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15 Free Things to Do in Pearland, TX

  • Published 2023/01/04

Ranked as the third-largest city in the Greater Houston area, the City of Pearland, Texas, hosts several big companies.

This includes NASA, Texas Medical Center, school districts, and other medical groups.

The city is within Brazoria County, with some parts stretching to Harris and Fort Bend counties.

It had its humble beginnings in 1883, close to a siding switch on the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railway.

It was named Mark Belt when a post was established in 1893 but was later changed to Pearland due to the abundance of pear trees in the area.

You don’t have to spend a single red cent to have a wonderful time in the city.

The city has lots of outdoor activities to do that are not only fun but are free.

Here’s a round-up of the free things to do in Pearland, Texas!

Hike up the Shadow Creek Ranch Nature Trail

Two ibis at Shadow Creek Ranch Nature Trail

Lawrence Jefferson /

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Shadow Creek Ranch Nature Trail offers a 4.8-mile paved path for hiking or biking.

The trail leads you to beautiful wetlands and wildlife, including rabbits, birds, ducks, geese, deer, and gorgeous green vegetation.

Less than a mile before the trail’s end, you will see a few strip malls and a supermarket.

A deer at Shadow Creek Ranch Nature Trail

Lawrence Jefferson /

The fall colors are incredibly exquisite, so take a few snaps of the entire trail.

The Shadow Creek Ranch Nature Trail is located off Kingsley Drive.

Ducks on Shadow Creek Ranch Nature Trail's marsh

Lawrence Jefferson /

Drop by the Pearland Convention & Visitors Bureau

Drop by the Pearland Convention & Visitors Bureau on Broadway Street as soon as you arrive in the city.

The travel staff here will provide you with area maps and a visitor guide to help you get around the city.

You’ll get information and details of events, as well as the best spots to go to while exploring the lovely Pearland.

The outdoor attractions in the city are fantastic, so get a travel itinerary from the visitor center for guidance!

The Pearland Convention & Visitors Bureau is in Suite 1390 in Pearland Town Center.

Get Closer to Nature at Delores Fenwick Nature Center

See nature at its best at the Delores Fenwick Nature Center, which features a great green space for wildlife, plants, and natural areas.

The center houses many species of birds and other local wildlife like ducks, geese, snakes, turtles, frogs, lizards, American Alligators, and many more.

It also conducts workshops and environmental programs to educate the community about the preservation of the ecosystem.

Enjoy the walking paths and listen to the birdsong!

Delores Fenwick Nature Center is a haven for native flora and fauna.

Visit the center at Magnolia Parkway.

Read a Book at West Pearland Library

Traveling bookworms can also find solitude in West Pearland Library, which features many windows to bring in natural light.

It makes the reading nooks more comfortable, and if you want a room to study or read, you can ask for one ahead of time.

The library houses a vast collection of different genres of books, from fiction to non-fiction, for kids, teens, and adults.

The library is also new, giving guests more convenience and modern facilities, including self-checkouts.

There are many seating options for everyone, including an outdoor patio upstairs and a kids’ area for events.

There’s also a teen area with board games, a 3D printer, and other activities.

Wi-Fi is also free.

West Pearland Library is located off Shadow Creek Parkway.

Browse the Local Artworks at Pearland Arts League Gallery

Pearland has a strong foundation in arts through its support of local artists across the city.

In 2003, Pearland Arts League Gallery started showcasing the masterpieces of local artists from paintings, photography, and sculptures.

These artworks support the diversity of arts and bring the community together.

Browse these exhibits and admire the masterpieces that Pearland artists have.

These displays are also available for purchase if you’re an art collector.

While here, you can also get to know the resident artists, which is a great way to support them.

Pearland Arts League Gallery is on Broadway Street in Pearland Town Center off Highway 288.

​See the Pearland and Santa Fe Railroad Historical Marker

The Santa Fe Railroad Depot is part of the story of Pearland, which began when a siding switch was built in 1883.

Today, the depot is marked by the Santa Fe Railroad Historical Marker erected on the site on Liberty Drive.

The story of the railroad depot is etched on the historical marker, which was once a meeting place for people who had to pick up mail and supplies.

The Santa Fe Railroad Historical Marker was erected in 1994 by the Texas Historical Commission and recorded as a Texas historical landmark.

It won’t take five minutes to see the marker, but it takes a lifetime to learn about the city’s history while exploring the area.

Spot the Birds at John Hargrove Environmental Complex

If you have an eye for birds, the best spot to see many species is John Hargrove Environmental Complex.

The 87-acre park is the first municipal floating wetlands in the state, which houses American white pelicans, egrets, waterfowl, herons, roseate spoonbill, ibis, blue jay, and ring-billed gull.

You can also see many rookeries at the park, a nesting colony for water birds.

Bald eagles can also be spotted at the park and a bat colony during sundown close to the Fite Road bridge.

In the winter, you may also see the American coot, cedar waxwing, killdeer, and yellow-rumped warbler.

Additionally, there are two large ponds in the park, where you can see many different species of birds.

The park also features almost two miles of trails if you’re up for scenic strolls.

John Hargrove Environmental Complex is located off Magnolia Street.

Catch a Gorgeous Pearland Sunset at Centennial Park

The skyline at Centennial Park is blessed with panoramic views of Pearland sunset, a great way to spend a nice sundown in the city.

Most spots at the park offer amazing horizon views to see the gorgeous golden hour, a message of completion and peace.

The park also features a nice walking trail to explore while waiting for the sunset.

In the summer days, the splash pad at the park is also open, which would be great if you’re traveling with kids.

Catch the sunset, breathe fresh air, and prepare for tomorrow!

Centennial Park is located on McLean Road.

Admire the Architecture of the Sri Meenakshi Devasthanam Temple

Exterior of the Sri Meenakshi Devasthanam Temple

Jim Evans, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Before anything else, it’s worth noting that the Sri Meenakshi Devasthanam Temple is a sacred place of worship, so be respectful at all times.

The Hindu temple features an incredible South Indian style of architecture with carved statues of the poet-saints and gurus of Tamil Hindu saints.

Its Dravidian architecture is distinct from the north Indian styles and uses a shorter and more pyramidal tower over the Vimana sanctuary.

The Hindu goddess Meenakshi Devi is the presiding deity of the temple.

Built in 1982, the Sri Meenakshi Devasthanam Temple is considered an icon in Pearland and the Houston metropolitan area.

It has attracted many visitors, devotees and tourists, since its completion.

When you visit, you must wear clothing that covers your shoulders and knees.

The temple is located off McLean Road.

Spot the Pear-Scape Art Sculptures

As soon as you see the Pear-Scape Art Sculptures, you will know that you’re in the beautiful city of Pearland.

The sculpture consists of 20 painted four-foot-high fiberglass pears spread throughout the city by local artists.

It’s the Pearland Convention and Visitors Bureau’s brainchild to promote the tourism industry in Pearland through arts.

Most painted pears are centrally located, including the City Hall Gazebo, Delores Fenwick Nature Center, and Zychlinski Park, among others.

If you’re up for an adventure on a fine afternoon, you can follow the trail where the Pear-Scape Art Sculptures are placed.

It would be fun to see these works of art while in town!

Drink Your Coffee at Zychlinski Park

Enjoy your morning coffee at Zychlinski Park, a small neighborhood park with lovely shady trees and walking paths.

The grass under the trees is great for seating if you prefer having your coffee under the shade.

There are also a few small picnic tables if you want to use one of them while enjoying the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere at the park.

You should also check out the historical marker at the park, which the Texas Historical Commission erected in 1998.

The marker tells about Witold von Zychlinski, a Polish nobleman who purchased thousands of acres of land, which would later become the City of Pearland.

Zychlinski Park was named after him.

This park is a great spot to have coffee and learn more about the city’s founder.

You can find it off North Grand Boulevard.

Visit the Old Settler’s Cemetery

From 1894 to 1936, the Old Settler’s Cemetery was Pearland’s primary community burial ground.

Today, it’s maintained and preserved by the Pearland Historical Society as a constant reminder to the people of the city’s early history.

See the different styles of gravestones at the cemetery, including simple stone markers and tombstones with carved designs.

The cemetery began when Pearland pioneer Echolean C. Ackerly was buried at the site in 1894.

Four years later, her burial ground and the surrounding area became an official community cemetery in Pearland.

Many pioneering families were buried here.

The Old Settler’s Cemetery is at the corner of SH 35 and Halik Road.

Enjoy a Picnic at Independence Park

A fun day at Pearland also means picnic time!

If you’re a traveling family, the best way to enjoy a picnic is to do it at Independence Park, which features shaded picnic tables with grills.

However, if you’re bringing a blanket, the grassy area at the park is also a great spot to have a picnic.

The kids can also enjoy themselves at the playground.

If you’re in Pearland on the Fourth of July, the fireworks display at the park is fantastic!

The park is also decorated with different themes on occasions like Christmas, Halloween, and more.

Independence Park was established in 1910 on Pearland Parkway.

Take Your Pet Dogs to Southdown Dog Park

If you’re in town with your pet dogs, let them play at Southdown Dog Park, where they can interact with other dogs their size.

The park features two dedicated fenced areas to separate the small dogs from the larger ones.

Your dogs will love all the different structures they can play with while interacting with other pets.

The areas are huge enough for them to run freely,

However, if you don’t want them to get dirty, you should keep an eye on them, so they don’t get stuck in the puddles.

If you have kids with you, there’s a nice playground adjacent to the dog areas, so they can also have fun.

Also, don’t forget to pick up after your pets to maintain cleanliness at the park.

Southdown Dog Park is nestled on Country Place Parkway.

Watch a Game at the Sports Complex at Shadow Creek Ranch

For sports enthusiasts, the Sports Complex at Shadow Creek Ranch features sports fields many local athletes use for practice and friendly games.

Most often, friendly sports games are played at the complex, whether baseball, football, volleyball, or softball.

Artificial turfs are also used in sports fields.

It will be a perfect spot on a lovely afternoon if you love sports.

You can bring your family here, especially since the 65-acre park also has walking trails, picnic tables, and more.

The Sports Complex at Shadow Creek Ranch is at Shadow Creek Parkway.

Final Thoughts

Pearland has an incredible history and culture that consistently attract visitors, not to mention its gorgeous natural areas.

Moreover, these fantastic attractions are also free!

Bring your folks to the city and enjoy the free things to do in Pearland, Texas!

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