15 Best Things to Do in Woodbridge, NJ

Woodbridge, NJ
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Woodbridge is a township under New Jersey’s Middlesex County.

Situated in the suburbs of New York City, it has grown to become a booming residential town.

Because of this defining characteristic, Woodbridge is a great place to enjoy nature and relax from urban stress.

You could say it’s an accessible escape from the busy cities of New York City and New Jersey.

Dozens of parks with varying facilities are in Woodbridge.

Still, it has a few exciting places you won’t often encounter, especially in the tri-states of New Jersey, New York City, and Connecticut.

Here are the best things to do in Woodbridge, New Jersey:

Explore the Ernest L. Oros Wildlife Preserve

A dock at Ernest L. Oros Wildlife Preserve
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The Ernest L. Oros Wildlife Preserve started as a restoration project initiated by its namesake, the late New Jersey Assemblyman Ernie Oros.

Spanning 67 acres, this initiative helped create a sanctuary for all sorts of animals by restoring its marshland and the Woodbridge River that runs through it.

You can do all sorts of activities here that will tap into your inner scientist or adventurer.

Whether you want to hike, boat, or relax, you can observe all kinds of animals and plants in the area.

Wetlands at Ernest L. Oros Wildlife Preserve
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Over the years, people have spotted birds such as great blue herons belted kingfishers, and bald eagles.

Other animals include mammals such as foxes and deer and fishes like American eels.

You can enter Ernest L. Oros Wildlife Preserve through Woodbridge’s Omar Avenue.

Interact with Animals at SeaQuest Woodbridge

SeaQuest Woodbridge is the township’s main aquarium geared towards friends and family.

Both locals and tourists flock to the aquarium hroughout the year.

You can burn through many hours appreciating both sea and land animals.

There’s a slew of immersive activities here.

Kids and adults can interact with animals such as sloths, otters, flying squirrels, stingrays, and friendly sharks.

If you’re not into animal interaction, then simply marveling at the sea and land creatures through its aquarium and zoo should make this a worthwhile visit.

You can book your tickets online and go straight to SeaQuest Woodbridge, located along Woodbridge Center Drive.

Have a Picnic at Heards Brook Park

Heards Brook Park is one of the prime destinations in Woodbridge.

It is a vast expanse of land and stream that offers a scenic escape from urban life.

Its pathways are easy to jog around, mostly made from stone.

Along its many trails, you will feel the embrace of its beautiful nature.

Heards Brook is also known for its watershed that spans 135 acres until it drains into Woodbridge Creek.

You can get an excellent view of this watershed with many picnic tables and chairs scattered along the park.

There’s a ton of fish if you want to go angling.

Heards Brook is along North Park Drive.

Explore Little India

Middlesex County is home to many Indian immigrants who have added a rich and booming South Asian culture to the towns of Woodbridge and Edison/Iselin, New Jersey.

The two neighboring towns share the county’s Little India, a stretch of Indian establishments along Oak Tree Road in Iselin, 12 minutes from Woodbridge.

Iselin, an unincorporated community within Woodbridge Township, is the epicenter of Little India.

Visiting Iselin is like taking a quick tour of India, as you will see many Indian businesses promoting their culture.

Loud Indian music and the delicious smell of authentic Indian curry are the first things that will tingle your senses.

You’ll see over a hundred stores specializing in South Asian clothing, jewelry, sweets, antiques, and music when you explore further.

Besides these businesses, Indian pharmacies, schools, clinics, and offices are also in Iselin.

Visiting Little India feels like walking into India from Woodbridge, so drop by!

Enjoy the Sunset at the Alvin P. Williams Waterfront Park

The Alvin P. Williams Waterfront Park is along the Arthur Kill tidal strait, making it an attractive destination for scenic photography or relaxation.

Relaxing by its oceanfront will allow you to see ships passing by.

During good weather, you’ll enjoy walking along its trails because of its spaciousness and relaxing sea breeze.

There are no tall neighboring buildings along the park; you can see beautiful cloud formations on a fair day, especially during sunset.

Alvin P. Williams Waterfront Park also has 20-plus picnic benches and a kiddie park if you’re going with a large group.

The waterfront park is in the easternmost part of Woodbridge, along Cliff Road.

Jog or Cycle along Middlesex Greenway

People walking along Middlesex Greenway
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If you want to experience a serene way of town-hopping without relying on your car, then the Middlesex Greenway is a must-visit.

Middlesex Greenway, as the name implies, is not exclusive to the territory of Woodbridge.

Walking or cycling along its path will lead you to the neighboring towns of Metuchen and Edison.

Middlesex County developed it with the vision that it would be a safe and ultimately “green” way of accessing the three municipalities’ shopping districts and business centers.

The greenway stretches 3.5 miles long with dozens of access points.

It is a family-friendly destination to jog, cycle, or reach several destinations traffic-free!

You can access the greenway along several points in Woodbridge, particularly at Wolff Avenue, Dudash Park, Woodbridge Township, and Raymond Street.

Visit the James Parker Printing & Books

If you’re the kind of person who loves modern U.S. history, then you need to visit this exclusive landmark in Woodbridge.

James Parker, a prominent U.S. publisher, and newspaper owner during the 1740s, is a native of Woodbridge.

Parker founded New Jersey’s first printing press, now James Parker Printing & Books.

History enthusiasts would know the importance of Parker in the field of U.S. journalism.

Initially working under Benjamin Franklin, Parker eventually received funding from the renowned scientist due to his potential as a publisher.

Now a historical landmark, James Parker Printing & Books is in a quaint area along Rahway Avenue and Heards Brook.

Learn Axe Throwing at Bury the Hatchet

Have you ever wanted to throw an axe just like Thor in The Avengers?

If your local residence has no axe-throwing establishments, Woodbridge has you covered!

Bury the Hatchet will get you addicted to throwing axes toward your target.

The facility has a vibrant and festive vibe, especially during the weekends.

They also ensure safety through their modern facilities and experienced coaching staff who will guide you, assuming you’re a beginner.

While not exclusive to Woodbridge, Bury the Hatchet mainly serves New Jersey’s municipalities; its branches are limited, especially on the western coast.

If you’re traveling to Woodbridge, this one is a must-try.

You can visit them along St. George Avenue.

Play Bowling at Woodbridge Bowling Center

If axe throwing isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps a round or two of bowling may be up your alley.

At Woodbridge Bowling Center, you’ll have fun spending hours bowling with friends or family.

The place is affordable, offering unlimited bowling at certain times of the week, often late at night.

The facilities are modern, and they also serve great chicken wings along with craft beer.

If you’re looking for a cheap but fun place to bowl in Woodbridge, you can rely on Woodbridge Bowling Center, located at 346 Main Street.

Go Shopping at Woodbridge Center

Interior of Woodbridge Center
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While primarily known for its calming culture, Woodbridge doesn’t fall behind in giving you options to shop.

With over 140 stores, Woodbridge Center acts as the town’s primary place for all things shopping.

It has a little bit of everything, from budget stores to luxury brands.

Dining here is also a treat since there are a lot of famous restaurants and fast-food chains for your cravings.

Because of its size and high foot traffic, Woodbridge Center is also a preferred place to host various events.

Check what’s brewing in the shopping mall as it might pique your interest.

Go shopping or dine to your heart’s content in this mall along Woodbridge Center Drive.

Play Sports at Woodbridge Community Center

Woodbridge Community Center is perhaps one of the liveliest places in the town, deservedly so, because there are many activities for everyone to enjoy.

The community center has a wide variety of amenities, such as an indoor pool, a spacious gymnasium, ice skating rinks, hockey arenas, basketball courts, batting cages, and mini golf.

If you’re not interested in playing sports, chances are you will see many events happening here, especially if you go on the weekend.

Woodbridge Community Center hosts cultural events, fitness classes, youth camps, and sports tournaments.

If you want to mingle with the locals or get a glimpse of Woodbridge’s dynamic community, you can add this place to your itinerary.

You can find this massive community center at 600 Main Street.

Skate at Woodbridge Skate Park

One thing Woodbridge Community Center lacks is an outdoor skatepark.

If you want to skate in Woodbridge Township, then Woodbridge Skate Park is a great option not just in Woodbridge but also in New Jersey.

The skate park has also become a fully concrete skate park with excellent ramps, meeting the growing demands of the skating community in Woodbridge.

It’s spacious and clean, ensuring it won’t be overcrowded during weekends.

Besides skating, those riding a bike will also enjoy the park.

There are plenty of obstacles that will keep you engaged.

You can drop by Woodbridge Skate Park at Rahway Avenue in Avenel, New Jersey.

Pamper Yourself at Vito Mazza Salon & Spa

Vito Mazza Salon & Spa isn’t just your typical spa and salon house.

With over 50 years of service to Woodbridge’s locals, this spa has become a staple for the locals’ relaxation plans.

The spa is an award-winning business, receiving recognition from the American Cancer Society and Repêchage.

Some of its featured spa services include body sugaring hair removal, express facial treatments, and a wide range of specialty massages.

If you wish to go with your family, they will enjoy the services at this spa.

Vito Mazza & Spa also has salon services for both men and children.

If you want to take a break and relax, you can book an appointment with Vito Mazza Salon & Spa.

They are at 114 Main Street.

Feel the Rush at Altitude Trampoline Park

If you're traveling with family, you might want to drop by the Altitude Trampoline Park at 465 Green Street, near SeaQuest Woodbridge.

This place is a massive indoor amusement center, spanning 45,000 square meters.

It has doens of trampolines for kids and adults to enjoy, plus games like ultimate dodgeball, battle beams, and basketball.

Likewise, bring your kids to the kids' section called "Kids' Court."

They can play safely there without the company of adults or teenagers.

Whether with family or friends, the Altitude Trampoline Park should be a great addition to your Woodbridge itinerary.

Do Recreational Activities at Merrill Park

Winter scene at Merrill Park
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Merrill Park is one of the go-to spaces by the locals of Woodbridge.

It is a spacious park with access to the South Rahway River, with many sports facilities that make it attractive as an everyday hangout.

The park has tennis and basketball courts along with football and softball fields.

So if you’re into these sports, drop by this park!

Besides its recreational spaces, the park also features an animal farm called Animal Haven.

Observe fenced domestic animals such as horses, peacocks, and goats.

It’s a great addition, especially if you’re going with children.

Merrill Park is along Fairview Avenue in Colonia, New Jersey, a community within Woodbridge Township.

Final Thoughts

Woodbridge’s scenic and humble town has a lot of charm, with many green parks and exciting places that promote a fun and charming atmosphere.

If you’re in the New Jersey area, visiting this hidden gem in Middlesex County is a memorable experience.

Its recreational parks, diverse community, and quirky establishments are a great escape if you’re tired of its neighboring cities' urban life.

If you’re planning to go, save this list of the best things to do in Woodbridge, New Jersey!

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