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15 Best Things to Do in Walton County, GA

  • Published 2023/02/24

Walton County is home to the largest antique mall in the southeast and boasts a massive antique industry in Georgia.

The county is part of the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Monroe, its county seat, is known as a City of Governors for having seven politicians act as Governor of Georgia.

Established in 1818, the county was named after George Walton, one of the three significant figures in signing the Declaration of Independence.

Beaming with gorgeous tourist attractions, the county features beautiful cities, a town, and a few other unincorporated communities.

These places have helped put the county on the map for their massive contribution to its tourism health.

If you’re planning a trip to the southeast, the county is one for the books!

Here’s a list of the best things to do in Walton County, Georgia.

Visit the Moore’s Ford Lynching Historical Marker

Flowers under Moore’s Ford Lynchings Historical Marker

Jen Wolf /

Located at Highway 78 and Locklin Road intersection, the Moore’s Ford Lynching Historical Marker gives a glimpse of a tragedy in Monroe in 1946.

If you’re a history buff, you should know what happened around 6 in the evening on a dirt road close to Moore’s Ford Bridge.

Four African-Americans, George W. and Mae Murray Dorsey, along with Roger and Dorothy Malcom, were tied to a big oak tree and shot around 60 times at point-blank range.

Dorothy Malcom was seven months pregnant at the time of the killing.

Close view of Moore’s Ford Lynchings Historical Marker

Jen Wolf /

It’s said that 15 to 20 white men mobbed the couples.

The lynching garnered national attention, pushing then-President Harry Truman to form the President’s Committee on Civil Rights.

The Moore’s Ford Lynchings Historical Marker was erected by the Georgia Historical Society and the Moore’s Ford Memorial Committee in 1999.

Wander the Monroe Historic District

The city of Monroe has nine historic districts to check out.

The Monroe Historic Districts feature contributing historic structures built in the early days and are preserved and maintained to this day.

Most of these buildings are used for commercial establishments, which you can see around Monroe.

Discover these structures and learn more about the city’s history while enjoying your time with a drink in hand.

It’s worth noting that there are a few thrift shops here to see if there’s something for you or your loved ones.

Drop by the Monroe Visitors Center for more helpful information about these districts and the city.

The Monroe Historic Districts were all listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.

Step into the Unknown at Impossible Escape Loganville

Impossible Escape Loganville is your best choice for a thrilling adventure in Walton County.

This escape room offers a challenging and interactive space, which may look regular to you.

However, the room is filled with mysteries, hidden objects, and puzzles and requires you to complete the Escape Plan.

This is a lot of fun for families, friends, and co-workers seeking an extraordinary adventure.

Impossible Escape Loganville has different themes, including a beach escape, bank heist, haunted camp, and more.

It’s located at Harrison Road Southwest in Loganville.

Grab Your Comfort Food at Tin Plate Social Circle

Burgers and sandwiches go a long way, especially when traveling.

What makes it easy for travelers in Walton County is that many diners offer food that hits home, including Tin Plate at Social Circle.

Look for its delicious wings, burgers, sandwiches, Brussels sprouts, and many other specialties.

Customers also rave about the diner’s Pimiento Cheese, Bacon, and Jalapeño (PBJ) burgers, tater tots, fries, and pizza, among others.

Most of all, customers love the diner’s incredible atmosphere.

Don’t forget to try their craft beers on tap!

Get your comfort food at Tin Plate Social Circle at East Sycamore Street.

Shop for Antiques at Vintage Revival Antiques in Monroe

Located in the beautiful and historic Monroe Cotton Mills, Vintage Revival Antiques features almost everything you need for your home, fashion, collectibles, and many more.

This unique store fills your home decorating needs by focusing on repurposed, vintage, antique, and eclectic goods.

Many dealers occupy the space with many antiques and vintage offerings for everyone, from clothing, jewelry, souvenirs, furniture, and architectural needs.

As the Antique Capital of Georgia, Vintage Revival Antiques has raised the bar in maintaining that same title over the years.

Visit the store at South Madison Avenue and find what you’ve been looking for!

See Classic Cars at Sparky’s Machines Auto Museum

If you love classic cars, Sparky’s Machines Auto Museum has a beautiful exhibit of classic cars which are privately owned.

The museum offers models for viewing and even for purchase, whether resto-mods, hot rods, or muscle cars.

Information and details about each car come from the owners, forwarded to the museum for easy reference.

It’s a classic car show featuring a fantastic collection of legendary cars and original vehicle engineering.

The museum also displays big bikes that are up for sale.

Sparky’s Machines Auto Museum is located off Nathan Boulevard.

Get Your Coffee Fix at Rising Donuts

Kickstart your day with a cup of your favorite coffee at Rising Donuts in Loganville.

Offering the tastiest donuts in town, the shop also provides delicious coffee to its customers from around town and neighboring places.

Tourists will find the place pleasant with a warm atmosphere.

Its homemade donuts and fresh coffee will help you start your journey around town and the county!

Rising Donuts is located in Loganville Crossing on Atlanta Highway.

Tour the William Harris Homestead

Preserving and maintaining the rich history of Georgia, the William Harris Homestead offers the backstory of the Harris family.

The 1825 log house is on a 367-acre property with lush gardens, gorgeous landscapes, and historic outbuildings.

Public tours take you to the grounds and the historical sites, where you can get a glimpse of life in the past.

A docent will also answer your questions and discuss the history of the homestead, the Harris family, and 19th-century farm life in Georgia.

The William Harris Homestead is nestled in a small community in Campton about five miles from Monroe on Highway 11.

Stroll around the Social Circle Historic District

Brimming with history and culture, the Social Circle Historic District features about 200 buildings built in the early 18th and 19th centuries.

The district encompasses 132 acres of historic architecture, including Greek Revival, Early Commercial, and Late Victorian styles.

Historic buildings include the 1901 Social Circle Cotton Mill, bricked up in 1972, the Josiah Clark Town House, and a Plantation Plain building, among others.

The Historic Preservation Society of Social Circle maintains the Social Circle Historic District.

It was also added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

Read a Book at the Monroe-Walton County Library

Traveling bookworms can find solitude at the Monroe-Walton County Library, which features a great selection of books and resources.

Kids, teens, and adults can choose from the library’s different book selections.

The library features comfortable reading nooks and tables for research and study, with computers and WiFi available.

Movies, e-books, journals, audiobooks, and many other digital resources are available at the library for those visiting for reading or research.

You’ll love how the books are neatly organized; the library’s location is also easily accessible next to a parking and walking path.

The Monroe-Walton County Library also hosts different events for the kids and the community.

You can find it on West Spring Street.

Take Scenic Walks at Destination Park

Spend time with nature and relax under the beautiful foliage of pine trees at Destination Park in Loganville.

The 3.5-acre park features paved and shaded walking trails in the woods with green foliage, mushrooms, and a peaceful atmosphere.

If you’re bringing a picnic, you can also use the picnic tables in a covered pavilion, where you can eat lunch or snacks with your family and friends.

There’s also a playground with slides, climbing walls, and swings.

Destination Park is nestled on Tuck Road in Loganville.

Play Golf at the Creek Golf Course at Hard Labor Creek

The Creek Golf Course at Hard Labor Creek features a beautiful, challenging layout, pretty Bermuda greens, narrow tree-lined fairways, and natural areas.

The golf course has 18 holes with a par of 72 and is popular among tourists who want to take refuge from the noise of the modern metropolis.

There are many terrains and quick greens to test your skill.

You’ll love the picturesque hills, a mill pond, and beautiful natural areas surrounding the golf course.

There’s also a pro shop featuring Hard Labor merch and all other golfing needs.

The Creek Golf Course at Hard Labor Creek is located off Knox Chapel Road.

Bring the Family Together at Jersey Community Building

In such a small town, Jersey Community Building gleams with pride, offering a superb location for small family gatherings.

The center offers a space for special occasions, including birthdays, baby showers, or even a quick getaway with family and friends.

Picnic tables with barbecue grills are available to share lunch or snacks with your loved ones.

During the holidays, local small vendors sell various crafts, which is great for families vacationing in the area.

You can celebrate parties indoors or have fun with your entire family outside for fresh air and natural sunlight.

Jersey Community Building is located in a small neighborhood in Jersey on Main Street.

Raise a Glass of Wine at Fox Vineyards and Winery

It’s wine o’clock somewhere in Social Circle!

Sample Walton County wines at Fox Vineyards and Winery, which grows its native Georgia grapes and makes its wines.

Choose from its famous Bonnet Blueberry, Captain’s Choice, Muscadew Wine, Melanie Wine, and many other delicious fruit flavors.

You’ll also love that the winery offers free tasting for your purchase alongside a warm atmosphere and outstanding experience from the staff.

Raise your glass and enjoy an authentic Walton County wine courtesy of Fox Vineyards and Winery!

You can find the winery on Highway 11.

Have a Picnic at Mathews Park

Share a picnic at Mathews Park in Monroe, which features picnic tables with a gazebo and grill for barbecues.

The 28-acre park is an excellent location for families to share a delicious lunch or snacks, surrounded by natural areas and beautiful green spaces.

The park also has an 18-hole disc golf course, with holes 1 and 18 providing a little challenge of shooting over water off the tee.

The lake is also attractive, with fish, turtles, ducks, and geese playing around.

The kids can also enjoy playing at the playground with slides and swings.

Mathews Park is an excellent destination for those who want to spend a day closer to nature!

It’s located off Marable Street.

Final Thoughts

With a rich history, culture, and heritage, Walton County is a beautiful place to discover new experiences.

Take advantage of Walton County, Georgia’s best things to do, and create unforgettable memories.

Enjoy your trip!

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