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20 Best Things to Do in Turlock, CA

  • Published 2022/09/30

In the state of California, the city of Turlock in Stanislaus County offers so many activities – from romantic getaways to adrenaline rush-inducing outdoor sports.

There are also those designed for history buffs, food trip lovers, and artsy visitors.

If you plan to take the route towards the second biggest Stanislaus city, you will be surprised by the many options you can find.

There are so many reasons why Turlock, CA, is called the Heart of the Valley, and one of these is that it’s home to countless breathtaking views and outstanding landscapes.

Here are 20 of the best things you can do when in Turlock, California:

Go on a Romantic Date at Carnegie Arts Center

If you are traveling with your partner to the city, you can set a romantic date at Carnegie Arts Center from 10 am to 5 pm between Wednesday and Saturday and from 11 am to 4 pm on Sunday.

You can walk around the art gallery while holding hands, appreciating the different pieces made by local and national artists.

Savor the moment by learning more about the richness of the city’s culture and getting a glimpse of its diverse views in arts.

What operated as the Carnegie Library from 1916 until 1968 was transformed later on into an arts center.

Since 1979, the Carnegie Arts Center has been the city’s resource to educate the community and the tourists and discover more about the locality through arts.

Meanwhile, if you are not visiting the place with your partner alone, you can also bring your entire family to make your getaway even more worthwhile.

Discover the City’s Past at Turlock Historical Society Museum

Complete your tour of the city by discovering the many interesting facts about it.

Never leave Turlock without dropping by the Turlock Historical Society Museum along 108 S. Center Street, and get awed by the vintage photos and documents, artifacts, and even the old city maps displayed in the exhibits.

The many relics will give you a picture of the city’s past and how it has transformed over the years.

Since its launch in August 2003, the Turlock Historical Society Museum has been the go-to place for those who find history enigmatic and want to witness the architectural concept of the California Mission style.

One share-worthy fact about the museum is that it used to be the Palace Meat Market, which operated from 1911 until around 1999 before the past owners transferred its ownership to the Turlock Historical Society.

Before leaving this place, make sure to do two things: read the plaque of dedication outside the museum to know the people behind the attraction’s establishment and buy some memorabilia at the gift shop.

Get Thrilled at the Ranch of Horror

If you always look for an activity that can give you an adrenaline rush, the Ranch of Horror is for you.

This attraction at 900 N Broadway offers more or less 13 heart-pumping adventures that will leave you screaming at the top of your lungs.

Do not misunderstand the screams, though, as these are indications of something fun and not of something that could break your heart.

The Turlock Fairgrounds is the venue for these exhilarating activities that can satisfy thrill-seekers.

The Zombie Escape and House of Dystopia are just two of the many attractions that can gratify your hunger for scary yet fun activities.

Bring Out the Artist in You at Rembrandt & Rose

You do not have to be an artist to be part of the painting sessions at Rembrandt & Rose.

There’s no requirement that only those with artistic hands and brilliant concepts can enjoy this paint and sip studio at 121 W Main Street.

Their activities are open to everyone, and it does not matter if you are a learned painter or just someone who wants to try it for the first time.

While you might be familiar with art or painting studios, the concept of Rembrandt & Rose is different since it allows its visitors to enjoy their favorite drinks while playing with their brush to come up with a masterpiece.

You can even book a private party with them to experience a unique kind of celebration.

Watch Live Shows at Turlock Community Theater

The movie houses may give you the chance to see your favorite actors on the big screen, but seeing the professional artists’ acting prowess on stage is a different level of excitement.

The Turlock Community Theater is a favorite destination among those who opt to watch live performances.

Since March 1999, the theater at 1574 E Canal Drive has offered a wide variety of shows – from symphony and big band music to musicals and choral performances.

The dance shows are also in various genres, including ballet, jazz, modern, and ethnic.

Dine and Play at Ten Pin Fun Center

It would be great to find a variety of good food and fun activities in a single venue, right?

This is sometimes your idea of a perfect place to hang out with your cousins and friends.

At Ten Pin Fun Center, you can find a restaurant that offers a full menu of meals that you might want to try first before checking the 34 bowling lanes that boast state-of-the-art features.

Apart from the high-tech bowling lanes, you can also reserve a nook at the Outdoor Beer Garden or an entire room, where you can have privacy while partying the night away.

The Ten Pin Fun Center also has events that you and your group can participate in.

Your trip to the city could be your much-awaited time to showcase your skills in bowling!

Embrace Wellness at Valley Vibes

Your value for wellness makes it essential to find a vacation destination that will allow you to continue with your healthy lifestyle habits.

The city of Turlock in California has Valley Vibes that can assist in maintaining your exercise routine while on vacation.

It has outdoor fitness and community events that the owners specifically designed for your physical and mental health.

Meanwhile, you can request a private coaching session if you are not comfortable having other people around while you do your regular mind and body-boosting moves.

If you are with your family or friends, you can book for a private event instead of meditation or yoga with only the most comfortable people.

Test Your Stamina and Biking Skills at the BMX Bike Park

The BMX Bike Park must be part of your trip plan if you want to try doing an outdoor activity in another city.

The Walnut/Christoffersen Storm Basin along 4013 N. Walnut Avenue is home to the bike park that accommodates beginners and bikers with more advanced skills.

Located in the northwest portion of the storm basin, it features three different jumps in varying levels.

When considering a visit to the BMX Bike Park, make sure to wear a helmet and knee and elbow pads for safety.

Wearing complete safety gear is mandatory inside the park.

Shop Until You Drop at Monte Vista Crossings Shopping Center

If you are a self-confessed shopaholic, or some members of your group have endless energy for shopping, there is a place in Turlock, California, that can make your eyes sparkle the whole time.

The Monte Vista Crossings Shopping Center provides you with an array of options that would make you hop from one brand to another like there is no tomorrow.

You might even disregard the screams of your tired feet because of the several good deals that you will see here.

With its 181,780-square foot area teeming with shops, you definitely have so much to look forward to.

You can also find several famous retailers of apparel, health supplements, and home decorations, among others.

You can find the Monte Vista Crossings Shopping Center at Monte Vista Avenue and Route 99 in Turlock, California.

Have a Taste of the City’s Fresh Produce at the Turlock Certified Farmers’ Market

The city does not only take pride in enticing tourist attractions and exciting activities, but it is also famous for its farmers’ market every Saturday, from 8 am to 1 pm.

The Turlock Certified Farmers Market took a relatively long way before settling in its current location in 2016.

The people behind the fair used to hold the event in Turlock’s downtown area in 2010, but it was transferred to the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds.

The present spot of the fair was likewise the location of the first-ever melon festival in the city in 1912, which makes the place more interesting because of its historical value.

You can shop for fresh vegetables, fruits, and other locally produced items at the Turlock Certified Farmers Market.

Have a Fun Picnic at Donnelly Park

When going to Turlock, include in your itinerary the Donnelly Park where you can mount a picnic for all your family members.

The tourist destination’s 40-acre area has enough spaces for families to enjoy some barbecue.

The young children can bond together in any two large parks, while the bigger ones, including adults, can play basketball in the half-court area.

You can also encourage your family to try the ‘chasing and fleeing’ game in one of the open spaces inside the city’s premier park.

Make sure, though, that you arrive at the park early so that you won’t end up wasting your energy in bringing your picnic essentials since the picnic sites are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Get Mesmerized at the Pageo Lavender Farm

Have you ever seen a wide field planted with Loddon Blue and Grosso lavender?

A trip to the Pageo Lavender Farm is among the many things you can do in Turlock, California,

Bring your family and friends and get mesmerized together by the beautiful blooms of lavender.

The Loddon Blue (English Lavender) variety that the farm grows can be processed for culinary purposes and as an ingredient of bath products.

Meanwhile, you can use the Grosso for various purposes, such as producing lavender oil and soap.

When at the farm, do not forget to take as many photos as you can, with the gorgeous lavender as your backdrop.

It can also be your best option as your wedding or birthday celebration venue.

Try the Best-Tasting Honey and Wine at Tsymbal Winery

The Tsymbal Winery along 4231 Idaho Road serves you with unique variants of honey and wine that make it unique from the other honey and wine producers in the area.

Its menu features honey in exciting variants, such as wildflower, blueberry, and clover, offered in small and large packages.

If you want natural honey, you can check for it at the winery as well.

At the same time, they made their wine products using the finest ingredients, and each of them comes in exciting flavors.

The wine flavors on their menu are the California Bouquet (a mixture of honey, plum, cherry, and raspberry) and Sunbeam (a combination of honey, apricot, plum, orange, nectarine, and raisins).

Play and Network at Turlock Golf & Country Club

Whether you are in the city for a personal or business trip, the Turlock Golf & Country Club is a place to unwind.

The country club at 10532 N. Golf Link Road, among the oldest in the Central California Valley region, has been a favorite spot for golfers because of its well-maintained facilities.

It has an expansive driving range that makes moving around more convenient.

The 18-hole family golf course comes with water hazards and bunkers to complete each game.

The Turlock Golf & Country Club has been a venue for people to socialize and meet new friends and old colleagues for more than nine decades now.

Explore the University Art Gallery

The University Arty Gallery does not only focus on showcasing the artistic side of Turlock because there is more to it than what meets the eye.

Since its establishment, it has always been evident among the people behind it that it should supplement the university’s art program.

The builders designed it to become the platform where aspiring and professional artists can showcase their artistic expressions.

Apart from that, it has also been a setting to promote diversity in culture, gender, and ethnicity.

Therefore, your trip to the University Arty Gallery can be a mind-enriching activity for you and your family and friends.

See Fluffy Creatures at Macedo’s Mini Acre

Visit Macedo’s Mini Acre if you’re a fan of llamas and alpacas, a fiber artist (knitter, crocheter, weaver), or someone who wishes to build an alpaca ranch.

Here, guests can learn about alpacas and llamas while petting adorable miniature horses and posing for photos with friendly alpacas.

Visitors may see how the ranch crafts items like sweaters and scarves from alpaca wool through spinning, knitting, and needle felting.

You may also take workshops on related topics, such as spinning yarn, dyeing fiber, and creating felted soap and trivets.

Note that you must book appointments for the ranch tours and the store.

Visit R.A.M. Farms Inc.

More than sixty types of pumpkins, squash, and gourds, with names like “Fairy Tale,” “Cinderella,” “Long Island Cheese,” and “Jarrahdale,” are grown at R.A.M. Farms.

Every year since 2007, residents and tourists have made a pilgrimage to this pumpkin farm on the outskirts of Turlock.

Photos, pumpkin bowling, and a trip to the spooky outbuilding are all available to guests.

Try out the Scary Shed, the Movies in the Field, and the Corn Maze while you’re there.

You may also pick flowers at R.A.M. Farms.

If you are in Turlock during the fall season, you should not miss this!

See Stunning Exhibits at Stan State Art Space

Stan State Art Space features the works of students, staff, and established artists.

It is a testament to California State University Stanislaus’ dedication to the arts and academic achievement.

You can find this city right in the middle of the Central Valley of California.

There is no admission fee to visit the Stan State Art Space.

Aside from exhibits, it holds artist talks and art-related seminars.

Events like these are an excellent way to spend a Saturday, letting your mind wander and unleash your creative side.

Catch a Movie at Regal Turlock

It’s not for nothing that Regal Cinema is the world’s second-largest multiplex chain.

It has excellent services and, even better, great films.

Watching a movie in a completely different city sometimes gives it a fresher feel.

Plus, with fewer than 100 thousand residents in this city, you can take your family to the movies on the weekend without worrying about long lines.

Bring your loved ones to Regal Turlock to see the newest release while munching on the classic popcorn.

Enjoy Local Beer at Dust Bowl Brewing Co.

Turlock is one of three California locations to sample the brews of Dust Bowl Brewing Co. brews.

It’s home to the brewery’s flagship and largest taproom, right next to the brewery, making it a must-see spot in Central California.

Dust Bowl Brewing Company released its inaugural brew, Hops of Wrath I.P.A., in May 2009.

Its first Brewery Taproom debuted in July 2016.

Today, it offers 20-tap towers, a restaurant, a patio, indoor dining, views of the brewery, a beer garden, bocce courts, corn hole, and more!

The craft beers available at Dust Bowl Brewing Co. are diverse and comprehensive, ranging from smooth lagers and robust I.P.A.s to one-of-a-kind, limited-edition releases.

Make sure to make a reservation before you visit.

Final Thoughts

When planning for a trip to Turlock, California, never forget to consider the interests of everyone in your group.

Once you have the list of the city’s best places, immediately check where you can bring them to maximize your much-needed vacation.

Indeed, Turlock has a whole heap of adventures on its plate that you can explore while making unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

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