes you through the entire stretch of Perth Amboy’s waterfront area.

Enjoy a picnic while appreciating the fantastic view of the Raritan River.

Enter the Historic Kearny Cottage

Exterior of the Historic Kearny Cottage

KForce, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Kearny Cottage is a historic house and museum, one of the few remaining houses of its kind.

You can visit this house along Catalpa Avenue.

This house with four rooms was constructed in 1781.

It’s renowned throughout Perth Amboy and New Jersey for its rare 18th-century vernacular residence architecture, which is rare these days.

Today, the house serves as a local museum run by the Kearny Cottage Historical Society.

Inside, you’ll find plenty of historically significant items donated by Perth Amboy locals to give the public a better glimpse of its maritime past.

Besides the museum, the Kearny Cottage is an excellent place to have photoshoots because of its elegant architecture and features, especially its colonial garden.

Check out this historic house upon arriving in Perth Amboy to get acquainted with the city’s rich history.

Catch Free Concerts at Bay City Amphitheater

Bay City Amphitheater is one of the open-air amphitheaters that regularly hosts various activities.

You can visit this amphitheater along 2nd Street.

This amphitheater is known throughout the city for its free concerts, especially during summer nights.

At the same time, it hosts various community events, festivals, and sports events for locals, making it an exciting place to visit.

Besides the amphitheater, this place has a vast green open space for picnics and other activities which you and your loved ones can enjoy.

Drop by the Bay City Amphitheater and catch some highly entertaining activities while rubbing elbows with locals.

Test Your Fishing Skills at Willow Pond

Willow Pond is a small but abundant pond in the middle of Perth Amboy.

You can visit this place near Dorothy Avenue and Convery Boulevard.

This pond is a recommended fishing spot because of its abundance of fish, particularly musky fish.

Perth Amboy regularly stocks this pond with this fish for locals to enjoy fishing.

Besides the fishing spot, Willow Pond’s surroundings are perfect for a family outing.

It also features a gazebo, park benches, walking trails, a footbridge, and other amenities.

See the Gorgeous Sunrise at Sadowski Parkway Waterfront Park

Sadowski Parkway Waterfront Park is one of the most extensive parks you can visit in this city.

You can visit this park along Sadowski Parkway.

Many locals love to spend their morning witnessing the gorgeous sunrise that illuminates the sky.

Besides the sunrise, you’ll also enjoy watching the boats and the scenery of the Raritan River in this waterfront park.

If you’re yearning for more activities, the Sadowski Parkway Waterfront Park is excellent for hiking, jogging, sunbathing, and picnicking.

Remember to list this park in your itinerary during your visit to Perth Amboy.

Check Out the Perth Amboy Ferry Slip

Front view of the Perth Amboy Ferry Slip

quiggyt4 /

Perth Amboy Ferry Slip is one of the most famous historical attractions in the community.

You can check out this ferry slip along Front Street.

This ferry slip became a vital docking area for boats transporting people and goods from New York and vice versa.

Besides New York, it also ferries people and goods to Staten Island and Tottenville back in the day.

Side view of the Perth Amboy Ferry Slip

KForce at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Because of its historical significance to Perth Amboy, the ferry slip was included in the National Register of Historic Places in the 1970s.

Today, you can visit the ferry slip and its original structures and design.

Despite the modern-day bridges, the Perth Amboy Ferry Slip remains standing.

It provides everyone with fascinating historical information you must notice when visiting this city.

Play Sports at Stanley Rudyk Park

Stanley Rudyk Park is one of the community parks you can visit in this city.

You can check out this park along Valley Place Street.

Unlike other parks in Perth Amboy, this one is the locals’ favorite venue for various sports.

Locals love to play baseball and softball at this park because of its top-notch fields.

It has softball and baseball diamonds that provide locals with a nice place to showcase their skills and regularly hosts various tournaments.

At the same time, this park has a spacious green open space for other activities, including picnicking.

Above all, Stanley Rudyk Park offers an excellent view of the Outerbridge Crossing nearby, which adds drama to its already scenic location.

Chill at Bayview Park

From its name, Bayview Park offers you a beautiful waterfront view of the Raritan River and its nearby areas.

You can visit this park along Water Street.

The park boasts nicely manicured lawns, plenty of trees for shade, paved walkways, picnic areas, benches, and a marina nearby.

Also, the park has a bandstand that offers parkgoers entertainment during special occasions.

Bayview Park boasts top-notch park amenities and a fantastic view of the river, the marina, and its surroundings through its elevated area.

Other Free Things to Do Nearby

You can also enjoy plenty of places and activities from the neighboring towns and cities around Perth Amboy.

Here are some more free things to do nearby Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

Explore the Staten Island Boat Graveyard

Front view of a boat at the Staten Island Boat Graveyard

AnthonyK /

Visit the Staten Island Boat Graveyard, a famous and odd attraction.

You can visit this one-of-a-kind attraction in Staten Island, 14 minutes from Perth Amboy.

Many curious visitors love to paddle on a boat and see these decaying ships and boats on the waters of Staten Island up close.

This place is home to over a hundred sunken boats and marine vessels from the early 20th century.

Rusty boats at the Staten Island Boat Graveyard

AnthonyK /

Besides the rusted-out boats, this place is also rich in maritime history.

Take photos of the old ships and their remnants for more souvenirs from your trip to Perth Amboy.

Before returning home, make one last stop at the Staten Island Boat Graveyard.

Aerial view of the Staten Island Boat Graveyard

Sky Cinema /

See the Prince’s Bay Lighthouse and Keeper’s House

The Prince’s Bay Lighthouse and Keeper’s House is one of the best attractions in Staten Island.

You can check this lighthouse out in Staten Island, New York, 20 minutes from Perth Amboy.

This historic lighthouse remains active today, guiding ships and boats traversing Raritan Bay.

The lighthouse sits on an 85-foot bluff, providing a gorgeous overlook of Raritan Bay.

It has a brownstone cottage that serves as a lightkeeper’s house.

Visiting this lighthouse lets you learn plenty of historical information and enjoy gorgeous scenery simultaneously.

Appreciate Arts at Barron Arts Center

Barron Arts Center is in Woodbridge Township, New Jersey, ten minutes from Perth Amboy.

The arts center, housed in a former library since 1977, draws thousands of art enthusiasts to its top-notch art exhibits, concerts, and workshops.

It is also an 1877 Richardsonian Romanesque-style building.

This arts center is excellent for your fellow art lovers to see top-notch visual and performing arts artworks.

You can also join one of the all-ages workshops at Barron Arts Center.

Go Fishing at the Raritan River

Raritan River isn’t just a vital waterway that connects New Jersey and New York.

This river is also a famous fishing destination for anglers in both states.

For another round of fishing adventure, head to South Amboy to cast your line in the Raritan River.

Like Perth Amboy, South Amboy has plenty of excellent fishing spots to cast your line.

According to local anglers, some of the most popular fish species in this part of the river are smallmouth bass, striped bass, carp, catfish, and bluegill.

Head to the Raritan River in South Amboy, New Jersey, nine minutes from Perth Amboy.

Final Thoughts

Perth Amboy is an ideal weekend destination whenever you want to travel to other places near New York or Newark.

Its rich maritime history, gorgeous waterfront parks, and unspoiled natural beauty is the perfect place for relaxing and recreation.

You can enjoy all of these experiences without breaking the bank.

Pin this post about the free things to do in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, as your itinerary.

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