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15 Best Things to Do in Williston, VT

  • Published 2022/08/24

Williston is a busy town located right at the heart of Chittenden County in Vermont.

Long before the white settlers arrived in the 1700s, the place was already inhabited by indigenous people called Abenaki.

The town was named after Samuel Willis, a trader from New York.

Strangely, Willis never set foot in the town named after him.

Rapid development over the years has transformed this primarily rural town into a bustling community.

Its proximity to Vermont’s major urban areas also contributed to its remarkable progress.

Moreover, the town attracts thousands of visitors yearly, thanks to numerous nature parks, recreation areas, and historical landmarks.

Here are the best things to do in Williston, Vermont:

Take a Hike at Five Tree Hill Country Park

Boardwalk trail at Five Tree Hill Country Park

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Covering a total area of 52 acres, Five Tree Hill Country Park is one of Williston’s numerous recreation parks.

Woodlands and forests make up the majority of the park’s terrain.

Its main tourist draw is its rugged yet very accessible hiking trail.

The trail’s highlight is Five Tree Hill itself.

Fall foliage at Five Tree Hill Country Park

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Conquering the 860-foot hill will reward you with majestic views of Chittenden County.

During the winter, the park is also very popular with its snowmobile trail.

It doesn’t boast a lot of activities and amenities compared to other parks, but it more than makes up for it with a pure outdoor experience, no matter the season.

Find Five Tree Hill Country Park on Sunset Hill Road.

Trek along Mud Pond Country Park

Mud Pond Country Park is located on South Road, within the conservation area of the same name.

This 113-acre park features over two miles of trails for walking and biking.

As an added convenience, raised walkways were established along muddy sections of the park.

Marked signs are also put up along the trail to guide the trekkers.

While trekking, you’ll be treated to amazing views of nature and the Mud Pond itself.

The park is popular among mountain bike enthusiasts as it boasts trails catering to beginners and intermediate cyclists.

As a home to many birds and small animals, the park is also the perfect place for wildlife-watching and photography.

With all these and more, Mud Pond Country Park should be included in your next outdoor adventure.

Go for a Quick Adventure at the Sucker Brook Hollow Country Park

The Sucker Brook Hollow Country Park, located along St. George Road, covers an area of nearly 20 acres.

Despite its relatively small space, the park is still one of Williston’s go-to places for a quick outdoor adventure.

The park features trails that are easy for anyone to trek.

This is especially ideal for people who don’t want to spend hours hiking along long, challenging trails.

After a short hike, you’ll be greeted with breathtaking views of nearby Burlington and Lake Champlain.

With its beautiful environment and short but enjoyable trails, Sucker Brook Hollow Country Park shows that great things can come in small packages.

Have Fun at Catamount Outdoor Family Center

Catamount Outdoor Family Center, located along Governor Chittenden Road, isn’t your typical recreation site.

It is massive, with an area covering nearly 400 acres.

Its vast landscapes are comprised of woodlands, grassy plains, and marshes.

An equally extensive 20-mile trail network intertwines through the sprawling area.

Open year-round, the center offers several summer and winter activities.

Summer activities include trail running and mountain biking.

On the other hand, winter activities include snowshoeing and cycling on fat bikes.

The center also hosts youth programs like summer camps and snow school.

Special events and weekly bike races are also held regularly.

No matter what time of the year you visit, you’ll always have a great experience at Catamount Outdoor Family Center.

Jump around at Get Air Trampoline Park

Along Omega Drive, Get Air Trampoline Park is Williston’s one-stop shop for family entertainment.

Aside from their signature trampolines, they also have many amenities to choose from, all offering hours of fun.

You can play dodgeball and slam ball with family and friends.

The ninja course will test your agility and strength.

Try to keep your balance while taking the slack line and fidget ladder.

If those seem too challenging, you can have pure silly fun while swimming at the foam pit.

Better yet, relax at one of their massage chairs.

They also have a kiddie section where smaller children can safely play.

Moreover, they even hold a monthly event that allows persons with special needs to enjoy their trampolines.

For a day of indoor fun, you can’t find anyplace better than Get Air Trampoline Park.

Golf and Dine at Williston Country Club

Williston Country Club boasts one of the best golf courses in Vermont.

Situated along Golf Course Road, it is just a short drive from Williston’s center.

From its longest tees, the course spans 6,163 yards.

It may seem shorter than modern standards, but its layout still offers a good challenge.

Lined with lush trees, the course itself is a visual treat

As a bonus, kids younger than 12 are allowed to play for free.

The clubhouse, Old Duffer’s Tavern, is the perfect place to relax after tee time.

They are famous for their delicious snacks and house specials, especially their sandwiches and burgers.

Offering a great golf course with equally great food, Williston Country Club is the perfect place to hit the greens.

Visit Paquette Full of Posies

With its unique and quirky name, Paquette Full of Posies Nursery will surely spark the interest of anyone visiting Williston.

After all, it is considered one of the best nurseries in Vermont.

The family-owned nursery on Williston Road boasts a total area of six acres.

Its 20,000 square feet of greenhouse space is also maximized.

Once you get inside the greenhouses, you’ll be greeted with a chockfull of seedlings on the ground and beautiful flowers hanging everywhere.

Gardening enthusiasts will have a field day going through their various colorful flowers and vegetables.

It’s a great place to relax and appreciate the beautiful plants, and even non-gardeners will be delighted when they visit Paquette Full of Posies Nursery.

Buy Fresh Produce at Adams Apple Orchard & Farm Market

Situated along Old Stage Road, Adams Apple Orchard & Farm Market is Williston’s one-stop shop for fresh farm produce and tasty treats.

Their locally-sourced produce is a testament to Vermont’s rich and fertile soils.

The market is open seasonally, from May to December.

During the spring, they offer seedlings for annuals, herbs, and vegetables for gardening enthusiasts.

Aside from fresh produce, the market is also well-known for its specialty products such as baked goodies, handicrafts, and gift items.

A humble family-owned business, Adams Apple Orchard & Family Market has grown to become an essential institution in Williston.

Dine at Green Meadows Grill

Located on North Williston road, away from the town’s busy urban center, Green Meadows Grill truly lives up to its name.

Its unassuming food truck concept perfectly blends with the rural surrounding.

Their specialties include grilled staples like burgers, hotdogs, and sausages.

You can also try their mouth-watering sandwiches and Philly cheesesteaks.

Their crisp hand-cut fries, onion rings, and weekly specials are also highly sought after.

The best part is that you can enjoy all of this sumptuous food while appreciating the view of Vermont’s plains around you.

The short drive to Green Meadows Grill is a small price to pay for one of the best dining experiences in Williston.

Visit Isham Family Farm

Located along Oak Hill Road, the 108-acre Isham Family Farm has been operating since 1871.

Recognizing its significance to Williston, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

It is Williston’s all-in-one place for fresh produce, farm recreation, and events.

Throughout July, the farm holds pick-your-own berries events.

The farm is great for family gatherings, with picnic tables readily available; better yet, you can simply lay a mat on designated picnic areas for a relaxing afternoon.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can also trek the 1.3-mile Oak View Hill Hiking Trail within the farm.

Along with a scenic pond, the trail gives fantastic views of Camel’s Hump and Mt. Mansfield.

Whether you want to relax or immerse yourself in the outdoors, Isham Family Farm has everything you need.

Explore the Lake Iroquois Recreation District

The 150-acre Lake Iroquois Recreation District covers portions of Williston, St. George, Hinesburg, and Richmond.

One of the district’s main tourist draws is its beautiful beach along Lake Iroquois’ northern shores.

The beach is open to the public during summer, from the end of May to the first week of September.

Swim with caution, though, since there are no lifeguards on the beach.

You can simply go sunbathing at its sandy beach while enjoying the view of the lake.

If you want to explore the area, there are walking and hiking trails nearby.

The area is also famous for picnicking and has playground areas for children.

It may not pack a lot of activities, but its natural beauty makes the Lake Iroquois Recreation District a great place to visit.

Learn Horseback Riding at Windswept Farm

Windswept Farm is an equestrian center located along Old Stage Road.

The farm offers riding lessons for beginners and advanced riders.

These lessons cater to both adults and children.

You can practice horseback riding in the farm’s indoor and outdoor arenas.

Experienced riders can roam around the farm’s sprawling 80 acres of rideable area or try their cross-country jumps.

They also hold summer day camps for comprehensive horseback riding lessons.

Perfect for both beginner and advanced riders, Windswept Farm offers an excellent experience for everyone to enjoy.

Other Things to Do Nearby

There are numerous neat attractions located around Williston.

These are some of them.

Go Fishing at Shelburne Pond

The waters of Shelburne Pond Natural Area

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A quick 16-minute drive south of Williston is all it takes to reach Shelburne Pond, one of Vermont’s most beautiful places.

The 450-acre pond is home to many prized fish, including northern pike, large-mouth bass, and brown bullhead.

As such, it is a trendy spot for rod fishing.

The relatively shallow pond is also great for boating and canoeing.

There are hiking and walking trails that allow you to explore the surrounding areas.

A great combination of clean environment and convenience makes Shelburne Pond an easy recommendation to anyone.

Visit Maple Street Park

Just take a quick nine-minute drive north of Williston in Essex Junction, and you will reach Maple Street Park.

It’s well-known for its two large swimming pools with water slides.

The swimming pools are open during the summer season, perfect for beating the summer heat.

The park’s four pavilions are also a popular venue for events and gatherings.

Designated areas for sports include a basketball court and a baseball field.

The park even features a sand volleyball court, which gives off a relaxed beach vibe.

It also has bike and skate parks and playground areas for children.

For those who want a quick outdoor adventure, the park has a trail for a nature walk.

With all these fun amenities and more, you’ll never run out of things to enjoy at Maple Street Park.

Experience Nature at Centennial Woods

Centennial Woods can be reached via a 13-minute drive from northwest of Williston.

Covering an area of approximately 70 acres, it borders the University of Vermont to its west.

The university’s Environmental Program also manages it.

Its terrain combines woodlands, open fields, marshlands, and creeks.

Thanks to its pristine environment and natural features, many students and scientists visit the area to study its flora and fauna.

A good trail system that runs through the area also makes it a popular sport for outdoor enthusiasts.

You will also have no problem getting stuck in the mud as footbridges help you cross the marshy portions.

A great place to experience and study nature, Centennial Woods is a must-visit for everyone.

Final thoughts

Williston strikes the perfect balance between a thriving urban center and a rural community rich with natural landscapes and history.

Not to mention, the town itself is also surrounded by equally beautiful attractions.

With so many places to explore and experience, the town is a haven for anyone seeking an unforgettable adventure.

Make sure to visit this town and enjoy all the best things to do in Williston, Vermont.

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