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20 Best Things to Do in Whitehall, MI

  • Published 2023/03/13

Lake Michigan’s vast shores are surrounded by a collection of small towns and vibrant cities, making this place an excellent travel destination.

White Lake, in particular, sets itself apart from most of Lake Michigan’s communities because of its unique natural beauty and blend of history and charm.

To witness White Lake’s unspoiled beauty, head to the city of Whitefall in Michigan’s Muskegon County.

This small city a few miles east of Lake Michigan is known for its unique blend of progressive and vintage-style small-town charm.

This city, home to around 3,000 residents, boasts a mixture of outdoor recreation, leisure, and history.

Visiting Whitehall won’t just treat you to Lake Michigan’s unspoiled natural beauty.

It also takes you on a nostalgic trip when you visit its streets lined up with century-old buildings.

Here are the best things to do in Whitehall, MI:

Have Extreme Fun at Michigan’s Adventure

Rollercoaster at Michigan's Adventure Amusement Park

Anne Kitzman /

This vast and famous theme park is the best place to visit for excitement and fun.

Michigan’s Adventure Amusement Park also has its water park named Wildwater Adventure Waterpark.

The theme park features more than 60 rides, games, slides, and attractions, including seven roller coasters, giving you an exhilarating experience.

For a less adrenaline-pumping experience, you can visit Camp Snoopy, which features kids-themed attractions.

To complete your visit to Michigan’s Adventure, don’t forget to dive at one of Wildwater Adventure’s pools.

This waterpark features dozens of slides, splash pads, and wave pools on a tropical getaway theme.

Overall, this theme park and water park near Whitehall are excellent places for a quick fun-filled getaway.

Night view of Michigan's Adventure Amusement Park's ferris wheel

Jeremy Thompson from United States of America, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Wander Goodrich Park

Since Whitehall is known for its outdoor recreation and attractions, start your travel adventure by visiting Goodrich Park.

This regional and community park in Whitehall spans 8.5 acres of outdoor recreation for the locals and visitors.

This outdoor attraction in Whitehall is an excellent place for outdoor activities because it’s on the shores of White Lake.

Aside from picnics, hiking, and outdoor sports, enjoy boating and fishing through its marina that fits 30 boats.

During summer, Goodrich Park is packed with visitors who want to cool down on White Lake by enjoying water activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing.

In addition, Goodrich Park is a popular venue for outdoor events such as concerts and festivals.

Pose at the World’s Largest Weathervane

Another exciting activity you can enjoy in Whitehall is visiting the world’s largest weathervane.

This weathervane stands 48 feet tall and weighs more than 4,000 pounds.

This weathervane still works today, making it one of the area’s most reliable working weather stations.

Many visitors in White Hall and Montague love to take lovely photos of this weathervane for souvenirs.

Don’t forget to include this in your Whitehall travel itinerary.

Hike the Scenic Duck Lake Paved Trail

For a worthwhile outdoor activity, head to the Duck Lake Paved Trail in Duck Lake State Park.

This famous trail is a top-notch hiking destination in Whitehall.

It provides visitors with numerous recreational activities, especially hiking.

It has a short out-and-back trail that follows Duck Lake’s scenic shores.

Since the trail is paved, it’s a suitable outdoor destination for the entire family.

Spend the Night at the Historic Lewis House Bed & Breakfast

If you plan to spend the weekend or a few days touring through Whitehall, stay at the Lewis House Bed & Breakfast.

This historic lodging on Mears Avenue isn’t just your typical cozy accommodation.

The Lewis House Bed & Breakfast today is a famous historical attraction and accommodation in Whitehall.

Besides its gorgeously-designed Victorian period architecture, Lewis House Bed & Breakfast is also on the National Register of Historic Places.

Well-known Michigan businessman John C. Lewis built the house in 1878.

He was in the timber industry.

The house was a testament to his influence and wealth back in the day.

In addition, this lodging is conveniently near most of Whitehall’s outdoor attractions, shops, and restaurants.

Browse the Lakeshore Museum Center

Head to the Lakeshore Museum Center in Muskegon for a short side trip about history.

This local museum offers visitors numerous exhibits that detail the natural and cultural history of Muskegon County.

Lakeshore Museum Center boasts a life-sized mastodon.

It’s a prehistoric animal likened to today’s elephant.

In addition, this museum in Muskegon offers visitors various exhibits which feature hands-on activities for a more exciting experience.

Lakeshore Museum Center also operates in four other sites, including Whitehall’s Michigan Heritage Park, featuring natural history that spans 10,000 years.

Don’t forget to visit its Native American village, wood carvings, period furnishings, and stained-glass windows made at the peak of Michigan’s lumber industry.

Spending an hour or two at this museum takes you to entire eras of natural and cultural history.

Climb the White River Light Station Museum

Exterior of the White River Light Station Museum

Thomas Barrat /

Built in 1875, the White River Light Station is a famous lighthouse and charming maritime museum.

Climbing this famous lighthouse’s old spiral stairs is a fascinating experience in Whitehall.

Upon reaching the top of the lighthouse, marvel at the magnificent scenery of the vast Lake Michigan and White Lake.

Captain William Robinson built the light station as a guide for boats approaching Whitehall’s marina.

It’s a testament to Michigan’s rich nautical history.

Today, visitors can freely roam the lighthouse’s premises and its charming museum, displaying relevant artifacts about Michigan’s nautical history.

Check out the displayed photos, paintings, documents, and stories about Michigan’s maritime and nautical history.

Discover the Fred Meijer Berry Junction Trail

This famous outdoor attraction in Whitehall is between Michigan’s unique natural treasures: Manistee National Forest in the east and Lake Michigan in the west.

This trail is on an abandoned section of the West Michigan Railroad, providing an essential connection between various towns and cities, including Whitefall.

The entire junction trail spans 11.5-miles, making it an excellent place for hiking and sightseeing.

The trail meanders through forested areas and creeks and passes through numerous attractions, including some in Whitehall.

Cast Your Line at Mill Pond

Head to Whitehall’s Mill Pond for a relaxing morning or afternoon fishing session.

Mill Pond is a famous fishing spot in Whitehall where local anglers frequently visit to catch some of its popular fish species.

Mill Pond’s most popular fish are yellow perch, largemouth bass, and warmouth.

Aside from fishing along the shores, you can ride a boat to have better chances of catching some fish at the end of the day.

This Whitehall fishing spot is a worthwhile place to visit, especially for anglers.

Enjoy the Outdoors at Duck Lake State Park

Whitehall is home to one of Muskegon County’s biggest state parks, the Duck Lake State Park.

This state park boasts 728 acres of limitless outdoor recreation for the entire family.

This gorgeous day-use park features a vast dune that stretches from Lake Michigan to Duck Lake.

Its terrain is perfect for hiking because of the mixture of matured hardwood forest and open brushes.

At the same time, pockets of meadows are present in the area.

Likewise, picnicking, swimming, boating, and fishing are favorite outdoor activities in Duck Lake State Park.

Duck Lake State Park is an excellent destination in Whitehall for a memorable outdoor getaway with your loved ones.

Join Activities about History at Hilt’s Landing

The calm waters of Hilt's Landing

Daniel Briem /

Lakeshore Museum Center has various locations across Muskegon County.

One of them is Hilt’s Landing at Michigan Heritage Park in Whitehall.

The entire heritage park is an open living history museum that features more than 10,000 years of Michigan history.

Hilt’s Landing is famous for its archeological sites, Native American settlements, and colonial and French trader cabins.

In addition, it’s also home to numerous logging camps and Civil War artifacts, making this place exceptionally fascinating.

Hilt’s Landing offers numerous guided walking tours throughout its vicinity, featuring its famous historical and archeological sites visitors.

Also, visitors can enjoy touring Hilt’s Landing by themselves through self-guided tours and hikes, which also take them to the area’s beautiful natural sceneries.

Step inside the Historic Pitkin Drug and Gift Shoppe

A visit to the Pitkin Drug and Gift Shoppe is an excellent way to immerse yourself in Whitehall’s fascinating history.

Historically, Pitkin Drug and Gift Shoppe has operated since 1882.

The Michigan Historical Society also manages the place.

For more than a century, Pitkin Drug and Gift Shoppe in Whitehall’s downtown area offered visitors a glimpse of the city’s rich history and heritage.

It remains one of the top attractions in Whitehall.

You can buy various products at Pitkin Drug and Gift Shoppe, including souvenir items such as shirts, sweatshirts, etc.

However, the best way to experience Pitkin’s beauty is by seeing its well-preserved architecture and design, which takes you back in time.

Appreciate Photography at Klinefelter’s Gallery

This local custom framing and photo gallery in Whitehall is a fascinating place to visit, especially if you’re searching for a unique souvenir.

Since 1988, Klinefelter’s Gallery has been one of the finest custom framing and photograph restoration companies in Whitehall.

They offer top-notch printing for photography while they also offer old photograph restoration.

At the same time, they always make sure every picture frame and restored photograph ends up as fantastic artwork.

Check out Klinefelter’s Gallery for a unique souvenir from your Whitehall travel adventure.

Experience Local Cuisines in Whitehall’s Restaurants and Cafes

Don’t forget to drop by Whitehall’s local restaurants and cafes to treat yourself to a mouthwatering meal or a refreshing drink.

Whitehall’s downtown district is filled with local diners, cafes, and small businesses.

Treat yourself to some delicious food and drinks before returning home.

Here are the best restaurants and cafes you need to check out in Whitehall: Fetch Brewing Company, Gary’s Restaurant, Pekadill’s, and Art of Cookery.

Most of these restaurants in Whitehall serve classic American comfort food, fresh seafood, and fusion cuisines.

Chill Out at Pub 111

Serving cold rotating beers on tap, Pub 111 is the spot for those who want to unwind with the comfort of great company in the form of beers and delicious eats.

The pub offers 16 rotating beers that are all Michigan-brewed and mouthwatering pub fare like burgers, wraps, wings, tacos, and a lot more.

Also, its Bloody Mary bar is not to be messed with!

If you’re up for discounts or cheaper prices, Pub 111 offers Happy Hour.

The pub also has display screens, where you can watch your favorite sport, as well as a pool to play billiards.

There’s also live music on weekends!

Read a Book at White Lake Community Library

Keeping a great selection of books, White Lake Community Library is great for traveling bookworms seeking solitude when it’s time for a reading session.

The library holds more than 41,000 resources, including books, magazines, e-books, audiobooks, music, and more.

Kids, teens, and adults can choose from any of these resources with different genres that you can read at the library’s cozy reading nooks.

It’s also nice that it’s nestled back in the woods, where walking and biking trails are also wonderful to explore.

You can visit White Lake Community Library at West White Lake Drive.

Get Your Coffee Fix at Biggby Coffee

A Michigan pride, Biggby Coffee also nestles in Whitehall, serving delicious coffee in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Established in Lansing in 1995, the coffeehouse is popular for its drink options—both hot and cold, as well as its pastries like bagels, muffins, and more.

Its espresso and hot chocolate are all to be had!

Founded by Bob Fish and Mary Roszel, Biggby Coffee was originally named Beaners Coffee.

As of 2020, it has more than 280 locations nationwide.

In Whitehall, it’s located off East Colby Street.

Play Golf at Hickory Knoll Golf Course

There are 36 holes to choose from at Hickory Knoll Golf Course, and if you’re into golfing, this is a feat!

The course features beautiful greens and well-kept fairways for every golfer’s comfort.

Tee times are also not required, so you just have to go and play.

The trees are also placed strategically for more interesting and challenging plays.

Hickory Knoll Golf Course is popular among travelers who play golf and are on a budget as it offers inexpensive rates, just enough for you to hack some balls to unwind and have a good time.

Hickory Knoll Golf Course is located off Alice Street.

Grab a Hearty Mexican Food at San Marco’s Mexican Restaurant Bar and Grill

Craving Mexican eats?

Whether you’re having lunch or dinner with your loved ones, San Marco’s Mexican Restaurant Bar and Grill has a mouthwatering Mexican comfort food.

Don’t miss out on its delectable fajitas, enchiladas, chimichanga, carnitas, taco salad, and more.

And of course, your delicious Mexican food isn’t complete without the restaurant’s famous Margarita, which is cheaper if you get a pitcher!

Now it’s going to be mouthwatering Mexican food and Margaritas, right?

Go, find San Marco’s Mexican Restaurant Bar and Grill at East Colby Street.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Learn Figure Skating with the Muskegon Lakeshore Figure Skating Club

Learn ice skating with the Muskegon Lakeshore Figure Skating Club in nearby Muskegon.

Find it in Muskegon, Michigan, 21 minutes away from Whitehall.

This highly-respected volunteer organization at the L.C Walker Arena is known for its top-notch figure skating program for all ages.

If you’ve been yearning to learn figure skating but don’t have the time or place to do it, join the skating club in Whitehall.

The club provides in-depth figure skating classes to develop your ice skating skills for competition or recreation.

In addition, the club also organizes exhibitions and shows for entertainment.

Final Thoughts

Despite its progress, Whitehall has perfectly maintained its small-town appeal.

Whitehall is an excellent weekend getaway destination for those coming from Grand Rapids, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Chicago.

Whitehall remains a beautiful destination along Lake Michigan, thanks to locals preserving the city’s heritage, historical sites, and buildings.

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