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15 Best Things to Do with Kids in Waco, TX

  • Published 2022/11/13

Waco is a city in McLennan County, Texas.

Add it to your travel list if you want an enjoyable vacation with many activities and natural beauty.

Waco is a great place to visit for its friendly atmosphere and variety of things to do.

You’ll enjoy the moderate weather whether you’re looking to spend time outdoors or indoors.

Families love visiting this charming city because of its family-friendly activities.

Spend all your vacation energy on the best things to do with kids in Waco, Texas.

Discover Ice Age Creatures at Waco Mammoth National Monument

Welcome sign of Waco Mammoth National Monument

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At the Waco Mammoth National Museum, your kids can play paleontologists and meet real creatures from the Ice Age.

It’s a one-of-a-kind adventure they won’t soon forget!

The Waco Mammoth National Museum received official status in 2015.

It is home to the only documented proof of these massive Pleistocene creatures.

Fossil searching is one of the best activities for your kids at the excavation station.

Your youngsters will have a great time digging for fossil replicas.

You might want to join them too.

Fossils at Waco Mammoth National Monument

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They can also hike and explore the Eagle Scout Trail with other kids.

Along the picturesque Trailway are benches and resting areas for visitors to use while they unwind and relax.

Treat your children to this educational and entertaining activity they have never experienced!

Mammoth fossil at Waco Mammoth National Monument

Larry D. Moore, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Experience a Fairytale Adventure at Cottonland Castle

It’s safe to say that not many of us have had the opportunity to see a century-old castle.

What would it be like?

Look inside this magnificent real-life castle and listen to Cottonland Castle’s rich historical tales.

You’ll feel as if you’ve magically teleported back to the medieval period.

Even folks on the street can’t take their eyes off this spectacular view.

Children will love going to the castle, and adults will be amazed by how fairytale-like it is.

Get your camera ready to take tons of pictures for memories.

Your tour guide will amaze you with fascinating historical stories.

Don’t miss out on a majestic tour around Cottonland Castle!

Think Your Way Out of the Waco Escape Room

Are you looking for some excitement and adventure in your life?

You and your kids can bring out your escape room skills at Waco Escape Room.

Test your wits against the puzzling riddles, confusing clues, and baffling mysteries in each room with your family.

This escape room is unique because it’s unlike the ones you can play on your phone.

It’s for real!

You can enter whichever room you choose; the difficulty will depend on that particular room’s theme.

Waco Escape Rooms offers many family options, such as Scavenger Hunt, Paralysis, Saloon, Jail House, Dinner for Two, and the Hall of Fame.

If you’re confident in your family’s teamwork, you might try the Paralysis Room for a more challenging experience.

Anyone can enter the Waco Escape Room, but leaving is another story.

Can your family solve the puzzles and escape before time runs out?

If you’re looking for a way to add excitement to your vacation, look no further than Waco Escape Rooms!

Take a Relaxing Stroll with the Family at Waco Riverwalk

Trail of Waco Riverwalk

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Nothing soothes the soul like a walk along the Waco River.

Apart from having a good time, one of the reasons people travel is to unwind.

Why not take a stroll and enjoy Waco’s scenic surroundings to begin your adventure?

Waco Riverwalk runs for five miles along the Brazos River’s banks, connecting to various downtown attractions.

Not only will you see the picturesque views of the river, but you’ll also get a glimpse of the Waco River’s centerpiece: the Waco Suspension Bridge.

View of the river from Waco Riverwalk

Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Built in 1870, this bridge is a sight to see!

You’ll also encounter several monuments, parks, and many animals and other featured statues.

Don’t be concerned about your children’s snacks, whether you’ve prepared them or not.

Several food trucks await you at the trail’s end.

Whatever you do on the Waco Riverwalk, your day out will be worth it.

Enjoy Outdoor Water Adventure at Pura Vida Paddle River Rentals

Bring your kids and have a great time paddleboarding on the Brazos River with Pura Vida Paddle River Rentals.

For rent, you can paddle solo or with a friend in one of the affordable kayaks.

The river’s current is gentle, and you’ll love the views of tall trees as you float downstream.

Enjoy your current paddle while you flatten your paddle board.

Take in the sights and sounds of the river as you explore it.

You and the kids can also enjoy kayaking or swimming in the river.

There are lifevests and lifeguards available nearby if needed.

Enjoy the river with Pura Vida Paddle River Rentals!

Explore a Farm at Homestead Craft Village

Do you want to tire out your kids with a productive activity?

Why not try some arts and crafts?

Homestead Craft Village is the perfect place to experience traditional farm living.

The 200-year-old, 18-acre barn is home to a potter’s house, carpentry studio, textile arts, herb garden, and other amenities.

You can also visit the restored 1760 gristmill while you’re there!

This historic barn provides the perfect setting to try naturally cooked meats and handmade baked delicacies.

You’ll feel at home in its intimate lunch spot, one of Waco’s top-rated restaurants.

Enjoy this idyllic farmhouse’s stunning views, authentic crafts, and barn tour.

You might even leave with a new family heirloom you helped create!

Craft your leather bookmark, brass spoon, pinch pot, coil pot, woven basket, and coaster with your children at the Homestead Craft Village.

See Adorable Bears at Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat

Entrance to Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat

Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Show your youngsters around the Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat to spark their interest in animals.

Since 1917, bears have been housed at Baylor University.

Their current resident bear is Judge Sue Sloan, also known as “Lady.”

In 2022, she joined her sister, Judge Joy Reynolds.

Your kids will love getting up close and personal with Lady.

They can learn about the features of a real bear.

Plus, it’s interesting to watch her go about her daily life.

Around the corner are plaques with historical information about Baylor University’s mascots.

If you’re looking for a fun activity, why not visit the Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat?

Lady is looking forward to seeing you at her home!

Spend a Refreshing Day Out with the Family at Hawaiian Falls Water Park

Hawaiian Falls Water Parks is the most popular water park in Waco, Texas.

It spans ten acres and is home to thrilling water coasters and aquatic attractions.

You’ll have a convenient, comfortable, and entertaining way to spend the summer with your family at the park.

Every member of your family will undoubtedly love the park’s attractions.

There are ten rides and attractions, each with a distinct level of thrill.

The park’s wave pool, also known as Breaker Bay, and the multilevel ten-slide water play, Kona Bay and Kona Kooler, have thrill levels suitable for kids.

Meanwhile, you’ll get more thrills at the Tsunami tube slides, speed body Tempest Tower Slides, swirling Tikitower Slides, high-speed mat racer Pineapple Express, Shaka Meter Covered Slides, and the 65-foot-high free-fall body slides called Monsoon and Typhoon.

You don’t have to be concerned about your family’s safety.

Lifeguards will help watch over your children, prioritizing their safety under your guidance.

Inflatable tubes are free at Hawaiian Falls and accessible at each attraction.

It also has locker rentals, cabana rentals, and a Surf Shop where you can buy anything you need for your stay.

Remember to follow their safety procedures.

Don’t miss out on the Hawaiian Falls Water Park!

Play Retro Arcade Games at Putters

Look no further than Putters if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for retro gaming.

Putters is an indoor sports bar and Waco’s first entertainment attraction with mini golf and arcades.

Allow your children to spend as much time as they like playing arcade games.

Dozens of traditional arcade games should excite them; they can also play billiards and several board games.

Kids and adults will also enjoy the distinctive and expansive 18-hole mini golf course at Putters.

Enjoy a Camping Adventure at Waco Lake

Aerial view of Waco Lake

Wirestock Creators /

Waco Lake is the largest lake in the United States and is contained inside a single city’s municipal boundaries.

The lake spans 71,000 acres, offering fishing, boating, and swimming activities.

Midway Park is best, but other great camping alternatives for your family include Airport Park, Reynolds Creek Park, and Speegleville Park.

Hiking and bike paths, horseback riding trails, camping, wildlife observation, and even hunting are available in recreational areas around the lake.

Shoreline of Waco Lake

suhendri /

Your children will have a great time in the water through kayaking, swimming, and fishing.

Try to catch channel, blue, flathead catfish, white bass, and crappie.

If you want to make the most of your time at Waco Lake, schedule a Waco River Safari tour for an extra-special excursion with your family.

Ride the Horses at Brazo Bluffs Stables

There’s nothing quite like going on an exciting adventure with the family.

Brazos Bluffs Stables in Waco will provide a one-of-a-kind horseback riding experience.

It’s not your typical country horseback adventure.

The tour will take you to the stunning location where the Balcones Fault, Texas’ longest fault line, and the Brazos River meet.

There’s no need to be concerned if your children haven’t any prior horseback riding training or experience.

Brazo Buffs Stables will safely introduce them to horseriding.

The knowledgeable staff members will accompany you on the trail ride.

Allow your family to enjoy the wildlife and outdoor activities that Waco offers.

Enjoy the gorgeous sunset view while grilling meat at the picnic area.

Get lost in a vast land with a breathtaking vista converging at the heart of Texas.

Learn to Surf at Waco Surf

Waco Surf is one of the largest inland surfing and water sports facilities in the United States.

It’s also the country’s number one cable park.

This cutting-edge surf resort will exceed your expectations.

Enjoy a fun day in the water or catch huge natural waves.

You can select from various attractions and wave levels depending on your skill level.

If you’re looking for a new and fun activity with your family, consider enrolling them in surfing lessons!

It is an excellent way to bond; your kids will love catching waves under the sun.

The resort also has a beach club, cottages, a wakeboarding cable park, and wedge slides, which are fun for the whole family.

Meet the Animals at Cameron Park Zoo

Giraffes at Cameron Park Zoo

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Introduce your children to the Cameron Park Zoo animals, including bears, jaguars, and 1,731 other species.

The 51-acre zoo facility opened to the public in 1993 and is Waco’s second-largest attraction.

It welcomes over a quarter-million visitors every year.

Aside from greeting various creatures, your children will also love Grammy Nell’s section, where they may splash around in the floor fountain and crawl into a snake’s mouth.

Lemurs at Cameron Park Zoo

Giorgia Basso /

Expect a wet and wild adventure, so bring some extra clothing.

You can rent a stroller to make your stay more convenient if your youngster grows weary of walking.

Hurry up! Kai the lion, among other animals, awaits you at Camelon Park Zoo.

A bird at Cameron Park Zoo

Ethan Menzel /

Treat Your Family to a Vintage Experience at Skate Waco

Spend time at Waco’s well-known entertainment complex, Skate Waco, which has operated since 1996.

This skating rink, packed with history and exuberant roller skaters, should please anyone who visits.

Laser Blast Laser Tag is available at Skate World, where you can have a fantastic skating experience at a 2,000-square-foot arena with dark lights and fog effects.

Every 20 minutes, a DJ will play music.

A skating coach will lead line dances with the skaters who would love to join the line.

You’ll be delighted at how mirror balls and LED spots move to the music.

They also provide public skating sessions, skating classes, roller sports, and much more.

Quick-service snack bars and the available game arcade area give you various options for having a great time.

Lace up your skates and have fun with the family at Skate Waco!

Enjoy an Axe-citing Night at Hatchet Stumpy’s House

Are you looking for some fun nights out with your teenage kids?

Join the social throwdown at Hatchet Stumpy’s House, located in the heart of downtown Waco.

Bring your game face and check out this unique axe-throwing attraction.

Instead of throwing darts, you’ll toss an ax at a round target dartboard.

Throw hatchets, play games, and start a tournament with your family at Hatchet Stumpy’s House.

Stumpy’s Bar also serves beer, wine, and various food.

Final Thoughts

Discover the best things to do with kids in Waco, Texas!

This city has many family-friendly activities, from historical landmarks to museums and world-class recreational destinations.

Visit the Heart of Texas and leave with decades’ worth of stories and family memories.

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