15 Best Things to Do in Truckee

15 Best Things to Do in Truckee

Visit the sunny river sides of the Truckee River at Truckee in California. This beautiful city is spread over 87 square kilometers of which as much as 3.4 square kilometers is water consisting of the Truckee River and the Donner Lake. These are both really beautiful water bodies located in the city.

The climate is also really cool, and of the summer type, which can be best described as a Mediterranean climate. The summers are dry and hot while winters are mild, but can get chilly and snowfall might also occur. It's a really beautiful place to visit with lots of places of interest.

Enjoy winter recreational activities at Northstar California

Northstar California
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One of the most famous and well known resorts of Truckee is Northstar California, especially in winter. It operates during both the seasons but is well known and famous for all the fun winter activities that can be carried out here. This includes skiing and snowboarding trails. You can also try skating around. There is also a fire pits belt where you can host a warm nice bonfire.

During summers after the snow starts melting, there are also other fun activities like mountain biking that can be done here. They have also set up many picnic locations in and around the resort, which provides really beautiful views for you to look at and enjoy as you dig into a sandwich and cola or pack a beautiful lunch from the many restaurants on site the resort. This is thus the perfect family destination and is one of the best and most visited places if you are out on a family vacation.

Camping at the Donner Memorial State Park and Emigrant Trail Museum

Donner Memorial State Park and Emigrant Trail Museum
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Located near the Schallenberger Ridge, which is a very old Ridge known for its sedimentary rocks and great boulders and rock collections, the State Park is really huge and great for some fun outdoor activities. It is especially a great place to visit if you are vacationing during the summer since there are many more outdoor activities that you can enjoy including boating, camping, fishing, water skiing, and more.

There are hiking trails too, which are spread over large areas and go great lengths among scenic views. And you can also spot geographically and geologically important debris here and there from the olden and ancient times when glaciers used to dominate this area. The trail museum is also great. If you want to learn some really rich history of the original people who had settled here during the 1800s.

Biking at the Truckee Bike Park

This is a local attraction which is really enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. If you love biking then you should definitely visit this place and give it a try. There are various events also held here and money is raised to be given to various charities.
The park itself has many different sections, which includes really exciting avenues like dirt jumps, slopestyles, flow lines, drop zones, trails, and more. Depending on how skillful you are, and if you are an amateur or a pro, you can select which area to visit and bike around. There's something in store for everyone and you will definitely love visiting this park.

Take your tiny toddlers to the Sierra Nevada Children's Museum

Also known as the KidZone museum, this is the perfect place to take if you're carrying around a toddler and a kid who's below the age of seven. It was founded in 1992 with an aim to convert drab scientific knowledge into fun facts for kids and help them learn better.

Many parents, agencies and educational institutions of Truckee came together to give birth to this museum, which is famous today worldwide and has as many as 30,000 visitors every year. There is always some campus school program or exhibit or opportunity for volunteers that keeps happening here.
Alongside the many beautiful exhibits that would capture a child's imagination, what's more interesting is that the building is bilingual. And all sessions are held in English and Spanish both.

Roam the streets of historic Downtown Truckee

Downtown Truckee
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Whether you're a shopaholic, or an entertainment lover, there's something for everyone in the downtown part of Truckee. This historic street is filled with many independent and family owned businesses that hosts various things to do like buying authentic stuff, visiting museums, entertainment and more.

You can also opt for a walking tour of the entire area and gaze at some really beautiful and ancient architecture. As you walk you will also find many local artists who organize sales of local merchandise and other souvenirs that you can carry back home. The area itself is managed by the Truckee downtown Merchants Association and organizes many events annually.

Skiing fun at the Boreal Mountain Resort

Boreal Mountain Resort
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This wonderful Mountain Resort is located near the scenic Lake Tahoe and one of the most famous resorts for skiing and skiing lovers. During winter times it is the perfect ski destination. But do not worry if you are visiting during the summer since it becomes an equally amazing paradise for hiking during summers.

This resort offers you many, many different types of ski runs, which are graded into various difficulty levels depending on whether you are a pro, an expert or an amateur. There's also a tubing hill where your family will definitely have a lot of fun. Other than this, they have set up many different cuisines and restaurant around depending on your tastes.

If you visit during the summer you will love to go hiking when the weather is great and hot with lots of sunrays and sunshine hitting your face. You can thus plan your visit as per the kind of fun that you want to have be it skiing or hiking.

Try out fun watersports on the Donner Lake

Donner Lake
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The wonderful and huge Donner Lake is supplied by water from the natural springs of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which makes it for a buzzing spot for all water related sports and activities. Kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, fishing, boating, you name it, and you can do it here.

One of the best features that you can also enjoy here is that you can drive a marina around by renting one from the Donner Lake Watersports & Marina. They also have motorboat rentals if needed. For those interested in fishing, there are many local species of fishes that roam about in the waters and make for a great catch.

Cross country skiing enthusiasts should visit the Tahoe Donner Cross Country Ski Center

Though downhill skiing is one of the more popular and family oriented sports cross country skiing can be a really adventurous and great sport for those with adrenaline that keeps crashing through their veins. This Ski Center is a great place to visit if you are one of those adrenaline junkie who loves trying out new adventurous sports.

Spread over 60 miles of lengthy trails that go through mountainsides creeks, and other geographical features to give you the best experience, this ski center is definitely worth it! Some of the sections of the trail are also furball friendly, so you can get your furry friend along if needed, and your doggo can have fun too.
Now if this sounds exciting to you but you are in despair since you do not know how to cross country ski, we have even more exciting news. If you're an amateur or new to the sport, but are really interested in trying this, then they give lessons to you as well, depending on your age and requirements. So what are you waiting for grab that lesson and go cross country skiing!

Horseback riding at the Tahoe Donner Equestrian Center

For those interested in the aesthetic art of horseback riding, such folks will love visiting this Equestrian Center. You can try horse riding here for a long term or a short term as per your time constraints. Guides keep you company on all the trails and the trails are suited as per your needs like, depending on whether you're an adult or a child.

Pony rides are also available for the young kids who cannot actually handle a horse. Besides, the lessons given are very informative and easy to understand. So you can hedge up against a horse and even take part in a friendly race maybe.

Explore a Caboose at Truckee Railroad Museum

Truckee Railroad Museum
Loco Steve from Bromley , UK, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located in the downtown part of Truckee is this Railroad Museum which stands very near to the historic railroad station that was located here, and was very important once upon a time from the point of view of shipping and traveling.
Today, the best highlights of this museum are the cabooses which have been restored to its original grandeur and beauty. And then this the museum also houses pictures, recreational stuff, stories and other artifacts related to the theme of railways and railroads. They provide a great insight into the historical importance of the railroad station that used to be located here.

Learn the history of a jailhouse at Old Truckee Jail Museum

Old Jail Museum in Truckee
Steezy Gordita, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Jail museums are always a fascinating place to visit since you get to learn about how convicts serve their sentences or how they actually lived in a jail house. This museum tells you precisely that and the history of a jailhouse built during the ancient 19th century. The building itself is quite old and was completed in construction on September 22 1875.

It is located near the Jibboom and Spring streets, and can be easily found. Some of the historical tidbits that you can find here also include photos, rooms, and the history of how this town became lawful from lawless.

Golfing at the Coyote Moon golf course

One of the grandest and finest golfing experiences can be had on these golf courses. It is one of the many luxury golf courses that most visitors swear by. Magnificently spread over 250 acres, the lawns and hills are perfectly well manicured and filled with green grass. The beauty is also scenic, and the course goes through pine trees, giant rocks, a creek and even wildflowers.
What makes this course even more special is that it has been designed by a former PGA Tour player Brad Bell which ensures that it is authentic and aesthetic at the same time. Take a breath of fresh air and golf away your woes here.

Taste a glass of wine at Truckee River winery

Truckee River winery was established in 1989 in a car garage by Russ and Joan Jones and has since come a long way into becoming an eloquent and great place to visit alongside being one of the finest wineries of California.

What makes this wine special is that it's stored in barrels which are placed at a high elevation and low temperatures, which affects the fermentation process and makes for really beautiful and different flavors to try. The tasting room is aesthetic and lets you taste many locally produced wines. The staff is also warm and friendly and well educated in the area of wines.

Beat the summer heat at West End beach

What better way to call off and relax than visiting a beach and spraying yourself with cold water during the summer night. The West End beach is awesome and obviously one of the best summer destinations to visit. It also has a wide array of activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, boating and more.

For those looking to play in the sun, there's also a basketball court, volleyball court and tennis court. Playgrounds and horseshoe pits are also made for the kids to play in. The snack serving area is great and serves the usual fare at good prices.

Dine at Moody’s Bistro and lounge

No vacation is complete without a great fine dining experience. The perfect place to get along a date and cozy up is Moody’s Bistro. Set in a quaint theme of the 1950s, the architecture is simple and pristine.

The menu is also delectable and consists of delicious dishes like braised lamb shanks, fresh seafood, and more. The cocktail menu is also extensive and has some really great choices. Live music is also played which can be enjoyed with a wine and some good food.