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15 Best Things to Do with Kids in Warren, MI

  • Published 2023/01/31

Warren, one of Michigan’s suburbs, is situated in Macomb County.

This city is the largest in Macomb county and the third-largest in Michigan.

Here, you’ll see many parks, recreation facilities, and entertainment options!

It’s also where many events take place, making the city lively and welcoming.

Interested to know more about this stunning city?

Here are the best things to do in Warren, Michigan:

Read a Lot of Books at the Warren Public Library

Exterior view of Warren Public Library

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The idea for a Warren Public Library started in 1934.

With the help of donations from residents, construction and renovation budget, the library was established in 1935.

It’s still open to the public today.

The goal of Warren Public Library is to meet the community’s needs when it comes to knowledge.

They provide activities everyone can engage in—a commitment they made when they opened their doors back in 1935.

This library always has activities for children, teenagers, and adults.

These events vary every season, but you can expect that there’s always something to look forward to.

The events are always centered on camaraderie and entertainment, with the main purpose of inspiring people to make reading a habit in the community.

Watch a Movie at MJR Universal Grand Cinema 16

MJR Universal Grand Cinema 16 is one of the ten locations of MJR Theatres that have been operating since the early 1980s.

Originally known as Cinemark Warren Movies 16, this 16-screen cinema in Warren was purchased by MJR, restoring it and changing its name to MJR Universal Grand Cinema 16 in 2017.

Aside from new tiles and carpets, this cinema added electric recliners with extra legroom, a CaptiView viewing system for the hearing impaired, and a Fidelio wireless audio system for the visually impaired.

Kids and adults will have a great time watching movies here because of its other amenities, such as a Studio Bar, a soda machine with unlimited soda, and popcorn.

MJR got its name from its old slogan, “Movies Just Right.”

With their new slogan “It’s More Fun at MJR,” you can expect a great movie experience with the entire family.

Try the Slides and Swings at Austin Dannis Park

Austin Dannis Park is one of the various parks that can be visited in Warren, designed specifically for kids.

The people of Warren describe this park as a serene and perfect place to relax.

It features a massive green space, ideal for running and walking, and a fully equipped playground with all the classics, like slides and swings.

This particular park became popular for families because it has other kid-friendly amenities such as picnic tables, an outdoor soccer field, and a hockey rink.

This park is worth a visit, as it provides a fun and playful ambiance that every active kid seeks.

Solve Some Puzzles and Riddles at Breakout Escape Rooms Warren

Breakout Escape Rooms Warren is a perfect place where you can bring your kids for fun and challenging games.

This Escape Room is described as a brain teaser and scavenger hunt type of game since players can choose a room based on their preferred theme, the number of members, and, well, their wit!

This room has three exciting game rooms, such as Zombie Roadhouse, Ringmaster’s Den Head to Head, and Ringmaster’s Den, each with different time limits.

Breakout Escape Rooms Warren is also available for special events such as field trips, graduation parties, and many more.

Improve Your Child’s Artistic Abilities at Warren Tri-County Fine Arts

Warren Tri-County Fine Arts has been a community for artists since 1967.

The Warren Tri-County Fine Arts Center is a non-profit organization in Warren, Michigan, that strives to promote fine arts.

Not only does this center have its own gallery for artists to display their work, but they also offer exhibits where artists can showcase their artwork in various locations throughout Warren, such as the Anton Art Center and the Civic Center Atrium.

The school offers four workshops that are open to the public.

In these workshops, kids learn how to use different mediums for their art, like watercolor, pencil, and pastel.

If your child is an artist or aspires to be one, you better bring them here!

Have a Picnic and Play Various Ball Games at Butcher Park

Butcher Park, which opened in 1998, has one of the city’s largest playgrounds, with a variety of swings, slides with climbing parts, and a maze that every kid will surely want to try.

This park also offers a pavilion where families can enjoy a picnic.

Everyone is welcome to use the grills available here.

This 12-acre park has more than just picnic tables and benches.

It also has a spot for sand volleyball and baseball fields that teens can try.

This park has something for kids of all ages.

That’s why Butcher Park is a highly recommended park for families to visit in Warren, especially for those with children.

Let Your Child’s Inner Theater Artist Shine at Warren Civic Theatre

Warren Civic Theatre humbly began in 1990 as a theater workshop for children at the Ridgewood Recreation Center, where dozens of children participated.

Warren Civic group later expanded to about 60 members and finally had its first Broadway musical in 1994 at Warren Community Center.

The organization now has over 3,000 members and continues to produce high-quality theatrical plays.

To repay those who had helped them, Warren Civic Theatre established a goal of promoting and producing a community in the field of theater arts.

With the assistance of both professional and amateur talent theater artists, this theatre offers shows for everyone to enjoy and various auditions solely for children.

They also hold camps and classes where young students can learn the fundamentals of theatre.

Participate in Thrilling Activities at Universal Nonstop

Universal Nonstop is a place in Warren where you can experience extreme adventure and entertainment with the entire family!

If you’re looking for a good time, Universal Nonstop is the place to be.

They have games and activities suitable for kids and the kids at heart.

Go Karts, Laser Tag, and Bowling are among the entertainment options in this place.

Children will have a blast bouncing around in the inflatable Nonstop Bounce area and exploring virtual reality with virtual rides and video games.

In addition, there are over 50 different types of arcade games available, as well as food and drinks, such as chicken wings, pizza, and various beverages.

Universal Nonstop also offers to host birthday parties and group events, including field trips.

Spend Quality Time with Your Family at Halmich Park

Halmich Park is a 74-acre community park that everyone in Warren goes to for different kinds of fun with the kids.

This park has three huge playgrounds consisting of multiple play structures, including swings and slides, where kids can have fun.

It also has a lot of green space for walking and many gazebos and pavillions where every family can spend time together and picnic.

Hamilton Park was a beloved spot in the community, as it was home to many soccer, tennis, and baseball games.

It’s been used for special occasions and events such as birthdays, sports festivals, and other various kinds of festivals in Warren.

Play Bowling at Universal Lanes

Universal Lanes is the ideal place in Warren if you’re looking for the best bowling experience.

With more than 10,000 square feet of space, families can enjoy the Universal Lanes’ 28 bowling lanes with their children.

Universal Lanes also provides a list of leagues in which every bowling fan can participate.

You’ll have plenty of options since there are over 15 leagues available here.

Aside from bowling, they also offer various games, including billiards, darts, and ping-pong.

They also have Kitchen Menu where visitors can order pizza, burgers, fries, and many more.

Your children will have a great time here since it is also available for private parties such as kids’ birthday parties.

Learn to Play Racquetball and Get in Shape at Warren Racquetball & Fitness

Warren Racquetball & Fitness is one of the recreational centers in Warren where families can play games like racquetball, wallyball, pickleball, and handball.

With over 12 courts available here, kids can enjoy learning how to play games that are similar to the sports like tennis, badminton, and volleyball.

The court can also be used for half-court basketball.

Unlike other Warren facilities, this center can be rented and does not require a membership fee for visitors.

They also have shops where you can purchase items such as racquets.

Enjoy the Beauty of Nature at Licht Park

Licht Park is ranked as the third top-rated park in Warren.

This 7-acre park may not be large, but it’s recommended if you are looking for a place to relax while your children engage in various activities.

Like the other parks in Warren, Licht Park Park has playgrounds for children and pavilions for everyone to use, and it’s suitable for special occasions and events.

You can also use the green open space to sit and relax while your children run around freely.

If you want, you can also play volleyball here.

What makes this park unique is that it has a forest-like ambiance for having a lot of tall trees standing all over the park, making the winds cold and fresh.

Licht Park can be visited for free and is open 24 hours.

Let Your Kid Develop New Skills at Extreme Gym

Extreme Gym is a recreational center in Warren that offers gym classes for children.

In this center, kids will undergo training to develop various skills they will need in their everyday life, especially if they are an athlete.

Students are expected to learn and develop flexibility, speed, power, and strength in this gym.

There are six classes offered by Extreme Gym in total, including Parent and Tot, Preschool Boy and Girl Gymnastics, Boys and Girls Gymnastics, and Tumbling, in which kids and even parents can enroll.

Extreme Gym is also open for special occasions like birthday parties.

Buy Christian Products at Discount Bible Book Store

Warren’s Discount Bible Book Store is a special place for the Christian community in the area.

This store has been in business for over 40 years, offering low-cost Christian products to people in Warren.

Here in this store, you can buy the bible in different versions, such as King James Version, New King James Version, New International Version, and the English Standard Version.

They also offer second-hand and new books and school supplies for Sunday schools.

Not only that, but children will also love the hats, t-shirts, and other clothing accessories available here.

Have a Fun Day Out with the Kids at Wiegand Park

Warren’s parks are known for being well-kept and free to use, making them popular places for locals to gather and create memories.

Wiegand Park, which is situated along MacArthur and Toepfer, is one of the parks that the city has to offer.

This park is 14.1 acres in size and was named after Frank Wiegand Sr., a long-time public servant.

Wiegand Park is a great place for families to spend time together.

The park is spacious and well-maintained, with a covered picnic area, two children’s playgrounds, and a sports area with a baseball field.

Final Thoughts

Warren is a great place to visit for a vacation with the entire family.

There are a lot of the best things to do in Warren, Michigan, that kids will surely love.

With so many things to do and see in the city, there’s something for everyone.

From parks and playgrounds to theaters and restaurants, Warren has it all.

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