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15 Best Things to Do in Whitefield, NH

  • Published 2022/09/06

Whitefield is a town in New Hampshire and is among the places in Coos County that are filled with picturesque sceneries and wondrous sites.

The area, with its thriving flora and fauna, offers naturally splendid spots that the whole world deserves to see.

The town has been remarked for the solid bond formed by its locals, who paved the way for establishing a community where even outsiders can freely feel warmth and affection.

It would be a waste of time to neither immerse yourself in their way of life nor visit the facilities they have refurbished for the general public.

The town also has its fair share of prestigious history, which it continues to uphold as a symbol of its collective identity.

With that said, should you be given a chance to visit the town, here are the best things to do in Whitefield, New Hampshire:

Enjoy a Delicious Meal at The Inn at Whitefield

Are you tired after a day filled with errands?

Consider dining at The Inn at Whitefield to re-energize.

This inn is situated on Lancaster Road, which is convenient for anyone looking for a place to hang out in Whitefield.

It’s a perfect spot to recharge after a long day with its wide array of dinner menus and starters.

You can also check out the pub if you are up for some fun and would like to groove to the music.

Spending your spare time at The Inn at Whitefield is a perfect way to catch up with the locals and experience their life in the community.

Witness a Dynamic Masterpiece at the Weathervane Theatre

If you have a soft spot in your heart for the arts, then the Weathervane Theatre is the place to be.

It’s located along Lancaster Road and has been operating since 1966.

With enough seating for up to 250 guests, this enchanting theater holds 11 main stage productions in 15 weeks.

Performances held here include dramas, musicals, and live comedies.

A hub for award-winning performances, the Weathervane Theatre has bagged numerous awards and nominations and remains a promising spot for splendid shows.

Unwind at Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa

If you think Whitefield is too small for desirable amenities, think again— Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa will prove you otherwise.

This resort and spa facility, deemed the town’s paradise, is situated on Mountain View Road.

It’s been open since 1865 and boasts various amenities that will make every tourist feel relaxed and at ease.

Aside from its indoor and outdoor pool, Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa also has a health and wellness center for those who want to improve their physique and strengthen their endurance.

You can also enjoy golfing, mountain biking, and camping within their spacious grounds.

Reach the Clouds at Vertical Ventures Aviation

If you are not afraid of heights, take up a challenge at Vertical Ventures Aviation.

This aviation facility can be found along Airport Road and is remarked as a place where you can get wings to fly and traverse the horizon.

You can avail of their 30-minute helicopter tour together with another passenger.

During the tour, you’ll be able to uncover a full view of the White Mountains, Mount Lafayette, and Franconia Notch and appreciate the town’s wonders.

Vertical Ventures Aviation offers an excellent way to get your adrenaline pumping and admire scenic views!

Find Your Daily Essentials at Whitefield Market n Deli

Whitefield Market n Deli is the epicenter of marketplaces around the town.

Located along Jefferson road, it’s where the locals shop and haggle.

Offering fresh produce, meat, dairy products, and other specialty items, this supermarket will surely not disappoint you.

When you’re in town, don’t miss the chance to stop by Whitefield Market n Deli and look for great deals.

Learn through the Pages at the Whitefield Public Library

Are you interested in empowering yourself with wisdom in a quiet space around town?

The Whitefield Public Library is the perfect match for you.

This public facility was established in 1904 along Lancaster Road and continues to fulfill its mission of providing the resources that residents need.

It’s one of the state’s nine libraries and was a creative pursuit of the late architect J. Lawrence Berry.

Aside from its community resources, the library launches a summer feeding program in partnership with Whitefield Market & Deli, where participating families are given gift certificates and food boxes.

The establishment also offers programming enthusiasts a chance to partake in the LEGO League held every fall.

Beyond providing books and other resources, the Whitefield Public Library is more than eager to serve the people—so what better way to get involved than by lending a helping hand if possible?

Reminisce Past Hits at Chris’s Nostalgia Shop

If you have a thing for classic hits from earlier years, you must check out Chris’s Nostalgia Shop.

This record store serves as a haven for people with a special place in their hearts for music.

They also sell vinyl records, which will work perfectly if you have a player for these at home.

It has a wide array of cassette and CD collections that sell for as low as $1 each.

Chris’s Nostalgia Shop is located along Union Street.

Unfold the Town’s Past at the Whitefield Historical Museum

Are you curious about how Whitefield has remained intact to its core through the decades?

You can find answers and more at the Whitefield Historical Museum along King Square.

This excellent facility remains a venue where the past convenes with the present time, housing antiques and other collectibles from the local community.

Pictures from earlier times depict how the town transformed into the progressive community it is today.

Visitors are welcome to arrange private tours of the Whitefield Historical Museum.

Reconnect with Nature at Burns Lake Campground

Are you looking for a place where you and your loved ones can spend your time outdoors?

If that’s the case, check out Burns Lake Campground.

This camping site, located on Forest Lake Road, is a recreational spot you wouldn’t want to miss.

It’s a family- and pet-friendly place that allows you to reconnect with nature and experience the simplicity of life.

Aside from backpacking, you may opt to do some fishing, boating, and biking around Burns Lake Campground.

Appreciate the Biodiversity at Pondicherry Wildlife Sanctuary

Pondicherry Wildlife Sanctuary is a prominent attraction in Whitefield, renowned as one of its “crown jewels.”

Spanning 166 acres, this spot is where you can befriend creatures from the wilderness.

The sanctuary’s scenic nature trails are home to a number of wildlife species.

Its highlands are a perfect zone where you can enjoy birdwatching and witness these wondrous creatures fly to the sky.

Throughout the trails, you can see how wildlife and vegetation thrive on the Earth’s surface and appreciate their significance in biodiversity.

Pondicherry Wildlife Sanctuary is located on Airport Road.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Delight Your Kids at Santa’s Village

Are you looking forward to spending more time bonding with your children?

What better way to relieve your childhood than by paying a visit to Santa’s Village?

This Christmas-themed attraction sits across Presidential Highway in Jefferson, only 15 minutes from Whitefield.

It features a water park, reindeer barn, souvenir shop, and other facilities where fun and games await you and your kids.

Various rides such as bumper cars, a Ferris wheel, and a kiddie roller coaster are also available if you want an extra challenge.

The attraction also offers a 3D film viewing and a light show that can be enjoyed even before the Christmas season actually arrives.

Santa’s Village guarantees that you and your kids will never leave the establishment with a frown on your faces.

Go Extreme at North Woods Rafting

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, North Woods Rafting is a must-visit while in New Hampshire.

The facility is located in Milan, only a 50-minute drive from Whitefield.

Adventurers keep returning to this outdoor attraction because of the effective safety measures they put in place.

That said, guests need not worry while traversing the raging waters of Errol Rapids in the Androscoggin River.

Both adults and kids are welcome to avail of this bumpy ride across the river.

If you want to lie low and just relax, you can also try their nature float trip on the river.

Either way, make sure not to waste the opportunity to embark on North Woods Rafting’s incredible splashy adventure.

Get Entertained at the Rialto Theatre

If you want to have a movie date with your significant other or loved ones, consider including the Rialto Theatre on your list of options.

This 90-year-old theatre can be found in Lancaster, just a 10-minute drive from Whitefield.

Despite that decades have passed since it opened to the public, it remains at par with modern-day theaters, with digital projectors, an updated sound system, and a new screen.

Catch the latest films while basking in the Rialto Theatre’s old-world charm.

Reminisce Nostalgic Memories at Little Village Toy & Book Shop

Are you wondering where you can shop for cute surprises for your kids?

Spare no more time thinking about this and proceed to Little Village Toy & Book Shop at once.

This precious gift shop is situated in Littleton, just 13 minutes from Whitefield.

You can browse through its wide array of book and toy options that your children will love.

By looking at the products displayed on the racks at Little Village Toy & Book Shop, you won’t be able to help but recollect your childhood memories.

Let Go of Your Stress at Schilling Beer Co.

Are you craving for beers you and your colleagues will enjoy?

Schilling Beer Co. offers the best ones around the area.

This European-inspired brewery is located in Littleton.

From Whitefield, it takes only a 14-minute drive to reach their place.

The team behind this brewery is committed to the continuous pursuit of excellence in making quality beer series, including Belgian-inspired ales, resilience beers, and Czech-inspired lagers.

If you have some free time to spare, drop by Schilling Beer Co. with your pals and make the good times last.

Final Thoughts

Whitefield is a hidden gem worthy of praise and attention from tourists worldwide.

Its sincere love for the environment paved the way for establishing incredible sites that will make anyone fall in love with nature.

Along with its nearby cities and attractions, the town invites you to enjoy the ultimate New Hampshire getaway.

Add this destination to your bucket list and try out all the best things to do in Whitefield, New Hampshire!

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