15 Best Things to Do with Kids in Sandy Springs, GA

Things to Do with Kids in Sandy Springs, GA
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Sandy Springs in Fulton County is just a few minutes from downtown Atlanta, but it’s a completely different world.

While still maintaining some of the city charms of nearby areas, it’s also easy to find wonderful spots where you can just sit back and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Activities in the area range from exploring expansive forest preserves to watching top-of-the-line theater performances.

A visit to this city with your entire family will never be boring, and there’s sure to be something to do that’ll interest everyone.

Here are the best things to do with kids in Sandy Springs, Georgia:

Explore Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center

Night view of Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center
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The mission of the Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center is to enhance the community’s quality of life.

It was first built to serve as a center point of the city—a unique, vibrant, and walkable establishment that’s accessible to everyone.

You and your kids can watch a show at the Byers Theater, incorporating a sense of intimacy that elevates every production.

The City View Terrace also offers visitors an amazing view of Sandy Springs and surrounding communities.

People can even visit the Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center to use the free Internet.

It is located at Galambos Way.

See the Old-Growth Forest at the Big Trees Forest Preserve

The Big Trees Forest Preserve is an old-growth forest that sits so close to the main city of Sandy Springs it’s almost hard to comprehend.

It’s like stepping into a new world, going from the paved and urbanized environment you expect from developed areas to an untouched forest filled with towering trees and foliage.

The place has three different trails you can follow, and their main purpose is to provide a scenic and picturesque view to anyone who happens to visit.

If you end up visiting with your family, follow the rules of the preserve: keep to the trails and do not disturb the plants and animals around you.

The beauty of the Big Trees Forest Preserve is an increasingly rare sight these days, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to help preserve the pockets of it that still exist however they can.

Relax with Your Kids at City Green

At the heart of City Springs, City Green is an amazing place to visit if you’re looking for a nice and relaxing time with the entire family.

There’s a lot of green space all around that’s perfect for a picnic.

Bring out the basket and picnic blanket, lay it on the grass, and lie down under the warm sun.

An interactive fountain is also available at City Green.

Learn about Local History at Heritage Sandy Springs

There’s no better place to learn about local history than Heritage Sandy Springs.

The place is tucked away in a quiet alcove of the community, far from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city.

It's home to the William-Paynes House, which has a museum with rotating exhibits alongside a permanent display, all of which combine to tell the long and interesting story of the area.

Going through the displays and learning more about the many stories in that simple house is a great family experience you won’t want to miss out on.

Heritage Sandy Springs is on Blue Stone Road.

Let Your Kids Play at the Abernathy Greenway Park North

Abernathy Greenway Park North is a linear park that opened back in 2014.

It has many interesting features, including playable art structures.

Let your children loose in the playground and play games with the other kids.

Watch them run around and climb the spider walk or explore the textures of the wonder wall.

Abernathy Greenway Park North is a space designed to let kids be kids and enjoy themselves in a fun and safe environment—you can be sure that your children will be well taken care of when you visit the place.

The park is located on Abernathy Road.

Take Your Children Ice Skating at the Center Ice Arena

Going to the Center Ice Arena, lacing up your skates, and stepping onto the ice for the first time is truly an unforgettable experience.

Sign up your kid for an ice skating class and see how they grow and bloom into athletes and artists.

The establishment has experienced coaches who’ll help them through the experience and train them to be the best skaters.

In the classes, kids will learn basic skating skills that are foundational, whether they want to be hockey players or figure skaters.

The Center Ice Arena on Roswell Road also offers more advanced lessons for students with more experience and looking to challenge themselves further.

Watch a Show by Act3 Productions

Act3 Productions is a semi-professional theater academy and arts academy that stages shows that you and your family will enjoy.

Located at Roswell Road towards the back of the shopping center, it has cemented itself as a vital part of the cultural community by hosting high-quality, diverse, and thought-provoking shows.

Their ensemble of dedicated artists believes in the magic and importance of theater and endeavors to provide intimate and engaging shows.

Catch one of their performances with the family; check out what they have for the season and see what catches your attention.

Some of their previous shows include “Lost in the Yonkers,” “Little Women,” and “A Christmas Story.”

They stage both original productions and famous classics, so everyone’s bound to find a show that speaks to them.

Pay them a visit and see what the magic of theater and Act3 Productions has in store for you and the family.

Play a Game of Basketball at Hammond Park

Hammond Park is the place to be for sports enthusiasts.

It has a gymnastics center, basketball court, tennis courts, and sports fields.

The place is perfect if you want to burn off some energy with your kids and get them interested in your favorite sport.

Once you’re done or need a break, you can rest or enjoy a meal in the picnic pavilions in the area.

Hammond Park is located on Glenridge Drive.

Marvel at the Beautiful Sunset at Morgan Falls Overlook Park

There’s no better place to watch the sunset than at Morgan Falls Overlook Park.

The view is more than worth the journey; you and your family will surely find the experience unforgettable.

The riverside park has a lot going for it aside from the pretty sights though, as it has picnic pavilions, playgrounds, and a boat dock.

If you’re interested in boating, rent a canoe or kayak and explore the river.

Morgan Falls Overlook Park on Morgan Falls Road is a place that’s both beautiful and filled with wonderful activities, making it the perfect destination for families looking for a good time.

Enjoy Outdoor Fun with the Family at Ridgeview Park

Ridgeview Park has a wide variety of amenities, making it the perfect place for a family filled with different interests and needs.

It has a picnic pavilion, playgrounds for the kids, and various trails.

You can go hiking and explore the beauty of nature if you and your family are interested in the outdoors.

But if you’re looking for something more easygoing, you can also just bring some food and have a picnic in one of the pavilions.

Ridgeview Park is located on South Trimble Road.

Host Your Kid’s Birthday Party With Ready Set FUN

Every kid needs a perfect birthday party to remember for the rest of their lives, and no place can do that better than Ready Set FUN.

Their party packages are guaranteed to include at least two hours of playtime, 90 minutes of access to their special birthday room, and an event host to tie everything together and ensure everything runs perfectly.

There are many themes to choose from, so be sure to pick one that fits your child’s personality and interests.

Their imagination is the limit—they can have butterflies, princesses, superheroes, and more!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Ready Set FUN, and they’re sure to provide you and your child with the best birthday party imaginable.

You can find the establishment on Roswell Road.

Volunteer at Lost Corner Preserve

The Lost Corner Preserve is at the heart of Sandy Springs, sitting just at the intersection of Dalrymple Road and Brandon Mill Road.

Pay it a visit and find the endless host of activities you can do there with your kids.

One of the most notable things is their volunteer day, which is every second Saturday of the month.

Help the park by assisting with the cleaning efforts to keep it beautiful.

Lost Corner Preserve is on Brandon Mill Road.

Watch a Musical Production by the City Springs Theater Company

The City Springs Theater Company is dedicated to entertaining, educating, and enriching the lives of both its audience and crew through world-class theater experiences on the stage.

They’ve hosted a wide range of shows over the years, each with its fun and interesting stories that the cast and crew put their unique spin on.

One notable show is "Monty Python’s Spamalot," a show that’s “lovingly ripped off” from the classic Monty Python film.

With its entertaining and comedic tale of glamorous yet disgruntled ladies, wacky knights, and charismatic kings, the show has left families laughing their hearts out at the musical numbers and jokes it continuously throws out.

The company also once hosted a performance of the famous musical "Cats" by Andrew Lloyd Webber and adapted from poems written by T.S. Elliot.

They’ve staged a wide variety of shows, and the one thing you can be sure about their performances is that they’re always going to be fun and endlessly entertaining for the entire family.

If you’re in the area, remember to buy a ticket to one of the City Spring Theater Company’s performances and enjoy the performances with the entire family.

The theater is located at Dunwoody Plaza.

Enroll Your Kids in Cooking Classes at the Young Chefs Academy

A love for food and cooking is something you can never nurture too early in your children, and the Young Chefs Academy does that exceedingly well.

Their founder and CEO, Julie Burleson, wanted to share her passion for cooking by teaching kids and teens the value and beauty of food.

If you’re looking for a fun and practical activity for your kid to do, then this is the perfect place to take them.

Sign them up for the weekly classes where they can build, develop, and sharpen their culinary skills through structured lessons that are planned around a monthly theme.

If you’re not willing to commit your kid to something long-term, you can also have them attend a workshop or some special events.

There, they’ll get to experience cooking and how it relates to special holidays while also learning about special culinary topics.

Whatever route you choose with the Young Chefs Academy, remember that the lessons your kids will learn there are things they’ll be able to use and value for the rest of their lives.

Unleash Your Inner Artist at The Splatter Studio

The immersive painting experience you’re going to get from The Splatter Studio is the perfect activity for all artistically inclined travelers.

Whether you and your family are pros at painting or amateurs dipping your toes into something new and exciting, you won’t be disappointed by what this place provides.

The creative space lets you explore your inner artist without all the rules, expectations, and pressure.

It’s just you, the paint, and whatever your hands come up with.

While you’ll be provided with disposable ponchos, gloves, and disposable shoe covers for your session, remember to dress for a mess as well—after all, there’s no controlling art once it takes hold of you.

It’s an amazing family activity where you’ll get the chance to share in each other’s creativity and get to know more about each other while having a lot of fun along the way.

The Splatter Studio is located on Roswell Road.

Final Thoughts

Every family trip needs variety to keep everyone interested and engaged, and Sandy Springs certainly doesn’t lack that.

Exploring the city on your own and appreciating the sights is more than enough to keep everyone occupied.

Try these best things to do with kids in Sandy Springs, Georgia, and enjoy some family fun on your trip!

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