15 Best Things to Do in Wasilla, AK

Wasilla, AK
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Did you know that Alaska is the coldest state in the United States of America?

The state hits an average temperature of approximately 7°C to 23°C in the summer and -7°C to 23° in the winter.

You usually don't want to do anything in such frigid weather—you can sit back and take a sip of a delicious hot drink by the warm fireplace.

However, Alaska's charming city of Wasilla doesn't just let you do that.

Being the fourth-largest city in Alaska, Wasilla has too many to offer to you for you to ignore, even under the cold weather.

The city has its fair share of picturesque natural sights and modern attractions— there's always something for you to do while in the city.

With that, get ready to explore the streets of the city and check out this list of things to do in Wasilla, Alaska:

Go Kayaking at Wasilla Lake

Scenic view of Wasilla Lake
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Wasilla is surrounded by lakes.

Because of this, one of the best outdoor activities you can do while in Wasilla is kayaking.

While you're kayaking, you'll see the astounding nature enclosing the lake and hear the still flowing of the waters while the fresh air brushes through your skin.

Swan family on Wasilla Lake
Sun Oh / Shutterstock.com

Aside from kayaking, there's plenty more to do at Wasilla Lake.

You can have a picnic around the lovely area and go swimming, fishing, sunbathing, and even ice skating during winter.

View of the sunrise at Wasilla Lake
Sun Oh / Shutterstock.com

Buy a Ticket at Wasilla Municipal Airport and Go Flightseeing

How does flying on a plane for sightseeing purposes sound?

Get yourself a ticket at Wasilla Municipal Airport.

The airport offers a small two-person flight that's best for a flightseeing tour around Alaska's famous attractive glaciers, wildlife lands, and more.

You can choose where you want to go flightseeing at a height of around 11,000 feet above sea level—Knik Glacier, Lake George Glacier, the Talkeetna Mountains, you decide.

Never miss out on this marvelous adventure.

Book your flights, plan them, and take an on-the-air tour around Wasilla's gorgeous sights.

Try the Beers at Bearpaw River Brewing Company

Bearpaw River Brewing Company, located at East Palmer-Wasilla Highway, is locally run by four brothers.

The manufactured beers come in many forms, such as in kegs, bottles, growlers, pints, and on draft.

You can also try samples of their brews while getting entertained by the owners.

The area is also cozy enough for you to hang out.

Bearpaw River Brewing Company is an excellent place to chill out with beers paired with pizza, salad, and other delectable side dishes.

Treat Yourself to a Train Ride with Alaska Live Steamers

Riding on a train can let you unwind from a long day and relieve yourself from stress.

On South Island Street, you can treat yourself to an unwinding train ride with Alaska Live Streamers.

There are miles of track laid through the dusky woods.

During the ride, you'll be able to catch glimpses of magnificent landmarks, peaceful villages, and other attractive sights of Wasilla and the rest of Alaska.

The ride takes about 25 to 30 minutes—the time is plenty enough to keep you entertained and free you from your momentary stress.

Get a Glimpse of the Old Wasilla at the Dorothy G. Page Museum

Formerly known as the Wasilla Museum, the Dorothy G. Page Museum will take you back to the old city of Wasilla.

Located on Main Street, the museum showcases three main galleries that feature the old Wasilla.

Intriguingly, this museum was named after the woman who organized the inaugural event to celebrate Alaska's purchase by America.

Her name was Dorothy G. Page, known as the "Mother of Iditarod."

The first gallery exhibits the change throughout the years in Wasilla.

The second gallery downstairs shows life back in 1906 in the Willow Creek Mining District.

The third gallery upstairs educates about Knik Trading Company and how the railroad shaped Wasilla today.

There are more galleries to explore in the museum with interesting facts about Wasilla.

Get a glimpse of old Wasilla at the Dorothy G. Page Museum when you're roaming the streets of this fascinating city!

Watch a Sled Dog Race at the Iditarod Headquarters

Signage of Iditarod Headquarters
Russell Lovrin, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Iditarod Headquarters is Wasilla's main attraction.

Located on South Knik Goose Bay Road, it is famous for its Iditarod sled dog racing.

The attraction is perfect for you if you're a fur lover.

You'll see fun races between elite teams racing a 1,100-mile route on the snowy tracks.

It also has a museum where you can learn about its history, a famous dog named Togo, and a famed racer, Joe Redington, Sr.

You'll also learn about previous highlighted races with footage and how the guides raise the Iditarod dogs.

You can even have dog-led cart rides while in the vicinity during summer.

Not to mention, the place has been running for more than four decades.

Make sure to include the Iditarod Headquarters on your Wasilla itinerary.

Have the Best Time at the Extreme Fun Center

If you're itching to have an arcade-like fun time, head to East Old Matanuska Road and enter the Extreme Fun Center.

Within the walls of Extreme Fun Center, you can enjoy entertaining activities, such as indoor rock climbing, bowling, driving bumper cars, and a gaming arcade.

The facility also has an area for children to keep them entertained safely.

The entertainment center provides plenty of amenities—laser tag, cart racing, and more.

Don't miss out on this fantastic entertainment, and have the best time at Wasilla's Extreme Fun Center.

Discover Wasilla's Culture while Shopping at the Wasilla Farmer's Market

If you're new to the streets of Wasilla, dropping by the Wasilla Farmer's Market is one of the best things you can do to get to know the city better.

Located near Wanderland Park on West Nelson Avenue, the farmers' market is a fascinating place to wander around as it lets you learn about the city bit by bit.

You can discover more about Wasilla through its local crafts and conversing with the city folks.

In the market, you'll find handmade wool, gifts, wood crafts, and plenty of forms of handcrafted arts.

Not to mention, you can try their delectable local food and get yourself a handful of fresh fruits and vegetables.

They also have lunch and dinner restaurants where you can enjoy good food and relish the pleasant live music.

Mark your Wednesdays and enjoy the streets of the Wasilla Farmer's Market.

Have a Great Round at Settlers Bay Golf Course

Golf is one of the perfect casual games to play.

At Settlers Bay Golf Course, you can enjoy golf to the fullest with its scenic views.

Whether you're a pro or beginner, they offer courses best suited for anyone.

The green pastures and the hovering trees that shade you from the sun are breathtaking.

The course has excellent scenery for playing golf or simply wandering around and delighting in the view.

What's more, they cater events, such as weddings and banquets.

You can even go camping on the fresh grounds and dine at the Albatross Restaurant within the golf course area.

Go to South Frontier Drive and have a great round at Settlers Bay Golf Course.

Tour Wasilla with Alaskan Tour Guides

If you aren't too familiar with Wasilla just yet, you can opt to get toured by Alaskan Tour Guides.

Situated at East Toiler Court, this tour operator will take you on excursions around Alaska's amusing landmarks.

You'll see the historic sights, scenic parks, gigantic glaciers, still and clear blue waters, and more nature platforms.

While they take you on tours, you can go fishing, kayaking, flightseeing, rafting, and hiking.

Don't hesitate to get toured by Alaskan Tour Guides when you're in Wasilla.

Uncover Alaska's History at the Alaska Museum of Transportation and Industry

Welcome sign of Alaska Museum of Transportation and Industry
Nils Öberg, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Alaska is one of the most exciting and beautiful states in the USA.

To further pique your interest in Alaska, head to the Alaska Museum of Transportation and Industry.

Situated on West Museum Drive, the famous museum is on a vast area for full-experience exploration.

There are plenty of historical venues in the museum for you to explore.

There are many art exhibits, artifacts, films, and the history of how transportation and technology molded Alaska's explorations and settlements today.

You can find an enormous trainyard with historic carriages, vintage airplanes, and tractors.

If you're looking for a place to visit with your family and friends, have fun uncovering Alaska's history at the Alaska Museum of Transportation and Industry.

Get a Spa Treatment at The Salt Cave of Alaska

One of the best things you can do when you're in Wasilla is to get a spa treatment at The Salt Cave of Alaska.

Located on North Yenlo Street, this unique wellness spa offers a salt treatment called halotherapy.

You'll relax while feeling fresh and young with Himalayan salt crystals.

The facility is cozy and comfortable, befitting of a spa center.

The Salt Cave of Alaska is a perfect place to treat yourself and rest, especially when you're stressed.

Have a Greek-Inspired Fine Dining Experience at Evangelo's Restaurant

There are American, Mexican, and Italian cuisines—but have you tried Greek-inspired fine dining?

If you have yet to experience this, Evangelo's Restaurant is an excellent place to try it for the first time.

Situated along East Parks Highway, this restaurant offers you a taste of Mediterranean cuisine.

It has been running for over 30 years and continues to serve high-quality gourmet dishes.

You can have pizzas, seafood dishes, pasta, and more.

Moreover, the restaurant can be rented for events like wedding receptions.

Don't miss out on the uniqueness of Evangelo's Restaurant when you're in Wasilla.

Have a 14-Day Adventure with Alaska Adventure Unlimited

A 14-day tour excursion around Alaska sounds perfect for a vacation, right?

Have the best adventure with Alaska Adventure Unlimited.

Located on North Caribou Street, this tour operator offers guided tours that let you explore the beauty of Alaska for up to 14 days.

During the wonderful two-week tour, you'll get to go flightseeing, jet-skiing, rafting, and more.

The tour includes plenty of amenities, such as meals, excellent accommodations, jacuzzi tubs, and more.

You can go with your family, coworkers, friends, or any company for an enjoyable adventure.

Level up your vacation in Wasilla by joining a tour with Alaska Adventure Unlimited.

Stroll through the Floating Trails of Wasilla Creek Boardwalk Trail

Scenic view of Wasilla Creek Boardwalk Trail
Paul Racenet / Shutterstock.com

Wasilla has a lot of natural wetlands around.

At Wasilla Creek Boardwalk Trail, you can go for casual strolling through its floating trails.

The trails, located on East Nelson Road, are easy enough to walk on.

It takes around 30 minutes to an hour to walk through them.

You can also stop from time to time and take photos of the tranquil and breathtaking views around the trail.

Moreover, you'll see Pioneer Park at the end of the trail.

Don't forget to take a stroll at Wasilla Creek Boardwalk Trail when you're in the city.

Final Thoughts

Wasilla is a stunning city in the state of Alaska where life is excellent and amusing.

The waters are clean, the air is fresh, and the suburban feel is perfect for an unwinding vacation.

The city is full of nature while offering plenty of entertainment facilities.

Moreover, the surrounding areas and neighboring cities are also worth visiting.

Pack your bags, prepare your bucket list containing the best things to do in Wasilla, Alaska, and have the vacation of a lifetime.

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