15 Best Things to Do in Windsor, Canada

15 Best Things to Do in Windsor, Canada

A middle sized city opposite to Detroit, Windsor is a historical and cultural hub sitting right along the Detroit river. The city has a lot of historical architecture, towers, and residents belonging to different cultures.

The city has a large number of student population making it very lively and young. It is actually surprising to get to know that city of this size offers such wide range of enjoyable activities.

The city also has many parks and lush green spaces which make it very refreshing.
In this article we are covering the top things that you should do in Windsor, Canada.

Experience the past in present

Willistead Manor
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The city of Windsor is quite abundant when it comes to the number of historically important buildings and sites. Due to its long history, Windsor offers you plenty of opportunities to experience the glory of its past while visiting the city at present.

One of the most important historical sites in the city is the Willistead Manor. It is a big mansion having 36 rooms in total which was designed by a very famous architect Albert Kahn.

The mansion is designed in Jacob style of architecture and is located in the middle of a very scenic park. Another such place in the city is Francois baby house which is famous as the Windsor’s community Museum at present.

Established by railroad refugees, the sandwich first Baptist church is also a famous historical monument in the city that you should definitely visit.

Try your luck at Casinos

Caesars Casino
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The city of Windsor offers plenty of opportunities to the visitors to try their luck and enjoy games at various casinos. Caesars is a famous casino which is located within the city of Windsor.

This famous Casino is located at a very beautiful location that oversees waterfront of the Detroit river. The casino serves an average of 6 million visitors each year. The interior of the place is inspired from Roman Empire theme. In its beautiful interiors, a number of game tables like poker tables, baccarat tables, blackjack tables, and craps tables are housed.

This casino is quite famous for gambling but if you do not want to gamble, you can also bet on other games at the sports bar. These bets are placed on professional games as well as college games like basketball and football league.

Bike Ride in the City

Bike ride in Windsor
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Windsor is a very beautiful city and a bike ride is the best way of exploring the city in its entirety. The city has a large number of trails which are ideal for biking. The most famous of these trails is the Roy A. Battagello River walk Bike trail.

This famous Trail in the city extends for over 8 km and covers major areas of the city including the downtown and its famous parks like Dieppe Gardens, and the sculpture park. The trail is also well connected with other trails.

What makes this Trail more famous among the visitors is that it is properly maintained and also has five service spots where the riders can stop and get their bicycles repaired. The Trail also offers very beautiful views of the river and the skyline and it’s just a perfect place for enjoying some time away from the busy schedule.

Take pleasure in the Art of Windsor

Art Gallery of Windsor
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The city of Windsor is quite famous for its artistic attractions as well. The most famous place in this regard in the city is the winter sculpture park which houses 35 sculptures in one beautiful premises.

For exploring some art indoors, you can always head to the Art Gallery of Windsor which is also a very famous historical place in the city as it was founded in 1943. The gallery is famous for exhibiting some best collections of Canadian art.

The collections of the gallery are not limited to the work of the Canadian artists only rather it has works from international artists as well. Be it indoors or the outdoors, one thing what remains constant is an uninterrupted supply of beautiful art by some great artists.

Adventure Bay Family Water Park

For enjoying summer time in a splash zone, adventure bay family water park is just a perfect place in the city. This water park is spread in more than 10,000 square metres and opens throughout the year.

This water park has a total number of five slides, a wave pool, surfing simulator as well as a small river. Apart from the water areas, the park also has some dry areas where kids can play.

The most famous attraction in the park is the python for adults and tot loch for the young ones. The park also has some food stands where you can grab some refreshing beverages and food items.

Stroll in the Gardens of Windsor

Coventry gardens
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The city of Windsor has a few famous gardens which are renowned around the world. The most famous of these gardens is the Coventry gardens which was established in 1931 and has been attracting tourists ever since then. This garden is spread in an area of 28,000 square metre and faces the river front.

Another famous garden is the Dieppe garden which is a perfect place for casual walking and jogging. The garden has beautiful flowers and greenery all around.

Another garden, the Bert weeks Memorial Gardens is famous for its curved waterfall, and a reflecting pool which are perfect for enjoying the cool and refreshing droplets of water in summer season.

Sandpoint Beach

Although Windsor is not situated near some ocean, it does have a beach. This famous beach, Sandpoint beach is the only beach in Windsor which gets it water from the Detroit River.

The beach is also known as stop 26 and is open only during the summer season. Along with the beach, the property also has a beautiful park which is suitable for sunbathing, family picnics, and casual relaxing. While on the beach you can enjoy activities like surfing, boarding, swimming, etc.

The beach also has volleyball courts and barbeque areas where you can enjoy some fun activities. The beach has some ice cream stands where you can grab your favourite ice creams and walk along the beach while enjoying a cool breeze.

Ojibway Prairie complex

Ojibway Prairie complex is one place in the city which is perfect for spending some time with nature. The entire property is spread in 350 hectares and has some parks, natural trails, and a reserve.

The property has 5 parks in total, most famous of which are Black oak heritage park, Ojibway Park and Ojibway Prairie nature reserve. The place offers many educational programmes and exhibitions in order to make the visitors familiar with the wildlife in the area.

This complex is a good place to explore wildlife varieties like lizards, bats, frogs, snakes, and turtles. The place is also good for birdwatching as it has a large variety of birds around the ponds and forest.

Ford City

The city has a lot of places which are ideal for exploring on foot. Ford city is one such place which started as a French community but now has some iconic buildings that attract a large number of visitors.

The Canadian motor company, Ford set up this community in the city. Most of the buildings were built by immigrants using their local architectural techniques. Some iconic buildings are byzantine styled churches, murals, and Edgemere.

All these places are really good and well maintained and offers a detailed knowledge about the workers who came from different places around the world to work in the motor company.

Enjoy some festivals in the city

Windsor is a city which is very rich when it comes to culture and tradition. In order to keep its old cultures alive, the city organises a lot of special events and festivals. While some festivals are conducted in partnership with Detroit, some are organised entirely by the authorities of Windsor.

Windsor Detroit international freedom Festival is the most famous and largest festival of all the festivals. The festival is organised in July and displays the biggest fireworks around the world. Another famous festival is the Bluefest international Windsor which is a famous music festival.

Detroit Windsor international film Festival is a festival organised to recognise the cinema and film industry in Canada. All these festivals will make you feel more alive than usual and fill you up with love, excitement and entertainment.

Golfing in Windsor

Windsor is also a great city when it comes to enjoy golfing. The city has a couple of golf courses which are great for enjoying this sport. The most famous and oldest golf course in the city is the historic Roseland golf course which was originally opened as a heritage site.

This golf course has organised various international as well as local golf tournaments. In contrast, the newest golf course, Thomas McBroom golf course is an 18-holes golf course which welcomes everyone from local public to enjoy the game.

Peche Island

Peche Island
Andrea_44 from Leamington, Ontario , Canada, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A completely uninhabited Island, Peche Island is spread in an area of 36 hectares on the Detroit river. The island is quite alienated and could only be reached using a boat, canoe or a kayak.

The island has few beaches, picnic areas and Trail. If you want to get away from the city rush and enjoy some peaceful time, this island is definitely worth checking out.

Canadian Club Brand Centre

The Canadian club brand Centre was established in 1894. At present this place is a great example of architecture and history in the city.

However, what draws most of the visitors is the fact that it is the Centre for Canadian club, a famous brand of Canadian whiskey. This club is more than 150 years old and reiterates the fact that Canadian club was founded in Windsor.

The centre offers various tours which will make you familiar about the history of whiskey in Canada. The tour ends into a wine tasting session conducted at the centre only.

University of Windsor

University of Windsor
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The famous University of Windsor was established in 1857 but not as an educational institution. It was originally established as a theological institution with great architecture and far reaching grounds. However, at present the university covers 51 hectares of land dedicated towards imparting education.

The campus of the university is quite beautiful and loaded with lush green gardens, riverside promenade and some really beautiful and artistic buildings. Out of all the buildings, Dillon Hall is the oldest building on campus.

The other buildings which attract visitors on campus are the Lampton tower, the memorial hall, the Odette building, etc. The campus of the university is definitely worth a visit if you want to get an insight about the Educational system in Windsor.

Shopping in Windsor

Windsor is shopper’s paradise as it is located on the borders. The city has a number of duty-free shops, shopping malls, and specialty shops which are more than enough to attract the shopping buffs into the city.

The biggest commercial place in the city is Cigars while Devonshire mall is just a perfect place for all the people looking for trendy and fashionable items. Windsor crossing premium outlets is also a good place for getting your hands on fashionable and classy items.

Try all the Poutine

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Poutine is a very famous and iconic snack which is a speciality in Canada. These are basically French fries served with cheese curd and various gravies.

This is one particular food item which is famous with all the Canadians equally. So if you are in Windsor, you should not consider your trip successful unless you have tried Poutine in the city.

Windsor is a very beautiful and welcoming city which offers a large number of fun activities to the visitors.

The city has a very positive vibe. It is a perfect vacation destination if you are trying to beat your boring and monotonous life and do something extraordinary but still be in your comfort zone.