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15 Free Things to Do in Aloha, OR

  • Published 2023/03/06

When you hear Aloha, you probably think of the famous Hawaiian greeting.

However, you can also find a place named Aloha in Oregon.

It’s a charming, unincorporated community between Hillsboro and Beaverton in Washington County.

Why was this place called Aloha?

Historically, the community was named after a newly opened post office Aloha, replacing its previous name Wheeler Crossing.

There were numerous disputes about the community’s name.

Still, it remained Aloha up to this day.

Despite its small size, Aloha thrives in many sectors, including entertainment and leisure, making it a nice place to visit.

There are plenty of outdoor activities in Aloha, many of which are free to experience.

Here is a curated list of the free things to do in Aloha, Oregon:

Strike a Pose beside Harvey the Rabbit

Harvey the Rabbit is an iconic statue that greets you upon arriving in Aloha.

You can find this quirky attraction along the famous Southwest Tualatin Valley Highway.

Like most iconic bunnies you see on television and Easter, this one in Aloha is a household name.

Motorists drop by and take a photo beside this 26-foot tall, 2,500-pound fiberglass rabbit.

This iconic statue is one of Aloha’s main attractions.

It draws plenty of customers for its owner, the Harvey Marine Boat Repair Shop.

Harvey the Rabbit has been standing and adding vibrance to Aloha’s welcoming atmosphere since the 1950s.

Wander the Bales Wetlands Park

Bales Wetlands Park is a charming community park you can visit with your family or friends.

This park is situated along Southwest Farming Road and Southwest Rosa Road.

The entire park serves as one of Aloha’s premier recreation areas.

At the same time, this wetland serves as a preservation area for the community’s natural and cultural resources.

Unlike most parks funded by the government, this one was established through the efforts of Aloha’s locals.

To create Bales Wetlands Park, a group of locals worked together to cover a patch of land with over 2,000 individual wetland plants.

A historical landmark provides you with information about its fascinating history.

A visit to this park allows you to immerse yourself in nature and appreciate how locals give importance to mother nature.

Cross the Famous Tualatin Valley Highway

The Tualatin Valley Highway runs through a considerable portion of Washington County.

Many wine and nature lovers love to traverse this thoroughfare because of its top-notch wineries and scenic locations.

Since Tualatin Valley Highway runs through Aloha, explore it with your friends and family and witness its gorgeous sceneries.

You can enjoy many stopovers to explore new places and meet locals throughout your journey.

Besides sceneries and wineries, you’ll also enjoy the natural beauty of Tualatin Valley.

You’ll also learn many backstories about the Tualatin Valley Highway and its lush rural sceneries.

Try Outdoor Action at Mountain View Champions Park

Mountain View Champions Park is an extensive community park famous for its outdoor recreational opportunities.

You can visit this park along Southwest 170th Avenue, which borders Aloha and Beaverton.

The park spans over 22 acres, adjacent to the Mountain View Middle School.

Unlike typical parks, this one designed its amenities and sports facilities for accessibility.

Its equipment, facilities, and amenities are safer and more inclusive.

Amazingly, it’s the first of its kind in the entire state of Oregon, designed for athletes from all walks of life.

It boasts a 6,500-square-foot sports field and plays area, which you and your loved ones can enjoy.

Remember to visit the Mountain View Champions Park for a worthwhile sports activity with your friends or family.

Have a Picnic at Cooper Park

Cooper Park is one of the several community parks you’ll likely visit during your trip to Aloha.

You can visit this park between SW 176th Avenue and 172nd Avenue.

Cooper Park is entirely different and separate from Cooper Mountain Nature Park.

This one is smaller than Cooper Mountain Nature Park, only spanning two acres.

Like most community parks, this one offers parkgoers a lovely picnic area with tables, benches, and plenty of trees for shade.

At the same time, it has numerous paved walking paths, a children’s playground, sports facilities, and green open space.

Head to Cooper Park with your friends or family and enjoy a picnic.

Bring Your Pup to the Hazeldale Park/Dog Park

Hazeldale Park/Dog Park is another community park in Aloha with a dog park.

You can visit this place along 196th North of Farmington.

The park spans 11 acres and features numerous basketball, baseball, and soccer fields.

At the same time, it has an ADA-accessible playground for everyone to enjoy.

In contrast, grownups can enjoy hiking through its paved loop trail.

However, this park is mainly famous for its dog park, which has a divided section for big and smaller dogs.

This off-leash dog park is a famous destination for locals and visitors because of its safe space for their pups to enjoy.

Bring your pup to Hazeldale Park/Dog Park for a fun-filled time outdoors.

Stroll through Butternut Creek Nature Park

If you haven’t had enough of visiting parks, check out Butternut Creek Nature Park.

You can visit this park along Butternut Creek.

This community park spans roughly three acres and is known for its peaceful ambiance and scenic paved walking trails.

Its trails meander through Butternut Creek, making it an excellent spot for a leisure hike by yourself, your family, friends, or your dog.

Its paved walking trails lead you to a small pedestrian bridge that you can cross above Butternut Creek towards the Tualatin River.

Besides its top-notch walking trail, Butternut Creek Nature Park has a picnic area, a children’s playground, and plenty of trees for shade.

Cast Your Line at Beaverton Creek

Beaverton Creek is a river system that runs through the northern portion of Aloha.

This river system is more extensive compared to Butternut Creek.

There are plenty of access points for those who wish to visit this creek since it’s a popular fishing spot.

Many local anglers love fly fishing, spinning, or baitcasting at this creek.

Also, local anglers report that they regularly catch some carp, bluegill, and bass at Beaverton Creek.

Thus, this place is an excellent fishing spot to cast your line.

Hike the Forested Area of Recuerdo Park

Recuerdo Park is a charming community park known for its lush, wooded area.

You can visit this nature park on Southwest Marty Lane near Crowell Court Park.

The park consists of 7.78 acres renowned for its pristine natural beauty.

Many parkgoers love its peaceful atmosphere and unspoiled natural scenery compared to other parks in Aloha.

It features sports facilities, picnic areas, a children’s playground, plenty of trees for shade, and a green open space for various purposes.

Most parkgoers love to hike through its dense wooded areas, which have a nice trail you can traverse.

Because of its pristine natural area, you should enjoy your visit to Recuerdo Park.

It’s home to various exotic and native plants you’ll see along your hike.

Remember to list this park on your itinerary for some worthwhile nature exploration.

Immerse Yourself in Nature at the Whispering Woods Natural Area

Whispering Woods Natural Area is one of the best places in Aloha to appreciate nature.

You can visit this place along Southwest Kalyca Way.

This natural area was previously named Chantal Village Park and Whispering Woods Park.

It spans over 19 acres featuring lush pocket forests and streams, including Beaverton Creek.

Like most parks in Aloha, it has a picnic area and nature trails to explore and appreciate its clean atmosphere.

It has dense forested and shrub areas, which allow you to see the local flora and fauna of the region.

Whispering Woods Natural Area’s trails extend to Hillsboro’s Arleda Park and neighboring communities.

Explore Reedville Trail

Reedville Trail is an extensive trail that passes through numerous parks and natural areas.

You can hike through this trail either at Trachsel Meadows Park or Paula Jean Park.

The trail spans several miles, most passing through the two parks.

You’ll pass through several neighborhoods and natural areas along the way, leading you to Beaverton Creek in Amberglen.

Many hikers and joggers love to traverse this trail for recreation and sightseeing.

It’s mainly because of its location that passes through parks and neighborhoods.

Add Reedville Trail to your itinerary for another round of hikes during your visit to Aloha.

Other Free Things to Do Nearby

Aloha, Oregon, is an excellent place to start an adventure in Washington County.

Beyond Aloha’s borders are equally charming communities and cities, including Portland.

Here are some recommended attractions and activities to enjoy nearby Aloha, Oregon.

Spot Local Wildlife at Tualatin Hills Nature Park

Boardwalk trail at Tualatin Hills Nature Park

Dee Browning /

Tualatin Hills Nature Park is an extensive nature park and wildlife preserve outside Aloha.

You can visit this fantastic nature park six minutes or two miles east of Aloha in Beaverton, Oregon.

The nature park spans 222 acres and is home to a wide array of local flora and fauna.

It’s also one of the Tualatin Hills’ two nature parks, with the other in Cooper Mountain Nature Park.

Deer at Tualatin Hills Nature Park

Kingofthedead, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

This nature park is home to migratory and local bird species, newts, salamanders, plants, and orchids.

Tualatin Hills Nature Park comprises various natural areas.

It includes forests, wetlands, and streams, which serve as habitats for its flora and fauna.

Whether a nature lover or a casual tourist, a visit to this nature park is an enjoyable experience.

Travel Back in Time at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center

Steam locomotive at Oregon Rail Heritage Center

Van Rossen /

The Oregon Rail Heritage Center is a fantastic place to see up-close vintage steam locomotives and fascinating railroading exhibits.

You can visit this open-air museum in Portland, Oregon, 21 minutes or 13 miles east of Aloha.

This place is the home of three well-maintained vintage steam locomotives open to the public.

Exterior of Oregon Rail Heritage Center

EQRoy /

It’s a recommended tourist attraction, especially if you are fascinated with railroading history and vintage trains.

Besides the vintage steam locomotives, the Oregon Rail Heritage Center features a vast collection of artifacts from the once-prosperous railroading industry.

Caboose on the grounds of Oregon Rail Heritage Center

Van Rossen /

Spot Birds at Jackson Bottom Wetlands

A bird at Jackson Bottom Wetlands

Michael J Thompson /

Head to the Jackson Bottom Wetlands for a one-of-a-kind trip with nature.

You can visit this place within 18 minutes or eight miles west of Aloha in Hillsboro, Oregon.

This tranquil natural area is home to rolling meadows, streams, upland forests, and wetland areas.

These serve as habitats for over 130 bird species.

Duck on the waters of Jackson Bottom Wetlands

Michael J Thompson /

This place is a birdwatcher’s haven, which you can experience when visiting.

Besides the local and migratory bird species, majestic bald eagles also nest in the area.

It also has a rookery of blue herons, making this place an excellent birdwatching location.

Grab your binoculars and head to the Jackson Bottom Wetlands for a top-notch birdwatching experience.

Bird perched on a branch at Jackson Bottom Wetlands

Michael J Thompson /

Wander the Pioneer Courthouse Square

The grounds of Pioneer Courthouse Square

Zack Frank /

Pioneer Courthouse Square is a premier public space in the heart of downtown Portland.

Considered Portland’s “Living Room,” it’s home to some of the best leisure activities.

It’s a beautiful place to catch some free concerts, art exhibits, and parties throughout the year.

At the same time, you’ll enjoy sightseeing at numerous public art installations.

People at Pioneer Courthouse Square


Check out the Weather Machine, and the famous ‘Seward Johnson’s Allow Me’ statue.

Strolling through the square allows you to discover more hidden gems and local favorites, which adds more fun to your visit there.

Drop by the Pioneer Courthouse Square before returning home for more travel memories.

Tables and chairs at Pioneer Courthouse Square

Tada Images /

Final Thoughts

This small Oregon community is packed with gorgeous natural areas and parks you can enjoy visiting without breaking the bank.

Plenty of exciting things await you in Aloha and its neighboring places.

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