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15 Best Things to Do in Walworth County, WI

  • Published 2022/11/14

There is an excellent place in Southeast Wisconsin for a vacation.

This place is Walworth County, often called WALCO by the locals.

It features numerous attractions and lovely green spaces that amaze visitors.

Lake Geneva is one of the most well-liked sights in Walworth County.

Besides the lake, there are still a lot of attractions in this place that will make your visit unforgettable and exciting.

From historical sites and exhibits to outdoor adventures and delicious food, you’ll find everything you need here to plan the perfect trip.

Here are the best things to do in Walworth County, Wisconsin.

Enjoy a Long Walk along the Geneva Lake Shore Path

Foliage at Geneva Lake Shore Path

Thomas Barrat /

Walworth County’s Geneva Lake Shore Path is among the best spots to visit whenever you want to take a break from your busy life.

Take a walk along this 21-mile walking path shore.

The lake’s crystal-clear blue water will amaze you.

It is also a two-foot-wide, one-track walkway that circles Geneva Lake.

View of the waters from Geneva Lake Shore Path

Yinan Chen, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

It winds through the yards of both old and new mansions, allowing you to appreciate the architectural designs while walking along the path.

The Geneva Lake Shore Path is more than just a walking trail; it will also help you unwind and appreciate nature.

Indeed, everyone should go for a walk here at least once in their lives.

View of a mansion from Geneva Lake Shore Path

Lakegenevaestates, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

See the Horses at the Dancing Horses Theatre

With the dream of sharing and entertaining the world with her talented Arabian horses, Diana Montana made her longtime dream into reality.

That dream was the Dancing Horses Theatre.

The Dancing Horses Theatre is one of the best places for entertainment you can visit with your family and friends in Lake Geneva.

While building this theater for horses, Diana, and her daughters Danette and Danelle, also made a 40-acre Animal Gardens Theme Park.

The park is home to 40 hay-eating animals and 16 exotic species.

This theme park offers various tourist activities, such as pony rides, train rides to see Wisconsin’s native animals, and Deer Park, where you can feed the deer.

If you want to go to a place where you can pet, hold, and feed animals, go to the Dancing Horses Theatre in Delavan, Wisconsin.

Have Fun Playing Golf at Abbey Springs

Abbey Springs is a picturesque golf course neighborhood near Fontana on the southern shores of Lake Geneva.

This Lake Geneva golf course consistently ranks high on Golf Digest.

Recently, it has undergone renovations to ensure that all the bunkers are up to par.

This way, you can enjoy playing a great game of golf without any worries.

Due to its magnificent scenery, this place is also a venue for special occasions like wedding ceremonies.

Whether you prefer an outdoor wedding or a reception in a banquet hall, Abbey Springs will take care of you on your special day by providing facilities allowing you to accommodate as many as 200 guests.

This place also has a tennis program, indoor and outdoor pools, and first-rate exercise equipment, allowing you to try other things on the field besides golf.

Reflect on Life at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Parish

Located in Lake Geneva, St. Francis de Sales Catholic Parish is one of the iconic churches in Walworth County.

Aside from being an active Catholic Parish in Lake Geneva, the church also provides education to over 150 students.

St. Francis de Sales Parish serves 1,000 local families, welcomes all visitors, and offers a place to pray or tour the grounds.

The gorgeous exterior of this Catholic church is a site to see, with its curious tourists and devout locals.

The most beautiful part of the building is its towering green spire, which is illuminated after dusk.

Learn about Civil War History at the Webster House Museum

Touring historical places will give you a snapshot of the past.

Learn about Walworth County’s history at the Webster House Museum in Elkhorn.

This house was built in 1836 on Elkhorn’s former public square.

Composer Joseph Philbrick Webster owned it.

Nowadays, it goes by the Webster House Museum, a well-maintained white clapboard home housing artifacts from the Civil War and Victorian era.

Elkhorn’s history isn’t only preserved in books; it is on display for everyone at the Webster House Museum.

Visiting this location will also teach you about its history and the people who helped shape it.

Unwind at Fontana Beach

Aerial view of Fontana Beach

Panther Aerial /

Fontana Beach is a stunning area with ample grassy space near the vast sandy beach.

It’s also a fantastic place to live and visit because of its unique mix of exciting neighborhood events that both kids and adults will enjoy.

Fontana Beach has at least six public parks that would help you do outdoor activities, appreciate the lakes, and make friends.

They also have a picturesque residence that welcomes locals and guests with boutique shops and local restaurants on the western coast of Geneva Lake in Walworth County.

The wide, sandy beach has a grassy area where you can relax in the sun.

The adjacent pay station parking lot is convenient for those who want to drive to the beach.

You can also buy daily passes and concessions at the beach house if you need them.

Enjoy the Best Theater Experience at Belfry Music Theatre

Established in a former Baptist building, this theater will not let you down regarding live music.

Since 1976, the Belfy Music Theatre has become well-known for its long history of producing high-quality music that can inspire and entertain its audience.

In 40 years, the Belfry has produced 330 plays, including 238 Canadian plays and over 50 world premieres.

They also received recognition during regular tours to cities such as Toronto and Vancouver.

Located in Delavan, the Belfry Music Theatre produces up to 12 contemporary plays each year to promote cultural and educational events in the Greater Victoria Region.

This theatre always brings professional bands, recording artists from around the world, and the country’s best theatre artists to perform and provide all visitors with a memorable theatre experience.

Support the Artists in Gallery 223 at Geneva Lake Arts Foundation

Geneva Lake Arts Foundation is a non-profit organization that creates workshops, shows, lectures, and exhibits to support all forms of art and cultural activities.

With that goal in mind, the Geneva Lake Arts Foundation established Gallery 223 as a home for regional artists and a venue for them to exhibit and sell their artwork.

Throughout the year, Gallery 223 hosts six different exhibitions with various works of art created in multiple media, including watercolor, acrylic, paintings, pottery, oil, wood carving, and more.

Aside from the exhibit, they also offer classes for children and adults to learn about art, with some lessons, particularly for children, taking place once a month.

Whether you are an artist or an art enthusiast, Gallery 223 is an excellent place to visit.

Shop for Antique Finds at the Elkhorn Antique Flea Market

Do you have a habit of collecting old things? Walworth County has a place for you!

Known as the Finest Antique Market in Wisconsin, Elkhorn Antique Flea Market has become one of Wisconsin’s most successful flea markets.

Collectors and antique dealers founded Elkhorn Antique Flea Market in 1982.

Their passion drove them to establish a small flea market at the Walworth County Fairgrounds.

They only had 50 dealers then, but as the flea market grew, those 50 dealers grew to over 500.

During your visit, you will see a lot of refurbished merchandise and furniture, from glassware to pottery and anything else, in the attic.

Prepare your walking shoes, and bring plenty of pocket money and a water bottle because Elkhorn Antique Flea Market will provide you with an unforgettable antiquing experience!

Discover the Wonders of Astronomy at Yerkes Observatory

Exterior of the Yerkes Observatory

Robert Goode /

Yerkes Observatory began on a rooftop in the Kenwood neighborhood of Chicago in 1882.

Who would have thought that a 14-year-old boy George Ellery Hale and his telescopes started this observatory?

Hale’s passion for science helped start the historical Yerkes Observatory, which has become a famous destination in Wisconsin.

When you visit the observatory, you will learn about Yerkes’s history, astronomy, and the Universe.

Front view of Yerkes Observatory's exterior

Hussardigital, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

They will let you roam the 90-foot dome and use the world’s largest lens, a 40-inch refractor, and a 73-foot diameter elevator floor.

You are also free to roam around every hall, looking at the displays related to science, photographs from the 1890s, and other information about the Yerkes observatory’s history.

The Yerkes Observatory also has a gift shop that sells souvenirs, T-shirts, scientific kits, books, star and planet guides, and other items related to science and astronomy.

Treat Yourself at the Watershed Saloon

Are you getting hungry?

Why not go to Watershed Saloon to appease your hunger?

The Watershed Saloon has an inviting ambiance for you to enjoy unwinding after a long day.

They serve well-cooked potato pancakes, hamburgers, and fried fish that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

You can also pair their meals with excellent draft beer.

The friendly crew also delivers prompt service.

Unleash Your Creative Spirit at Nailed It DIY Studio

Misty Grant and Shannon Evans founded Nailed It DIY Studio in 2014 to teach people about DIY crafts by organizing hundreds of workshops and events.

With their slogan “We Teach, You Create,” the studio will assist visitors in transforming the project materials into something else, such as simple wood, into home decor using your hands.

The studio has nine locations in various states, including Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Nailed It DIY Studio provides studio time, take and make, and youth sessions about do-it-yourself activities that adults and children enjoy.

They also have youth camps for children ages seven and up, with projects that use materials such as fabrics, metals, and wood, similar to other activities inside the studio.

Youth and private parties are also available in the studio, where visitors can use the tools, supplies, and entire studio to produce a creation in their preferred style and design.

Test Your Wit at Lake Geneva Clue Room

The Lake Geneva Clue Room is the best place to visit for adventure and a fun team bonding experience.

Imagine being locked in a room, with the only way to escape being unraveling a mystery by solving the puzzles and decoding the clues.

Can you do it?

With three different rooms having different sets of puzzles, Lake Geneva Clue Room will provide 60 minutes of entertainment and excitement while challenging your teammates’ imagination, wit, and cooperation.

If you’re ever stuck on what to do for a birthday, company outing, or team-building event, give this escape room a try!

It’s a well-designed place that provides an enjoyable experience for puzzle solvers.

If you’re ever in Walworth County, check out this fantastic place!

It’s perfect for a day trip with family, friends, or colleagues.

Fall in Love with Mexican Food in Los Tres Hermanos Bar & Grill

Los Tres Hermanos Bar & Grill began with the birth of three brothers in the middle of the Mexican wilderness.

After a long day at the office, their mother would prepare their family’s secret recipes and fill the house with enticing fragrances.

Every family member would gather around the table to enjoy their family’s delectable meals, creating lasting memories for the sons.

The three brothers brought the same family recipes to Wisconsin after 30 years.

Try out their delectable dishes made from authentic Mexican recipes passed on for generations.

Try the taco salad, burrito real, fajitas, taquitos Mexicanos, and chimichangas at Los Tres Hermanos Bar & Grill.

You can find them in Elkhorn.

Experience Old School County Fair Fun at the Walworth County Fair

Food stalls at Walworth County Fair

Corey Coyle, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Walworth County Fair is the oldest and largest county fair in Wisconsin.

It is an internationally-acclaimed event that provides a complete package of entertainment experiences!

The Walworth County Fair, founded in Elkhorn in 1855, is a popular destination for thousands of visitors yearly.

With 100 acres of grounds, this fair offers more than enough activities to explore.

Wacky worm ride at Walworth County Fair

Corey Coyle, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In addition to the usual live entertainment, some beautiful campgrounds and buildings make it a perfect destination for those who enjoy being outdoors.

With plenty of fun rides, games, and exhibits, the Walworth County Fair should be at the top of your list of things to do.

This attraction is also known for its many awards recognizing its excellent facilities.

Rest assured that a visit here would be worthwhile.

Daytime scene at Walworth County Fair

Corey Coyle, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Final Thoughts

Walworth County is a place where you can have fun and experience excitement.

The Wisconsin county never runs out of attractions where you can do outdoor activities, learn history, and unwind.

If you’re looking for another vacation destination, these best things to do in Walworth County, Wisconsin, should be enough to convince you to visit!

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