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15 Best Things to Do in Vineland, NJ

  • Published 2022/10/07

Fueled by the manufacturing industry, the city of Vineland in Cumberland County, New Jersey, is a thriving community that strikes a balance between modernization and tradition.

In terms of area, Vineland is also the biggest city in New Jersey.

Diversity is also essential in this city because of its mixed-race population.

You can feel the suburban vibe in Vineland because of its demographics.

In the late 1800s, manufacturing and farming ruled the city, and various industries like clothing and glass started to boom.

Later on, the poultry industry also flourished in Vineland.

Many parks and open spaces will welcome guests to this New Jersey city.

They will also take a historical tour of Vineland through most of its top attractions.

If you want to travel with family or friends, here are the best things to do in Vineland, New Jersey:

Take a History Tour at the Palace of Depression

The stunning architecture will greet you during your visit to The Palace of Depression along S Mill Road.

This well-known landmark in Vineyard has undergone renovation through the efforts of the Palace of Depression Restoration Association.

Previously a junkyard on a seven-acre property, the Palace of Depression saw its beginnings through stock trader George Daynor.

When Wall Street crashed in 1929, triggering the Great Depression, Daynor lost everything he had.

So, he built the house from different materials he could scavenge from the surroundings, including mud, dirt, and other useful junk.

Daynor built a masterpiece with a fireplace and a door covered with shells.

However, issues and untoward incidents in the late 1960s marred the reputation of the building.

In 1998, the restoration association for the Palace of Depression started its rebirth with major renovations done to the attraction.

If you like to travel back in time, book a tour around the Palace of Depression.

Experience Nature at the Willow Oak Natural Area

Tall cherry and olive trees and green grass will lead you on the Willow Oak Natural Area trail along Landis Avenue.

A walk along this attraction will let you enjoy nature scenes, especially woodlands and various birds.

If you are a lover of birds, you will surely be amused by the sound of the birds at the Willow Oak Natural Area.

One of the most common birds here is the Gray Catbird, which can mimic other animals whose humming sounds like a song.

What many people also love about the natural area is that it is very near shopping malls; when you go inside, you’ll feel like stepping inside another world.

Let the Kids Play at Cunningham Park

Several play areas are available for kids at Cunningham Park along N. West Avenue.

This is a must-visit place for families bringing kids during their trip.

Cunningham Park has slides, ladders, a tunnel, and step tools for kids of various ages.

Parents should not worry because protective foam tiles are also installed on the ground.

You can also find picnic tables in the park where you can eat after the children get exhausted.

There are also shaded portions where you can bring your picnic baskets and set an area for eating.

Pet owners can also take their dogs for a walk in this peaceful and quiet park.

Don’t forget to keep them on a leash to avoid any untoward incidents.

See a Movie at the Delsea Drive-In Theater

As an iconic landmark in Vineland, the Delsea Drive-in Theater attracts visitors who love watching movies with the drive-in experience.

This theater is the only remaining attraction that offers customers a drive-in viewing.

Established in 1949, the Delsea Drive-in Theater became a go-to place for moviegoers in New Jersey.

Though it closed in 1987, the theater received a new lease on life after a husband and wife tandem started its revival project in 2004.

This project brought back what people loved doing most in Vineland.

When you drive into this theater, you will see a late-afternoon screening that lasts until nighttime.

Customers can also enjoy various snacks while watching the movies.

Check out the Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society

New Jersey’s oldest historical society is in Vineland.

The Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society is also inside the oldest structure in Vineland, filled with memorabilia like houseware, local inventions, musical instruments, and war armaments.

Starting just a few years after the founding of Vineland in 1861, the historical society has preserved records and artifacts of the city over the years.

You can find the Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society museum along S Seventh Street and different collections and exhibits there.

Likewise, you can listen to a lecture on the history of Vineland during your visit, as well as gain access to a library inside the museum.

Drop by the museum to discover more about the city’s history and how it developed over the years.

Watch a Show at the Landis Theater

Designed in the French Art Deco style, the Landis Theater along Landis Avenue is among the historical places in Vineland.

It opened its doors in March 1937 with a 1,200 seating capacity and offered shows like concerts and musicals to the public.

The theater became a primary source of entertainment for many residents, especially its musical shows and movies.

However, it stopped operation in 1987 and then reopened in 2010.

The theater’s revival cut the Landis Theater’s seating capacity to 750.

Now, it hosts various events and shows, from musicals to concerts and dog shows.

You will surely enjoy your visit here because of the fantastic sound quality and stunning visuals the theater promises its audience.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Vineland is very close to nearby cities and localities that offer travelers exciting attractions and experiences.

Many are just a few minutes away from the city center and accessible through main thoroughfares.

If exploring Vineland is not enough for you, go on a side trip to some famous attractions nearby this city.

Here are some recommended things to try and explore in adjacent localities:

Camp and Swim at Parvin State Park

The waters of Parvin State Park

vito natale /

Parvin State Park is the perfect destination near Vineland if you want to do various activities in one place.

You can find it in Pittsgrove, New Jersey, a mere 11-minute drive from Vineland’s center.

The state park hosts many tourist activities, including hiking, camping, swimming, boating, fishing, and hunting.

Parvin State Park opened in the 1930s as the home of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

During World War II, it became a summer camp for kids of interned Japanese Americans and a prison for German prisoners.

Small bridge at Parvin State Park

Cozmotography /

Finally, it became a temporary refuge for a Mongolian tribe.

Amenities at the park include cabins with a fireplace and a living room with furniture, tent provisions for camping, and picnic tables.

For those who want to go camping, more than 50 sites are available for traditional and trailer camping with beautiful views of Parvin Lake.

If you want to take a dip on the beach, you can also head to Parvin Grove, equipped with swimming necessities, including a bathhouse and a lifeguard on duty.

You can also try boating or kayaking on motor boats available at Parvin State Park.

See Thousands of Matchbox Cars at the Matchbox Road Museum

A one-of-a-kind museum of Matchbox cars is only an eight-minute drive from Vineland.

The Matchbox Road Museum along Pearl Street is home to more than 50,000 mini Matchbox cars and other brand memorabilia.

Everett Marshall III, the founder of the Matchbox Road Museum, began his car collection in the 1980s when the Matchbox brand announced its bankruptcy.

He started visiting toy stores to buy hundreds of toy cars in different colors and designs.

When you walk into the museum, you will see walls covered with these matchbox cars neatly arranged inside glass enclosures.

You’ll walk inside an enormous dream toy collection.

Bring your kids to the Matchbox Road Museum and enjoy a day of fun and discovery while checking out the thousands of toy cars in this attraction.

This place is in Newfield, New Jersey, nine minutes from Vineland.

Test Your Palate for Wines at the Coda Rossa Winery

Around eight miles from Vineland is a winery offering different flavors of wine that suit various types of customers.

Coda Rossa Winery occupies a 10-acre vineyard that cultivates grapes and produces around 1,500 wine cases yearly.

Named after the red-tailed hawks that thrive on the vineyard, Coda Rossa offers a variety of wines.

These wines include white wines, dry red wines, sweet wines, and other red wine varieties from South Africa, California, and even Chile.

Visit the winery and vineyard to taste limited beverage offerings from fresh vegetables and fruits from their plantation.

Musical performances and other events also occur here during weekends.

The winery is in Franklinville, New Jersey, 13 minutes from Vineland.

Marvel at the Exquisite Glass Collection at the Museum of American Glass

More than 20,000 pieces of American glass memorabilia are at the Museum of American Glass along Glasstown Road in Millville.

The museum features vases, containers, medical tools, drinking glasses, and many others.

Established in 1973, the Museum of American Glass is at the center of the Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center.

It gathers artists and their works from various fields into one venue for the exhibition.

Glass collections inside the museum are chronologically arranged from the 1700s and include descriptions for each group.

Besides the glass memorabilia displays, visitors can also check out other exhibits at the Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center, including wood carving and pottery.

You can also find nature trails in this attraction, with food and refreshments available for visitors.

The Museum of American Glass is in Millville, New Jersey, 12 minutes from Vineland.

Play with Colors at the Pinnacle Paintball Park and Airsoft

Located 12 minutes from Vineland, the Pinnacle Paintball Park and Airsoft along Delsey Drive in Malaga, New Jersey, is a prime destination for adventure seekers and lovers of airsoft.

It has more than 15 playing fields with different difficulty levels.

These playing fields include themes like biohazard, lumberyard, jigsaw, and castle, among others.

One of the highly rated fields here is the Valken Castle which involves an attack and defense strategy over a 30-feet court with three stories.

You can book games as a group or join other sessions as an individual.

Pinnacle Paintball Park and Airsoft promise a world-class airsoft experience while assuring the safety of the players.

All guests must wear safety equipment.

Visit Bellview Winery’s Tasting Room

Situated along Atlantic Street in Landisville, New Jersey, Bellview Winery is just a 14-minute drive from Vineland.

The 40-acre property houses a vineyard started in 2000 with an annual production rate of 8,000 cases of wily.

During your visit here, you can head directly to their tasting room which offers wine using locally-grown grapes.

They also provide food like cheese and meat to complement your wine.

You can also bring your food to the winery.

However, bringing other wines is strictly prohibited.

Bellview Winery has them all, from Spritzers to Sangrias and other red and white wine varieties.

They also revolve around wine offerings depending on the season.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an exciting destination, Vineland promises attractions and experiences that will leave you wanting to explore more.

It has plenty of open spaces to hike, stroll, and camp.

The experiences are also fun and exciting and offer something new to travelers.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Vineland, New Jersey.

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