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15 Best Things to Do in Wellfleet, MA

  • Published 2022/11/04

Wellfleet is a town in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, known for its beaches, oysters, and its people’s love for nature.

The town is located between the “tip” and “elbow” of Cape Cod and was originally part of Eastham until 1763, when it became a town.

A large portion of its area is protected, with half being part of the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Wellfleet is known for its delicious seafood, particularly its oysters, as seen by its annual October Wellfleet OysterFest.

It also shared a part of some valuable historical events, such as the wreckage of the pirate ship Whydah and the first transatlantic wireless communication.

There are many fun things to do in this vibrant and friendly town, so check out the 15 best things to do in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

Get Some Vitamin Sea at Marconi Beach

Scenic view of Marconi Beach

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Marconi Beach is one of the many spots in Wellfleet to get vitamin sea.

Marconi Beach, named after the famous Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi, is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Marconi completed the first transatlantic wireless communication between the U.S. and England in 1903.

Sand trail at Marconi Beach

James Kirkikis /

The fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean is great for relaxing, and the roaring waves make it a popular skimboarding and surfing destination.

Occasionally, you’ll be able to spot seals lying around and chilling under the sun.

Come and have fun at Marconi Beach, accessed via Marconi Beach Road off Route 6.

Beach waves at Marconi Beach

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Learn about Wellfleet’s History at the Wellfleet Historical Society Museum

The Wellfleet Historical Society Museum is the go-to place to learn everything you need to know about the history of Wellfleet.

Positioned on Main Street near the town hall, the Wellfleet Historical Society Museum houses artifacts and historical records of the town of Wellfleet.

It has over 2,000 objects and artifacts and over 1,200 photographs dating from the 1800s.

These historical objects depict the town’s dependence on the sea for its livelihood.

It has a library with plenty of documents and other records to advance research and education in this field.

It also acts as the town’s center for recreation as it hosts a variety of programs and events for the enjoyment of the community.

Visit the Wellfleet Historical Society Museum to learn about this incredible town by the sea.

Appreciate the Artwork at Cove Gallery

Wellfleet has many art galleries promoting the town’s appreciation of the arts.

One of them is Cove Gallery on Commercial Street.

Cove Gallery is a popular fine art gallery that features the artwork of locally and nationally renowned artists.

Talented artists like John Grillo, Leonard Baskin, and Larry Horowitz, among others, have displayed their creative masterpieces here.

What makes this place great is the variety of art they display.

From wooden sculptures to watercolor paintings, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.

Cove Gallery welcomes people of all ages and interests, so drop by this awesome art gallery.

Go Hiking at the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail

Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail lined with trees

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Hiking is a popular outdoor activity because of the many benefits you can get from it.

The Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail elevates the hiking experience to another level.

Located on Marconi Station Road, the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail is known for its beautiful natural surroundings.

Admire the beautiful stunted oaks and pine trees as you make your way through mature woodlands.

As you continue your journey, you’ll come across a boardwalk that winds through the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp.

Your hike then ends at the starting location via the Wireless Road.

Go on a marshy adventure at the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail.

Explore the Vast Fox Island Marsh & Pilgrim Springs Woodlands Conservation Area

Fox Island Marsh & Pilgrim Springs Woodlands Conservation Area is the largest public conservation property on the Outer Cape.

This vast 57-acre land consists of pitch pine and mixed oak trees that form an enchanting woodland area.

It has several beautiful trails with varying distances, difficulties, and experiences.

As you hike along its trails, you’ll come across a spectacular view of Fox Island Marsh and Blackfish Creek.

Fox Island Marsh & Pilgrim Springs Woodlands Conservation Area has two entry points: Bakers Road and Pilgrim Spring Road.

Make time on your itinerary for a visit to Fox Island Marsh & Pilgrim Springs Woodlands Conservation Area.

Go Fishing at Wellfleet Charters

Fishing is a popular activity in Wellfleet due to the abundance of beaches, creeks, and other bodies of water.

So, it’s obviously a no-brainer to include it in your to-do list.

For the best fishing experience in town, stop by Wellfleet Charters.

Wellfleet Charters helps you get started on fishing by providing the necessary tools and guidance.

Meet Kevin Coakley, a licensed captain with over 40 years of fishing experience, as he teaches you basic techniques in light casting/jigging and trolling.

Bring your hats and sunglasses when you check out Wellfleet Charters on Wellfleet Harbor.

Discover the Beauty of Nature at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Sand dunes at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

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The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is a vast nature reserve dedicated to promoting the natural beauty of Wellfleet.

The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary offers visitors unique experiences that let them appreciate Mother Nature.

The hillside and shorelines overlooking Wellfleet Harbor provide a space for peace and relaxation.

Goose pond at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

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A variety of hiking trails lead to several habitats, including the salt marsh, beach, and woodlands that are perfect for wildlife viewing.

The sanctuary is also home to the award-winning Esther Johnson Nature Center, a green building with various exhibits and aquariums.

Explore the beautiful Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary on Mass Audobon Drive via Route 6.

Boardwalk at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

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Have Dinner at CShore Kitchen and Bar

Looking for an excellent dining experience in the comfort of the beach?

Look no further than CShore Kitchen and Bar on 554 Route 6.

Bob Willis and Kelly Oakes founded CShore Kitchen and Bar to provide a quality dining experience in a friendly and casual Wellfleet atmosphere.

Their menu consists of traditional New English cuisine with a touch of Bob’s creativity.

They serve a variety of local seafood specials, such as the famous Wellfleet oysters served with champagne mignonette and cocktail sauce.

Book a reservation at CShore Kitchen and Bar for an exquisite dinner in a relaxed environment.

Grab a Bagel at Bagel Hound

Wellfleet is known for its high-quality seafood, so it is a surprise to see you can get some of the best bagels you’ll ever have here.

Bagel Hound is one of the town’s premiere destinations for a delicious breakfast if you’re feeling lazy.

Ellery Althaus and his wife Claire Adams founded Bagel Hound on 955 Route 6.

After seeing Claire craving bagels (she was born Jewish), he decided to make her some.

It turns out that Claire thought the bagels were fantastic and Ellery enjoyed making them, so they decided to sell them to the people of Wellfleet.

They’re known for their assortment of delicious bagels and schmears, which cause long lines outside their shop.

Come and taste the delicious breakfast treats at Bagel Hound.

Stand on the Historic Uncle Tim’s Bridge

Structure of Uncle Tim’s Bridge

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Uncle Tim’s Bridge looks like an ordinary bridge, but it’s one of Wellfleet’s most historic sites.

Located on East Commercial Street, Uncle Tim’s Bridge, formerly called “The New Bridge,” was established in 1783.

Its name came from Timothy E. Daniels, also known as Uncle Tim, who set up a retail shop right across from the bridge in the 180ss.

Daytime view of Uncle Tim’s Bridge

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The bridge connects Wellfleet to the beautiful Hamblen Island, an area with scenic walking trails leading to stunning beaches in Wellfleet Harbor.

Uncle Tim’s Bridge is a must-see, so visit one of the most notable sites in Wellfleet.

View of a marsh from Uncle Tim’s Bridge

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Chow Down on Meat at The Block & Tackle

Another Wellfleet dining option that offers delicious non-seafood meals is The Block & Tackle.

The Block & Tackle is a restaurant situated on 545 Route 6 that serves the most delicious smoked meats.

All their meat options are gluten-free, so don’t hesitate to chow down on a BBQ plate.

One of their most popular items is the Pitmaster Platter which consists of several smoked types of meat chosen by the pitmaster along with four sides of your choice.

They also serve other comfort foods like sandwiches, salads, fried chicken, and a menu for kids.

A beer garden is connected to the restaurant serving various ales and wines.

Stop at The Block & Tackle to satisfy your meat cravings in the seafood-loving Wellfleet.

Watch Amazing Performances at Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre

Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre is home to the town’s most amazing live performances and entertainment.

Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre is founded to promote the silenced voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) artists.

The theatre hosts a variety of indoor and outdoor performances, such as operas, musicals, comedies, and more!

They even host kid-friendly shows such as the interactive “How to Cook Up a Good Idea” by MJ Halberstadt.

Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre is located on Old Route 6 Road, near the local post office.

Have Fun with Your Family at Wellfleet Theatres

Marquee of Wellfleet Drive-In Theatre

Britta Frahm from Munich, Germany, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Are you looking for some family-friendly fun and entertainment?

Then check out the fun things you can do at Wellfleet Theatres.

Wellfleet Theatres is an entertainment center near Hatches Creek that offers a variety of activities you can enjoy with your family.

The complex is divided into several sections: the Drive-In Theatre, the Cinema, the Flea Market, and the Dairy Bar.

The Drive-In Theatre boasts a 100-inch screen, and the Cinema has four indoor screens with surround sound to give you the best moviegoing experience.

The Flea Market is Cape Cod’s biggest outdoor market, with a collection of unique items for a fun day of shopping.

The Dairy Bar features handmade soft-served and hard-packed ice cream with varying flavors.

Come and have a wonderful time with your family at Wellness Theatres on 51 Route 6.

Book a Cottage at Even’tide Resort & Cottages

Wellfleet is a beautiful place with picturesque surroundings and a brisk atmosphere.

To enjoy your stay here to the fullest, why not book a cottage at Even’tide Resort & Cottages?

Even’tide Resort & Cottages is a family-run motel on a five-acre wooded area about three miles from Marconi Beach.

They offer different rooms based on your budget and preferences, but if you want to make the most out of your stay, you should book one of their cottages.

Their cottages have two to three bedrooms, a living room, a full kitchen, and outdoor decks with picnic tables.

They also have other amenities, including an indoor pool, a playground, and a mini-golf course.

Experience a fabulous stay at Even’tide Resort & Cottages on 650 Route 6.

Buy Souvenirs at Wellfleet Marine Corporation

A vacation isn’t complete without buying a souvenir.

If you’re looking for the best items to memorialize your trip in Wellfleet, the Wellfleet Marine Corporation may have just what you need.

Wellfleet Marine Corporation is a gift shop selling various Cape Cod and Wellfleet memorabilia.

What’s great about these items is that they’re made from recycled materials.

Grab some of their Driftwood Whales made of lumber and flotsam that have washed up on their shores.

They also have several rope wreaths, rope mats, and rope art made from used lobster and fishing lines.

They also offer boat rentals located in Wellfleet Harbor.

Check out the handmade goods at Wellfleet Marine Corporation on Holbrook Avenue near William H. Ryder Square.

Final Thoughts

Because of the variety of adventures you can experience, Wellfleet is undoubtedly one of Massachusetts’s most popular vacation spots.

The stunning sceneries from the several beaches and nature reserves make it a perfect place for outdoor retreats.

Additionally, their love for arts and crafts, as seen by the many art galleries and shops in the area, tremendously adds to the experience.

If you’re still unsure what to do, you definitely need to check out the 15 best things in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

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