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15 Best Things to Do in Venice, LA

  • Published 2022/10/04

People describe Venice in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, as “the end of the world.”

It’s not because it’s at the edge of the world but because it’s where the Mississippi River flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s also the southernmost point in Louisiana you can reach by car.

Because of its location, the small town of Venice is ideal for water activities.

As you reach the point where the freshwater of the Mississippi River ends meets the saltwater of the Gulf, you’ll explore the Louisiana bayous and splash directly into the Atlantic.

Here are the best things to do in Venice, Louisiana:

Explore the Venice Marina

Boats docked at Venice Marina

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At Sports Marina Road, you’ll find Venice Marina, the “Sportsman’s Paradise.”

The river delta provides a vast, nutrient-rich, and marshy heaven for anglers and inshore fishers.

Moreover, the bays and backwaters around Venice are full of redfish, bass, flounder, catfish, speckled trout, and tarpon.

Welcome sign of Venice Marina

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Meanwhile, you can go off-shore to the Atlantic Ocean for catching bigger fish.

For the most part, this is where you’ll meet with ship captains when trying to ride charters toward the Gulf of Mexico.

If you want to enjoy the peace of the Venice Marina, you can do so while grabbing a bite at the Crawgator’s Bar & Grill.

Big fish caught from Venice Marina

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The restaurant serves Cajun cuisine, from fresh seafood to burgers.

While in the restaurant, you might want to try out their seafood potato and gumbo.

If you can, ask the pleasant staff to cook your catch for the day.

A man with his catch at Venice Marina

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Spend the Day at the Pass-A-Loutre State Wildlife Management Area

Ride a boat ten miles south of Venice, and you’ll reach the Pass-a-Loutre State Wildlife Management Area.

Because of its location at the mouth of the Mississippi river, this area has associated banks, natural bayous, and canals interspersed with marshes.

Pass-a-Loutre State Wildlife Management Area allows hunting and trapping activities.

You might want to go hunt waterfowl or some migratory birds, with rabbits and deer as alternative prey.

However, you must observe seasonal regulations while hunting.

The area also has plenty of fish to catch, and you can choose between freshwater and saltwater species. ‘

You’ll catch bass, bream, drum, warmouth, crappie, catfish, and garfish from the marsh ponds, while speckled trout, flounder, redfish, and crabs are up for grabs in the marine waters.

The area also has multiple tent-only campgrounds, so bring one if you plan to camp out at the Pass-a-Loutre State Wildlife Management Area.

Stay at the Lighthouse Lodge & Villas

The Lighthouse Lodge & Villas is a 3.5-star hotel along Louisiana Highway 23.

Since 1998, the establishment has hosted many guests and visitors to Venice.

Today, it has a sprawling 62-room hotel with a fishing lodge to boot!

It’s the perfect getaway while enjoying the shores of Venice, Louisiana.

Their lodge offers breathtaking vistas from your balcony while also being near many points of interest in Venice.

You can find the Lighthouse Lodge & Villas on the west bank of the Mississippi River, and you have the option of staying in one of many of their beautiful rooms or private villas.

Whether you want a romantic getaway with your special one or a fishing trip with your buddies, the Lighthouse Lodge & Villas has everything you need.

Commune with Nature at the Delta National Wildlife Refuge

Migrating birds and many wildlife species rely on the lush wetlands and marshes of Delta National Wildlife Refuge.

Perhaps coincidentally, the refuge is part of the “birds-foot” shaped delta at the mouth of the Mississippi River found in Plaquemines Parish.

There’s an office where the personnel can accommodate you at Highway 434.

Still, if you plan to visit the refuge, it’s illegal to use surface drive motors within the area since it’ll destroy the aquatic vegetation that the wildlife relies on.

The Delta National Wildlife Refuge is a stop-over point for thousands of migrating birds and a nursery for many aquatic resources in Venice.

You’ll also catch a glimpse of wading birds’ nests and thousands of shorebirds on the mudflats and deltaic splays.

The Delta National Wildlife Refuge offers a unique experience for visitors who venture beyond the paved roads, across the Mississippi River, and into the marshes of the Gulf Coast.

Learn the Best Fishing Tips with Reel Tite Fishing Guide Service

The folks at Reel Tite Fishing Guide Service are experts in fishing charters in Venice, Louisiana.

Go through DeArmas Lane and seek out Captain Boola.

This lifelong resident knows where to go if you want the biggest fish when visiting the area.

Because of his expertise, the Captain set up a reservation system where you can call or email him through the site.

You’ll have fun fishing aboard a Majek Xtreme boat.

A sleek, low-sided, fast tournament-styled bay boat helps you go fishing, skiing in lakes, and running in Venice’s shallower saltwater bays.

You will need a valid Louisiana fishing license to enjoy the Reel Tite Fishing Guide Service.

Book a Stay at Venice Houseboat Rentals

Houseboats are a thing in Louisiana.

At Venice Marina, one company allows you to rent one of their floating houses.

Renting a houseboat from Venice Houseboat Rentals is a unique way to stay in an area.

The Venice Houseboat Rentals rents houseboats that can accommodate up to 8 people while costing under $400 each night.

If you bring a boat with you, you can tie them next to these structures; for peace. You can enjoy the breeze passing over the water.

Moreover, you can latch the houseboat to your fishing boat and charter so you can bring the comforts of home in your adventures.

Park Your RV on Stumpf’s RV Park

Stumpf’s RV Park is located in Stumpf Lane.

The park is large enough that one of Venice’s roads was named after it.

Stumpf’s RV Park has 16 cement slab sites which you’ll find minutes away from Cypress Cove and Venice Marina.

The park also serves as a campground with amenities like water, electricity, and sewer hookups.

With its well-maintained space and security lighting, the park is a comfortable area to camp for the night whenever you visit Venice.

The park also offers site rentals.

You can use their nightly and weekend rentals to complement your weekend fishing trip.

If you’re planning to go hunt and fish in the area longer, you can enjoy weekly and monthly rentals at Stumpf’s RV Park.

Fill Your Tummy at Changes Restaurant

Changes Restaurant’s motto of “one season at a time” also refers to how they use seasonal ingredients to satiate your hunger with traditional cuisine.

This seafood restaurant opens daily, and expect the food to use the freshest ingredients, served with your satisfaction at the core.

Changes Restaurant serves the bountiful waters of Venice with style.

If you’re up for it, enjoy dishes prepared with heart, from classic fish favorites to exquisite oysters, shrimp, and lobsters.

As the restaurant says, “You can never go wrong with eating seafood.”

Revisit History at the Head of the Passes Lighthouse

Venice, Louisiana, sees a lot of marine transportation passing by the Gulf.

One of the earliest lighthouses is Deer Island’s Head of the Passes Lighthouse.

Approaching the Gulf of Mexico, the lighthouse was established in 1852 as a 67-foot tower and moved to its current location in Pass a l’Outre in 1854.

The historical landmark became a Light Attendant Station, guiding boats on the Mississippi.

The structure had experienced a lot since its founding.

For example, a steamer ran into the bank near the lighthouse in the 1920s, endangering the structure with extensive caving.

The lighthouse operated until the late 1960s.

Today, a modern light marks the Head of the Passes Lighthouse.

Capture the Bounty of the Sea with Home Run Fishing Charters & Lodge

The Home Run Fishing Charters & Lodge provides the fastest and most fully-equipped boats in Venice to reel in giant game fish.

Go directly to their lodge on Hoist Road, where you can unwind along the tranquil shores of the Mississippi River.

The lodge accommodates up to 20 guests and offers inclusive service that covers three meals during your stay and a boxed lunch when you go out fishing.

Reserving their lodge makes it easier to hit the water as you’ll just be a few steps away from the boats in Venice Marina.

Head out to bluewater and reel in the likes of yellowfin tuna and other reef fish.

Whatever fish you’re after, the Home Run Fishing Charters & Lodge Captains can lend you their expertise.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Revisit History at Fort Jackson

Entrance to Fort Jackson

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Fort Jackson is a historical spot erected in 1832 to deter British attacks on Plaquemines Bend.

You can find it upward the Mississippi River and a bit north of Venice.

One of the most critical parts of American history was a ferocious Civil War battle where the Confederate troops failed to stop the advancing Union.

This moment in history granted control of the lower Mississippi River to the Union forces.

Two centuries later, the Fort has stood tall against Louisiana hurricanes.

However, visitors cannot access parts of the Fort, like its interiors.

This eerie atmosphere has enabled the rise of local paranormal stories.

If the supernatural scares you, visitors will have to make do with the parking area around the fort.

You can find a museum and welcome center half a mile before the fort, in Buras, 12 minutes from Venice.

Experience “The Greatest Escape” at Venice Fishing Lodge

Venice Fishing Lodge offers the comforts of your home in the middle of the Mississippi River Delta and the marshes of Louisiana.

You can find the lodge in Buras, Louisiana, 13 minutes from Venice.

Accessible along Highway 23, this establishment contributes to Venice’s other title: “The Sport Fishing Capital of the United States.”

Staying in Venice Fishing Lodge means choosing between eight bedrooms accommodating 20+ guests.

This makes the lodge perfect for groups of friends and large families to stay over in Venice.

The fishing lodge promises to help you “fish, eat, relax, and then do it again the next day.”

You can choose eight full-time captains to guide you to the Gulf Coast.

Your safety is their priority as these Captains are United States Coast Guard certified and trained in CPR.

Louisiana also recognizes them as good guides.

Fishing is the name of the game; regardless of your fishing skills, the folks over at the Venice Fishing Lodge will make you want to come back to Venice for future fishing trips!

Fish for Reds and Trout with Native Adventures

Many locals are familiar with the bird-feet-like structure of the Mississippi River Delta.

Likewise, many locals are captains who compete for your attention regarding the best fishing experience.

One of these services is Native Adventures, a family company established by Captain Allen Moreau and managed by his sons.

Native Adventures focuses more on inshore fishing, catching redfish and trout as their specialty.

Additionally, they provide river tours of the Mississippi River that last three hours.

They’re also game and ready to help you hunt ducks and other waterfowl.

Of course, duck season varies, so you might be shooting a wigeon one day and a teal on another.

You should get a duck hunting pass for this, though.

If these activities tire you out at the end of the day, you can stay over at the family’s Yellow Cotton Lodging.

Visit Native Adventures at Buras, Louisiana, five minutes from Venice.

Explore the Mississippi River with Delta Discovery Tours

Go up the Mississippi River to reach the Delta Discovery Tours, which offers eco-friendly tours of the river delta.

You’ll find them along Highway 23 and try out their popular tour, “Coastal Louisiana in Summary.”

This popular choice among visitors will let you explore marshes, swamps, and barrier islands towards the Atlantic.

As you travel along the delta, capture photos of natural wildlife juxtaposed with artificial buildings along the 60-mile trip.

Venice also has a local population of bottlenose dolphins, and Delta Discovery Tours will help you guide you to where they’re located.

Watch dolphins under the dramatic hues of the sunset skies!

Visit Delta Discovery Tours at Buras, Louisiana, 21 minutes from Venice.

Enjoy Duck Season with Cajun Fishing Adventures

You’ve read about inshore and offshore fishers.

If duck hunting is your game, the folks over at Cajun Fishing Adventures offer the best waterfowl hunting experience.

Try scheduling your visit during September, when the season begins with hunting for teals.

See blue-wing teals and the occasional green-wings go in the area.

When doing business with them, go to their office at Zee Ann Drive in Luling, Louisiana.

However, their lodge is further along Highway 23 in Buras, Louisiana, 15 minutes from Venice.

Wait until November through January for larger catches before planning a hunting trip with the experts of Cajun Fishing Adventures.

Of course, going after the birds takes patience.

If you can catch one, you can return to their lodge and let the staff clean your catch while eating a hearty meal.

What’s Cajun Fishing Adventures without fishing?

They will guide you to fishing spots for spotted seatrout, black drum, and flounders in the area.

Final Thoughts

The so-called “end of the world” isn’t a scary place, after all.

With its lush wetlands and position on the Gulf Coast, Venice merges the fun of the Mississippi River with the adventure of the Atlantic Ocean.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Venice, Louisiana!

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