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15 Best Things to Do in Williamson County, TX

  • Published 2023/06/18

Williamson County is a corner of Texas that can offer both historic excursions and modern entertainment.

Considered a fast-growing county, Williamson attracts both travelers and potential residents because of its variety of opportunities for live, work, and play.

Established in 1848, it was named after Robert M. Williamson, a veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto.

The county has a rich history involving the Comanche, the Texas Rangers, cowboys, and the Chisholm Trail used in post-Civil War, among others.

Today, it has a population of 671,418 as of the 2022 census and is a hub for agribusiness, education, and the tech industry.

In 2021, Williamson County was ranked as one of the healthiest counties in the state of Texas.

If you want to get a glimpse of what it’s like to live in a thriving county, I urge you to pay this place a visit!

If you need more convincing, you should go through this list of the best things to do in Williamson County, Texas.

Be Fascinated with Nature at the Inner Space Cavern

Bat at the Inner Space Cavern

jollyphoto /

See the wonders of nature when you visit the Inner Space Cavern.

It is located at 4200 S. I-35 Frontage Road in the city of Georgetown.

It is one of the best-preserved caves in the entire state after it had been hidden for more than 10,000 years.

In 1963, it was discovered by the Texas Highway Department’s core drilling team.

Inside view of the Inner Space Cavern

TrevizoD /

Since then, it has been studied by experts and by 1966, the majestic cavern was opened to the public.

It features marvelous formations, prehistoric animal bones, and passages that vary in size—from tight crawls to huge cathedral-size rooms.

Learn about the history of the Inner Space Cavern and its significance to the region during your visit.

I wouldn’t want to miss out on this natural spectacle in Williamson County!

Closeup of the Inner Space Cavern

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Try the Best BBQ in Texas at Louie Mueller Barbecue

You cannot leave Williamson County without trying its very own Louie Mueller Barbecue.

It is located at 206 W. Second Street in the city of Taylor.

Since the restaurant opened its doors in 1949, it has been serving one of the finest barbecues in the area.

It has since been given by the James Beard Foundation an American Classics award, which is given to the country’s best and most beloved regional restaurants.

From sausages to ribs, the barbecue dishes served here are sure to satisfy you.

You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to taste a classic during your visit to Louie Mueller Barbecue!

Grab a Bite at Downtown Hall of Fame

Try a local favorite burger at Downtown Hall of Fame.

The restaurant and bar is located at 205 East Street in the city of Hutto.

The place boasts providing the best burger experience as it only uses the best quality and locally sourced ingredients in the food it serves.

When you stop by, be sure to order the burger of the month and taste the creative way the restaurant serves a classic dish.

Downtown Hall of Fame also serves craft cocktails, perfect to pair with your meal.

To see live entertainment, you should stay long enough to catch one of the events happening at the bar!

Discover Local History at Williamson Museum

Street view of the Williamson Museum

Roberto Galan /

During your visit to the area, you should tour the Williamson Museum to learn all about the local history.

It is situated at 716 S. Austin Avenue in the city of Georgetown.

The museum was established in 1997 as a nonprofit corporation.

It collects, preserves, and displays all kinds of items that depict the rich culture and heritage of the county.

The museum provides educational opportunities to the public through exhibits, tours, and different programs.

It also offers various kinds of themed tours—from ghost tours to festival-related tours—so you should consider joining one.

Feel free to contact the Williamson Museum in advance if you’re planning to book a tour!

Watch Live Country Music at Cotton Country Club

Cotton Country Club is a live music venue and dance hall where you can meet the locals.

It is located at 212 East Davilla Street in the city of Granger.

The place hosts events such as karaoke nights as well as live music performances featuring local talents.

It also serves delicious comfort food and drinks!

If you want to see what the community is all about, you should see it for yourself here at Cotton Country Club.

Play with Friends and Family at Monster Mini Golf Round Rock

If you want to spend some time with family or friends in an indoor area, you may play together at Monster Mini Golf Round Rock.

You may find it at 3916 Gattis School Road in the city of Round Rock.

The place features unique and creative mini golf courses to excite you and your friends!

Aside from the mini golf, it also has a laser tag area!

If you enjoy arcade games, then you can take a break from the group activities and try arcades by yourself!

If you want to do an exciting activity even if you’re staying indoors, you should consider going to Monster Mini Golf Round Rock!

Catch a Live Performance at Georgetown Palace Theatre

Entrance to the Georgetown Palace Theatre

Natalia Silyanov /

The Georgetown Palace Theatre is a historic venue in Williamson County.

You may find it located at 810 South Austin Avenue in the city of Georgetown.

When it was built in the 1920s, the building was a “moving picture” theater that started showing silent films and eventually introduced “talkies.”

In 1936, it was renovated to become an art deco theater.

Night view of the Georgetown Palace Theatre

Mrzimmermann, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Eventually, it was regarded as one of the longest-running movie theaters in the county.

Today, the theater shows different kinds of performances, from musicals to straight plays.

If you’re a fan of theater, I would recommend that you stop by and grab tickets to see the local shows here at Georgetown Palace Theatre.

Dance the Night Away at Coupland Inn & Dancehall

Dance all night or see live musical performances at Coupland Inn & Dancehall.

It is located at 101 Hoxie Street in the city of Coupland in the southeastern part of the county.

The bar hosts different themed events involving live music and dance parties.

It also offers dance lessons, which you should check out if you’re interested.

The building that houses the inn and dancehall was originally built in 1911 as the site of Coupland Drug Company.

Through the years, it became a drugstore, a hardware store, and a newspaper headquarters.

What was once a drugstore is now the place’s restaurant area while the former hardware store in the building is now a tavern.

For sure, Coupland Inn & Dancehall isn’t just filled with entertainment but also history.

Experience Italy in Texas at The Vineyard at Florence

If you want to experience Italy’s authentic pastoral culture, you should visit The Vineyard at Florence.

It is located at 111 Via Francesco in the city of Florence.

The beautiful vineyard resort offers a luxurious and cozy stay for its guests through its spa, dining, and wine offerings.

If you stay here, you will be surrounded by a beautiful vineyard and feel like you’re in Tuscany.

The place itself started out as a vineyard after the owners were inspired by their trip to the European country.

Eventually, the property expanded to include lodging and other amenities.

It also serves as a great venue for special events like weddings.

You don’t need to leave Texas to experience the beauty of Italy, you just have to book a stay at The Vineyard at Florence.

Bring your Kids to the Play For All Park

Play area at the Play For All Park

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If you’re traveling with children, take them to the inclusive Play For All Park.

It is located at 151 N. A. W. Grimes Boulevard in the city of Round Rock.

The park is a safe and fun space meant for children of all abilities to enjoy!

It caters to the needs of children with disabilities, giving them the opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreation.

The amenities of the park encourage children to develop motor skills, socialization, creativity, and more!

If you’re looking for an inclusive space for your children to enjoy and meet new friends, you may consider the Play For All Park!

Stay Active while Surrounded by Nature at Hutto Lake Park

If you’re looking for an outdoor area to exercise or relax, check out Hutto Lake Park.

You may find it at 805 Estate Drive in the city of Hutto.

The 39-acre park has a basketball court, walking trails, and a boat launch dock.

If you want to just spend some quiet time, you may stay at the picnic areas or near the scenic lake.

If you’re not sure about what activity to do here, I’d recommend that you try catch and release fishing.

Add Hutto Lake Park to your list of outdoor recreational areas in Williamson County.

Explore the Central Texas Olive Ranch

Taste different kinds of olive oil while surrounded by a beautiful olive orchard at the Central Texas Olive Ranch.

It is located at 5251 FM 972 in the city of Georgetown.

The place has an indoor tasting room with a scenic view of the orchard, where you may also catch the beautiful sunset.

Here you may avail olive oil tastings while sipping wine or beer.

Live music and food trucks are available every Saturday, so you may want to time your visit to get a full experience of the place.

Before leaving Central Texas Olive Ranch, be sure to grab a bottle or two of the best olive oil in town!

Learn a Piece of History at the Dan Moody Museum

Facade of the Dan Moody Museum

Billy Hathorn, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Dan Moody Museum is dedicated to the youngest governor of Texas.

You may find it at 114 W. 9th Street in downtown Taylor.

Here you will discover the story of Dan Moody, lawyer and democratic politician, from his very own residence.

The Moody residence that now houses the museum was originally built in 1887 as the childhood home of Moody’s wife.

Today, it exhibits Moody’s life, including his career and family, through artifacts and photographs.

See for yourself the place that shaped a significant man in the history of Texas when you visit the Dan Moody Museum.

History buffs shouldn’t pass up on the chance to at least stop by this place!

Shop For Treasures at Trouvaille Antiques

Vintage and antique collectors will be happy when they visit Trouvaille Antiques.

It is situated at 401 N. Main Street in the city of Taylor.

As you enter the shop, you will be greeted by the warm and nostalgic ambiance of the place.

From furniture pieces to vintage appliances, the shop features all sorts of items waiting for you to pick them up and find value in them.

If you’re looking for something specific or you want to learn more about a piece, feel free to reach out to the owners and staff and they will be happy to share their knowledge on the item.

If you enjoy shopping, you should stop by Trouvaille Antiques.

Learn How to Ride a Horse at Still Point Farm

Still Point Farm is an equestrian facility that you should visit if you want to learn how to ride a horse.

It is located at 13220 Farm to Market Road 972 in the city of Granger.

The 19-acre property features 19 stalls for horses and a competition grade outdoor arena.

Still Point offers a high quality training program to ensure the safety of both the animals and the riders.

If you ever think about pursuing competitive horseback riding, this may be a great training facility to consider.

Texas is one of the best places to try horseback riding and Still Point is one of its premier facilities!

Final Thoughts

All kinds of travelers will find something to enjoy when they visit Williamson County.

It offers unique local entertainment that you won’t experience anywhere else.

Whether you want to try something fancy or casual, I guarantee that you will find something to do here.

For future reference, save this list of the best things to do in Williamson County, Texas!

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