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15 Free Things to Do in Deltona, FL

  • Published 2022/12/01

As the most populous city in Volusia County, Florida, Deltona holds a special place in the hearts of its residents.

It stands along the shores of Lake Monroe, initially established as a planned community.

Despite its size, it has a distinct small-town, tight-knit charm.

There are so many beautiful sights there, and community lies at the heart of all of it.

If you’re planning on exploring the place, here are the free things to do in Deltona, Florida.

Explore Green Springs Park

Scenic view of Green Springs Park

Dsoto /

Green Springs Park has become an essential landmark in the area for a long time.

It also shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

It once contained Native American settlements, most notably the Mayaca and the Seminoles.

Today, it is an important site for the entire community.

Signage of Green Springs Park

Photography by User: MrX, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Its best features are the scenic natural views and the trails you can follow to explore more of the land.

It’s open daily from sunrise to sunset, so you won’t have to worry too much about showing up too late or too early.

Green Springs Park is delightful, so give it a shot if you have the opportunity.

Green Springs Park on a sunny day

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Unleash Your Inner Nature Lover at Lyonia Environmental Center

Nature lovers will undoubtedly get a kick out of a trip to the Lyonia Environmental Center.

The place provides its visitors with a unique perspective on the area’s unique and fragile ecosystem.

You can go through its various exhibits, such as its hands-on display and other presentations.

If you’re looking for a fun time with the family and a learning experience for everyone, then the Lyonia Environmental Center is the place for you.

Bring Your Kids to Thornby Park

In 2011, Thornby Park officially opened to the public, and it’s been a fantastic place for locals and visitors ever since.

It’s an all-inclusive inspiration playground that will pique the interest of every fun-loving family out there.

There are pavilions and picnic tables where the rest of the family can hang out while the kids are out playing.

Take this as an opportunity to catch up with each other, maybe over shared meals.

Quality time with the family doesn’t come by as often as you’d like, so take advantage of it while it does.

Thornby Park provides the perfect opportunity, so visit the place with your loved ones if you get the chance.

Join the Events of the Volusia County Public Library

Libraries are easily accessible hangout spots in any situation, and the Volusia County Public Library is no different.

Aside from the wide selection of books and literature, this place also offers a range of unique and exciting activities.

They also host a variety of activities that appeal to different tastes, such as storytelling for young children, book clubs, anime groups, and movie viewing.

Banish the idea of libraries being boring institutions where you only go to study.

The Volusia County Public Library has many engaging activities that’ll keep you interested while you’re there.

Play Tennis at the Wes Crile Park

Wes Crile Park is on 14 acres of land, and it uses all that space to provide an excellent experience for its visitors.

There’s an outdoor fitness area and a playground, so children and adults can burn off excess energy and exercise.

You can even play a few rounds of tennis with your friends there.

There’s also a splash pad operational during the summer so visitors can cool off while having a fantastic time.

Wes Crile Park may seem like a typical park, but it has a special place in its community that makes it easy to love.

Go Fishing at Campbell Park

Named after William H. Campbell, from one of the founding families of Deltona, Campbell Park is one of the best parks there.

There are two floating docks where you can go fishing, alone or with your companions.

Make sure you’re adequately qualified and have all the appropriate licenses.

If you want to explore, you can also follow the walking trails and discover the different wonders around you.

There’s also a boardwalk you can walk along to admire the view around you without doing anything else.

Campbell Park is a simple place, and its beauty lies in its simplicity.

Sometimes, all anyone needs is a place easy and uncomplicated to visit at the end of the day.

Play with Your Dog at Keysville Dog Park

As the home of the annual “Wags & Whiskers Pet Festival,” Keysville Dog Park is the perfect place for all animal lovers.

There are two separate fenced areas for small and large dogs, so your furry friend can play and run around safely in the area.

You can also find doggie watering stations to ensure all animals are well-hydrated.

However, animals aren’t the only creatures accommodated at this park.

It’s also an excellent place for their beloved humans!

There’s a walking trail you can explore and several fenced pavilions where you can rest once you get tired of exploring and walking around.

You can also play basketball with your family and friends to burn off some energy.

If you have kids with you, they can also use the playground on the grounds.

Wheelchair-accessible swings accommodate children of all needs.

The Keysville Dog Park has a lot to offer, so take the time to enjoy it with your furry friends and the people you care about the most.

Join Community Events at the Deltona Amphitheater

The Deltona Amphitheater is outside the Lyonia Environmental Center, one of the most critical parts of the community.

Designed to be as environmentally responsible as possible, the place features green walkways and a fantastic view of the surrounding area.

It serves as the venue for many community events, such as musical performances, plays, gatherings, and so much more.

Visit it and use the opportunity to mingle with other community members.

Meet the people of Deltona, and celebrate their culture and the things that make the place uniquely theirs.

The Deltona Amphitheater is a meeting place for people of so many backgrounds.

It is a site where you can see and learn a lot, so don’t miss the opportunity to do so when it comes.

Celebrate the Volusia Latin Festival

The Volusia Latin Arts & Music Festival is an annual celebration celebrating Latin American culture.

It’s a magical time of celebration and joy, the party that’ll leave you breathless and wanting more.

There’s going to be music, cuisine, and a host of different things that’ll bring a smile to your face.

There are even games for children and folk activities to spread the love for Latin American cultures.

Put the Volusia Latin Festival on your to-do list if you get the chance.

It’s a once-in-a-year opportunity, after all.

Other Things to Do Nearby

See the Sights at Fort Mellon Park

Splash pad at Fort Mellon Park

SR Productions /

Fort Mellon Park is along Lake Monroe’s breathtaking Riverwalk, and you won’t want to miss it.

If you’re looking for a place to relax and appreciate the awe-inspiring beauty of the area around you, then this is the place to visit.

There’s a playground that’s fit for all ages.

Take your kids there and let them savor the beautiful sights and lovely atmosphere alongside the adults.

During the summer, you and the family can also have some fun and cool off on their splash pad.

Fort Mellon Park is open all day.

You’ll have plenty of time to explore all its amenities and make the most of your time with your family and friends.

This place is in Sanford, Florida, 18 minutes from Deltona.

Let Your Kids Learn History at the Freedom Playground

The Freedom Playground in DeLand, Florida, isn’t your run-of-the-mill playground.

It’s also part of the National Register of Historic Places.

It’s also the area’s only community-built playground, meaning most residents have a soft spot for the place and everything in it.

However, don’t let the fancy titles daunt you!

It’s still a playground at heart, though.

And if there’s one thing a garden is good at, it’s giving people a fun and enjoyable time without much effort.

The massive play area will keep your kid entertained for a long while.

There’s also a sensory butterfly garden nearby if you want your kid to see the wonders of the natural world while they’re playing around.

You can also find various historical exhibits scattered around it.

Explore as much of the place as possible.

You never know what things you’ll find and learn about while you’re there!

Freedom Park is truly a special place worth a visit, if only as a spot where your kid can play with people their age.

However, it’s also so much more than that, so give the place a spot in your itinerary if you still have room.

You can find this park 18 minutes from Deltona.

View the Exhibits at Gillespie Museum

Exterior view of Gillespie Museum

Ebyabe, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Gillespie Museum is an Earth science museum with a unique setup that everyone interested in the sciences will surely appreciate.

Their exhibits are laid out in a natural setting.

The staff has set up their grounds so you can wander the area and learn about the science behind the things around you.

You can walk through the native Florida landscape and the Volusia Sandhill ecosystem.

It’s a unique and interactive way to know the land underneath your feet that you won’t find in many other places.

The place also features an incredible and historic mineral collection in the southeast.

Its exhibits change with the season to keep things fresh and engaging for its visitors.

And, if you’re lucky, you may even catch one of the events the museum hosts to engage the community.

Whether you’re a visitor passing through or someone with a passion for the sciences, explore the Gillespie Museum in DeLand.

Why not take the opportunity?

It’s only 18 minutes from Deltona.

Enjoy Nature at Hontoon Island State Park

Scenic view of palm trees at Hontoon Island State Park

Peter Titmuss /

The Hontoon Island State Park in DeLand is the perfect destination for people who want to enjoy nature, recreation, and history.

The area has a long and fascinating history awaiting visitors.

Evidence of Native American habitation is present throughout the site.

You can visit the park’s visitor center if you’d like to learn more about its story.

Ferry ride at Hontoon Island State Park

Peter Titmuss /

Going hiking in a place like that is like taking a walk on the wild side.

It is a little scary but more exciting than anything you’ve done.

You will create great memories to cherish in the years to come.

Explore one of the many gorgeous nature trails throughout the area, like the Hammock Hiking Nature Trail, one of the most popular destinations there.

However, if you plan to explore the expansive natural wonders of the Hontoon Island State Park, bring water, sunscreen, insect repellant, and some snacks.

This park is 26 minutes from Deltona.

Picturesque view of Hontoon Island State Park

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See the Rustic Sights of Beck Ranch Park

Lawn at  Beck Ranch Park

DCarr /

Over in Osteen, Florida, you can find the rustic Beck Ranch Park.

It was once a working cattle ranch that was eventually purchased through the Volusia Forever program.

The park aims to preserve the area’s historic structures and provides parks for visitors and residents in the community.

The park is open from sunrise to sunset, the kind of place you visit if you want a peaceful trip with your traveling companions.

There are various pavilions and picnic tables where you can hang out.

A small cottage at  Beck Ranch Park

DCarr /

Have a meal, talk with your friends, and relax in the easygoing atmosphere that the place exudes.

If you want something more fun and exciting, then don’t fret since there are still some things for you to do.

The place has its dog park, with separate spaces for large and small animals.

Bring along your furry friend and have some fun.

Play fetch, run around with your furry best friend, and have the time of your life.

Beck Ranch doesn’t look like much at first sight, but its rustic and old-fashioned atmosphere offers a lot.

This park is 16 minutes from Deltona.

Visit the Iconic Springs of Gemini Springs Park

Scenic view of Gemini Springs Park

Julie Shumaker /

Sitting between the city of DeBary and the town of Enterprise, Gemini Springs Park threads the needle between gentle natural beauty and the historic center of the community.

The highlight of the place is its two iconic springs, where more than six million gallons of water bubble up daily.

You can explore various nature trails in the area, including a bike trail where you can test your skills.

You can also bring your pets along while walking through the area.

Coconut trees at Gemini Springs Park

jctabb /

Remember that you have to keep them leashed at all times, and you should also clean up after them.

The beauty of Gemini Springs Park can’t be overstated, and you must see it with your own two eyes.

So head over there when you have the time and take advantage of the warm and relaxing atmosphere of the area.

This park is in DeBary, Florida, 11 minutes from Deltona.

Pond at Gemini Springs Park

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Final Thoughts

People often underestimate the importance of community in making a place feel like home.

Deltona has a comfortable and easygoing atmosphere, which is crucial to make everyone feel at ease.

Take a deep breath and settle into the free things to do in Deltona, Florida!

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