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15 Best Things to Do in Woodland, CA

  • Published 2022/09/29

Dubbed the “City of Trees,” Woodland, California, is known for its culture, history, and agriculture, which all contributed to what the place has become today.

The first settlers in the area are said to have resided there around the 1840s to 1850s.

They started farming and developing the land for farming and exporting.

People in the city also invested largely in infrastructure, thus the beautiful architecture of their buildings.

Main highways and major transportation also greatly helped the city’s fast-paced development.

Now, Woodland promises its visitors an unforgettable adventure while looking back at its culture and heritage as a city.

Here are the best things to do in Woodland, California, if you are planning to visit this place during your next trip:

Watch a Play at Woodland Opera House

Welcome sign of Woodland Opera House

ZikG /

A historic landmark on 2nd Street, Woodland Opera Househosts theater productions, concerts, and other special events.

Initially built in 1885, it was gutted down by fire seven years later.

Woodland Opera House later reopened in 1896 and became the venue for many performances and artists, including Sidney Greenstreet and James A Herne.

Entrance to the Woodland Opera House

Chris Allan /

It ended another era in 1971, but California began efforts to restore the theater in 1981.

Dance classes and theater workshops are also offered to kids and adults.

Exterior of the Woodland Opera House

Flickr user basykes, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Discover Farming at California Agriculture Museum

Head to Hays Lane to discover a collection of historic tractors previously used on the city’s farms at the time when agriculture was its main source of income.

California Agriculture Museum houses the tractors invented and restored by Fred Heidrick Sr. in the 1930s.

Displayed at the museum are more than 100 tractors, each with a unique history and use.

There are also barn displays, a blacksmith shop, and a kid’s corner inside California Agriculture Museum, which you can visit and explore.

You can also throw a birthday party for your kids inside the museum’s play area, where children can do a lot of activities like ride pedal tractors, a carousel, and a corn hole.

On the other hand, an event center hosts weddings and other celebrations.

Start Your Morning with Breakfast at Savory Cafe

A delicious breakfast awaits you at Savory Cafe along Main Street.

The well-known restaurant serves breakfast and lunch plates that will keep you coming back for more.

Among its bestsellers are sandwiches, salads, omelets, and pastas, which many customers order when they visit Savory Cafe.

They also have breakfast and brunch staples, including panini wraps, corn tortilla recipes, and burgers.

Savory Cafe is proud of its farm-to-fork dining experience, providing customers fresh food directly from local farms.

The restaurant also participates in local food fairs and exhibits highlighting unique offerings.

Taste Quality Draft Beer at Blue Note Brewing Company

An awesome beer experience awaits you at Blue Note Brewing Company along Dead Cat Alley.

The brewing company uses pure grains and not extracts for their beers to add flavor.

It also features a six-barrel system to ensure that the beers are fresh-tasting and have great quality.

They have a variety of beer flavors, and most offerings have reduced gluten.

Some of their offerings are Nine Lives, Fritz, Misty Mountain Hop, and Kessel Run, all varying from pale to dark and malty to hoppy.

Music and entertainment are also available for customers, especially during weekends.

Blue Note Brewing Company also hosts trivia nights for groups with exciting prizes offered.

Food offerings like hot dogs, tacos, and quesadillas can also be ordered here.

Try Hiking at the Cache Creek Conservancy

Nestled in a 130-acre natural domain, the Cache Creek Conservancy is perfect for hiking and sightseeing.

The preserve has about three miles of hiking trails with scenic views of nature and wildlife.

Located along Co Road 20, the wildlife sanctuary contains various habitats, including grasslands and wetlands.

Bring the entire family for a picnic or a stroll on the boardwalk.

You can also drop by the Cache Creek Conservancy’s newly opened visitor center, where animal fossils and preserved animals are displayed.

Meanwhile, yoga classes under oak trees can also be enjoyed with your friends or family members.

Take a Splash at Velocity Island Park

If you are up for some water adventure, visit Velocity Island Park along North East Street.

The water park’s main attraction is its wakeboarding cable park utilizing a state-of-the-art cable system.

Because of this technology, six wakeboarders can use the wake park simultaneously.

Professionals can already display their tricks here and further improve their craft.

On the other hand, beginners can take wakeboard lessons at Velocity Island Park to learn the basics of the sport.

Aside from wakeboarding, you can also soak under the sun’s heat and enjoy the slides, trampolines, and swings at Aqua Park.

There are obstacles that you can finish with other family members or friends.

Velocity Island Park can also be booked for parties and other special celebrations for those planning to hold events.

Do not miss visiting this thrill-filled attraction, which is one-of-a-kind in Woodland.

Smell the Scent of Roses at the Woodland Library Rose Club

Lovers of roses will surely appreciate visiting the Woodland Library Rose Club along 1st Street.

This is a place where you can learn more about growing and cultivating roses in Woodland.

Around 600 varieties of roses are displayed in this public library and garden.

You can explore, see, and smell their fragrance through a guided tour.

Pruning seminars are also provided every January to promote the cultivation of roses and teach people how they can grow and maintain these at home.

The Woodland Library Rose Club allows visitors to borrow books and enjoy the audio-video materials they offer.

Bring your kids and friends to make learning fun and explore a place surrounded by roses.

Discover the Farming History of Woodland at the Yolo County Historical Museum

Front view of Yolo County Historical Museum's exterior

Killiondude, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Take a historical tour of the farming community in Woodland through the Yolo County Historical Museum along Gibson Road.

Farmer and landowner William Byas Gibson bought the two-acre property to highlight how farming helped Yolo County progress over the years.

When you explore the museum, you will find an old house, a building with a dairy display, an exhibit of garden supplies, and a barn.

Facade of the Yolo County Historical Museum

MEBraun, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

All attractions at the Yolo County Historical Museum have been restored and are well-kept.

Your history trip to Woodland will not be complete without a visit to the Yolo County Historical Museum.

Make sure to bring your camera and snap photo souvenirs to keep and treasure.

Practice Your Horseback Riding Skills at Sugarland Ranch

Built in 2013, Sugarland Ranch is the leading destination for horseback riding enthusiasts, with the facility offering trails for riding horses for all ages.

Situated along Co Road 18C, the ranch is equipped with a covered arena, outdoor arenas, and horse stalls for boarding and training.

Training is available here for beginners to experienced riders.

You can also leave your horses here for boarding and grooming.

The ranch offers a day camp for kids where young ones can learn how to groom and ride horses.

Sugarland Ranch also offers educational tours for schools and groups.

Sugarland Ranch is also perfect if you plan to host parties and other celebrations.

Spend a Fun Day at Bobby Dazzler’s Pumpkin Patch

Imagine being surrounded by over a hundred big pumpkins in different colors scattered in an open field.

This is the expected scenario when you visit Bobby Dazzler’s Pumpkin Patch along Country Road 99D.

During your visit to this tourist attraction, you will see orange pumpkins and those with pink, orange, yellow, and green colors.

These pumpkins can be picked on the eight-acre field of Bobby Dazzler’s Pumpkin Patch.

You can also get lost in a 2.5-acre Milo Maze, which may take about 15 to 40 minutes to complete.

Be wise in your turns here, as you may consume more than an hour when you get lost.

Learn How to Repair a Bike at The Bike Garage

Bike enthusiasts may find their spot in Woodland at The Bike Garage.

Also called The Bike Campaign and Bike Garage, this organization aims to inspire more people to ride bikes in Woodland and California.

For those owning bikes and needing repairs, you can head to 1st corner Hays Street, and friendly mechanics will help and even teach you how to fix your wheels.

You can also score bikes here if you are looking for a new ride partner.

The Bike Garage highlights bike education, where potential bikers are taught biking etiquette and how to avoid accidents for a smooth ride.

To support the organization’s advocacy, car drivers are encouraged to learn how to bike or drive less.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Visiting Woodland also means exploring nearby tourist attractions.

This destination is surrounded by other equally interesting spots to explore during your trip.

Most adjacent attractions are only a few minutes from Woodland’s center.

Here are some of the things to do and places to explore in nearby localities:

Hold an Event at the Historic Oakdale Ranch

Located 20 minutes from Woodland, the Historic Oakdale Ranch is a stunning venue for big celebrations and events like weddings, birthday parties, and other gatherings.

This 400-acre property is situated in Esparto, California, and can accommodate up to 300 persons.

You will be awed by the view of its green lawns, ponds, and hills on the backdrop, which is perfect for your event photos.

The Historic Oakdale Ranch also has facilities like a gazebo, space for barbecue, restrooms, and ample parking.

There is also a floating dock where you can watch the sunset while celebrating an important milestone.

Guests will enjoy the place’s ambiance, which is unlike any other.

Take an Adventure Aboard the River Fox Train

Train tours taking you to Woodland and Sacramento scenic spots are available via the River Fox Train.

Starting from West Sacramento, the train adventure will take you to various interesting locations and experiences depending on your choice.

You can hop on the Boba Tea Train and enjoy a sweet milk tea treat while traversing the Sacramento River.

Another magical offering is the Christmas Train, where you will have the opportunity to meet Santa.

On the other hand, craft beers can also be enjoyed on the Beer Train ride.

Another new adventure offered on the River Fox Train is the Railbike Adventure, where you will hop aboard a bike for two people and pedal your way through the river and the countryside.

Prepare to be treated to a variety of experiences in rides that could take up to three hours to complete.

Final Thoughts

Woodland offers a variety of adventures for tourists and visitors.

Providing a mix of history and nature, the city’s attractions make it a fascinating travel destination.

Experiences here cannot be matched because of the added personal touch in every adventure.

Consider visiting this charming city and enjoying all the best things to do in Woodland, California.

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