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15 Best Things to Do with Kids in Yakima, WA

  • Published 2022/10/24

The apple-bearing semi-arid desert of Yakima in Yakima County, Washington, offers much more for your usual family-led travels.

As the heart of Central Washington, this city shines with a vibrant metropolitan diversity.

The city was officially incorporated in 1886, but the town only got its name in 1918.

Likewise, the city’s best-known asset since its founding days is its richness in agriculture.

It’s famous for its orchards and breweries, attracting tourists yearly.

Now, it has only evolved into a place of recreational charms for both the young and the old.

Let your children enjoy a diverse location where they can freely satisfy their curiosity about other cultures and go to Yakima.

Below are some of the best things to do in Yakima, WA, with kids!

View the Display Gardens at the Yakima Area Arboretum

Apple pear peach flower at Yakima Area Arboretum

Michelle Baumbach /

On Arboretum Drive, surprise your kid with an aromatic and refreshing stop at the Yakima Area Arboretum.

This 46-acre nature preserve is a state treasure you won’t want to miss.

Established in 1967, this venue has only grown in structure with over 1,000 tree specimens, grasses, and other foliage.

Your little one will appreciate the tour around the public space and the display gardens, where they’ll be up close to the allure of nature.

The grounds of Yakima Area Arboretum

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Various kid- and family-friendly activities make your visit that exciting, too!

Yakima Valley Rocks is one of these activities designed to sharpen your child’s treasure-hunting abilities.

Scavenger hunts and geocaching are also available for your little adventurers.

To commemorate your oneness with nature at the Yakima Area Arboretum, drop by the gift shop and purchase a souvenir!

Learn Figure Skating at Yakima Ice Rink

Treat your whole family to an icy adventure at Yakima Ice Rink.

This skating center on East Beech Street is a favorite among aspiring figure skaters and hockey players.

Besides the mentioned sports, its rink is open to everyone who registered beforehand.

The center hosts youth programs that your little one may find interest in while you are all staying in Yakima.

Kids with minimal or professional skating experience can join the Yakima Ice Rink, especially during public skating.

The Yakima Ice Rink also allows private birthday hosting for those who want to celebrate their special moments at the rink.

You can enroll your child in learn-to-skate sessions to help them make their skating dreams come true.

Have a Blast at the Yakima Family Fun Center

Prepare for a day of fun when you plan to take your little ones to the Yakima Family Fun Center.

This amusement area in West Nob Hill Boulevard mixes indoor and outdoor activities in a single arena.

For your little one who prefers to stay inside the center, attractions like the arcade and Omni Arena can help satisfy their need for fun and excitement.

They can choose between over 45 games at the arcade and win prizes.

Outside, more entertaining activities await you around the corner.

Help them better their swing at the batting cages, which offers a range of 25 to 70 mph pitch speed.

Bumper boats may also tickle their fancy for an afternoon splash in the hot weather.

The go-kart track and its 600-foot concrete amenities may be the ideal destination for your little drivers.

After a day of playing and roaming around, you can keep their appetites filled with snacks at the cafe near Yakima Family Fun Center.

It’s time for a merry time with the whole family at this center!

Go for a Recreational Swim at Lions Pool

If swimming is a go-to activity for the whole family, you can be confident that a drive to Lions Pool can make everyone’s get-together more special.

This pool on West Pine Street underwent mechanical repair for two months but reopened in 2022.

Since it’s an indoor pool, your family doesn’t have to worry about sudden rain or sweltering weather.

At the same time, it’s a decent place to practice a few laps with your little swimmer.

Remember to check in with the pool’s staff on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as Saturday mornings, because it may also host high school meets.

Bring them their floaties and swimming caps when you include Lions Pool in your itinerary.

Ride a Bike with Your Kid at Yakima Sportsman State Park

Make your kids’ Washington trip one to remember with a visit to Yakima Sportsman State Park.

Located on University Parkway, this state park is an all-around park not only for humans but also animals!

The 266-acre park is also a delight every season.

It was initially reserved to help promote game management, led by the Yakima Sportsman’s Association.

Now, it’s a great place to bird-watch and bike around.

So, if you’ve got a kid with you when traveling to Yakima, this state park can make sure your little one has fun, too.

Thanks to more than 130 bird species visiting the Yakima Sportsman State Park, your kid can learn to differentiate birds.

With two miles of hiking trails, it’s also an ideal venue to work on your physical skills while breathing in the beautiful scent of nature.

The deciduous trees can offer a relaxing canopy while you stay at the picnic areas and eat a snack with your kid.

Let Your Kid Jump around at Get Air Trampoline Park

From toddlers to school-age children, every child of any age level can enjoy the courts at Get Air Trampoline Park.

This trampoline center can host your child’s next birthday, graduation, or any other form of milestone celebration.

A special Club Air event occurs on Fridays and Saturdays, making your kid’s play more thrilling with party music.

Play a round of dodgeball or slam ball at their respective play courts.

The Fidget Ladder can add more of a challenge that your kid will feel enthusiastic about.

For younger kids, the foam pit and kiddie court at Get Air Trampoline Park are safe enjoyable places.

Watch out for special themed events as well for your kid’s maximum enjoyment.

Enjoy the Open Space at Franklin Park

Franklin Park on Tieton Drive offers a relaxing and peaceful time outdoors in Yakima.

According to a 2011 Yakima Parks and Recreation organization survey, this park is the most used park in the community.

This park has a variety of amenities ranging from a rotary pavilion to pickleball and tennis courts.

It also has an outdoor pool open for the summer that you might be lucky to catch during specific months.

A playground with shade structures rests amid everything; this is a refuge for your child and their curious minds.

Find everything fun and more at Franklin Park.

Go Back in History at Yakima Valley Museum

Exterior of the Yakima Valley Museum

Steve Groom, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Yakima Valley Museum should be on top of your must-see spots for an immersive historical exploration.

Standing at 65,000 feet, it’s easily one of Washington’s largest museums of culture.

Since 1951, the community has helped the museum reach its accreditation status and serve its exhibits through countless pledges and donations.

By 2002, the museum facility had completed its building and renovations after years of added amenities and relocations.

Now, as you explore the insides of Yakima Valley Museum, you’ll find a variety of artifacts, all amounting to over 48,000 objects.

From costumes and art mementos to the larger, more striking carriages and firearm equipment, your little one will be wide-eyed in wonder.

There are also specialized exhibits in various themes, including a bee-centered program and another that showcases a collection of weird stuff.

Visit the Yakima Valley Museum on Tieton Drive for a quick educational excursion.

Play Laser Tag at Tactical Tag

Keep playtime advanced and stimulating at Tactical Tag.

This Yakima Avenue-located laser tag center has all the gaming equipment you need to battle with your friends and family.

More importantly, it’s a kid-friendly spot, so you won’t have to worry about your little one missing out on the fun.

There are various gaming levels you can try out.

The Destroy the Base and Team Battle Royale are group-centered gaming options at Tactical Tag.

Free for All and King of the Hill are exciting surprises for those planning to go solo while targeting as many opponents as possible.

With over 7,000 square feet of space in this multi-level facility, perhaps you and your child can find a game you can immerse yourselves in!

Join Your Kid to Play Games at Nerds Fun Center & Laser Tag

Nerds Fun Center & Laser Tag is another of Yakima’s most excellent entertainment spots.

Its state-of-the-art laser tag room has more than 90 game modes.

A console game and arcade area are also open for those needing a bit of a refresher before or after an exhausting laser tag adventure.

Consoles come in different varieties, including an Xbox One and PS4 with VR, for double the joy!

The pinball and table games can also take you on a trip to the distant past of retro gaming.

Nerds Fun Center & Laser Tag on 1st Street may bring you closer to your child with your shared love for gaming!

Bowl with Your Kids at Minda Lanes

Bowling never goes out of style in Yakima.

Minda Lanes is one among many bowling alleys that helps keep the game fun.

Situated on South 2nd Street, this alley is a place of leisure with its colorfully-decorated lanes and intimate atmosphere.

Bring your kid with you for an hour or more of trying to strike down pins with strength and strategy.

You never know what other amusing surprises await you at Minda Lanes!

Enroll Your Child in a Kid’s Camp at Creative Yakima

It’s never too late to help your child get in touch with their creative side at Creative Yakima.

This art studio on Lincoln Avenue specializes in pottery painting and ceramic decor.

It’s a walk-in studio, too, so you don’t have to worry about reservations!

You can help your child pick out a bisque from the collection displayed at the studio, and they can immediately start painting!

After, their pieces are kiln-fired, so they can take them home to serve as a reminder of how much they’ve enjoyed painting at Creative Yakima.

If you want, you can enroll your child at the center’s kid’s camp for a more interactive and comprehensive journey through art and friendship with other campers.

Pick Berries with Your Kid at Ahtanum Berry Patch

Ahtanum Berry Patch is a family-owned farm and shop off South 74th Avenue.

It offers local berries, like thornless blackberries, rhubarbs, and even gooseberries.

The farm also hosts farm tours in season, so you might want to check that out!

Pick berries with your child and explore the vast land that this farm takes cover.

A visit to Ahtanum Berry Patch’s fresh berry bakeshop also exposes you and your child’s palate to unique desserts, including handcrafted pies and jams.

For that wild berry quest, you can trust this farm for your and your little one’s satisfaction.

Teach Your Kids How to Skate at Chesterley Park

Found at the intersection of River Road and 4th Avenue, Chesterley Park makes its community park glamor known.

With as many as six soccer fields, it’s a staple for athletes and families who share a bond over sports.

Its nature trail keeps you and your family’s park visit a step up from other parks with beautiful fairytale-like grounds.

However, what makes this park a better choice is its 10,000-square-foot skatepark.

You can teach your child how to skate with a board or rollers and enjoy the hurdles and elevations equipping the facility.

There is never a dull moment at Chesterley Park.

Admire the Fresh Fruits at Johnson Orchards

The last apple of a tree at Johnson Orchards

Michelle Baumbach /

For some local product appreciation, don’t forget Johnson Orchards on your Yakima list!

This orchard’s history goes way back to 1889 with the initial efforts of Alfred Johnson.

His established orchard made way for future success in the community, spanning various decades until it became the orchard everyone knows today.

Keep your eyes peeled for fresh produce, such as apricots and peaches, when visiting during July.

For mid-August, expect an influx of plums, apples, and pears.

Your fruit shopping can make your little one’s day more relaxed but memorable.

Visit Johnson Orchards on Summitview Avenue.

Final Thoughts

Knowing Yakima’s agricultural and diversified heritage can help you decide if this city is the next best place to visit with your kids.

With its abundance of museums and parks, your family can enjoy exploring the outdoors during your vacation.

Moreover, it’s also a hot spot for kid-centered play sites, thanks to the best things to do in Yakima, Washington, with kids.

Bring your family on a trip to Yakima!

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