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15 Best Things to Do in Wakefield, RI

  • Published 2022/09/13

Wakefield, Rhode Island, features several different things.

The area houses many buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

It’s also the “commercial center for this part of Rhode Island.”

The place has drawn several businesses because of its location near most of Rhode Island’s beaches.

Whatever your cup of tea, Wakefield has plenty more to offer.

Continue reading about the 15 best things to do in Wakefield, Rhode Island!

Enjoy Performances at the Historic Theatre by The Sea

Exterior of Theatre by The Sea

Carol Ann Mossa /

Theatre by the Sea is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Since August 1933, the 300-seat theatre has provided entertainment for the people of Wakefield and nearby localities.

You’ll find this piece of history along Cards Pond Road, and the establishment continues to produce a four-musical subscription season annually.

There’s also a children’s theatre and a concert series.

However, not all programs are appropriate for all ages.

Theatre by the Sea doesn’t allow children under four years of age to see their subscription musicals.

However, you can let youngsters join their Children’s Festival productions.

Duel with Airsoft Guns at Extreme Airsoft RI

Along Kingstown Road, you will find a place where you can shoot each other without going to jail.

Competing with friends is an excellent way to bond, and Extreme Airsoft RI’s 50,000-square-foot playground allows for a friendly match of airsoft combat.

You and your friends can choose between Extreme Airsoft’s two arenas.

The first one is the City Arena, which is suitable for a close-quarter airsoft match.

Designed with varying covers like vehicles, themed buildings, and towers, this arena gets redesigned every two months to provide customers with the best gaming experience.

The other is the EAST Arena, which stands for Extreme Airsoft Speedsoft Tournament Arena.

While you’re there, why not buy items from their store?

Extreme Airsoft RI sells essential airsoft items, whether guns, tactical gear, parts, and upgrades.

Cool Your Palate with Brickley’s Ice Cream

Rhode Island is known for its beaches.

To help you enjoy the waves of the Atlantic, why not grab one of Brickley’s over 45 flavors of ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet, or sorbet?

Even the local Rhode Island Monthly recognized Brickley’s Ice Cream as the “Best Ice Cream in South County.”

What makes their ice cream special?

Brickley’s does their ice cream flavors the old-fashioned way.

They have followed their menu of homemade flavors for the last 30 years.

They also create exciting ice cream flavors.

Have you heard of their ginger-flavor ice cream? How about grape nuts?

Whether you crave the classic ice cream flavors or more outre fare, check out their Wakefield store in South Kingstown.

They open daily except on Mondays.

Go Bowling at Old Mountain Lanes

The place might have “old” in its name, but Old Mountain Lanes is a 24-lane modernized bowling center that started operating in 1960.

During the 1950s, “duck pin” bowling was all the rage in Rhode Island, and players manually returned each pin by hand after each session.

The construction of this bowling center helped the locals experience automated bowling.

What started as a 12-lane center quickly expanded to 24 lanes in 1961 and has improved since then.

Old Mountain Lanes offers 24 lanes of Brunswick Anvilane, considered one of the most slippery materials for bowling lanes, and offers family entertainment for all ages.

Play with Your Kids at Saugatucket Park

Bordering Wakefield Elementary School, the Saugatucket Park is the play space for the school kids.

Constructed in 1975, this 2.7-acre-wide park has become a community park with open green space, a basketball court, and a memorial for war veterans.

If you’re up for some quiet, this spot can offer you the atmosphere you want.

You can also expect new walkways, upgrades to current facilities, and a better tourist experience at Saugatucket Park.

Check Out South County’s Iconic Mews Tavern

This establishment started as a fisherman’s tavern in 1947.

Today, Mews Tavern has become a legendary Rhode Island restaurant and bar.

Mews boasts 69 beers on tap along Main Street, including local microbrews and limited offerings; in other words, heaven for beer lovers.

Try their delectable food items sourced from local seafood, meat, and products that change with the seasons.

Doing this helps keep things for customers fresh and exciting.

What’s more, you can visit Mews Tavern every day of the week.

Enjoy the familiar and fun atmosphere with a meal in their “tree room,” a large dining room with which the locals are familiar.

Whether you’re looking for alcohol or local cuisine, Mews Tavern is always ready to serve you.

Put Your Best Foot Forward with Wakefield Running Company

Are you prepared to walk around town?

Why not stop first at the Wakefield Running Company’s store on Main Street Belmont Market Plaza?

No two feet are identical, so how about getting a gait analysis?

Their team of professionals will measure your feet to find the best shoes for you.

Local walkers, runners, and everyone else can vouch for their footwear, each high-quality and expertly fit.

Athletes will also be glad to know that the company sells footwear from Asics, Brooks, Mizuno, New Balance, and other brands for all skill levels and needs.

You’d also want to plan your runs as the company has a run club that meets each Tuesday, rain or shine.

Moreover, expect to see the Wakefield Running Company whenever there’s a local running event in town.

Jam with Live Music during Wakefield RiverFire

Wakefield RiverFire is an initiative of the Wakefield Village Association.

The event is a series of free live music concerts every Thursday evening between June 23rd and August 18th.

You’ll find these intimate concerts in Downtown Wakefield on Main Street.

During the Wakefield RiverFire event, you can watch performers on two stages, the Sari Sanctuary stage and the Main Street stage.

You can also enjoy the atmosphere while committing to the association’s cause of helping end hunger.

Bands donate their performance, and your food donations can go to food collection baskets prepared by the Jonnycake Center for Hope.

Stay through the evening as you’ll see performances at the Contemporary Theater’s outdoor stage.

You might want to secure tickets for a better experience.

Likewise, you can marvel at the complimentary view from the bridge.

Go Kayaking along the Saugatucket River

A bridge over Saugatucket River

Pi.1415926535, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Saugatucket River and its surrounding watershed are home to fish and provide a scenic view in Wakefield.

The river itself has a significant connection with the Narragansett indigenous tribes.

“Saugatucket” means outlet of the tidal river in their indigenous tongue.

Its Narragansett name testifies to the migratory fish that make the river their breeding grounds.

One example is river herring, which make their way from the Atlantic to spawn in the river during spring.

Unfortunately, the place doesn’t recommend fishing here.

However, you can enjoy kayaking along this beautiful river.

Join volunteer groups that wish to protect the Saugatucket River.

One such group is the non-profit Friends of the Saugatucket, which holds cleanup drives to improve the river’s water quality.

Enjoy the Shows by the Contemporary Theater Company

Still on Main Street, the Contemporary Theater Company enjoys the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA) support.

The company offers classes to the locals, which help the residents pursue their artistic side, starting in September.

Likewise, expect performances and shows prepared by the creative minds of the locals.

You can help the company run its programs through donations, as only 37% of its budget comes from ticket sales.

The Contemporary Theater Company also offers classes like improv and music.

They also open summer classes with a broader selection, like filmmaking and writing.

Check out their website for a complete list of programs and shows to expect.

Learn the Art of Hand-Blown Glass with Glass Station Studio and Gallery

Have you heard of the Glass Float Project?

This fun personal project is now a world-famous art installation that has garnered nationwide acclaim across the USA.

The Glass Station Studio and Gallery owner initiated the project.

At the root of it, glass-blower Eben Horton left pieces of his work across Wakefield, providing a fresh experience for the community and its visitors.

Since then, various handmade glass struck out across beaches and parcels of land across Rhode Island.

Eben Horton continues to refine his craft with his wife, Jennifer Nauck, in their gallery on Main Street.

Besides their hand-blown glass, the Glass Station Studio and Gallery also contains glass and jewelry work from other artists.

You can also check out their online store to look at some of Eben’s handicrafts.

Check Out the Items at Belmont Market

The market on Kingstown Road is, undoubtedly, Wakefield’s largest supermarket.

Belmont Market started as a seasonal fruit and vegetable stand in 1947.

Now it’s a sprawling complex, with many departments offering customers a variety of items to purchase.

You might get confused because of the market’s huge selection, so start by getting baked food items.

Belmont Market boasts scones made in-store from scratch and features food items delivered from the best bakeries across Rhode Island.

Moreover, if you plan to cook your food while staying in Wakefield, you might consider buying ingredients here as they source locally, making their products fresher than in chain stores.

One interesting thing about the place is its dedicated birdwatching department.

If you keep avian pets at home, you might consider buying some seeds, suet, or feeders at Belmont Market.

Go Fishing with Maverick Charters

With Captain Jack Riley, your mates will enjoy the salty air of the Atlantic by chartering the 38’ Topaz Maverick.

Maverick Charters will help you navigate the waters of Rhode Island in search of striped bass, sea bass, bluefish, and fluke.

Or, if you’re into offshore fishing, you might catch bluefin tuna, cod, or even sharks.

The Topaz Maverick has everything, including a private bathroom and kitchen.

The ship can accommodate six passengers, and you’ll be sure your catch remains fresh with a refrigerator.

You can even store your drinks there.

Ride one of the Maverick Charters’ fishing boats from April through November.

Enjoy half-day trips that last five hours or full-day tours for seven.

Show up and always listen to instructions from the captain and the crew.

If your group has seven members or more, you can ride larger boats as long as you inform Captain Jack about your plans.

Support a Cause in the Hera Gallery

Named after a Greek goddess, this gallery on High Street is home to the Hera Educational Foundation.

The Hera Gallery assists the foundation’s mission to open discussions on gender equity and feminism.

Considered one of the earliest women’s cooperative galleries in the US, the Hera Gallery, conceived in 1974, has expanded its programs, exhibitions, and events.

At the moment, it features contemporary artworks in Rhode Island.

Curating and designing its programs to keep in touch with the cultural climate, you’ll feel the purpose and intent behind each featured artwork.

Likewise, you’ll be glad to know they are committed to presenting exhibitions with artistic merit and integrity.

Discover this passion for the arts from the grants and support they have received throughout history.

Celebrate the Fourth of July at Snug Harbor Marina

The Snug Harbor Marina is good for fishing or enjoying the salty breeze and sun rays.

You can enjoy its atmosphere when driving along Gooseberry Road.

However, you would want to visit this location on the 4th of July.

The place comes to life with handmade floats by the locals.

Visitors from nearby and outside the state flock to the Snug Harbor Marina to celebrate.

Moreover, this New England take on a national US holiday should be a refreshing experience.

Final Thoughts

Wakefield’s location makes it a bustling spot for commerce and entertainment.

Whether your interests lie in history, the arts, or having fun, check out these best things to do in Wakefield, Rhode Island.

Plan your trip today and discover the village for yourself!

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