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15 Best Things to Do With Kids in Yonkers, NY

  • Published 2022/10/21

Yonkers, also known as the City of Seven Hills, is a huge attraction for those with a keen eye for architecture.

This city in Westchester County, New York, is home to a variety of tourist spots.

And because of its close proximity to large cities like the Bronx, it’s also a convenient place to stay for a vacation.

Its interesting story starts way back in the 1640s when the Dutch East Indian Company granted a piece of land to a gentleman named Colon Donck.

The small farm town in Yonkers in the 1700s soon evolved into a business sector, with many enterprises finding refuge in the land.

Alongside its varied attraction types, it is also where inventors and innovators dwell.

If this is the sort of place you’d want to be part of your travel bucket list with your family, read on.

Here are the best things to do with kids in Yonkers, NY, that you might find useful:

See the Art Exhibits at the Hudson River Museum

Exterior of the Hudson River Museum

Brian Logan Photography /

The Hudson River Museum on Warburton Avenue shares the heritage of Yonkers through piece exhibitions.

This museum continues expanding its collection as more American artists and designers share their work.

The art showcased along the walls of the museum is reflective of the rich and diverse American culture.

Steps leading to the Hudson River Museum

Brian Logan Photography /

While there, sign up for a tour around the Glenview Historic Home.

This 1877 home houses period rooms indicating detailed furnishings and woodwork of the past.

Planetarium shows are also available, where kids can expand their knowledge about astronomy.

Glenview mansion at the Hudson River Museum

Eileen_10 /

Experience Flying at iFLY

iFLY is one of the most unique indoor entertainment centers you can come across when you travel to Yonkers.

Specializing in skydiving, this facility invites the whole family for a soaring time—literally!

iFLY’s first wind tunnel, also called Generation 1, opened in 1998 in Orlando.

Soon after, various branches of the company popped up in 80 places all over the world!

What makes this site kid-friendly is its insistence on STEM learning with its activities and programs.

Your school-age kid can enjoy immersing themselves in lab experiments, interactive STEM presentations, and one-on-one flying demonstrations.

If you’re with a large or small group, booking an iFLY appointment can also be a huge bonding experience.

Free fall now when you visit this center on Ridge Hill Boulevard.

Go on a Trip to Legoland Discovery Center Westchester

To ensure your kids are having fun while learning, take them to Legoland Discovery Center Westchester.

This lego wonderland hosts a variety of attractions for children and adults!

Escort them as they explore the New York lego Miniland, showcasing the city’s most remarkable assets.

Guide them as they go on a VR riding experience of epic proportions.

You can also participate in the fun when you ride the chariot to rescue the princess at the Kingdom Quest Ride.

Who says lego blocks are only within the four corners of your child’s playpen?

Legoland Discovery Center Westchester is in Fitzgerald Street Ridge Hill Mall.

Go Ice Skating at E J Murray Memorial Skating Center

Whether your child prefers air hockey or ice skating, they have their own place at E J Murray Memorial Skating Center.

This skating rink has been around since 1960 and continues to provide a practice area for those interested in pursuing ice sports.

Its mezzanine viewing level makes it easy for guests to supervise or watch skaters on the rink.

And if you are one of these guests, you can feel assured to see your child playing and having fun gliding around.

There is also a skate park within the property for those into adventure sports on wheels.

If you want to stop by for a quick skate, E J Murray Memorial Skating Center has weekly public skating schedules.

You can find this facility on Tuckahoe Road.

Play Dodgeball at Rockin’ Jump

Exterior of Rockin' Jump

Kyle Tunis /

A drive by Market Street can get you straight to an indoor jumping venture inside the walls of Rockin’ Jump.

Back in 2010, what was only a vision between two families soon turned into America’s most popular recreation site.

The park attractions offer unique jumping and physical experiences in which your kids can lose their time.

Let them play around with other kids at the open jump arena while having fun performing acrobatics.

The Ninja Course is the most challenging of all, as your kid easily tries to pass obstacle courses.

Other attractions include the Dodgeball Arena and the X-Beam.

Rockin’ Jump offers a rocking, fun time for everyone!

Let Your Kids Run around the Big Girl Playground

The Big Girl Playground is a Yonkers classic child favorite.

This unique play site features 33-foot tall and 18-feet wide play equipment shaped like a girl.

Its arms act as slides while there’s a high point area for the girl’s neck where your kids can stay before sliding down.

It’s an unusual setup for your kid’s playtime but also a spot not worth missing.

Stop by Westchester’s Ridge Hill to look closely at the Big Girl Playground.

Or why not spend a few hours here with your little one?

Teach Your Kids Golf at Brookside Mini-Golf

Is your youngster’s favorite sport golf?

Take them to Brookside Mini-Golf on Midland Avenue for a grand time.

Spend quality time together, challenging each other in the simplified landscape of the golf facility.

It even has putting areas for those still not confident in their swing and aim.

Put your mind to the test as you worm your way around the obstacles and layout.

Better yet, host your kid’s next birthday party at Brookside Mini-Golf for double the fun and enjoyment.

Visit the Butterfly Garden at Lenoir Preserve

Yonkers never misses when it comes to beautiful natural landscapes and panoramic sights.

At Lenoir Preserve, you get to explore woodlands and wildlife habitats.

This 40-acre park also boasts imported shrubs and trees from all over the world.

Gingko trees from Asia and cooper beeches from Europe are only two among many imports.

Go birdwatching as birds flock around the trees, creating a cacophony of color and sounds.

A butterfly garden is also present, home to a variety of butterfly species that are at their peak during summertime.

Exploring this place is a great opportunity for your child to be one with nature and stimulate their curious mind about their environment.

Find Lenoir Preserve on Dudley Street and pay it a visit!

Admire the Flowers and Plants at Untermyer Gardens Conservancy

Sky temple at Untermyer Gardens Conservancy

Yingna Cai /

In 1865, the first known land history of Untermyer Gardens Conservancy came from the purchase of John Waring.

And in 1916, a man named Samuel Untermyer hired a trained architect to have the property turned into the finest garden in the world.

By 1946, the estate became the property of the City of Yonkers as a public park, and after restoration in the 70s, it stands as the garden it is today.

Trail leading to the hudson river at Untermyer Gardens Conservancy

Linda Harms /

This municipal park offers a distinct style variety in garden placements.

On the one hand, there’s a walled garden that takes inspiration from the Indo-Persians.

Mini waterfall at Untermyer Gardens Conservancy

quiggyt4 /

For an aesthetic splash of color, go down the Color Gardens and its terraces.

Help your child learn more about flowers with a hike down Rhododendron Walk.

Everything in Untermyer Gardens Conservancy on North Broadway is a sight to behold.

The grounds of Untermyer Gardens Conservancy

Yingna Cai /

Chill by the Riverside at Habirshaw Park

The riverfront park, Habirshaw Park, offers a refreshing outlook on Yonkers’ promising city adventure.

Because of its stunning view of the Hudson river, it’s also a great place to enjoy deep conversations with family.

It’s also open from sunset to sunrise, so you get to view the amazing Yonkers skyline while sitting by the benches.

Perhaps what makes this park a good choice is the closer take on Palisades.

Bathe and bask in the warm glow of the sun as you stretch around the lawn.

Play a friendly game of frisbee with your kids or family members while you feel the sea breeze against your body.

Habirshaw Park is right by Alexander Street.

Start a Hike with Your Kid at Sprain Ridge Park

Staying outdoors while at Yonkers is a good idea to know the city fully.

Sprain Ridge Park is a heavily wooded park that covers 278 acres.

Acquired in 1965, the land of this park came from the Boyce Thompson Institute; hence, the presence of varied plants, both usual and unusual.

Go on a hike around the place to smell the scent of nature and make your woodland study.

The park also has a pool for some relaxation and cooling down.

Stay at the pavilion or at the picnic areas to settle down after a round of biking and hiking.

Sprain Ridge Park is on Jackson Avenue.

Enroll Your Kid in a Dance Class at GymCats Gymnastics Center

While at Yonkers, your child’s vacation time can also be their learning time.

At GymCats Gymnastics Center, they can improve their physical capabilities and foster a better development process.

Gymnastics is an ideal sport to get them started on the road to being healthy, not just physically but also mentally, emotionally, and socially.

On Odell Plaza, this gym is complete with a range of training equipment fitted for your little one’s fitness journey.

From trampolines to parallel bars, your child can fit right in, no matter the flexibility and acquired skills.

The center also offers holiday camps for those planning to let their child hone their skills more thoroughly.

Enroll them in a class today at GymCats Gymnastics Center and see the difference!

Other Things to Do Nearby

If you’ve already zoomed past all of Yonkers’ must-see spots, don’t go away yet!

There’s more fun right around the corner—along the nearby cities of Yonkers.

Watch the Animals at Bronx Zoo

Entrance to Bronx Zoo

MindStorm /

In the neighboring city of the Bronx, your child can explore wildlife and their habitats through Bronx Zoo.

This animal haven extends to about 265 acres, offering a much larger space to explore and learn more about exotic animals.

Seals at Bronx Zoo

Gallery de Labux /

Bronx Zoo features various theme-specific activities that your child will surely love.

Taking them to the Butterfly Garden lets them discover the life cycle of these lovely insects and other fowl.

The JungleWorld introduces primates from Asia in a replica of the jungle.

Ebony langurs at Bronx Zoo

susana valera /

And at the Children’s Zoo, they’ll be up close and personal with prairie dogs, fennec foxes, porcupines, and other creatures.

Should you want to visit this zoo, it’s located on Southern Boulevard and is only 26 minutes away from Yonkers.

Red panda at Bronx Zoo

Tana Lee Alves /

Experience Interactive Tours at Greenburgh Nature Center

In 1973, Greenburgh Nature Center, recognized before as Hall Estate, opened in the city of Scarsdale.

Since then, it has only served one purpose: to promote and educate the public about nature and the environment.

It spans 33 acres, opening its property for multi-purpose trails and other nature preserves.

Its onsite amenities include a meadow filled with native plants, a barnyard, and an organic garden.

Take your kid to the indoor animal exhibits at the historic house, where two floors of exciting animal domains await.

To fully enjoy the experience of being in nature while at this center, take a walk at the Native American Replica Village and other outdoor attractions.

Find peace and quiet wherever you go at Greenburgh Nature Center on Dromore Road, only a 28-minute drive from Yonkers.

Explore the Garden at Wave Hill

Lush greenery at Wave Hill

Brian Logan Photography /

On Independence Avenue, Wave Hill makes its beauty known through its beautiful landscapes and gardens.

This 28-acre estate in the Bronx that opened in 1965 offers an interactive learning experience with nature for both adults and children.

Its magnificent grounds are home to many multi-purpose programs, including those in the arts and culture sectors.

If you’re lucky, you may come across exhibits while you’re taking a look around with your family.

Vibrant tulips at Wave Hill

Brian Logan Photography /

Your little one may especially like the flowers and plants blooming all around.

Be sure to take a picture of the scenery and relax while moths and butterflies come by for a visit, too.

The woodlands are also an ideal setting for some self-reflection.

Wave Hill is a 14-minute drive from Yonkers.

Pergola overlook at Wave Hill

Laphatkarn_Fendrich /

Final Thoughts

Strolling along the streets of Yonkers may feel like a dream come true with its guarantee of a fun time in most of its well-known spots.

And most importantly, it’s also a breath of fresh air with its family-friendly amenities.

So, if you’re planning to travel to the state of New York, you know which city to prioritize!

The list above of the best things to do with kids in Yonkers, NY, may help you along your journey.

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