25 Best Things to Do in Woodland Park, CO

Woodland Park, CO
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A 20-minute drive from Colorado Springs, Woodland Park is sometimes known as "The City Above the Clouds," a favorite mountain escape for people who like the nearby Pikes Peak region's outdoor activities.

Despite its tiny size, the city has more than 8,300 citizens as of 2020.

Even from the center of town, you may see Pikes Peak.

The city lies on Highway 24, west of the Springs.

Established in the 1890s, Woodland Park got its name from many trees that grew around the initial location.

Over one million acres of Pike National Forest and a breathtaking vista of Pikes Peak surround this city.

Indoors and out, there's enough to keep you entertained and occupied.

Many events and outdoor activities take place here because of the warm temperatures.

During summer, festivals and concerts abound in Woodland Park.

There's also a weekly farmers' market on Fridays.

Whether you're a thrill-seeker or looking for a quick weekend escape, Woodland Park has something for you.

Here are the 25 best things to do in Woodland Park, Colorado:

Explore the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center

Fosiils in  Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center
Lost_in_the_Midwest / Shutterstock.com

Every year, more than 100,000 people of all ages visit the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center.

A number of the museum's displays are devoted to extinct marine reptiles, fish, mammals, pterosaurs, and dinosaurs, among other things.

Artifacts like the porous triceratops skull and Stellar's sea cow, an extinct marine creature, are among their most impressive.

Dinosaur skeleton in  Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center
User:J. Spencer, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Attend one of the museum's numerous hands-on tours to learn about the museum's fossil preparation lab and how fossils are cast and molded.

Another feature is the gift store, where you may purchase various one-of-a-kind items to take home with you.

Fosiils in  Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center
Lost_in_the_Midwest / Shutterstock.com

Try Different Outdoor Activities at Manitou Park Recreation Area

The grounds of Manitou Park Recreation Area
Jeffrey Beall, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Manitou Park Recreation Area is 5.2 miles north of Woodland Park in the Pike National Forest.

At the Manitou Lake Picnic Area, you'll find a campsite as well as a picnic area.

The lake is a popular destination for swimmers, paddleboarders, and kayakers in the summer, seeking fierce game species like trout and pike.

Wildlife is abundant throughout the park's paths, and bird watchers will find hundreds of different species, such as bald eagles, ducks, and many kinds of woodpeckers.

On hot, bright days, visitors to the park are more likely to fish, but fishing may be the most productive on cloudy and lower-than-average days.

Join the Pack at Colorado Wolf Adventures

The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center is an excellent place to begin your research for those interested in wolves.

Wolves and other wild canines in the area, including coyotes and foxes, are under the care of this charity institution.

It provides a quiet refuge for them to run around in extensive woodland areas and enjoy the outdoors.

The average tour lasts around an hour, during which time you'll discover fascinating facts and tales about the animals and the environment where they thrive.

Making reservations in advance, particularly during popular seasons, is strongly advised.

You may pay an additional fee for a one-on-one wolf encounter if you want to get closer to the animals.

Celebrate Artistry at Mountain Arts Festival

Year after year, Woodland Park hosts the Mountain Arts Festival. Ute Pass Cultural Center hosts this event during the first weekend of August.

Both local and national artists have works of art for free admission on display.

Experience these things in this juried family-friendly event.

Expect to see everything from paintings to pictures to jewelry to woodwork to fiber art to metalwork to ceramics.

There's a chance to acquire works of art from local painters and jewelers, as well as jewelry made by those artists.

Local sellers provide mouthwatering food that you may taste for free.

Buy Fresh Produce from Woodland Park Farmers Market

Memorial Park has a variety of activities throughout the year, one of which is the Woodland Park Farmers Market.

This award-winning farmers market in Woodland Park, established in 1990, sells fresh, locally sourced foodstuffs every Friday.

From the beginning of June until the end of September, you can find this market on Fridays from 8 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

For the first time in the region, both summer and winter markets operate, catering to seasonal produce.

At the market, you can expect to see more than 100 sellers.

Take advantage of a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, a wide variety of baked goods, and many honey products.

To use in autumn cobblers and pies, buy their wonderful Colorado peaches in abundance throughout the summer.

Swing Your Club at Shining Mountain Golf Course

One of Woodland Park's most fantastic public meeting places, the Shining Mountain Golf Course, is available to the public periodically.

There are three disc golf courses to select from Serenity Pines, Whispering Pines, and the "Beast" disc golf course.

Shining Mountain Bar and Restaurant, an event center, and Pro Shop are just some of the additional features of the golf course that you may take advantage of while you're there.

Spend Overnight at Pikes Peak Resort

View from Pikes Peak Resort
Sarah Quintans / Shutterstock.com

The 160-acre mountain ranch known as Pikes Peak Resort is nestled deep inside the Pike National Forest in Colorado's Rocky Mountain region.

Luxury log cabins with complete kitchens, high-speed internet, hot tubs, and fireplaces are available for romantic vacations at the resort.

To top it all off, the mountains and the world-renowned Pikes Peak serve as the perfect backdrop.

Nature and animals abound in the wooded area, including deer, chipmunks, raptors, bears, foxes, and more.

Beat the Heat at Woodland Aquatic Center

To make sure everyone has a great time, our facility is state-of-the-art! It's only been operating for a year, but it's a terrific place for kids of all ages to hang out.

There is a lap pool with a diving board in the Woodland Aquatic Center's 24,530-SF activity pool.

An entrance lobby with a party room, a control desk with admin space, and dressing rooms are among the facilities.

Plans for future development include an outdoor spa, an indoor/outdoor slide, extra office space, purpose-built child care, racquetball and fitness activities, group training, a running track, and a gymnasium.

For both recreation and exercise, the indoor aquatics facility offers a wide range of facilities.

Take Photos at the Antler Alley

This archway lies in the middle of Woodland Park's downtown area, just off the town's major roadway.

Archway constructed of actual antlers was first installed by a resident who ran an antler store next door.

However, with time, they eroded and began to come down, which was unsafe.

So, in 2016, the Historical Restoration Committee took up the restoration effort and engaged an "antler artist" to make them what they are now.

They went so far as to construct a second archway and rename it Antler Alley.

Take a photo with Pikes Peak in the backdrop from this spot.

It exhibits a stunning display of multi-colored lights during the holidays and at night.

Go Camping at Red Rocks Group Campground

Red Rocks Group Campground is a rustic camping area surrounded by a dense grove of ponderosa pines.

Even if you're only there for the day, it's a terrific spot to go if you want to get away from it all.

It's usually open from mid-May until mid-October, weather permitting.

The Rocky Mountain Recreation Company runs the group camping site, which provides double-vault bathrooms and clean water for drinking.

Pets are welcome at the campsites.

However, it would help if you kept them on a leash at all times.

Rent an ATV at Great Outdoors Adventures

You may explore Woodland Park and its surrounding area in the most exciting manner possible with the help of Great Outdoors Adventures.

The ATV rental service UTV rentals are available for either a two-seater or four-seater, and you may take a ride-along tour or go on a guided trip through Pike National Forest's various trails.

The ATVs come preloaded with a GPS tablet and the route map for first-timers, making it simple to maneuver.

Whether covered in snow or mud, Woodland Park is an excellent spot to ride a fat tire e-bike, ideal for exploring its beautiful landscapes regardless of the weather.

Stroll Along Woodland Park Main Street

Downtown Woodland Park's historic Main Street is home to many small businesses and eateries.

There are several self-guided excursions available going to the shops and eateries.

You may print an online map if you wish to embark on a historic walking tour or hire a nature guide to see natural wildflowers, birds, animals, trees, and shrubs all in the downtown area.

Visit Woodland Park's Past at Ute Pass Historical Society

Exterior of Ute Pass Historical Society
CaroleHenson, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Ute Pass Historical Society's goal is to safeguard and preserve the area's rich cultural and natural history.

They will also run a local resource center or museum and other initiatives aimed at supporting and improving historical preservation and education to fulfill their objective.

Explore its historical structures, displays, and photographic archives.

As a collection of five historic buildings in Woodland Park, Colorado's Ute Pass History Park, the Pikes Peak Museum and its staff and volunteers take great delight in showcasing the museum's extensive collection of relics, papers, and artwork to visitors.

Carroll Den, Brockhurst Cabin, Immer Cabin, and the Calaboose are just a few of the historic structures in the area.

There's also a Gift Shop on-site that sells books and other memorabilia relating to the history of Ute Pass.

Go Hiking at Centennial Trail

Signage of Centennial Trail
Red Herring / Shutterstock.com

For a day trip to Woodland Park, check out Centennial Trail for a pleasant trek.

Woodland Park has a 1.5-mile paved bike and hiking track that's pretty simple to use.

Following the roadway for over 8 miles, it terminates at Manitou Lake, where you may take a rest or stop by for a picnic.

The meadows have wildflowers and blooming trees during spring and summer.

Grab a Drink at BierWerks Brewery

We couldn't conclude our list of local favorites without adding a fantastic microbrewery named BierWerks Brewery.

This brewery is charming on a cold autumn day because of the fire pit, but it's a great site to visit any time of year.

They provide a wide selection of German-style lagers and beers, as well as hoppy beers.

As a result, there is an option for everyone.

There are many beers on tap and a small range of wines.

Throughout the year, you may get sausages, Wisconsin cheeses, bratwurst, salami, and pretzels manufactured in Colorado.

During the summer, the menu also includes smoked BBQ and wood-fired pizza.

Check Out Artisan Furniture at Tweeds Fine Furnishings

Tweeds Furniture in Woodland Park is a beautiful furniture store with timelessly stylish items for the house.

It aids consumers in achieving their interior design objectives and guiding them through creating a coherent design.

It also offers the best items at the most affordable costs, thanks to its expertise in acquiring the best materials.

Customers may be sure that our company stands behind its services with a full warranty.

Tweed Furniture supports American craftsmanship by focusing on American-made furniture.

Art, lighting, and accessories manufactured in the United States are also available for purchase at the shop.

Run at the Woodland Park Mayor's Cup

Many Woodland Park locals have a particular affection for the Mayor's Cup.

For more than three decades, Woodland Park has hosted this yearly celebration.

Woodland Park locals and tourists alike have participated in this yearly foot race since 1989.

As the race grows, so does the quality of the event itself.

This year, we had over 450 runners, and in 2020 the city staged the first-ever Virtual Mayor's Cup that gathered over 150 racers.

Children may participate in a 5K run and walk and a 10K and 10K run.

The community gathers on the grass after running for a free concert.

In August of every year, the Ute Pass Cultural Center hosts this event.

Pause and Read at Woodland Park Public Library

Located in the Rampart Library District, this branch serves the community.

However, if you live in the area, you may get a library card and check out books, DVDs, and music here.

Whether the weather is terrible or your kids need someplace to relax, this is an excellent alternative.

It's up to you whether or not you want to participate in a particular event or relax with a stack of books.

There is a great children's section and a beautiful adolescent area.

Stock Up at South Platte Fly Shop

Nestled in Woodland Park, Colorado, South Platte Fly Shop is a complete-service fly-fishing retail establishment and guiding outfitter.

They provide the Front Range with the biggest selection of flies.

South Platte Fly Shop aims to provide a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere for all its customers.

You will come across educated and helpful staff members willing to provide information about their local waterways and suggest fishing patterns and techniques.

Browse a wide selection of affordable items with well-known brand names.

Stop by South Platte Fly Shop whether you are an experienced fisherman, a novice fly fisher, or an interested visitor to the mountain village.

Explore the Waters with Colorado Friends & Family Fishing

Colorado Friends & Family Fishing is a family-owned, licensed, and insured business based in Woodland Park, Colorado.

The company specializes in trolling for trout and kokanee salmon with a maximum of five people, including a mix of adults and kids.

From May until October, Bob Stephenson, a Colorado Friends & Family Fishing fishing guide, conducts trolling boat fishing trips.

Excursions could last up to 5 hours, depending on the weather.

Guided fishing excursions are a great way to make cherished memories while having a safe, enjoyable, thrilling adventure.

Some Mountain Bikes at Team Telecycle

Team Telecycle's goal as a small, family-run business is to offer superb customer service and the best bicycle supplies on the market and to spread the love of cycling to everyone who enters their doors.

They are a licensed specialist dealer selling mountain bikes, cycling gear, and clothing.

In the Pikes Peak area, they have one of the largest fleets of mountain bike rentals.

For a diverse range of riding experiences, they maintain several specialist mountain bikes in hand.

Team Telecycle offers services for all types of bikes, namely BMX, road, and mountain cycles, ranging from minor flat tire repairs to complete tune-ups.

Indulge in a Delicious Breakfast at Pikes Peak Paradise Bed + Breakfast

Pikes Peak Paradise suites are each equipped with a TV, DVD player, an in-room hot tub, and a jacuzzi.

Take advantage of the many luxuries offered, such as the exclusive balcony or patio with sights of Pikes Peak, the spa bathrobes, the ensuite bathroom with Young Living products, and the diffuser with free essential oils.

Certain rooms feature a walk-in rain shower, a fireplace, a kitchen, and modern lighting.

Your stay at Pikes Peak Paradise every morning includes a freshly prepared breakfast.

The dining area serves Breakfast from 8 to 10 in the morning.

Some hearty breakfast options consist of avocado toast, tortilla scrambles, hash, and blueberry pancakes.

From 4 pm to 8 pm, they provide complimentary beer and wine to their customers, with a two-drink cap.

Taste Something New and Different at Fiesta Mexicana Restaurant

Fiesta Mexicana is a true representation of authentic Mexico, right down to the menu, margaritas, brilliantly painted and carved furnishings, and walls painted the color of a sunset over a mountaintop in Colorado.

They are among the top restaurants in Woodland Park, with generous portions, affordable rates, fantastic service, and a great local spirit.

The fully equipped bar can serve practically anything you wish; sample one of the margaritas that earned them popularity among locals and tourists alike.

Several options on their children's menu cater to western and Mexican preferences.

Every day from 2 to 7 pm, Fiesta Mexicana has its well-known Happy Hour, which draws a vibrant group of skiers, travelers, visitors, and locals.

Margaritas are half off, beer is on sale, and meal discounts are often available.

Final Thoughts

Stunning nature, historic landmarks, and other attractions abound in Woodland Park.

Some of the most tranquil spots in the mountain town are also thrilling for visitors of all ages.

Get your Woodland Park itinerary ready using our list of the best things to do, and you're sure to have a great time.

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