15 Best Things to Do in Traverse City

15 Best Things to Do in Traverse City

The city of the Grand Traverse Bay- Traverse City of Michigan is quite an isolated place offering some beautiful spots that you can check out on your next vacation. The National Cherry Festival is held in this very location that brings a lot of crowds. During the fall, the city gets decorated in many colors. Let us have a look at the 15 gorgeous things to do in Traverse City-

Take a Stroll Around the Downtown Area

Downtown Traverse cIty
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One of the best things about Traverse City is its city beauties. Even if you don’t want to go on a trip from the city, or visit the attractions- you could just be walking around and feel happy. If you are still thinking about the proper time to visit Traverse City, we recommend fall. Fall is the one time of the year when Traverse City shows its true colors. It is extremely beautiful this time of the year. Also, all the fruits and vegetables are ready to be picked. That adds more to the beauty of Traverse City. We will discuss this later.

If you look at Front Street- it is decorated to its fullest portraying a vibrant look. If you want to enjoy more, try to roam around the Leelanau Peninsula so you see a more colorful face of Traverse City. Do visit the lake shores to see the blue waters blending with the red leaves.

Explore The Village at Grand Traverse Commons

The Village At Grand Traverse Commons
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Are you done exploring the beautiful city? We are now going to take you to some of the famous attractions of Traverse City. Let us introduce you to The Village at Grand Traverse Commons first. Come on!

It was once upon a time a great sight for all buildings that have been built in the Victorian style. But, the best part is that the government decided not to put these buildings down and construct some new modern ones. Instead, all of these buildings are preserved. What’s more amazing is that they are beautifying the old ones so that they do not break down. You can see the iconic Traverse City State Hospital in this area. The village is one of the most popular spots in Traverse City. People usually pack up their picnic baskets and come here for a quick trip. The sideways have been paved and reek of history.

Gaze at the crystal waters of Long Lake

Long Lake
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Long Lake is one of the prettiest lakes in Michigan. But, it is not located within the Traverse city limits. Drive a bit out of town- and you will come across these pretty blue waters. People mainly choose Long Lake for swimming purposes for the water is extremely beautiful.

Did you know this lake has sandy beaches? The shoreline is huge too. For all the sea vibes, people tend to fall in love with the lake. It feels good to swim in the crystal waters too. There are even kayaking options in this lake. The lake is a nice place to hang out for an afternoon. Go boating or swimming if you feel like it.

Go on a day-trip to Sutton Bay

Sutton Bay
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There are a lot of day-trips you can go on from Traverse City. If you have some time on your hand after looking at the various Traverse City attractions, then allow us to take you on for a short drive of just 20 minutes outside the city.
Sutton Bay is charming as it is located on the coasts of the gorgeous Sutton Bay.

It is actually a part of the great Michigan Lake. Also, this town is quaint and picturesque. The waters are of a different shade of blue- a more turquoise color. Also, if you just want to enjoy yourself a bit- you might visit the casinos here, They will show you a great time. An art lover? There are a lot of cute galleries located on the shores of Sutton Bay.

Go fruit picking

Cherry Tree with ripe Cherry in Traverse City
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Traverse City is already known as the best for producing some of the best quality cherries. Also, that is not the end of its fruit business for there are a lot more. The best part about these fruits is that there are several orchards where you will find colorful trees filled with a variety of fruits. But, let us give you a better idea- go fruit picking.

If you are in Traverse City during the fall- the best way to enjoy yourself is by enjoying the harvest time. Harvest time is the time period when the fruits and vegetables have ripened to the perfect level, and are just waiting to be picked. There are cherry pickings, apple pickings, and even pumpkin picking organized in Traverse City. You don’t have to go to an orchard, for you might even find some fields on both sides of the road. You can get down and enjoy yourself after taking permission!

Go on a wine tour

People enjoying wine in Chateau Chantal in Old Mission Peninsula
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Ah, did we forget to mention the great grapes of Traverse City? Our bad! Let’s tell you about some of the best wineries and distilleries where you will be offered the best spirits of Traverse City. The city of fruits also has some local wineries in its pockets, and fall is the accurate time to go on a trip to all of them and enjoy what they have got to offer.

The Mission Peninsula is one of the best places if you want to take a look at the best wineries in Michigan. Chateau Chantal is quite a pretty winery offering some panoramic scenes apart from the great wine. As for distilleries, there are a lot if you walk around downtown. Keep your eyes open if you want to taste some good Vodka.

Go down to the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore

Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore
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It is again time for another one of those short trips from Traverse City. Now, we are going to take you all to a very popular location. It is just 25 miles away from the main city of Traverse City. But the amalgamation of the amazing sand dunes along with the great Lake Michigan is indeed a sight to treasure.

So, what are you even waiting for? Drive for an hour, and enjoy on these vast sand dunes. Open with shoes, and walk in the sand taking them in your hands. Did you know it was declared the most gorgeous place of the States based on popular votes a few years back?

Enjoy the views of Traverse City State Park

This time we will be going just 2 miles away from Traverse City. But, don’t worry! It is all for good reasons! For showing you the true colors of Traverse City State Park, we need to describe the intricate details of it first.

The urban park is beautifully decorated with panoramic views of the Grand Traverse Bay and several white beaches. There are a lot of activities in which you can participate. For the best experience, you should try camping here for Traverse City State Park is best known to all the states as a camping site. Also, you can go fishing here at Traverse City State Park. If you want to hike, there are also a lot of trails

Check out the City Opera House

City Opera House
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Since we were just 2 miles away from the downtown park, we are going to come back here after making that short trip to Traverse City State Park. Welcome to Downtown Traverse City! We have talked about its vibrant vibes before, but did you know there are certain attractions in the area too? The first attraction that comes to our mind happens to be the City Opera House.

Originally constructed in 1892, the City Opera House had to undergo certain renovations. And, now it is prettier than ever. Ancient expensive paintings on the wall, Victorian designs, old furniture- everything makes City opera House beautiful with that old charming vibes. Do you love opera? Then this is the perfect place to enjoy some. Also, the ambiance is quite splendid. They also perform broadway musicals sometimes.

Enjoy the festivals of Front Street

Front Street in Traverse
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We have talked about the different colors of Downtown Traverse City before. But, what we did not mention was the diverse festivals that are celebrated here. Also, it has a lot of opportunities to offer when it comes to happy celebrations. And, the one thing that comes straight to the mind when we talk about the venue of these festivals is Front Street.

Front Street is the hub of everything. Be it shopping centers, live music festivals, or any kind of festivals- Front Street is involved. For this reason, most of the tourists want to spend most of their time roaming around Front Street for it is so lively. Did you know that there is a National Cherry Festival that held every July? Not interested enough? How does Winter Comedy Festival sound like? Check out Front Street for many such quirky festivals and liveliness.

Halt at the Clinch Park

Kayaks at Clinch Park
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Okay, so you are already in Front Street enjoying the colors. How would you feel if we told you that there’s more to it! Did you know there is a comparatively empty beach where you can sit facing the calm waters? The best part is that Clinch Park is just a few minutes away from Front Street if you are walking.

The water looks blue and it is a refreshing location you can walk to if you need some help in digesting all the food you ate at the Front Street festivals! Also, if you want to go kayaking- there are a lot of options for renting the equipment here. Or, you can just relax and enjoy the views.

Drive to the Mission Point Lighthouse

Mission Point Lighthouse
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For this next beautiful location, we will be again taking you to a bit out of the city. Again, we will be reminding you that we do not take any ugly decisions for this is one of the cutest places in Michigan. To see the iconic Mission Point Lighthouse, you need to drive to the very beautiful Old Mission Peninsula!

The lighthouse has not been used in a very long period of time. And, it was also built almost 200 years ago. But, we still find the structure standing strong overlooking the sea. The lighthouse was used in the old days to check out the storms and to warn the ships. But, now it is just another beautiful tourist attraction.

If you are exploring around the lighthouse, do check out the iconic Hessler Log Cabin. There is also a gift shop. If you want to check out some souvenirs- this is the place to do so.

Get amazed by the collection of Dennos Museum Center

Dennos Museum Center
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We will be taking you back to the city now to show you some wonderful art. But, the gallery we will be taking you to is associated with Northwestern Michigan College.

Welcome to the Dennos Museum Center. The main attraction of the museum happens to be Canadian art. It is home to some of the best Inuit art that has been flown in from Nunavut. Canadian Woodland Indian art also happens to be in plenty here. You can even find art from Hungary and old Europe here. As you can tell by now- the museum portrays a lot of international art.

Enjoy a hot balloon ride

Hot Air Balloon in Traverse
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While in Traverse City- the one thing you absolutely cannot miss is a hot air balloon ride. There are several companies you can book for this adventure. You will be taken to a height of several thousand meters. But, don’t worry for the person accompanying you will be a licensed pilot. Also, when you get down you will be offered a glass of champagne. You will also get a certificate stating the fact that you went on this adventure.

Enjoy the goodies of Gallagher’s Farm Market and Bakery

Having opened its gates in 1971, Gallagher’s Farm Market and Bakery is still continuing to serve the people of Traverse City efficiently. Though the farm has some of the best fruit harvests, the object of affection happens to be pies. It is said that these pies have even won awards. Apart from that the jams and cakes that are sold are extremely delicious.

You can even find a bottle of local wine here. Want to pair that with some flavorful cheese? No worries! They have their unique home-made cheese too! It even organizes pumpkin picking during fall!

This brings us to the end of our Traverse City trip. We hope you enjoy your stay in this pretty location!