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15 Best Things to Do in Walpole, NH

  • Published 2022/09/21

Within Cheshire County, New Hampshire, lies the town of Walpole.

The incorporation of this quaint area dates back to 1756.

It got its name from the British statesman Robert Walpole.

The villages of North Walpole, Walpole, and Drewsville make up the town.

Spanning 35.2 square miles, this town hosts a warm community, which greets its visitors with a smile.

Unlike other nearby places, the town preserved most of its original landscape.

Guests can visit farms, restaurants, and other spots that put nature in the spotlight.

Here are the best things to do in Walpole, New Hampshire.

See Artworks at Walpole Artisans Cooperative

Explore the Walpole Artisans Cooperative to see amusing artworks.

This spot was an initiative by the group “The Walpole Artisans.”

The group comprises local artisans and craftspeople who share a passion for the arts.

In 2004, the group decided to put up a cooperative gallery to highlight local artistry.

The Walpole Artisans Cooperative shows the creative output of over 20 artists.

Inside the gallery, you’ll see artworks made from glass, wood, fiber, and other similar mediums.

A tour around the gallery will also give you access to various artistic ornaments that are also up for sale.

You’ll also meet the artists behind the masterpiece and talk about the artwork they produced.

Head to Main Street if you wish to visit this hub of artists around town.

Dine at the Hungry Diner

Never miss a refreshing dining experience at The Hungry Diner.

You’ll come across this farm-to-table restaurant along Edwards Lane.

Chris and Caitlin Caserta founded this restaurant in 2017.

Visitors have praised the Hungry Diner for its use of fresh ingredients in their meals.

It sources its meat and poultry supply from the farms around the town.

The Hungry Diner also takes pride in its 16 craft beers that are a perfect fit for its food selection.

If you’re staying in the area, energize yourself with a meal from this restaurant.

Reconnect with Nature at Distant Hill Gardens

For a pleasurable encounter with nature, drop by the Distant Hill Gardens.

You can find this nature trail along March Hill Road.

With over 125 acres of land, it offers you a complete trip to see the area’s thriving biodiversity.

It serves as a learning center that emphasizes the importance of preserving nature.

Its Geology Trail extends to half a mile, surrounding seven geological features in the place.

Distant Hill Gardens has over 400 plant species in its cultivated garden.

Its Milkweed Meadow is a must-visit, too–a two-acre grassland where monarch butterflies stay.

During a tour of Distant Hill Gardens, you’ll also see creative sculptures on its premises.

With several wetlands, a variety of wildlife rests in harmony in this garden area.

Taste Sweets from L.A. Burdick Chocolates

A sweet adventure awaits you at L.A. Burdick Chocolates.

You can find this place on Main Street along with other attractive spots around town.

Its history stems from the expertise of its founder, Larry Burdick.

In 1987, he retired as a chocolatier in Switzerland.

Back then, sugar was the main ingredient in the chocolates produced in America.

Given his expertise in making chocolates, he came up with the idea of using quality cocoa beans in the area.

He was one of the few hopefuls introducing chocolate treats around the U.S.

With his successful pursuit, he became an icon for American-made chocolates in the country.

L.A. Burdick Chocolates takes pride in its Chocolate Mice, a sweet treat made after a 12-step process.

You can find and try a variety of chocolate treats around, which take over adorable forms and sizes.

It also offers delectable cakes and cookies with chocolate as the prime ingredient.

Try Locally Grown Meat at Walpole Valley Farms

Visit the famous Walpole Valley Farms, which supplies meat products across town.

Farming is a soft spot in the hearts of Chris and Caitlin Caserta, the farm’s founders.

From raising chickens for personal reasons, they decided to develop the farm as a form of living.

At Walpole Valley Farms, they practice regenerative ways of raising livestock.

Since they share the same founders, the Hungry Diner also gets its ingredients from this farm.

Look around and see its wide array of chicken, pork, beef, turkey, and lamb meat choices.

It also offers other dairy products, pet foods, and ready-to-eat meals from its supply.

Head out to Wentworth Road if you wish to take on a tour around Walpole Valley Farms.

Practice Your Swing at Hooper Golf Course

Spend your leisure time at Hooper Golf Course and practice your swings.

You can reach this golf course across Prospect Hill Road.

It got its inspiration for its name from the late George Levi Hooper.

Established in June of 1926, the facility was a response to the decedent’s will.

From his trust, he intended to use this property as a learning space for the town’s youth.

Now, this nine-hole golf course assists golf enthusiasts of all ages in improving their skills.

Drop by Hooper Golf Course’s Pro Shop and look for balls, shirts, gloves, and other sports equipment.

Roam Alyson’s Orchard

For fruit lovers, Alyson’s Orchard is heaven on earth.

Bob Jasse saw the land where the orchard lies during a skiing holiday.

Amazed by its grandeur, he and his wife, Susan, decided to unleash the site’s potential.

In 1981, they opened the orchard along Alyson’s Lane.

The couple drew inspiration for the spot’s name from their youngest child, who died at an early age.

Alyson’s Orchard offers over 50 varieties apples, berries, and the like in its 450-acre property.

Visitors enjoy picking various fruits on its 50 acres of outdoor yard.

Alyson’s Orchard is also a terrific venue for special occasions and celebrations.

Apart from its spacious outside area, its indoor reception hall can cater to up to 250 visitors.

Appreciate Local Flora at the Village Blooms

You can find the most aromatic flowers around town at the Village Blooms.

It offers a variety of floral arrangements that fit any occasion.

You can buy flowers of different sizes and colors on a per-piece or bundle basis.

Check out the Village Blooms and grab a piece as a token of appreciation to your loved ones.

For big celebrations like weddings, drop by the store and let them meet your expectations.

To reach this iconic florist shop, head out to Main Street.

Look for Fresh Produce at Pete’s Stand

Drop by Pete’s Stand and get your daily supply of fresh produce.

Along Route 12, you can see this family-owned farm serving the town for more than four decades.

Peter Janiszyn, a veteran of the Second World War, found the farm.

Then, he handed the business down to Michael and John Janiszyn, his son and grandson, respectively.

You can buy fresh homegrown vegetables are available within the 40 acres of Pete’s Stand.

It limits pesticide use by hand weeding, pest scouting, and organic chemicals.

In the case of unsold crops, Pete’s Stand donates them to farms around town as food for livestock.

Stay at Watkins Inn and Tavern

Book a stay and unwind within the premises of Watkins Inn and Tavern.

You can visit this inn on Prospect Hill Road, a few steps away from Hooper Golf Course.

Alexander Watkins bought the land where this leisure spot lay back in 1788.

In the 1800s, it opened its doors to the public as a stopover for travelers passing by the town.

In 2017, Eric Brandolini and CJ Lederman renovated this historic inn to attract more guests.

On the ground floor, you’ll see the tavern where you can take a meal to energize yourself.

Come across the inn’s top floor and choose among its four refurbished bedrooms that are up for rent.

Shop for Jewelry at the Curator

Check out the Curator and grab a safety pouch for your beloved jewelry.

Bronia Jenson, its founder, started her business with her fascination with silver accessories.

She got the idea after she made a pouch for her jewelry to prevent tarnishing.

In 1984, she established the shop, which offers a variety of jewelry care and personal care collections.

You can choose among pouches, purses, and small bags where you can store your accessories.

The fabrics it uses provide safety for your items and come in stylish appearance.

Visit the Curator along Wentworth Road.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Admire Local Craftsmanship at Sherwin Art Glass

Look around Sherwin Art Glass and adore its peculiar yet fascinating artworks.

Located in Bellows Falls, Vermont, this spot is only nine minutes away from Walpole.

Chris Sherwin was the person behind this glass art gallery.

He discovered an interest in glassblowing sparked in 1991, during an elective class in college.

He got hired at a glass facility as an apprentice and worked his way up to become a glassblower.

His collective work experiences from there drove him to build a glass art collection of his own.

In 2005, he opened Sherwin Art Glass, which has attracted art enthusiasts over the years.

Take a tour and witness animals, birds, and fruits sculpted as glass figurines.

You can buy items from the studio, too.

The team made each of them without any mold using hydropower energy.

Flip through the Pages at Village Square Booksellers

Grab a book at Village Square Booksellers and read to enrich your inner life.

Founded in 1992, this bookstore offers a variety of books for people of all ages.

You can find the bookseller at Bellow Falls, Vermont, only a nine-minute drive from Walpole.

Roam the Village Square Booksellers and buy excellent books you can give to your pals.

It also offers audiobooks for those who want a more interactive reading experience.

Frequent buyers receive exclusive deals, so make the most of this bookstore!

Relive Christmas at Santa’s Land USA

At Santa’s Land USA, you are never too old to be a child again and feel the joy of the Christmas season.

This Christmas-themed attraction is in Putney, Vermont, 12 minutes from Walpole.

Santa’s Land USA opened its doors to the public in 1957 and continues to delight people of all ages.

Its gift shop is one of its premier attractions, where parents can shop for surprises for their kids.

Bring your family and visit the fun house, mini golf, and carousel you can find around the area.

Order snacks from one of its concession stands as you explore the Christmas Village.

Work on Your Fitness at Glover’s Ledge

Stretch your legs a bit by exploring Glover’s Ledge.

Located in Langdon, New Hampshire, it’s only ten minutes away from Walpole.

This spot sits across the premises of Antioch University.

A series of property donations brought Glover’s Ledge to life.

In 2014, the university received 76-acre forestland from a resident of the area.

Another four-acre property and a building came from a separate donor in 2018.

The natural landscape of Glover’s Ledge is a mix of hardwoods and softwoods.

Records account for over 400 wildlife species thriving within its premises.

Hike along its trails to stretch your muscles while appreciating nature.

You can also research with your colleagues along Glover Ledge’s vernal pools.

Final Thoughts

Walpole is an adorable town where time pauses for anyone who needs a break.

Staying in this town separates you from the hustle and bustle of life in the city for a while.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Walpole, New Hampshire!

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