15 Free Things to Do in Clovis, CA

Free Things to Do in Clovis, CA
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With its diverse array of tourist attractions, Clovis can offer a worthwhile vacation!

Located in Fresno County, California, Clovis has gone from a simple freight stop to a bright, charming city.

It had only been officially incorporated in 1912, but it was already a well-populated area for transportation.

It’s home to expansive parks, unique streets, free museums, nature-centric venues, and fabulous attractions.

You can experience many fun activities, see new things, and immerse yourself in the warm ambiance of Clovis.

From lively recreation to casual hangouts, many of the city’s attractions are open to the public with free admission!

All these spots can make Clovis an attractive place to visit for your much-awaited break.

Read this list to check out the free things to do in Clovis, California!

Smell the Flowers in Clovis Botanical Garden

Flowers at Clovis Botanical Garden
Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In a few words, Clovis Botanical Garden can be described as a “lush, floral paradise.”

Located along Clovis Avenue, these gardens present picturesque visions in the form of native plants, flowers, and trees.

They’re carefully combined to display vibrant, colorful arrangements of California greenery.

Along the way, you’ll also glimpse distinct rock formations and intricate sculptures that match the aesthetic.

Plants at Clovis Botanical Garden
Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Some of its most popular exhibits include the Mediterranean Garden, the Cactus Garden, and the Sensory Garden.

The gardens were designed to offer its guests a piece of heaven through beautiful landscapes.

The place also has a warm ambiance, making it a perfect destination for those seeking peace and comfort.

Don’t skip out on the wonders of Clovis Botanical Garden.

Enjoy Yourself at Sierra Bicentennial Park

As one of the city’s biggest parks, Sienna Bicentennial Park is known for its collection of public facilities.

There are baseball diamonds, basketball courts, batting cages, soccer fields, and other sports areas.

For leisure, you can enjoy a lovely picnic in a spacious area with BBQ equipment and drinking fountains.

The park is also surrounded by lush trees, giving it a peaceful and cozy atmosphere.

There’s also a playground that kids will likely enjoy.

Sierra Bicentennial Park can be a splendid choice for those who want an easy, comfortable place to relax.

It’s located along the lengths of Sunnyside Avenue.

You can also join community events to encounter new people and have fun at the same time.

Feel the Christmas Spirit at Candy Cane Lane

Candy Cane Lane opens its display during the festive Christmas season.

While ordinarily a simple street, this lane transforms during the holidays to offer a beautiful treat.

This annual venue is a long-time tradition, featuring bright lights and vibrant sculptures of Christmas decor.

It’s an easy place to drive through if you’re searching for a bit of Christmas spirit.

You’ll see adornments like snowmen, candy canes, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and more.

They’re colored in various shades of colors which adds to the surreal experience!

You can find Candy Cane Lane near Peach and Alluvial Avenues.

If you’re ever in Clovis on Christmas, check out this unique venue for a glimpse of the local experience.

Glimpse the Past at Old Town Clovis

Old Town Clovis is a lively place that shines with local shops, restaurants, and various kinds of businesses.

It spans Clovis Avenue and Pollasky up until 4th and 5th Street.

They give you access to a thriving local scene with people and distinct destinations.

Moreover, Old Town Clovis is a powerhouse of history!

You’ll notice many buildings contain hints of old-school architecture from previous decades.

Specifically, the district began in the 1900s when the city had started to form as a lumber mill town.

It’s a beautiful place to explore, especially since it’s distinctly adorned with a rich history.

There’s an endless charm in Old Town Clovis, so feel free to roam around the area and see what it offers.

See Vintage Motorcycles at Clovis Flat Track Museum

The Clovis Flat Track Museum is a venue that focuses on all things related to motorcycles and racing.

This museum houses an extensive collection of modern and vintage motorcycles at Rialto Avenue.

You’ll find various bikes with different styles, colors, sizes, and historical backgrounds.

They’re displayed neatly, paired alongside vintage racing posters, which add to the decor.

Once in a while, the Clovis Flat Track Museum owners will also hold events that gather the community together.

This includes movie nights featuring an array of classic racing movies.

You might make a few new friends if you want to join them.

Skate at Letterman Park

Letterman Park is a convenient and family-friendly destination in the city.

At Villa Avenue, this park is centered around lush trees that offer plenty of shade during hot weather.

It’s also home to spacious greens and a structured playground where kids can play.

The best feature of Letterman Park is the premium skatepark, equipped with smooth pavements and an obstacle course.

It’s one of the few places that offer such skating set-ups in the city.

Whether you bring a skateboard, a bike, or a scooter, this park offers you a place to roam freely.

This park is also famous for picnics since it has BBQ grills, picnic tables, and a natural atmosphere.

Letterman Park is a splendid all-in-one destination for families!

Learn the City’s History at the Clovis Museum

Exterior of the Clovis Museum
RichardHarrison, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you need to know anything about the city, the Clovis Museum would be your best bet.

Located along Pollasky Avenue, this museum boasts its one-of-a-kind vintage collection.

There are plenty of things to see within the museum!

It’s got tribal handicrafts, antique pictures, tools of the land’s first settlers, and an authentic Edison phonograph.

You can see them all once you drop by the Clovis Museum with free admission.

There are exciting finds, souvenirs in the gift shop, and learning experiences in the venue.

It’s kept alive through the work of the Clovis-Big Dry Creek Historical Society, a non-profit organization.

Learn more about the city you’re traveling in with a simple visit to the Clovis Museum!

See the Sunset at Sierra Vista Mall

Sierra Vista Mall is one of the places you can visit if you’re into leisure strolls amid mellow scenery.

As the name suggests, you can get views of pleasing vistas at the venue.

Strolling along the outside premises of the mall can be a memorable experience when paired with the beautiful sunset.

You can also cool off inside the mall with air-conditioned rooms and check out the local offerings.

Sierra Vista Mall is a convenient destination for leisure and relaxation!

You also don’t have to spend money to enjoy a walk around a modern mall.

It’s no surprise that the venue has become a common gathering place for locals since its historic opening in 1988.

You can find it along the lengths of Shaw Avenue.

Take a Break at Railroad Park

If you’re ever tired of the busy city lifestyle, check out Railroad Park.

It’s located within a neighborhood, so it’s a reasonable distance away from the distracting city noise.

Along the north of Peach Avenue, this park offers a serene destination that’s easily accessible to the public.

It features a moderately-paved trail that’s open for walking and biking.

The trail can also connect you with other paths, such as the Fresno-Clovis Trail.

Railroad Park also contains covered pavilions, drinking fountains, and a well-built playground for small children.

All in all, this venue is a convenient place for either restful meditation or active skating activities.

Give it a shot!

Admire the Clovis Castle

The Clovis Castle is available for viewing through appointments.

While it may seem like a hassle, the beauty of this castle can undoubtedly make it worth your time and effort.

It’s primarily a wedding venue, but you can check out its architectural wonders!

There’s a stunning historic castle comprising old-fashioned bricks that give it a unique charm.

It also has the backdrop of scenic hills along Auberry Road.

Intricate statues and sculptures around the premises also add to the classic, elegant feel of Clovis Castle.

It also stands amid sweeping greens, so it is naturally embraced in a quiet, soothing environment.

This place is a fine choice if you’re interested in history or architecture!

Read a Book in Clovis Library

When the Clovis Library Association was formed, they established the city’s first library in 1908.

The Clovis Library is on the premises of a prestigious Carnegie building.

Like its inspiration, the library is free not just to residents but also to visitors.

They aim to make learning an everyday activity through the accessibility and convenience of books.

Their selection includes children-themed books, teenager-centric novels, and contemporary reading materials.

No matter your age, there’s a book in Clovis Library that may suit your preferences!

Check out the offerings of Clovis Library, located at 5th Street.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Admire the Colors of the Fresno County Blossom Trail

Scenic view of Fresno County Blossom Trail
Guangli / Shutterstock.com

The Fresno County Blossom Trail is a light pink wonderland in Fresno, California, 17 minutes from Clovis.

It’s a simple, straightforward trail embraced by groups of trees with beautiful, pink-hued blossoms.

They’re typically open from February to March, allowing travelers to pass through a dreamy tunnel-like terrain.

Their blossoms come from various trees, such as almonds, plums, apricot, apple, and citrus.

Cherry blossom trees at Fresno County Blossom Trail
Kinerath Studio / Shutterstock.com

With bright hues and falling petals, Fresno County Blossom Trail offers a unique vision you shouldn’t miss!

Imagine bright pink blossoms welcoming you into a single pathway!

Cherry blossom blooms at Fresno County Blossom Trail
Kinerath Studio / Shutterstock.com

See the Lake Views at Lost Lake Park

Lost Lake Park offers one of the best outdoor experiences near Clovis.

You can be treated to the wonders of a serene, natural environment.

It’s famous for hiking and biking because it offers a picturesque backdrop of a stunning lake.

You’ll also find a dense forest filled with diverse flora and animal wildlife.

Lost Lake Park is a wise choice for people seeking pure nature, away from the fast-paced city lifestyle.

From warm spring and colorful autumn to a snowy wonderland, the beauty of the place varies with each season.

It’s not surprising that the place has captured the hearts of many outdoor enthusiasts!

You can find it in Friant, California, 19 minutes from Clovis.

After a ten-minute trip from Clovis, you can reach the Phebe Conley Art Gallery in Fresno.

This minimalist establishment showcases talented works from their college students.

The works displayed include paintings, sculptures, and installations that fit their designated theme.

Their themes often revolve around various social issues of the modern era.

The gallery has classic white walls, illuminated with mellow lighting to set a warm, casual atmosphere.

Besides the students' artworks, the gallery is home to a few pieces from regional artists and attending faculty.

Art enthusiasts will likely enjoy exploring the area and seeing a glimpse of what the local talents have to offer.

The Phebe Conley Art Gallery is on the California State University campus, along the north side of Backer Avenue.

Final Thoughts

As part of California, Clovis is home to many beautiful destinations.

You can choose from diverse parks and local museums to historic buildings and scenic venues!

It’s a diverse city that offers something for everyone, no matter your preference.

Explore the free things to do in Clovis, California!

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