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18 Best Things to Do in Worland, WY

  • Published 2022/09/13

Worland, the county seat of Washakie County, is a striking city with tons of popular attractions worth visiting.

Tucked between the Big Horn Basin and the Big Horn River in the northwestern portion of Wyoming, the city gleams with a productive economy with the boost of agriculture and gas and oil drilling.

The top agricultural products in the area include sugar beets, barley, and alfalfa hay, among others.

Incorporated in 1906, the city derived its name from an early settler, Charles H. “Dad” Worland, who built a stage station in 1900 on an old wagon road called Bridger Trail.

Many churches, hotels, schools, shops, and natural attractions surround the beautiful city.

If you’re looking for the epitome of a perfect getaway with boundless sightseeing and adventure opportunities, take a trip to Worland.

Here’s a helpful list of the best things to do in Worland, Wyoming, that you might not want to miss:

Take a Short Hike at the Gooseberry Badlands Scenic Overlook Trail

Daytime view of Gooseberry Badlands Scenic Overlook Trail

Conniemod, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Bureau of Land Management preserves the natural beauty of this area.

As its name suggests, the Gooseberry Badlands Scenic Overlook Trail is indeed scenic.

With its panoramic spectacle of the glaring desert and boundless sky, your hike on this interpretive 1.5-mile loop trail will be worth it.

The unique rock formations are wondrous, and the soil’s vibrant colors change with the seasons.

While it’s unlikely to see many people exploring the area, you’ll encounter various wildlife, such as deer, rabbits, antelopes, and more.

Rock formations at Gooseberry Badlands Scenic Overlook Trail

Conniemod, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There are also boards that tell the story of this location.

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, bring a camera, and extra drinking water as you can’t buy any here.

On top of that, caution as you may see specific types of wildlife like rattlesnakes.

Drive for about 30 minutes via US-20 E and WY-431 W/Gooseberry Creek Road, and you’ll discover the Gooseberry Badlands Scenic Overlook Trail.

Explore the Past and See Extraordinary Exhibits at the Washakie Museum and Cultural Center

If you want to visit the city’s premier attraction, head to the Washakie Museum and Cultural Center on Big Horn Avenue.

You’ll see a 25-foot tall bronze mammoth greeting at the entrance.

Established in 1984, this fascinating museum is the finest explicative hub for showcasing the local history and culture.

Housed inside the museum are The Ancient Basin and The Last West.

The Ancient Basin features exhibits including dinosaur fossils, casts of prehistoric skeletons like the six-foot Eocene bird called Diatryma, and Carpolestes, one of Earth’s known earliest primates.

Meanwhile, The Last West highlights the Big Horn Basin’s non-Native settlement.

The temporary gallery is dedicated to rotating exhibits and space for visual and performing arts, concerts, and other community and cultural events.

Moreover, the museum offers programs, guided tours, and a gift shop where you can pick various artworks, merchandise, and Wyoming historical and archeological books.

To history buffs and archaeology, paleontology, and geology geeks, the Washakie Museum and Cultural Center is a perfect place for you.

Play Golf at Green Hills Golf Course

If you are seeking one of the best golf courses in Wyoming, look no further than Green Hills Golf Course along Airport Road.

Dennis Bower and Frank Lebarron built this well-known 18-hole par 72 course in 1960.

When playing on this public course, you can take advantage of the wide dramatic tree-lined fairways, rolling hills, and picturesque sight of the Big Horn Mountains when you play on this well-manicured public course.

It also offers a driving range, cart rentals, practice greens, a golf shop, and a restaurant to make your relaxation time worthwhile.

Even if you’re not into golfing, Green Hills Golf Course is worth a visit for its panoramic views.

Spend a Day at Pioneer Park

The Newell Sargent Foundation originally deeded Pioneer Park to the city in 1988.

It has “City of Worland” and “Pioneer Square” markers that recognize the city and the park.

The park’s amenities, such as picnic tables, benches, ample grass, trees, and a fountain, are enjoyable features that invite residents and visitors to take a break here from their journeys.

In addition, many steel sculptures and a bell tower are displayed to commemorate where Charles H. “Dad” Worland built a stage stop in 1900.

During Christmas, the park shines brighter with Christmas decorations and lights.

Visit Pioneer Park along Big Horn Avenue.

Relax at the Worland RV Park and Campground

If you wish for someplace serene to spend some relaxing time from a busy week, check out the Worland RV Park and Campground along Big Horn Avenue.

Set back from the highway, it guarantees a peaceful setting.

Worland RV Park and Campground offer various amenities for a comfortable and pleasurable stay.

Besides grooving full hookups, it also has picnic tables, horseshoe pits, and a pet potty area that you can take advantage of.

To RVs and tent campers, make your reservations at the Worland RV Park and Campground.

Have a Family Outing at Riverside Park

Do you find the view of the river eccentrically charming?

Riverside Park might be the perfect place for you.

With a close-up view of the Big Horn River, you’ll have enjoyable and relaxing hours on the riverside.

Come out in the morning and do your workout routines at this beautiful park’s walking trail with fitness equipment.

Furthermore, this park is a perfect spot if you want to relax, observe the waters and nature, or spend an unforgettable family outing since it provides picnic tables, shades of trees, ample grasses, and a stunning view of the river and sunset.

You can bring your kids and let them use the playground, but keep a close watch on them since there aren’t any fences on the riverside.

If you love the fall foliage, come here during the fall season with your pets, who might also love it.

Enjoy your day at Riverside Park, on the banks of the Big Horn River near Robertson Avenue and Big Horn Avenue.

Go and Learn Swimming at Worland Aquatic Center

Worland Aquatic Center is located on Howell Avenue.

You and your family can have wholesome swimming fun here through its state-of-the-art facility.

Try the leisure pool to relax or use the therapy pool for some aquatic exercises.

Show off your impressive swimming moves in the competition pool with a dive tank and diving board, or soak in the hot tub to relieve your stress.

If you have kids, accompany them to the children’s pool with a water slide, sprinklers, and other play features.

There’s also a splash pad during summer so they can keep cool and enjoy for hours.

Worland Aquatic Center offers training and lessons for those who want to learn or practice swimming.

Have a Family Picnic at Sanders Park

Sanders Park is situated on Obie Sue Avenue.

You can spend some quality time with your family at this park as it brims with a pavilion and picnic tables.

The kids can enjoy the playground featuring slides, swings, and climbing bars.

There is also a mini stage for holding some performances here.

At the same time, Sanders Park is one of the spots in the city to relax.

Watch Your Kids Enjoy at Kiwanis Park

Kiwanis Park sits 0.3 miles from the Washakie Museum and Cultural Center.

This park is a simple but good place to take the kids and let them run and play while you’re watching.

Afterward, you can have some snacks at the picnic table.

If you’re the type who enjoys a quiet space, you can go to Kiwanis Park and read a book.

Visit Worland’s Fascinating Historical Sites

A house at The Worland Ranch

25or6to4, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Worland House is a historic house established in 1917 for a notable local businessman named Charlie Worland and his wife.

Charlie Worland was Charles H. “Dad” Worland’s son.

This house is the best example of the bungalow or craftsman style, which was essential during that time in the United States, as it maintains its architectural features.

In 1986, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

You can find The Worland House on Culbertson.

On the other hand, The Worland Ranch comprises a farmstead, a stone marker, and the original townsite of Worland.

Wyoming Sugar Company bought this ranch in 1920, and it remains a working farm or ranch under different owners.

In 1992, this historic ranch was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

You can find The Worland Ranch on the west portion of the Big Horn River.

Laze around Newell Sargent Park

Newell Sargent Park is another spot in the city that provides sports and recreation opportunities.

It hosts softball games on its softball fields and tee ball games for young children on T-ball fields.

There’s a play area with swings, slides, climbing walls, and more.

The lovely park, with its shade of trees and grasses, is fit for strolling and other forms of relaxation.

Besides those things, Worland Community Garden is located inside the park, brimming with veggies, radiant flowers, and other plants.

It serves as a space for workshops and gatherings like gardening, agriculture, art, science, and technology.

You can locate Newell Sargent Park along Lower Hanover Canal Road and Washakie Avenue.

Enjoy at the Worland Community Center Complex

The Worland Community Center Complex is an ideal place for community events.

It has numerous amenities and facilities that cater to various purposes, from learning opportunities and social services to health care and recreational activities.

If you want to practice or play your favorite sport, you can find athletic facilities for basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, gymnastics, and more.

The center also offers to those in dance, music, conducting meetings, family reunions, educational classes, and other special events.

You can find the Worland Community Center Complex on Culbertson Avenue.

Have Fun during Washakie County Fair

Washakie County Fair is a joyous event in the city held at the clean and spacious Washakie County Fairgrounds on Mile Road.

During this July celebration, you’ll be entertained by live music, food booths, rodeo, monster trucks, and much more.

There is also a parade, livestock exhibits, pig wrestling, and other exciting events worth watching.

You, your family, and your friends will revel in this once-in-a-year outdoor festivity with the energetic community.

Come out and watch the fun at Washakie County Fairgrounds during Washakie County Fair!

Join the Pepsi Wyoming State BBQ Championship and Bluegrass Festival

The Pepsi Wyoming State BBQ Championship and Bluegrass Festival is an annual event on the third week in August.

You might not want to miss the car show if you’re a car enthusiast.

Kids can showcase their BBQ talents during the Kids Q Competition.

There is a pancake breakfast and a people’s choice award, in which you can buy a ticket to sample BBQ meats cooked by different competitors and vote for your favorite.

Likewise, you can purchase Pepsi products, sandwiches, lemonade, water, and other products available for sale or sample various craft beers during the Brewfest.

Join the fun during the Pepsi Wyoming State BBQ Championship and Bluegrass Festival at Washakie County Fairgrounds!

Drop by Washakie County Library

Washakie County Library is nestled along Big Horn Avenue.

If you’re a book lover, you might want to drop by here and learn a lot about the local history through a selection of books.

Those who are into other genres can choose from their collections and enjoy reading in silence.

Besides providing access to WiFi, public computers, audiobooks, and free charging stations for devices, this library also offers services and programs, such as book fairs, storytime for the kids, summer reading programs, and more.

Washakie County Library has used books for sale and is open for donations.

Buy Sugar Products at Wyoming Sugar Company

Sugarbeets are among the top specialty products that continuously boost the local economy.

Wyoming Sugar Company is well-known as a single-factory facility that has manufactured sugarbeet into sugar and sugar products in Wyoming for over a century.

If you want to buy sugar products, you might want to go directly to this company.

They also have a yearly September event called Wyoming Sugar’s Annual Cookie Contest, which started in 2019.

You can find Wyoming Sugar Company on 1st Street.

Shop for Local Goods at the Washakie County Farmers Market

There is a farmers’ market in the city called the Washakie County Farmers Market, or simply Washakie Farmers Market.

It takes place on 9th Street and Big Horn Avenue in downtown Worland.

At this farmers’ market, don’t miss the chance to buy various high-quality local produce and handmade goods from vendors and artisans.

The event will be more fun with food, live music performances, and other thrilling events.

Join the lively atmosphere and the sense of community during the Washakie County Farmers Market from June to September!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Go Hiking at the Duck Swamp Interpretive Area

You can find the Duck Swamp Interpretive Area about three miles north of the city on WY 433.

It is an 81-acre oxbow lake and marsh, the Big Horn River’s meander.

Hikers can go on an outdoor adventure with the Duck Swamp Interpretive Area’s one-mile interpretive loop with a sight of wetlands.

You’ll encounter hawks, ducks, herons, and more.

You can stop by and use the covered picnic tables for fun and relaxation while gazing at the beautiful views.

Final Thoughts

Worland is a charming city that presents plenty to enjoy.

It stores historic sites, verdant parks, natural attractions, and convivial outdoor recreations that deserve a visit.

When you get the chance, try the best things to do in Worland, Wyoming, for experiences you won’t ever forget!

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