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15 Best Things to Do in Westmont, IL

  • Published 2022/08/29

Westmont, a place brimming with possibilities, is a village in Illinois’ DuPage County.

The first settlers of this village were the Potawatomi Indians until 1833.

However, it wasn’t until the great Chicago fire in 1971 that Westmont saw its beginnings.

After this, the village leaders declared the use of brick material for every building in the place for more sturdiness and security.

Now, the village, known for its warmth and friendliness, offers all sorts of entertainment.

Its suburban atmosphere and proximity to other larger cities also make it an ideal travel location.

Here are the best things to do in Westmont, Illinois:

Visit the Gregg House Museum

Exterior of Gregg House Museum

David Wilson, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Westmont’s historical escapade starts at the Gregg House Museum.

Along Linden Avenue, this landmark tells of Westmont’s earliest days as spearheaded by William L. Gregg.

He started the Excelsior Press Brick Manufacturing Company of Chicago, which became known as Gregg Station.

After dealing with bankruptcy, this property then fell into the hands of the Holy Trinity Catholic Parish.

It wasn’t until 1981 that the land fulfilled its purpose as a museum through the efforts of the Westmont Area Historical Society.

Currently, it serves to preserve the heritage of Westmont culture and success.

Explore the special exhibits and peer through artifacts and newspaper clippings presented.

If you wish your child to partake in historical studies, enroll them in a specialized program at the Gregg House Museum.

The Excelsior Experience and Victorian Tea Party are only some of the programs that offer hands-on learning for your little ones.

Enjoy a Day of Family Fun at Ty Warner Park

Are you looking for an outdoor recreational center where you and your family can share a bonding experience?

Ty Warner Park is a 36-acre community park on North Blackhawk Drive that may fit your taste.

This park offers a range of amenities for the whole family.

Its athlete’s corner, including tennis courts, baseball fields, and disc golf, is an ideal place to play your favorite sport with your family.

There’s also a walking path and a sled hill for scenic strolls and runs to clear your mind.

Your child can enjoy the park’s mini zip line.

Take pictures of the trailing gardens and rent a gazebo where you can settle your things.

To upgrade your visit to Ty Warner Park, play with your loved ones at the spray park.

Run around the Field at Veterans Memorial Park

Westmont’s warm and friendly nature is more visible with its various parks and playgrounds.

This is the same for Veterans Memorial Park.

This neighborhood park offers a spacious area for kids’ recreation and a venue for families and friends to play their favorite sports.

Among its amenities include two playgrounds, complete with fun equipment and obstacles.

There’s also a sand volleyball court and two baseball fields.

Lay out your picnic blankets across the lawn and take in the peaceful view of the winding pathways.

Veterans Memorial Park is located by the side of East Richmond Street.

Go Ice Skating at Muddy Waters Park

Muddy Waters Park is located on West 63rd Street.

As its name suggests, the park is home to a muddy pond suitable for fishing and ice skating during winter.

The park is also named for the famous American blues singer Muddy Waters.

In the spring, the site is also filled with blooming flowers.

Sprawl underneath the shade of the trees and watch as the clouds roll by from your spot.

If you’re feeling productive, come to Muddy Waters Park and bring your fishing gear with you to catch some Westmont-exclusive fish species.

Tee Up at Twin Lakes Golf Course Club House

Are you in need of a golf getaway on your trip to Westmont?

No matter what season, Twin Lakes Golf Course Club House is open to serving aspiring and professional golfers looking for an extensive venue to hone their skills.

It’s a nine-hole course layout within 25 acres of property.

More importantly, it features the woods and rolling hills in a scenic view while also adding to the challenge of the holes.

Inside, there’s an open-air tent that is ideal for those wanting to see but not take part in the games happening in the course.

To keep your morning or afternoon fun, much on some snacks and beverages provided by the clubhouse.

Drive around the place in the club’s golf carts and pick out the golf course you think best suits your expertise.

Twin Lakes Golf Course Club House is located on West 9th Street.

Attend a Swim Meet at FMC Natatorium

Make sure you’ve got your swimming wear ready when you drive to FMC Natatorium on Plaza Drive.

This 71,000-square-foot aquatic facility helps children and adults train their swimming skills.

The competition pool boasts a 50-meter space—enough for swimming competitions and the like.

There’s also a training pool where swimmers do their warm-ups.

The facility, part of the Ty Warner Park property, is available for local and national swim meets and regular swim use.

Sign up for private swimming lessons from the coaches working at FMC Natatorium.

You can also work on your cardio through aqua fitness classes, which the facility hosts on a scheduled basis.

Play Bowling at Suburbanite Bowl

Suburbanite Bowl offers you a fun time to bond with your group through bowling.

Built in 1957, it has become the go-to venue for those who want to go bowling and those looking for other indoor competitive games.

The bowling alley dedicates over 31,000 square feet of the inside to Stadium Bowl, with 32 new Brunswick Lanes installed in 2019.

Suburbanite Bowl also hosts leagues for your competitive streak.

These leagues include Men, Women, Mixed, Seniors, and Family.

Chill by the billiard room and play a game or two, or pick up a dart and challenge a loved one for a quick throwing game.

Find this superb recreational center on West Ogden Avenue.

Try the Beer at Whiskey Hill Brewing Company

Expand your beer knowledge with a stop at Whiskey Hill Brewing Company.

What’s interesting about this place is it doesn’t quite brew whiskey as its name suggests.

This is because the building was famous among residents as “Whiskey Hill” in the 1900s; the name stuck throughout for generations.

Look through the beers on tap, including the Queen of Bines and Links Lager.

Whiskey Hill Brewing Company is located along Zygmunt Circle and across Lump and Sons.

Get Local Farm Products at The Farm Westmont

For your local and freshly-grown produce, find it at The Farm Westmont.

This family-owned farm, extending 105 acres, grows vegetables, sourced fruit, and canned goods.

Since 1963, it has served the community with fresh products harvested from sustainable farming measures.

If you’re lucky, you might just come across ripe seasonal fruits to bring home.

The Farm Westmont also sources local raw honey, salsa, jams, and salad dressings from small producers within the community.

Get the best picks by visiting this farm on East 63rd Street.

Practice Your Skating Skills at Bellerive Park

While in Westmont, learning a new sport or improving at one you already know is always a good idea.

If you’re into extreme sports, Bellerive Park can give you the challenge you desire.

This unsupervised skate park facility features ridges, slopes, and rails perfect for skateboarding and biking.

If you’ve got rollerblades, you can join in on the fun, too.

Practice some tricks on uneven surfaces or learn from others doing them at the park.

Just be sure to bring a helmet and safety equipment; after all, it never hurts to be safe.

On 63rd Street, Bellerive Park stands out for its by-the-road amenities.

Enjoy a Skin Rejuvenating Treatment at GoPolar Cryotherapy and Float Spa

If GoPolar Cryotherapy and Float Spa isn’t in your planned itinerary, it should be!

This wellness center on North Cass Avenue specializes in cryotherapy and float therapy.

Both of these therapy techniques work wonders in pain management and physical recovery.

Not only that, but they also bring relaxation to heightened emotional and mental states.

Feel rejuvenated with a CryoFacial to your face and neck.

Relax at the infrared saunas and receive numerous benefits for your health.

Recharge and recover at your appointment at GoPolar Cryotherapy and Float Spa.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Westmont has its perks when it comes to historical and recreational spots.

But just in case you’ve completed your Westmont to-do list, here are other places you should visit in the nearby area.

See the Taxonomic Collections at The Morton Arboretum

Human nature art at The Morton Arboretum

Rajesh Vijayakumar /

During its early years in 1922, The Morton Arboretum‘s primary mission was to serve as an outdoor tree museum.

A hundred years later, the site grew to accommodate other plants and offer various leisure activities for the young and adults.

Sculpture of a giant troll holding a rock at The Morton Arboretum

Ken Schulze /

The exhibitions you can look forward to include the life-like statues and the taxonomic collections.

Purchase eco-friendly memorabilia from the Arboretum Store or stop for a meal at the Ginkgo Restaurant.

Sculpture of a giant troll looking over The Morton Arboretum

Big Joe /

Walking around the lush landscapes at this arboretum on Illinois Route in Lisle will feel like a dream!

The best part is it only takes you 20 minutes to travel from Westmont to get here.

Scenic view of The Morton Arboretum's lake

Kim Lewis Photography /

Bring Your Horse for a Ride at the Illinois Prairie Path

In Wheaton, 24 minutes northwest of Westmont, the Illinois Prairie Path offers you 61 miles of a peaceful trail.

This multi-use nature trail was the first US rail-to-trail conversion in the 1960s.

If you’re in a cross-country running team, this expanded space can help you get the exercise you need.

Along the Illinois Prairie Path, you’ll come across benches and drinking fountains to take a break between stops.

Parks and playgrounds also come up while you follow the trail.

Go on a detour to Forest Preserve trails, where you can immerse yourself in the wild.

Fly Model Gliders at Greene Valley Forest Preserve

The grounds of Greene Valley Forest Preserve

Ken Schulze /

Greene Valley Forest Preserve is an immense park with multiple trails, youth campgrounds, and picnic areas.

It is also a botanically diverse area, featuring oak woodland and wildlife species not seen anywhere else.

First purchased in 1926, the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County soon completed the amenities of the current site by the mid-1970s.

Its marked trails—expanding 13 miles—are open to bikers, hikers, and equestrians.

Fall trees surrounding mark's pond at Greene Valley Forest Preserve

Hank Erdmann /

Your dogs are free to go along with your outdoor adventure in the site’s off-leash area.

There’s also a designated area for your model craft flying and another for camping.

There’s so much to explore within Greene Valley Forest Preserve!

A 16-minute drive northeast of Westmont can take you to this refreshing natural preserve in Naperville.

Practice Your Aim at the Axe Throwing Course at Go Ape Zipline and Adventure Park

Who’s ready to go on a daring escapade at Go Ape Zipline and Adventure Park?

This adventure chain center will bring you closer to nature.

Feel your blood pumping as you go for the obstacle treetop adventure course, and end it with a ride to the zipline down the forest floor.

Enjoy the adrenaline rush of a free fall in the monkey drop, and practice your aim at the axe throwing course until you hit a bulls-eye.

Go Ape Zipline and Adventure Park is situated on Ogden Avenue in Western Springs and is only 10 minutes from Westmont.

Final Thoughts

Despite being a small village, Westmont easily competes with other large-scale cities in world-class entertainment.

From parks and clubs to more unique places of interest, it has enough spots for travelers to feel at ease.

Now that you’ve compiled the best things to do in Westmont, Illinois, are you prepared to go on an excursion in this modern village?

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