16 Best Things to Do in Tryon, NC

Tryon, NC
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Found at the end of the Blue Ridge Escarpment and located within Polk County is the town of Tryon.

Tryon, North Carolina is a town that features a rural charm with beautiful mountain views and other natural scenery to admire.

Aside from gorgeous views of nature, Tryon offers its fair share of attractions and activities to explore.

Some of the prominent places you can find when visiting this town involve nature and arts, or even both.

More than this, you can also find a selection of local wines and other delights.

That said, here are the 16 best things to do in Tryon:

Make a Stop at the Nina Simone Plaza

Nina Simone statue at Nina Simone Plaza
Seth Taylor, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Every town has its unique sights, and for Tryon, a distinctive spot you need to visit is the Nina Simone Plaza.

Created in honor of the Tryon native that became a music legend, you'll find a statue of Nina Simone along with information on her story.

The Nina Simone Plaza is also an ideal place to stop for a break and enjoy nature.

You can also take photos of the statue and other beautiful scenery if you'd like.

You can find the plaza within the downtown area of the town.

To learn more about the location and the music figure, you can visit the Nina Simone Project website.

Discover a Waterfall at the Norman Wilder Forest

Explore the beautiful natural scenery in Tryon by visiting the Norman Wilder Forest.

When visiting this forest, you can find nearly two hundred acres of land to explore and different trails to check out.

One trail you can take is one mile and will bring you some gorgeous waterfall views.

If you want to check out some cliffs, there's a little more of the trail to explore to find them.

The trail is not that hard to hike through.

Any nature enthusiasts will find their share of fun when exploring the different sights in the forest.

Watch a Show among Nature at Rogers Park

Get a combination of the arts and nature by visiting Rogers Park.

At Rogers Park, you'll find an amphitheater that can hold hundreds of people and features different performances.

When visiting this park, you can find different trails to explore and view some beautiful landscaping that includes a small creek.

Aside from hosting performances, the amphitheater also hosts local events and is open for reservations for other events.

Whether you explore the natural scenery or check out a show, there is plenty to see when visiting Rogers Park.

Enjoy Horses and Outdoor Fun at the Tryon International Equestrian Center

For anyone a fan of horses, you need to visit the Tryon International Equestrian Center to view local horses.

When visiting the Tryon International Equestrian Center, there are plenty of facilities for you to enjoy, along with admiring the horses.

These facilities include restaurants, lodging, and shopping spots to peruse.

More than facilities, the center hosts a variety of competitions and events you can witness.

To add to all this, the equestrian center also offers sports clubs you can join.

Whether you want to check out the horses or enjoy the different events hosted at the center, there are plenty of options available at this location.

By visiting this equestrian center, you're sure to get your fill of horses, outdoors, and fun.

Peruse or Create Art with Tryon Painters and Sculptors

If you are a fan of the arts, you need to visit the Tryon Painters and Sculptors gallery.

There are around a hundred and sixty people involved in this group.

From this group, you'll find various gallery shows that take place at the Tryon Painters and Sculptors studio in North Trade.

Each gallery features all kinds of art pieces ranging from paintings to crafts.

Do you want to make a personal art piece?

There are classes and workshops available for sign-up on the group's website.

You can also find a gift shop and gallery show details when exploring the group's website.

Explore the Foothills Equestrian Nature Center (FENCE)

Enjoy the outdoors and horses by visiting the Foothills Equestrian Nature Center (FENCE).

At this nature center, you'll find nearly four hundred acres of land to explore and different landscapes to enjoy.

From a forest to a wetland, there are various places you can find when exploring the trails available at this nature center.

When checking out the horses at the Foothills Equestrian Nature Center (FENCE), you can view various shows and events involving the hundreds of horses available at the center.

In addition to the shows, the center also offers programs you join.

To learn more about the performances and programs held at the nature center, you can check out their website.

Try Crafting with the Tryon Arts & Crafts School

Immerse yourself into creating art by visiting the Tryon Arts & Crafts School.

When visiting the Tryon Arts & Crafts School, you'll find no shortage of options to learn different types of arts.

From short classes to workshops and even online options, there are different ways you can learn various crafts at this school.

Aside from different learning options, the school also offers a studio you can book for personal use.

If you want to find further details on the class schedules and art mediums you can learn, you can explore the Tryon Arts & Crafts School website.

Engage in the Arts with the Tryon Fine Arts Center

Exterior view of Tryon Fine Arts Center
Janet Gray, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Another spot where you can explore the local arts in Tryon is the Tryon Fine Arts Center.

The Tryon Fine Arts Center is a center that provides a variety of shows, events, talks, and even films.

If you're interested in the performing arts, the center offers volunteer programs you can check out on their website.

Along with a volunteer program, there are classes available.

More than program and class details, you can also find event and show information on the center's website.

Whether you are into music or film, there is plenty to view at the Tryon Fine Arts Center.

Get Wine and Fresh Blueberries at the Overmountain Vineyards

Have a taste of the local delights by checking out the Overmountain Vineyards.

The Overmountain Vineyards features a vineyard that is nearly twenty acres in a seventy-acre land and offers a selection of handcrafted wines for you to try.

More than the variety of wines you can try at the vineyard's tasting room, Overmountain Vineyards has other features that you need to check out.

Another highlight you'll find at the vineyards is the two acres worth of blueberry bushes you can pick from, starting from June to July.

In addition to all this, there is lodging available for reservation via the vineyard's website.

If you want to check out any updates on the location, you can also check out their social media page.

Watch a Local Performance at the Tryon Little Theater

Check out the local talent by watching a show at the Tryon Little Theater.

The Tryon Little Theater features several plays and musicals throughout the year and holds over seventy years of operation under its belt.

The non-profit organization provides an outlet for locals to present their artistic talents and offers different learning opportunities.

You also have the chance to be a part of the theater via the auditions and other programs detailed on the theater website.

There is also a social media page available for any updates.

Receive a Massage and Sleep at the Hypnotic Massage Sleep Boutique

The Hypnotic Massage Sleep Boutique is the ideal spot to visit if you're looking to enjoy some pampering.

Other than self-care, you'll want to visit the Hypnotic Massage Sleep Boutique for a unique experience.

At this boutique, you'll find a selection of unique treatments catering to sleep care and issues involving it.

From massages to coaching sessions and other services, there are all kinds of services available at this boutique.

To add to all this, the boutique offers a wide range of products you can peruse on their website, along with many service packages.

Some of the products you can purchase from the boutique include jewelry, decor, and wellness products.

The boutique's website also offers the option to book online and have products shipped to your location.

Indulge in Wine and Food at the Mountain Brook Vineyards

Try even more local wines by heading over to the Mountain Brook Vineyards.

At the Mountain Brook Vineyards, you'll find all kinds of services for a quality wine experience.

A few of the things you can enjoy when visiting this vineyard include tasting a selection of wines and touring the fields.

For those interested in wines, you'll find that the vineyard also offers a menu of different bites you can pair with your choice of wine.

Aside from all this, you can check out the different events held at the vineyard via their website.

Play Sports and More at Harmon Field

Make a stop at the Harmon Field and enjoy a variety of activities.

Harmon Field features plenty of sports facilities you can check out, along with other amenities you can enjoy.

Whether you want to enjoy tennis or baseball or even enjoy some fun horse activities, the park offers plenty for you to explore.

Aside from sports facilities, you can check out the picnic area or try out some fishing at the fishing deck.

To add to all this, Harmon Field features a log cabin open for booking.

By visiting this location, you can enjoy all kinds of outdoor fun while getting plenty of lovely river views.

Browse Antiques at the Old Mills Market Square

Do you have an interest in vintage items?

Then head on over to the Old Mills Market Square.

At the Old Mills Market Square, you'll find around eighty thousand acres and nearly a hundred vendors with various products.

From vintage clothes to long-lasting decor and multiple accessories, there are plenty of products to peruse at this market.

In addition to the different vintage items you can purchase, the market also offers a selection of meals and desserts you can bring home.

Check out even more feature items and events at the market by visiting their website.

Check Out Morris the Horse

Multiple towns have their share of tourist attractions, and Tryon is no different.

When visiting this town, a tourist attraction you can check out for a fun photography session is Morris the Horse.

Morris the Horse is a statue shaped like a wooden horse with spots.

It has been standing in the corner of Trade and Pacolet Streets since 1928 and represents not only Tryon's love for horses but also of the period when toy horses were popular items.

The Morris we see today consists of fiberglass, but that wasn't always the case, as the landmark is a 4th generation construction.

The first rendition of Morris consisted of wood and had a moveable tail and head.

While the current Morris does not go around town like in the past, you can see plenty of merchandise featuring the attraction.

Purchase Unique Food Items at A Taste of Olives & Grapes

If you're looking to check out fun shopping spots, head to downtown historic Tyron and look for A Taste of Olives & Grapes.

A Taste of Olives & Grapes is a food store that offers all kinds of gourmet products you can try in your kitchen.

From spices to honey, and of course, olive oil, there are plenty of gourmet and kitchen items to peruse at this store.

More than getting a variety of products for the kitchen, the store also offers a selection of recipes you can try via visiting their website.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are into creating art or want to watch a performance, there are plenty of options you can explore at Tryon.

Aside from the arts, you'll find plenty of sights where you can meet a wide range of horses while also enjoying the outdoors.

So if you have a love for the arts, horses, or both, you'll want to consider Tryon as your next destination.