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15 Free Things to Do in Miami Gardens, FL

  • Published 2023/01/11

Miami Gardens is a vibrant city in the northern part of Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Miami Gardens derives its name from a major landmark: State Road 860.

The Miami Gardens Drive traverses this populated neighborhood.

The city sits on the northern edge of Miami and is just 16 miles away from all the hustle and bustle of Downtown Miami.

It offers plenty of free things to explore, from parks and city arts to shopping and nightlife.

Whether you’re thirsting for a city break or looking to take it easy, here lies your perfect getaway destination, and explore the free things to do in Miami Gardens.

As one of the largest cities in South Florida, Miami Gardens has a warm climate with amenities that cater to everyone.

Check out the free things to do in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Bring Your Kids to Vista Verde Park

Taking a family walk at Vista Verde Park is an enriching experience.

From the moment you arrive, the peaceful atmosphere and leafy trees will put you directly in touch with nature.

As you admire the vibrant vegetation and open fields, there’s plenty of room for running around.

Your kids will be counting the minutes until their next visit.

You can also use the park’s playground area for extra fun.

Despite its distance from the city centers, Vista Verde Park has everything parents could wish for in a family day out for them and their kids.

Whether taking a stroll or playing tag with your kids in the vast open grassy area, there are plenty of ways to engage with one another here in this sun-drenched paradise.

Visit the Betty T. Ferguson Recreational Complex

The Betty T. Ferguson Recreational Complex is renowned for its abundance of recreational activities.

It is a true testament to staying healthy in the United States.

It offers something for everyone, no matter their age or activity level, ensuring that anyone can get fit while having lots of fun.

There is a peaceful walking trail around the center and two indoor gyms dedicated to basketball and volleyball.

Moreover, there is a spacious green lawn with soccer and football fields.

Those who prefer to stay indoors can check out the auditorium and an amphitheater for shows or evening entertainment.

Lastly, the complex also houses a fitness center for those interested in maintaining their physical health and a swimming pool to take a dip and cool off.

Marvel at the Murals by Miami Street Arts

If you’re looking for a more modern attraction in Miami Gardens, head to Northwest 37th Avenue and inquire about the street art of Miami Street Arts.

The murals adorning the walls of Miami’s streets make this city unique, and the artists from Miami Street Arts know precisely how to bring out that beauty.

The colorful murals demand attention and offer a spectacular view of the city.

The stunning artwork is as diverse as the city, ranging from nature-inspired scenes to abstract art.

You can even inquire about their services to paint a mural at your place and watch it come to life.

Explore Cloverleaf Park

Cloverleaf Park is a 1.5-acre park located in the heart of the city.

It offers an abundance of unique amenities for everyone to enjoy.

Cloverleaf Park is perfect for a family or group outing.

This park boasts an outdoor basketball court, a designated meeting place, ample parking, and restroom facilities.

Kids of all ages will have a blast on the shaded playground, and you can admire the landscaped surroundings as you relax in nature near the city.

With free WiFi and many activities, Cloverleaf Park has quickly become a popular recreational spot for locals and tourists!

Take an Afternoon Picnic at the Carol City Park

The Carol City Park, located at North West 185th St, is the perfect spot for an afternoon picnic.

Prepare all your favorite treats before you head out, then cook them on the onsite grill and enjoy a hearty meal in the fresh air.

The sprawling space has plenty of room for whatever activities you can think of, from pick-up basketball games to tag football or playground games.

Whatever your preference, you can top off your experience with a stroll along the hiking trail.

The park has drinking fountains and toilets for added convenience and hygiene.

Why not organize an outdoor gathering at Carol City Park?

Join the Programs of the North Dade Regional Library

As part of the Miami-Dade Library System, the North Dade Regional Library is an excellent resource for the local community.

From cultural exhibits to specialized programs, this library has something for everyone.

It boasts an extensive selection of books and materials on various topics and a designated children’s section with plenty of activities to keep them engaged.

Additionally, the library offers regular classes, seminars, and workshops for the public.

These include computer classes, learning tutoring sessions, and book clubs.

You can also browse their online database to access a wide range of movies, books, and music.

The North Dade Regional Library is the perfect place to start for those looking to spend quality time in Miami Gardens.

Spend the Day at Buccaneer Park

Spend an afternoon with friends and family on the well-maintained tennis courts or basketball courts of Buccaneer Park.

Its picnic shelters and grills make it the perfect spot for al fresco dining with friends.

Afterward, enjoy a tranquil walk through the serene path and bask in Buccaneer Park’s calming atmosphere.

The highlight for kids is the magical pirate-themed splash pad with bubbling fountains.

You need to pay a fee for the splash pad. However, it is worth every penny.

With plenty of attractions and lots of room to move around, Buccaneer Park is an ideal destination for those seeking a day out in nature.

Take a Stroll through the Lake Stevens Park

Lose yourself in the beauty of Lake Stevens Park, with its picturesque views and calming atmosphere.

Picnicking is encouraged at this delightful destination, offering thirteen cozy picnic tables and eight grills for a perfect outdoor feast.

Enjoy activities suitable for all ages, such as challenging ladders, climbers, steppers, and swings.

Take a walk along the water’s edge or find a bench to sit on while you take some time for contemplation.

Get your blood flowing in the outdoor fitness area or shoot hoops at the basketball court.

Bring your dogs to a scenic paved trail perfect for biking and skateboarding, complete with vibrant flowers alongside lush plants, an idyllic escape that’s hard to beat.

Ride Your Bike along the Snake Creek Trail

Nestled in the charming and vibrant Miami area, the Snake Creek Trail links North Miami Beach and Miami Gardens.

While the Snake Creek Trail may only be three miles long, it packs a lot of scenery.

The entirely paved trail is famous for its level terrain, ideal for leisurely biking and hikes.

Those looking for a peaceful journey away from traffic will appreciate how far the Snake Creek Trail is removed from busy roads.

The trail follows Snake Creek, providing spectacular water views and lush greenery.

If you’re seeking a stroll with someone special or want to take the entire family out for a walk, there are wide walkways on both sides of the channel.

The trail may be relatively short compared to other courses in the local area, but that doesn’t detract from its popularity among residents.

Community recreational trips like running take place regularly on this path, making it an ideal space to interact with neighbors while communing with nature.

Soak up the Sun at Bunche Park

Bunche Park in sunny Miami Gardens recently re-opened in May 2021.

It boasts 7.2 acres of land with facilities and activities designed for every age and athleticism.

The two-story alternative sports building is an exciting feature, offering an indoor, elevated running track alongside a multi-purpose gymnasium.

If you want to have fun outdoors, the park includes a shaded play area with rubberized surfaces, outdoor basketball courts, and football fields for exciting matches.

Additionally, free WiFi is available throughout to catch up on work or stay connected during your visit.

Although access to most of the facilities in Bunche Park is free, a small fee applies when visiting its heated pool.

Don’t forget your wallet!

Visit the Charming Scott Park

Visiting Scott Park is a beautiful way to spend time outdoors and have fun with family and friends.

This charming park boasts a wide range of recreational activities, including baseball/softball, football, and playgrounds for kids.

It’s an excellent place for parents to take their children for some active playtime outdoors.

The well-manicured green spaces at Scott Park provide plenty of room for throwing Frisbees or playing catch with your pet.

The park also features a playground designed specifically for younger visitors.

Whether climbing around or sliding down one of several slides, kids can have tons of fun at Scott Park.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Are you looking to explore some of the sights and attractions near Miami Gardens?

Take a look around. There are tons to discover close by!

Take Photos at the Sunshine State Arch

Far view of the Sunshine State Arch

Pietro, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Sunshine State Arch is an iconic symbol of Miami Gardens, a celebrated historical site that stands tall and proud at the intersection of NW 13th Ave and NW 167th St.

Its remarkable beauty has made it one of the most appreciated landmarks in South Florida.

The magnificent Sunshine State Arch stands proudly at the doorway to a bustling industrial park, serving as an impressive gateway for all entering the Sunshine State Industrial Park.

Close view of the Sunshine State Arch

Pietro, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Created in 1964 by Walter C. Harry, the arch is often said to have taken inspiration from the famous Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri.

After many years of appreciation for its exquisite architectural presence, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2014.

A visit to this stunning structure must be on your list if you want to explore something out-of-the-ordinary while visiting Miami Gardens.

The Sunshine State Arch is seven minutes from Miami Gardens.

Discover the Activities in Amelia Earhart Park

Welcome sign of Amelia Earhart Park

Blueee77 /

Welcome to the beautiful world of Amelia Earhart Park, located in Hialeah, Florida, 12 minutes from Miami Gardens.

This 515-acre park will surely delight your senses.

Remember, it’s easy to access and free from Monday through Friday!

Think soccer complexes, zoos, and disc golf courses combined with leisurely hikes along meandering trails.

It’s like taking an outdoor safari adventure in one place.

Plus, there are volleyball courts and plenty of lush areas for simply picnicking or just laying out on a blanket under the stars while breathing the fresh air.

The best part is that all facilities here provide hours full of family fun at no charge.

Commune with Nature at the Snake Warrior Island Natural Area

A rare gem and urban oasis lies in Miramar, Florida, nine minutes from Miami Gardens.

The Snake Warrior Island Natural Area is a beautiful spot to explore nature while learning about the history of the Seminole people.

The marsh honors Chitto Tustenuggee, leader of the Seminole tribe.

The area is full of streams, marshes, and oak forests, replicating what the land looked like 100 years ago.

While you explore the 53-acre Snake Warrior Island Natural Area, you can read the explanatory signs along the trails to learn its history.

Enjoy gorgeous views and local wildlife; otherwise, take advantage of its picnic tables and workout equipment.

This place might be your new favorite outdoor getaway in Florida!

Embrace the Serenity of Ichimura Miami Japan Garden

You will find the Ichimura Miami Japanese Garden in Miami, 20 minutes from Miami Gardens.

In 1958, Kiyoshi Ichimura established the garden, which he intended to fill with cherry blossoms.

However, they do not thrive in the Miami climate.

Today, the park on Watson Island stands out as a beautiful home to several kinds of orchids.

The Ichimura Miami Japanese Garden is now a cultural center hosting Japanese events, like the annual Japanese Festival.

Besides being an excellent hub for celebration and learning, the Ichimura Miami Japanese Garden also provides visitors with serenity and peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

Everyone in your family is bound to find something enjoyable in Miami Gardens, from outdoor recreation to indoor activities.

These experiences offer great memories and fun times and can also give you knowledge of the city from the locals’ point of view.

Enjoy the free things to do in Miami Gardens, Florida!

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