15 Best Things to Do in Trinidad and Tobago

 Pigeon Point, Tobago
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The twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago are a beautiful part of the Caribbean, near Venezuela.

Stretching over 5,131 square kilometers, Trinidad and Tobago is home to world-famous Carnival celebrations, Diwali festivals and Hosay parades, amazing water bodies, mouthwatering food, and much more!

Even the most discerning tourist will indeed find something to indulge in around every corner; its sights are enough to make anyone gasp with awe!

The country's rough terrain varies from lush green forests to mangrove swamps and rugged coasts.

The island state has an area of 5,131 square kilometers and offers countless things to fulfill even the most ardent thrill-seekers.

For those in it for the long haul, sprawling rainforest reserves are waiting to be explored, along with water temperatures that are sure to please even the most avid swimmers!

Trinidad and Tobago are also known as "rainbow country" and maybe even better known as the birthplace of the limbo, steelpan, and lively musical genres like soca, chutney, calypso, parang, rapso, and chutney soca.

If you're looking to take a break from your everyday grind, then this would be one destination that's totally worth checking out.

Here are the 15 best things to do in Trinidad and Tobago that should top your bucket list:

Visit the Fort King George

A Canon at Fort King George
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Just west of Scarborough, you'll find Fort King George, the best-preserved colonial monument in all of Tobago.

It was recently refurbished, thanks to donations from the government and the people of Trinidad.

Although it's no longer an actual fort, you can still see cannons overlooking the coast.

A Canon at Fort King George
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Built by the British back in the day of King George III, this National Park is now home to some significant historical artifacts.

This museum is one of the most impressive ones since it was built with elegance and luxury in mind.

You'll find it inside what was once the army barracks.

Here, visitors may walk around and admire Amerindian treasures, old military items, shells, and additional displays with rare importance, which offer us an insight into Tobago's colonial period.

Discover a Hidden Jewel on Tobago: Englishman’s Bay

Hut at Englishman’s Bay
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Englishman’s Bay is considered Tobago’s most beautiful and secluded beach and often wins awards among the top ten best beaches in the Caribbean.

Its location can be hard to spot, but once you reach this paradise-like area (at 1.5 km past Castara), you'll admire its glistening waters, white sand dunes, and lovely landscape.

If you're looking for adventures and be surrounded by nature, definitely visit this place.

Explore Three Chilling Pools at 3 Pools

Marianne River in Blanchisseuse
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If you want to make sure that visiting your local swimming pool is every bit as cool as the Atlantic coast, you'll need to make sure you bring a friend with you!

That's because there are three pools built into the mouth of the Marianne River in Blanchisseuse that will challenge even the most seasoned swimmer!

The hike to the pools is rated 2, which means it's not too difficult and is great for everyone in your family!

The first pool features shallower waters, so it's perfect for your little ones who are still learning how to swim.

Marianne River in Blanchisseuse
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Clamber up the nearby boulders and leap the cliffs, landing 15 feet below in water refreshed by rapids below.

You'll love the freedom of swimming amongst river-hewn boulders and sculptures and cool your body after visiting nearby Avocat falls.

The National Museum and Art Gallery began in 1892 as the Royal Victoria Institute (RVI) in commemoration of Queen Victoria's Jubilee.

Its original goal was to serve as a center of learning, culture, and entertainment for the people of Trinidad and Tobago during the establishment of the British colonial rule following their acquisition of the colony from Spain.

The RVI currently serves as the national museum of T&T, housing more than 10,000 objects displayed in seven major galleries: Social History, Art, Natural History, Petroleum, Geology, and Economic History.

T&T's National Museum and Art Gallery has a spectacular art gallery full of unique paintings by Michel Jean Cazabon and many other fine artists.

The museum is open to the public every day, except for Sundays and Mondays from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

There's no admission fee, so parking is free too!

Go Board Surfing at the Beautiful Maracas Bay of Trinidad

Located on the north coast of Trinidad, Maracas Bay is a beach with a beautiful white sandy shore.

It's one of the most popular beaches near Port of Spain, only about an hour's drive from the capital city.

While there are numerous other great beaches located along the coast near Port of Spain, Maracas stands out, deemed by many to be one of the most stunningly beautiful beaches of its size on the island!

Maracas Bay of Trinidad
Richard Semik / Shutterstock.com

Here you'll get not only hardy beach items like water sports like body or board surfing but also other local dishes like bake and shark.

With beaches backed by majestic mountains on one side, things are looking up for this quintessential Caribbean getaway.

Experience a Feast of the Senses at Santa Cruz Green Market

The Green Market sits right in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz near Cutucupano Road.

Here, you'll find all sorts of fresh produce, specialty food items, and artisanal types of products.

With lots of shady spots available with just about enough seating, you can also enjoy your meal while moving away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

For those who want to venture out farther, you can also go on a nature walk here.

It was architect Michael Lee Poy who designed the whole area.

He worked hard to make this spot into something that everyone would enjoy.

Head to Pigeon Point for a Holiday Fit for Your Instagram Feed

Sunset at Pigeon Point
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Embodying what Tobago is all about, Pigeon Point Beach has been an internationally recognized site for centuries.

Though it's not the only beach renowned for its untouched beauty, this particular spot just can't be beaten!

The beach's jetty is a trademark of the coast and a sight to see indeed!

If you are visiting here, you'll enjoy numerous activities, such as swimming, hopping aboard a glass-bottom boat for a glimpse of various sea creatures, or skimboarding out at Pigeon Point.

You can also sit back with a laid-back drink and watch one of the best sunsets on Earth!

Pigeon Point
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The beach is just one of the many stunning natural wonders the resort has to offer.

After all, where else can you go to access a secluded stretch of crystal clear aquamarine waters other than here?

That isn't the only reason people come here, either.

There are many other reasons why it's so popular, not least because this beach happened to be ranked as the 98th best in the world back in July 2017!

It's also been ranked as high as 98th place for beaches worldwide back in 2013.

That well proves that no matter what time of year it is, there's always something exciting happening at this popular resort, like warm sand or great views under beautiful clear blue skies.

Experience Argyle Falls and Feel the Rush of the Waterfall

Argyle Falls
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You'll be swept away by Argyle, Tobago's 175-feet tallest waterfall.

Located on the island's northeast side, this "three drop" wonder makes for an inviting cool-off spot during warm days.

A few hundred feet from Scarborough Road, you can get here by car or bike near Roxborough village.

The Roxborough Visitor Services Co-op acts as entrance #1 to the falls area, complete with viewing platforms and refreshment booths near its base.

Argyle Falls
Kara Math / Shutterstock.com

Accessed by a 15 to 20-minute trek along a marked trail, the waterfall features lush greenery around it.

Argyle Falls is home to everything from butterflies and birds to sloths and monkeys!

Enjoy Great Carib Beer and Live More

St. Kitts Brewery
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There are lots of places in Tobago to grab a good beer, but if you want to really feel at home on the island, you should probably sample one of the local beers, like Carib or Stag.

Not only are these brews brewed by Carib Brewery Ltd located in Trinidad, St Kitts-Nevis, and Grenada, but they also don't compromise on quality or taste.

Carib Brewery offers you an unparalleled experience when it comes to enjoying quality Caribbean drinks with friends or family.

Carib beer in Trinidad and Tobago
Pietro Cenini / Shutterstock.com

The brewery has become so popular that its beer can be seen represented as art on various greeting cards and T-shirts.

They have loyal drinkers that swear to them over other beer brands because of their consistent quality.

If you're up for having some fun times while exploring the diverse range of quality beers out there, you shouldn't miss out on these local brands.

Escape Reality and Enjoy Delicious Food and View at Café Mariposa

A fascinating and charming hideaway, Café Mariposa is a unique space full of extraordinary charm.

Located a stone's throw away from the Lopinot Historical Center, Café Mariposa offers a homey environment with rustic décor.

The ambiance is country-like - quaint yet inviting.

You can also eat outside in the quaint garden with stunning views of the surrounding natural landscape.

The friendly staff will rush to meet your every need before your very eyes, so don't hesitate to ask them about anything - their efficiency is unparalleled!

Spend a Day With Wildlife at Emperor Valley Zoo

Emperor Valley Zoo
Wesley Goorachan / Shutterstock.com

Here in Emperor Valley Zoo, you can experience how it feels to be surrounded by the flora of the original site, with exhibits spreading over 7.2 acres of land.

It is adjacent to the botanical gardens of the port of Spain's zoological park empire.

Emperor Valley Zoo
Jason Ryan Wallen / Shutterstock.com

There are many animals to see at the Emperor Valley Zoo, including many mammals and feathered creatures.

You can take your time to stroll through all of the exhibits, where there are opportunities for animal feeding at various times.

It's not expensive, but it's best to bring some cash for getting some treats from the snack shop.

Play Golf at Chaguaramas Golf Course

Chaguaramas Golf Course is a perfect place for gold enthusiasts.

It teems with lush green grass, and you'll see the scenic views of the forest and mountains around you.  

There are no golf carts here; instead, you must walk through several bamboo groves and past a herd of chatting monkeys.

You can also stick around at their bar or restaurant area, where they offer seating options doing their part to ensure you have the best possible time during your golf outing.

Kite-Flying at Fort James

Fort James
BasPhoto / Shutterstock.com

Located on the tranquil town of Plymouth overlooking the beautiful Courland Bay, Fort James had its beginnings as a military picket post during the Revolutionary War, built in the 18th century by soldiers of His Majesty's Royal Army to defend against rebel fighters.

The preserved fort got its name from James, Duke of Courland, and has four cannons and some stone structures remaining from its heydays on an elevated headland perfect for picnicking and exploring on sunny days.

Fort James is well maintained, with manicured grass and benches that provide a relaxing experience.

They offer many activities to partake in when you find yourself within their premises, like jumping jacks or watching kites soar skyward.

Nearby attractions include Mystery Tombstone and the Courland Monument.

Explore Little Tobago Island

Little Tobago Island
Ondrej Prosicky / Shutterstock.com

Situated off Tobago's northeastern coast, Little Tobago is a little island paradise rich in both history and beauty.

If you're a bird lover, this place will leave you in awe, considering its importance as a breeding site for seabirds, especially Audubon's shearwater, red-billed tropicbirds, brown noddy, brown booby, bridled, and sooty terns.

Getting to Tobago is half the adventure, but getting to Little Tobago will complete your adventure, as it includes a ride through parts of North Trinidad that are nothing short of stunning.

Little Tobago Island
bcampbell65 / Shutterstock.com

The views here range from lush tropical forests to calm clear waters and perfect white sand beaches.

Little Tobago Island is perfect for those who fancy a little bit of history and like to get some exercise.

The snorkeling experience is also great fun for all ages, especially if you're keen on adventure activities.

Experience an Indian Temple in the Caribbean at Temple in the Sea

Temple in The Sea
pansticks / Shutterstock.com

The Temple in the Sea, found in rural Waterloo, Trinidad and Tobago, is a stunning Hindu pilgrimage site where followers can pray or show gratitude to their religion.

It was an Indian man who came to Trinidad and Tobago by the name of Sewdass Sadhu who built it.

It is one of a kind but very similar to the Sagar Shiv Mandir found in Mauritius.

Smaller than most temples, The Temple in the Sea is still beautiful, especially near Hanuman Murti.

Temple in The Sea
Trinimummy / Shutterstock.com

This Temple makes for a perfect day trip with friends or family that will keep you occupied until you can get back home again.

Sunsets at this location are genuinely calming to watch.

Be sure to bring some food for all the dogs that congregate here - they are completely harmless, and they're always hungry!

Final Thoughts

There’s so much to offer in Trinidad and Tobago that explains why the island is considered the best vacation choice for families.

Explore captivating water-based attractions, stay at luxury resorts, discover exciting wildlife, and take your pick of outdoor activities - whatever you do, you won’t regret choosing this breathtaking country as your next vacation destination!

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