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15 Best Things to Do in Williamsburg, KY

  • Published 2022/09/14

The county seat of Whitley County, located in the southern part of Kentucky, Williamsburg, offers unlimited spots to visit, trails to sightsee, and history to learn.

The city is famous for many things, but most especially for the Kentucky Splash Water Park and Campground, which highly contributes to local tourism.

In this small city in Kentucky, you’ll be greeted by warm, friendly locals, proving this place is a great place to be.

Here are the best things to do in Williamsburg, Kentucky:

Go Boating at Laurel River Lake

The waters of Laurel River Lake

Kevin Tommer /

If you want to relax and have a quiet reflection, Laurel River Lake is the place to go.

This lake features 5,600 acres of clear and deep water and a 200-mile tree-lined shore.

You can go fishing for black bass, walleye, crappie, blue gill, catfish, and more in the lake.

One of the deepest and cleanest lakes in Kentucky, Laurel River Lake is also open for scuba diving.

The lake’s recreation, picnic, and swimming areas are kept clean and maintained at all times.

Meet up with Friends at Bill Woods Park

Located on Cumberland Avenue is Bill Woods Park, established in dedication to Williamsburg’s local legend, Bill H. Woods.

Known as Mr. Mainstreet, Woods worked on Mainstreet for over 60 years and has maintained a reputation as a decent and friendly man.

Since it opened in September 2006, the park has served as a meeting area among peers, a venue for parties and events, a place of relaxation, and more.

Named after Williamsburg’s friendliest resident, the park also followed his steps.

To honor Wood’s memory, Bill Woods Park serves as a place for gatherings and traditional hometown fun.

Relax at Briar Creek Park

Located at Briar Creek Road, Briar Creek Park is a place of celebration for Williamsburg’s residents.

Family and friends gather at this park for birthdays, family reunions, sports fests, and tournaments.

College and high school students also meet here for group activities, as the park offers plenty of roofed tables, perfect for study sessions.

If you don’t want to do anything, Briar Creek Park is also a good place to unwind and sightsee.

Briar Creek Park also has a playground and other amenities that you and your kids can enjoy.

Visit the Cumberland Museum

The Cumberland Museum is owned and operated by the University of the Cumberlands.

Opened in May 1994, the museum helped students have a more positive college experience by exposing them to various science collections that will hone their skills.

It also aims to promote learning about animals and natural habitats.

The Cumberland Museum shelves the Henkelmann Life Science Collection, which features over a hundred different specimens obtained from expeditions from Africa to the Arctic.

The museum also has an inn for tourists who want to stay longer for more exploration.

The University of Cumberlands students are employed in both the museum and the hotel to help them save more for their education and allowances.

Go Fishing at Cumberland Falls Farm

Located on KY-90, Cumberland Falls Farm is also one of Williamsburg’s main attractions.

Guests are guaranteed a fun fishing experience on the farm.

During your fishing adventure, bait and tackle will be provided to you.

Cumberland Falls Farm also has a store that sells bait, firewood, homemade soaps, and more.

You can also find different produce, honey, and herbs, depending on the time of the year.

Tour the University of the Cumberlands

Welcome sign of University of the Cumberlands

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The University of the Cumberlands is one of the most beautiful campuses in Kentucky.

This private university on College Station Drive was founded by Baptist ministers in 1888 and was initially called Cumberland College.

The campus spans 150 acres and is located in a rural setting near rivers and woods.

The University of the Cumberlands is open for tours.

Those scouting for colleges may want to check it out; otherwise, you can tour for leisure and be amazed by its location by the mountains.

Have Fun at the Williamsburg City Park

The Williamsburg City Park is located on Third Street.

It’s just walking distance from downtown, where other great tourist spots are located.

To the residents of Williamsburg, the city park is very special because many of their memorable childhood experiences took place here.

The Williamsburg City Park also has two venues for Little League games, which is just one of the reasons it’s a favorite destination among Williamsburg’s youth.

The Williamsburg Tourist Commission, city officials, and the Kiwanis Club President took the initiative to renovate the Williamsburg City Park and make the place more appealing to tourists.

Enjoy Some Water Adventure at Kentucky Splash Waterpark & Campground

Located along KY-92, Kentucky Splash Waterpark & Campground is one of Williamsburg’s most famous attractions.

It offers a variety of water activities, from relaxing to extreme ones.

There’s Tadpole Island, a 6,000-square -foot Caribbean-themed playhouse open to kids of all ages.

If you want to experience the ocean without having to go to a beach, the waterpark also offers an 18,000-square-foot wave pool to give you just as much fun.

There’s also the Lazy Castaway River, where you can come to relax as you drift on a river spanning 900 feet.

Kentucky Splash Waterpark & Campground also has an 18-hole championship miniature golf course that challenges guests of all ages.

Buy Stuff at Williamsburg Vendors Mall

Williamsburg Vendors Mall is a flea market that offers different items, from cute trinkets to furniture items.

Inside the mall, you’ll definitely find things to buy, as the store promises so many good finds.

Most of the items in the flea market are also cheap, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much.

The customer service at Williamsburg Vendors Mall is great, and the owners offer assistance in everything.

The mall is located on Highway 25.

Spend Time with Your Family at Summer Shoals Retreat

On River Road, you can spend quality time with your family at Summer Shoals Retreat.

It’s a private campground alongside a beautiful river with a great view of the mountain and the creekside site.

The retreat is home to numerous endangered plant and animal species, so you might be lucky enough to spot ones you haven’t seen before.

Aside from camping, you can also explore the Wild River Scenic Area within the Daniel Boone National Forest, whose magnificence speaks for itself.

The road in Summer Shoals Retreat is also ideal for cycling.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Explore Different Recreational Activities at Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

Scenic view of Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

anthony heflin /

At Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, you’ll see miles of gorges and sandstone bluffs while discovering its rich natural history.

The scenic, 125,000-acre recreation area offers a wide range of recreational activities, including ranger-led programs and events that are both fun and informative.

Cumberland river at Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

Patrick Jennings /

Guests of all ages are welcome to join this fun activity.

A waterfall at Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

Zack Frank /

Explore Big South Fork National River and Recreational Area where adventure awaits you.

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area is located in Oneida, Tennessee, an hour and 20 minutes from Williamsburg.

Nature trail at Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

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Go Water Rafting at Sheltowee Trace Adventure Resort

For some extreme water adventure, make your way to Sheltowee Trace Adventure Resort, 20 minutes from Williamsburg.

With your friends and guide, hold your breath as you raft through a rapid and rocky river.

Sheltowee Trace Adventure Resort will bring you an outdoor adventure you won’t forget.

If you want to relax, you can stay on the calmer part of the river and go kayaking.

You can book an overnight stay at the Sheltowee Trace Adventure Resort, which offers many lodging options such as couples cabins, rustic cabins, RV camping, group camping, and more.

Experience the Big South Fork Scenic Railway

The station of Big South Fork Scenic Railway

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The Big South Fork Scenic Railway is located in Stearns, 30 minutes from Williamsburg.

This railway line operates on historic trackage where you’ll see wide-open vistas, beautiful rivers, and the charming Appalachia mountains.

People on Big South Fork Scenic Railway train

treewoman8, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Passing by 16 miles of lush countryside, you’ll also get to see the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area and the coal mining town of Blue Heron, Kentucky.

Besides its usual train rides, Big South Fork Scenic Railway also offers special train rides throughout the year.

Unwind at Indian Mountain State Park

Indian Mountain State Park is a multi-use facility in Jellico, Tennesse, just a 20-minute drive from Williamsburg.

At this 203-acre park, guests can enjoy different recreational activities such as fishing, picnicking, camping, and hiking.

The park was established in 1971 and has become a popular destination among Tennessee and Kentucky tourists.

If you go on a hike at Indian Mountain State Park, you’ll see Elk Valley in the Cumberland Mountains at its summit of 594 meters above sea level.

Immerse yourself in nature and unwind at Indian Mountain State Park.

Camp at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Beautiful waterfall of Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

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There are plenty of things to do at Cumberland Falls State Resorts Park in Corbin, 25 minutes from Williamsburg.

Visitors can enjoy viewing Cumberland Falls, touring the Pinnacle Knob, hiking at the Eagle Falls Trail, horseback riding through the forest, and more.

For more great enjoyment of the outdoors, the park features 50 campsites hooked up with all the necessary things you may need.

Water, electricity, shower rooms, and restrooms are provided.

Trail at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Sean Pavone /

During your camping trip, you can enjoy other things like picnicking, birding, swimming, and fishing.

The activities you can do in the state resort park are endless.

If you get hungry, you can dine at one of Cumberland Falls State Resort Park’s restaurants while enjoying scenic views.

Final Thoughts

As the city is a place where culture is highlighted on every corner, there’s no doubt why Williamsburg is becoming a favorite among tourists.

Not to mention, you can have an active lifestyle with all the recreational activities available in the city.

At your “Getaway to the Cumberlands,” there are endless experiences to enjoy, from exploring trails to learning about the city’s culture and history.

Try the best things to do in Williamsburg, Kentucky, and fall in love with this charming city.

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