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15 Free Things to Do in Marysville, WA

  • Published 2023/01/17

Dubbed the “Strawberry City,” Marysville offers various fun adventures.

It’s a scenic place within Snohomish County, a fragment of the populous Seattle metropolitan area.

From diverse parks and natural destinations to historic buildings, the city offers an array of free attractions.

The city has come a long way from being a small trading post.

The construction of business and agricultural industries made the city thrive after its incorporation in 1891.

You can immerse yourself in the city’s local charm, lush environment, and modern facilities.

Whether you’re on a budget or have some cash to spend, this place presents a wide number of options.

Read this list to discover some of the free things to do in Marysville, Washington.

Go Boat-Watching at the Ebey Waterfront Park

Scenic view of Ebey Waterfront Park

Ryan C Slimak /

The Ebey Waterfront Park takes pride in being the city’s gateway to the sea.

Along the lengths of 1st Street, the park has boat launches that lead into the Snohomish River Delta and Port Gardner Bay.

Both are scenic bodies of water that offer recreational activities like fishing and boating.

If you prefer to stay on land, you can enjoy Ebey Waterfront Park’s other amenities.

Have a picnic, walk along beautiful trails, and see some of the park’s diverse wildlife!

You can enjoy all these in a serene setting that’s within walking distance of a charming downtown district.

This park is a 10-year project plan that originated in the 1940s.

It has now become a cherished spot for recreation after its opening in 2005.

Explore Nature through Deering Wildflower Acres

For ventures into a pure environment, Deering Wildflower Acres is the place to be.

It’s a natural destination filled with diverse terrains like lush woodlands, tranquil ponds, and mysterious wetlands.

There’s also an established trail system featuring 1.2 miles worth of explorable lands.

You’ll see native plant species, abundant wildlife, and a few informative signs.

Deering Wildflower Acres is an ideal spot for those seeking solitude amid the wonders of nature.

You can find this environmental gem at 79th Street.

Have a BBQ Party at Jennings Memorial Park

Nestled on top of rolling hills, Jennings Memorial Park offers beautiful vistas of nearby surrounding attractions.

You can relax amid nature or try lively activities with its on-site facilities.

There are barbecue amenities, field courts, playgrounds, and picnic tables.

The park is known for hosting various community events such as live concerts, movie screenings, fishing competitions, and more.

It’s also conveniently connected to Jennings Nature Park, which is accessible through a public bridge.

Jennings Memorial Park is along 53rd Avenue.

See what the place has to offer if you’re ever around Marysville!

Learn about the City’s History at the Marysville Historical Society

Marysville Historical Society is a small museum on Armar Road with artifacts and information about the city’s rich history.

The organization has dedicated itself to preserving and sharing tales of Marysville’s foundation and development.

The building contains a collection of vintage photographs, artifacts, old machines, and antiques representing a part of the city.

There are also documents, novels, and books that highlight Marysville’s history.

It’s a splendid place for travelers searching for a learning experience!

You can also chat with their friendly and knowledgeable staff to gather more insights on anything connected to Marysville.

Once in a while, the Marysville Historical Society also holds free events like live shows, community dinners, and educational seminars.

Check Out the Collection of Marysville Library

Exterior of Marysville Library

SounderBruce, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Marysville Library is guaranteed to be a safe space for book lovers.

At Plum Street, the library is home to an extensive collection of old and modern written works.

From entertaining novels to learning materials, you can discover various kinds of books in different genres.

Marysville Library’s facilities are open to the public free of charge.

Besides books, it offers community events.

The place is kept in pristine condition and has a quiet, tranquil atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a cozy place for a reading session, Maryville Library is the place to be.

See Doleshel Park’s Christmas Trees

Doleshel Park was a former Christmas tree farm.

Its towering firs would normally be cut down to about six feet during the Christmas season.

With its establishment as a relatively new park, those trees have grown significantly and remained in the same position.

Doleshel Park offers a serene space for leisure and nature appreciation.

There are walking trails that take you through a lush woodland paradise.

They’re especially beautiful in the fall season when the shades and colors of the plants turn into varying mellow hues.

You can also have a simple picnic in designated areas.

This scenic park is along the northeast end of 67th Avenue.

Take a Dip in Gissberg Twin Lakes

The Gissberg Twin Lakes is one of the most popular attractions in Marysville.

Along Twin Lakes Avenue, it features two man-made bodies of water.

They’re rectangular-shaped and connected, spanning a length of about 27 acres.

The Gissberg Twin Lakes is a tranquil, beautiful paradise that offers stunning views of nature and animal wildlife.

It’s also home to a few facilities offering lively and active recreation.

Popular activities include swimming, fishing, and boating.

You can also borrow donated life jackets for free.

Cool off during warm weather through this famous attraction!

Get Active at Strawberry Fields Athletic Complex

The Strawberry Fields Athletic Complex is an ideal choice for playing sports.

It’s a massive space with sports facilities and open fields for various sports and recreation.

The complex is perfect for outdoor activities like soccer, baseball, and lacrosse.

It also has an array of nature trails, picnic areas, and barbeque fields.

You can enjoy using these amenities set against a backdrop of the scenic Quilceda Creek.

If you need a place to let loose, the Strawberry Fields Athletic Complex can be your go-to destination.

Check it out at 152nd Street!

Experience the Marysville Strawberry Festival at Comeford Park

The grounds of Comeford Park

CL Shebley /

The beautiful grounds of Comeford Park feature lovely trees and pristine greens nestled within the central part of Marysville.

The most popular attraction of Comeford Park is its splash pad, attracting families with kids from across the city.

There’s also a structured playground in the park.

Barbeque grills and picnic facilities make the place a splendid venue for casual gatherings or a relaxing day outside.

It also hosts many city events like the annual Marysville Strawberry Festival and Merrysville.

You can find this park on Delta Avenue.

Explore Remnants of Railroad Depots at the Centennial Trail

Scenic vistas of various cities await those who visit the Centennial Trail.

A hike here will take you through many places within Snohomish and Skagit County.

Since it’s a straightforward path, it’s also a popular biking spot.

You’ll enjoy views of lush forests alongside beautiful open skies.

There are also picnic areas that you can stop by for a short break.

Centennial Trail dates back to the late 1890s when the trails were built from old and unused railroad depots.

It spans 30 miles, featuring a mix of paved and natural terrains.

The trailhead in Maryville can be found between 152nd Street and 67th Avenue.

Bask in Gorgeous Sights at the Bayview Trail

From 84th Avenue to 64th Avenue, you can immerse yourself in the natural ambiance of the Bayview Trail.

It’s a 1.25-mile path cemented with asphalt for the convenience of those who’d like a bit of exercise.

Whether you’re into biking, walking, or jogging, the trail offers a smooth path with gorgeous views.

You’ll go through small hills and see splendid parts of the Marysville basin, as well as Port Gardner Bay.

They also allow pets on the trail!

In 2021, a connecting path to the more popular Centennial Trail was built on the Bayview Trail, allowing visitors to experience the best of both worlds from just a single trail.

Relax at Harborview Park

Harborview Park is considered a hidden gem when it comes to parks in the city.

Not many people know of this secluded park along 60th Avenue.

This park offers a cozy, nature-oriented spot for peace and relaxation.

It has nature trails, basketball fields, picnic areas, and a structured playground for children.

You can also enjoy a backdrop of the scenic Snohomish River Estuary and its impressive inter-tidal lands.

If you’re unsure where to go in the city, Harborview Park is a safe bet with its assortment of activities.

Other Things to Do Nearby

See the Artifacts at Lake Stevens Historical Museum

Exterior of Lake Stevens Historical Museum

Joe Mabel, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

About 20 minutes from Marysville is the Lake Stevens Historical Museum, featuring interesting displays.

The museum aims to preserve and share the history and traditions of Lake Stevens, as well as its nearby communities.

It features a collection of original artifacts and various items inspired by their traditions and culture.

With informative posters scattered around the area, it’s possible to explore the place and learn on your own.

Their friendly staff can also provide fresh insights.

Located within Lake Stevens, you can find this cool museum along Lakeshore Drive.

Get Lost in Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens

Flora at Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens

CL Shebley /

Treat your eyes to stunning floral views at Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens.

At Alverson Boulevard, this destination features 11 themed gardens filled with lush greens and flowers.

These include rock sculpture gardens, a Japanese-inspired exhibit, native gardens, and a woodland paradise.

What’s impressive is that they’re all maintained with the hard work of volunteers and garden curators.

Tree decorated with lights at Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens

CL Shebley /

Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens is free to the public.

You can find it in Everett City, along Alverson Boulevard, just 10 minutes away from Marysville.

Spot Wildlife at Spencer Island

Boardwalk trail at Spencer Island

Maksym Ukrainets /

Located in Everett City, Spencer Island offers a glimpse into a unique, marsh-like ecosystem.

The island’s diverse terrains feature a mix of wetlands and prairies.

While you make your way through, you’ll see scenic mountains and interesting sloughs.

One of the most popular activities at Spencer Island is looking for various kinds of animals.

Waters at Spencer Island

Maksym Ukrainets /

Because of its unique ecosystem, diverse species have made their way into Spencer Island.

From waterfowls and shorebirds to deer, river otters, and amphibians, this island has become home to many species.

You can find the island on 10th Street, about 15 minutes from Marysville.

Picnic table on the grounds of Spencer Island

Maksym Ukrainets /

Final Thoughts

Marysville may be dubbed the Strawberry City, but the place offers so much more than that!

It’s rich in history, natural destinations, diverse parks, and leisure establishments.

You don’t need a lot of money to enjoy what this city offers; stick to this list of free things to do in Marysville, Washington, to enjoy a budget-friendly trip!

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