15 Best Things to Do in Yakima

15 Best Things to Do in Yakima

Known for its truly rich agricultural produce, Yakima is the 11th largest city by population in Washington. It is situated about 60 miles south-east of Mount Rainier in Washington.

Yakima city is situated in Yakima Valley which grows 77% of the total crops in the United States. The city has huge fields of crops, wine orchards, and beautiful Apple gardens. Apart from that the city is also famous for various festivals and fairs that take place on a regular basis.

Following are the most widely known things that you can do in this city of lush greenery:

The Central Washington State Fair

Central Washington State Fair
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The central Washington State fair is organised annually in the month of September in Yakima County. The fair was organised for the first time in the year 1892 and has been a successful event since then.

This fair is conducted for the basic objective of promoting, developing, and cultivating an interest in farming and growing crops in central Washington. Along with that the fare also aims at increasing the interest of young generation and making them understand the importance of farming and growing crops.

The fair also exhibits horticulture and various other types of farming. Farmers from all over the country for their agricultural produces for making this fair a success.

Yakima Folk Life Festival

Yakima Folk Life Festival is conducted by Yakima Folk Life Association community in partnership with Yakima Valley Museum. It is generally organised on weekends, from Friday to Sunday.

This festival is not less than a blessing for people who wish to engage themselves in various sort of activities. From offering you a sip of your favourite wine and beer to making available the best food, it is all done in this festival.

Various type of youth activities are also scheduled in the playground. There is also an Open mic stage for all those people who are interested in giving performances. There is also in arrangement made for exhibiting local craft. 2022 Yakima folk live festival would be a celebration to acknowledge 40 years of music and fun.

All in all, this festival is going to be one of the best weekends in your life.

Fresh Hop Ale Festival

The average farm size in Yakima is accounted for an average of 450 acres which produces more than 75% of the total hop crop in the US. The fresh hop ale Festival is organised by an a Non-profit organisation with a goal to present the country’s top 10 beer festivals.

This festival also supports art and science organisations that exist in Yakima. This is one of the greatest hopping festival that is organised around the world.

You can have an unending supply of beer or ale without any judgments. In addition to that you can also buy some craft and paintings for decorating your beautiful homes and making them more presentable.

You can also play games and just Chill around a lot of new people, in case you are an extrovert and outgoing person.

A case of the blues and all that Jazz

As the name suggests this is one of the most exciting and welcoming fest that is organised in the city of Yakima. It has a crazy line-up of events. Starting from music to art, crafts to food, the festival has everything to offer you.

You can buy things not only for yourself but also your home and garden from this festival. You can eat organic and healthy food. Roaming around the farmer’s market and getting a knowledge about what you eat is another highlight of this event.

This festival will give you a great time to shift perspective and bring back some Jazz and positive vibes in your life.

Yakima Valley Museum

The museum is one of the greatest infrastructural piece in the Yakima Valley. It is spread in an area covering 65,000 ft.². The museum has a very rich collection off horse drawn vehicles such as stagecoach two years.

It also has a historical exhibition of the Washington DC office, a statue of Supreme Court Justice, and exhibit of petrified trees, an exhibit of vintage neon lights, and awaiting schedule of special exhibitions. This museum is a great place to visit for students who are interested in research and history.

The collections in the museum are always open for research through an appointment. There is also an underground interactive learning centre in the museum which offers educational services for children in age group of 5 to 15 years.

The museum also has a replica of a soda fountain, and also has a Victorian farmhouse which is filled with furnishings.

Yakima Valley Libraries

The Yakima Valley libraries is a public library having 17 branches which are located entirely in of Washington. All the libraries include public access to reading materials like books, research papers as well as other audio-visual materials like CDs, audiobooks, DVDs etc.

The best part about these libraries is that libraries offer all the material in two languages that are English and Spanish. Although many of the libraries are very small in size and offer limited services two small communities, you can still visit these libraries for a short reading.

Yakima Area Arboretum

Full bloom at Yakima Area Arboretum
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The Yakima Arboretum which is spread in almost 46 acres of land is a site in Washington adjoining the habitat of Yakima river. This site was developed after the 19th century for vegetable farms as well as for chicken.

The Arboretum currently provides habitat to almost 1000 native and exotic species of woody plants, a great variety of flora and fauna, Is a beautiful natural herbarium, and a variety of gardens.

You can easily locate butterfly gardens, Rose Garden, Iris Gardens, Japanese Garden, dryland garden and what not in this area.

Yakima SunDome

Yakima SunDome
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The SunDome is an infrastructural wonder located in Washington, USA. This ground has a seating capacity of more than 6000 people.

It was designed with a view to host a lot of sporting events including soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, horse races, circuses, boxing, concerts, as well as other activities such as agricultural shows, trade shows, symposiums, meetings, and conventions. It hosts many events in a year.

It is also very important to note that the sundown situated in Yakima Valley is the second Dom in the world which used a concrete sectional roof design.

Yakima Valley Visitors Centre

If you are anywhere near Yakima in Washington, this is the first go to step destination for you. The place is open for public on Saturdays and Sundays around a year. Yakima Valley visitor centre offers detailed information about the culture of the state in producing wine.

You can also Gather a great amount of information about breweries, outdoor adventure sites, family tours places, tour attractions, and also get travel consultations to plan your entire trip.

You can also buy Yakima valley themed gift baskets for your loved ones which consist of locally produced gifts, food and beverage.

Yakima Sportsman State Park

Yakima is also famous for promoting sportsmanship and sporting culture among its people. Carrying forward this objective, Yakima sportsman State Park is a public recreation facility which is entirely managed by the state and is spread in an area of 247 acres along the flood plains of Yakima river.

It offers a wide variety of outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, camping, picnic grounds, etc. The Yakima sportsmen State Park is also home to almost 140 species of birds which are spread in its grasslands, pond habitats, and marsh.

Some of these species are Hawks, red wing blackbirds, and herons. The Park also offers almost 2 miles of trails that could be used for hiking.

Bale Breaker Brewing Company

Bale breaker brewing company is a new addition to Yakima’s infrastructure. It was opened for public in 2013 and has become the 5th largest Independent microbrewery in the area.

The brewery has a variety of handcrafted brews on exhibition. It has almost 30 barrel Brewhouse. The brewery has 41 fields of pale ale, top cutter, bottom cutter imperial.

To visit this place, you have to get an appointment. On your tour you would be shown the history of this company as well as the production process that they follow.

Kana Winery

Kana winery is a privately owned and managed winery certified by the authorities. The winery has several vineyards throughout the Yakima valley and other areas. This why did he offers a variety of red and white wine at affordable places.

There is also an arrangement of bistro style sitting in the tasting room and hospitality centre of the winery. You can also get yourself some discount if you visit the winery on weekdays that is from Monday to Thursday.

You can also enjoy open mic nights and live music performances while tasting the expertly curated wine.

Johnson’s Orchards

Johnson Orchard is a seasonal Orchard that provide services in packaging, and warehousing The seasonal fruits. There are a variety of home-grown fruits that could be identified in this orchard. Some of them are signature cherries, apricots, pears, apples, peaches, nectarines.

You can also tripod caramels and variety of little pastries. You can also buy purple star wine on site which is crafted and bottled just in front of your eyes.

Fort Simcoe State Park

The fort Simcoe state part located in Yakima Indian reservation grounds is one of the existing forces from the pre-civil war era. It is listed on the national register of historical monuments and is also considered to be one of the top historical sites in the Pacific north-west.

While walking in the spa, you can also see a large number of homes belonging to officers as well as preserved fort buildings.

There is also a tribal jail, Block house and a restored barrack in this park. You can enjoy various activities such as birdwatching, camping, as well as certain on-site activities in the park.

Cowiche Canyon Trails

Cowiche Canyon Trails
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These trails are operated by the Cowiche canyon Conservatory, that covers more than 5000 acres of land. It has more than 30 miles of accessible natural trails.

This region presents a variety of natural ecosystems which include grassland areas, oak lined woodland areas, basalt cliffs, and meadows which are blooming with wild flowers.

There is also a great variety of wildlife that is present in the radius. You can also enjoy horseback riding on the snow mountain ranch trails.

The Nob Hill Casino

The nob Hill casino is one of the premier entertainment Zone in Yakima. It offers a complex and entertaining night life for visitors who are aged 18 years or above. This place offers seven table games Which include blackjack, poker, Pai Gow etc.

Not only you will find great interiors, but the competition would also be cutthroat and you would actually enjoy playing these games around the room.

Pool tables and race books are also offered. In addition, there is also the facility of a bowling alley. The casino also offers a steakhouse having a variety of traditional American food along with a cocktail lounge.

The Capitol Theatre

Capitol theatre in Yakima
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The Capitol theatre in Yakima is the primary venue for Performances in arts. The theatre was established in the year 1920. It was originally known as the Mercy theatre. In the present time, the theatre has a seating Capacity of 1500 people.

While visiting this place you can enjoy a large number of local, global event series which also include performances by people belonging to local communities in Yakima. You can also get yourself a ticket for musical performances or community concerts.

Wineries Express

Wineries express is the most famous win tower company in the Yakima Valley. It is owned by private individuals and hence, private services are available for small group.

If you are having a group of about 15 people, you should definitely try this. Using the services of this company, you can tour to variety of breweries.

The company also offers deluxe tours we do not charge extra amounts for testing and also include complimentary plates at the top wineries in the region.

Yakima is one of the best places in the world for someone who is interested in wines, beers, ales, and other exotic drinks.

The place has a wide variety of offerings for you ranging from open farmlands to apple orchards, from microbreweries to deluxe wineries. This is also a great location if you wish to a have a vacation with your partner.