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20 Best Things to Do in Warwick, RI

  • Published 2023/02/20

The community of Warwick, Rhode Island, popularly known as the “City by the Bay,” offers year-round activities for local and foreign tourists.

There isn’t a dull moment inside the City by the Bay!

Warwick offers almost everything for both children and adults to experience its streets and over forty miles of coastline, from public parks and beachfront to golf clubs and lighthouses to countless stores and dining options.

The city’s amusing, charming, and historical attractions are ideal for a day trip or weekend retreat.

See the best things to do in Warwick below.

Stop by and Relax at the Oakland Beach

Sunset over Oakland Beach

Susilee Dean /

Oakland Beach is a neighborhood and a seawater inlet beach in Warwick, Rhode Island, on the shores of Greenwich Bay.

The historic beach, located in the city’s south-central district, has been there since the late 1800s, when it was utilized as a training area for the Rhode Island Militia.

Seagull on a rock at Oakland Beach

Susilee Dean /

Floating docks, boating ramps, and restaurants, among other amenities, are located near the shore.

People come to Oakland Beach for the numerous activities on the green: to stop by the sea wall, admire the stunning panorama of Greenwich Bay, kayak the gorgeous coves, promenade the coastline, or dine at restaurants.

The waters of Oakland Beach

PumaGator, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Take a Look at the Warwick Lighthouse

Scenic view of the Warwick Lighthouse

Anthony Ricci /

The Warwick Lighthouse, also known as the Warwick Point or Warwick Neck Lighthouse, was originally built in 1826 on the southern extremity of Warwick Neck and was the area’s first lighthouse.

It’s positioned just at the bottom of Warwick Neck and has long played an essential role in guiding sea boats in the upper section of Narragansett Bay.

This lighthouse, now controlled by the Coast Guard, has been the location of the Shawomet Baptist Church’s Easter Sunrise Service since 1923, and its green light, which flashes every four seconds, is a visual marker of Warwick’s early maritime days.

The lamp of Warwick Lighthouse

Allan Wood Photography /

Throughout colonial times, a light beacon was always placed at the location to assist boats traveling across Warwick and Prudence Island, then on to Newport.

The necessity for a real lighthouse at Warwick Neck developed as Providence became the state’s most significant seaport.

Visitors usually travel to the sea for the finest sights of the historical Warwick Lighthouse; nevertheless, some lighthouse sights are attainable from a nearby street.

Daytime view of the Warwick Lighthouse

Swampyank at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Go Shopping at the Warwick Mall

Warwick Mall is an indoor American retail mall in Warwick, Rhode Island, situated at 400 Bald Hill Rd.

It is easy to find, handy, and has something for everyone, with over 80 stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.

It has a food court and covers over 1,000,000 square feet of retail space.

The Lullaby Lounge, a dedicated restroom containing soft lighting and comfy chairs for mothers to nurse newborns in quiet and a television broadcasting children’s programming, is also located in the Warwick Mall.

Spend the day discovering everything they have to give, including simple snacks to sit-down meals!

Appreciate Nature at Goddard Memorial State Park

The quiet Goddard Memorial State Park

Rhododendrites, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Goddard Park, Rhode Island’s most popular Metropolitan Park, gets thousands of people each year.

With wide lawns, fields, and forested sections, the park provides a lovely natural setting with a variety of trees from all over the world.

Every year, hundreds of people visit the Goddard Memorial State Park in Warwick, Rhode Island, for its abundant options for outdoor leisure, making it the state’s most popular Metropolitan Park.

The state park offers a naturally attractive setting with pastures, wide lawns, and woods that include a diverse range of trees from around the world, with both evergreen and deciduous plants.

Weddings, concerts, picnics, and special events can be held on a nine-hole golf course, an equestrian event ring, bridle paths, picnic tables, sports fields, and a performing arts complex.

Treat Yourself a Delicious Meal at the Crow’s Nest Restaurant

The Crow’s Nest Restaurant is unquestionably a Warwick institution.

With its winning blend of fresh seafood, outstanding wine selection, and an assortment of oysters, this local staple has been delighted hungry customers for decades.

Whether you’re seeking staples such as fried oysters and sizzling calamari or a rare glass of Pinot Noir, the Crow’s Nest is prepared to delight.

Furthermore, with its wide dining area and warm environment, this restaurant is ideal for entertaining friends and family any day of the week.

So look no farther than The Crow’s Nest Restaurant if you want genuinely amazing cuisine!

Tour around the Warwick Center for the Arts

In the city’s ancient Apponaug Village, the Warwick Museum of Art is housed in what was once the Kentish Artillery Armory building.

The primary mission of the Warwick Center for the Arts is to bring the community together through the arts.

The Main Gallery is a welcoming and pleasant environment where distinctive and outstanding artists’ work is shown, with exhibitions alternating every 4 – 6 weeks.

Artists, both new and established, will discover a unique and welcome location to engage their fresh thoughts with the community.

Through exhibits, educational services, and cultural experiences, they link people of all ages and abilities to a range of artistic activities.

Engage in Fun Excursions at the Rocky Point State Park

A rusty arch at Rocky Point State Park

Rhododendrites, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Rocky Point State Park, which reopened in 2014 after almost two decades, serves as a remembrance for many Rhode Islanders from previous generations.

Nature paths, a ferry dock, an observation tower, motels, clambakes, restaurants, a swimming pool, excursions, activities, and concerts have all been held on the site during its 150-year history.

An abandoned ride at Rocky Point State Park

Rhododendrites, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visitors may enjoy the site where they formerly made so many memories while coming generations of park-goers can build new ones at the state’s newest seaside state park.

Almost all of the former amusement park at Rocky Point State Park is now open space, making it a passively used location.

Presently, there are still a few amusement park structures in the Rocky Point State Park.

Water tower ruins on the grounds of Rocky Point State Park

Rhododendrites, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Eat Out with Friends at the Shanty

A modern American restaurant, The Shanty, combines local farm-fresh cuisine with exceptional service in a welcoming neighborhood setting.

The Shanty, situated at 3854 Post Rd in Warwick, offers farm-to-fork food, a full bar, and artisan beers in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

They seek to teach and inspire other people through cuisine by showcasing local food.

The restaurant delivers delectable food that highlights local, fresh ingredients, as well as a wide selection of craft beers and traditional drinks with a dash of the unusual.

Breakfast items include chilaquiles, seasonal omelets, burritos, a lobster roll, sweet soy wings, and iced coffee drinks.

Treat yourself to a meal at this city favorite, and you will undoubtedly depart with a full tummy and a big smile.

Visit and Check Out Different Plants and Animals at Morris Farm

Morris Farm, established in 1915, is the 3rd generation of family-owned and managed land in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Throughout the year, Morris Farms, Inc. provides several of your annual outdoor, indoor, and culinary needs.

From early spring to late summer, a wide range of seasonal and evergreen plants are available, followed by the famed Chrysanthemums of Autumn.

Take a tour across their farm, and you’ll witness acres of veggies, herbs, flowers, and native corn, as well as several rows of various plants.

Continue just a little farther to view a variety of animals like horses, a pony, and the farm dog and cat.

They are a functioning farm for everyone, situated at 2779 Warwick Ave.

Stop Over and Have a Look at the Warwick Historical Society

Exterior of Warwick Historical Society

Wangkun Jia /

The Warwick Historical Society is the place to go if you want to learn about the history of Warwick, Rhode Island.

A collection of houses, furniture, and household objects housed at the Warwick Historical Society illustrate almost 100 years of personal life in this beautiful city.

The principal goal of the Warwick Historical Society is to preserve Warwick’s geography, antiquity, and natural, civic, and ecclesiastical history.

It is packed with antiques, photographs, maps, and family information.

The Arnold House was also added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.

During your tour of Warwick Historical Society, you will see a collection of pictures, historical and personal objects, farming equipment, cars, and machinery on show in the various buildings.

Order a Delicious Meal at Gregg’s Warwick

Gregg’s Restaurants & Taverns has been a local favorite and a Rhode Island classic since 1972, with four branches conveniently placed around the state.

They’re known for their award-winning home-style sweets and a diverse cuisine crafted with only the quality of the ingredients.

You may also reserve one of their function rooms and bring their award-winning sweets and platters to your event.

They are continuously striving for outstanding customer service, paying close attention to detail and selling high-quality items at a reasonable price while providing their loyal customers with the most impressive rewards program available.

Start making Gregg’s Restaurants & Taverns your go-to spot and discover why they’ve been a Rhode Island institution for over 50 years!

Come Down the Clouds Hill Museum

Clouds Hill Victorian Home Museum is a non-profit institution & home museum that has been dubbed “one of Rhode Island’s hidden jewels.”

It was constructed as a wedding present for Elizabeth Ives Slater’s marriage to Alfred Augustus Reed, Jr.

In 2000, Clouds Hill decided to open its doors to the public as a “gateway to the old days,” allowing visitors to experience late-nineteenth-century life in a household that had never left the original family’s care.

With links to three of Rhode Island’s most renowned textile families, the Gothic Victorian-style polished granite palace is strategically placed in downtown Warwick.

Much of the original furniture, and also family collections and exhibitions, may still be found at Clouds Hill Victorian House today.

Additional collections include textiles, ceramics, and much more, in addition to the house’s architecture and interior design.

Unwind at Salter Grove Memorial Park

View of a marina from Salter Grove Memorial Park

NayaDadara /

The George B. Salter Memorial Grove is a small park overlooking the Bay on Narragansett Parkway.

It also hosts several events during the Gaspee Days celebrations in Warwick, Rhode Island.

The city has restored Salter Grove, which itself is covered by an enormous breakwater and is a wonderful great way to spend a few moments or a day.

Gravel road at Salter Grove Memorial Park

NayaDadara /

Tourists are welcome to bring their pets as long as it remains on a leash.

While the George B. Salter Memorial Grove does not have any boat ramps, the coastline is ideal for embarking on most hand-carried boats.

Don’t miss out on visiting this park and resting in this Warwick tourist spot.

Aerial view of Salter Grove Memorial Park breakwater

Jstuby, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Grab a Beer and Watch a Game at Arooga’s

Arooga’s, located at 615 Greenwich Ave in Warwick, RI, features over 250 indoor and outdoor seating.

It has wall-to-wall HD Televisions with a picture of any game from every seat, and more than 40 beers on tap, including several local craft brewers.

They also have a large menu with everything prepared to order, including various vegetarian “bar food” choices, scratch-made starters, and, of nature, their award-winning wings from the Buffalo Wing Festival.

Arooga’s is a creative restaurant group that now provides two investment models: a classic sports-themed and entertainment-focused concept, as well as an urban design with a similar concept and a customizable layout.

Arooga’s has locations on the east coast; stop by their Warwick location, and you’ll be sure to have a good time.

Dig In a Scrumptious Meal at Iron Works

Iron Works, rather a gastropub than a typical tavern, delivers fresh and updated interpretations of American staples, all from a structure steeped in Warwick’s history.

With its closeness to T.F. Green, the area that once housed the Rhode Island Malleable Iron Works Factory is now a meeting center for residents and visitors alike.

Iron Works also has a robust beer and cocktail menu, featuring many of the regional breweries that contribute to the vibrant New England beer scene.

Pork schnitzel, black bean & chickpea burger, roasted veggies, shrimp & grilled cheddar scallion cornbread, tiramisu sundae, and many other dishes are on their menu for lunch, dinner, and dessert.

Additionally, the restaurant’s second floor includes specialized private event rooms that may be customized to your specific needs.

Enjoy the Beachfront at Buttonwoods Beach

On Steven O’Connor Boulevard, Buttonwoods Beach is a promising outdoor haven for beach lovers.

It spans at least 126 acres and is a sandy cove with various recreational opportunities.

This park features three baseball fields and paved pathways for cyclists.

It’s also a hit among children and visiting groups for its playground amenities and picnic shelters.

Everyone is free to explore the long sandy beach and take in the scent of the freshwater breeze.

Opt for a swim during your visit.

The scenery is worth it!

Buttonwoods Beach is within Warwick City Park–a tried and true Warwick attraction.

Play a Challenging Round of Bowling at Meadowbrook Lanes

If you prefer a bit of indoor gaming, Meadowbrook Lanes is the facility to visit.

This duckpin bowling alley has been serving the community since 1954.

And it’s a go-to spot for families or groups of all ages.

Unlike the standard bowling experience, duckpin bowling makes use of smaller balls with no holes and shorter pins.

Thus, this bowling activity makes it easy for even children to have fun.

Meadowbrook Lanes runs leagues and tournaments in different categories, including seniors, women, and mixed games.

It also comes with a snack bar, so you can fill up your appetite after working on building it up game after game.

This bowling alley is on Warwick Avenue.

Learn About Warwick’s Fire Department History at Greenwood Volunteer Fire Company & Museum

Greenwood Volunteer Fire Company & Museum offers a different kind of historical excursion for you and your whole family.

What once was a firehouse, this museum officially opened its historical collection to the public in 1973.

It features two buildings—one containing a banquet hall and one that houses the fire department’s artifacts and memorabilia.

Learn a thing or two about the personnel that once served the fire organization of Warwick some decades ago.

Some of the events this museum hosts include cookouts and fire truck shows.

Add Greenwood Volunteer Fire Company & Museum to your itinerary as early as you can, so you don’t forget!

This museum is on Kernick Street.

Watch the Sunset while Strolling along the Sand at Conimicut Point Beach

The sands of Conimicut Point Beach

Susilee Dean /

It’s always the best time to be out on a beach when you’re in Warwick.

And Conimicut Point Beach solidifies this point with its charming saltwater vistas.

Located along Point Avenue, this local beach is a leading bird-watching site in the city.

Despite its small size, it features a playground and soft grassy areas for picnicking.

Many come by this park to watch the boats sail and stay until sunset.

It also offers a glimpse of the Conimicut Lighthouse in the distance.

Conimicut Point Beach sits within the borders of a park of the same name.

Attend an Event at Pawtuxet Park

When you’re in Warwick, attending one of its small- or large-scale events is a must.

And what better way to catch an annual or monthly celebration than by heading over to Pawtuxet Park?

This popular outdoor events venue offers two acres of grassy fields and picnic facilities.

Its open area, as well as its stunning gazebo at the center, makes it a suitable spot for annual events, such as Gaspee Days Parade and Pawtuxet Rangers Encampment.

For the holiday season, the park gets ready for the Lighting of the Village Christmas Tree.

Pawtuxet Park is on East View Street, situated along Pawtuxet Cove’s banks.

Final Thoughts

Warwick offers a variety of activities, including art workshops, retail stores, and nightlife.

If you wish to spend some time outside, you may go to one of the city’s state parks.

Their schedule is jam-packed with activities that will nourish both the soul and the stomach.

Visit Warwick and the excellent places to stop over to spend some quality time with friends and family.

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