20 Best Things to Do in Travelers Rest, SC

Travelers Rest, SC
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Travelers Rest is a city in Greenville County, South Carolina, with a small population and a rural and homey feel.

The city’s name has a unique ring and is entirely appropriate.

The place has provided rest and refuge for many weary travelers through the centuries, and it continues this long and noble tradition to this day.

You won’t find many exciting activities here, but instead, you’ll find a calm and relaxing vibe that’ll surely melt all your fears and worries away.

So, if you’re planning a getaway to this place, here are the best things to do in Travelers Rest, SC.

Learn History at the History Museum of Travelers' Rest

This museum will tell you everything you need to know about Travelers Rest.

The building was once a grocery store for many years.

However, in 2010, the building’s owner donated it to the Historical Society, which moved it to its current location.

If you’re looking for artifacts and exhibits about Travelers Rest, this is the place to go.

You’ll learn about the area and the many instances across history where it became a great resting place for people passing through.

Explore the Bunched Arrowhead Heritage Preserve

Travelers Rest is where people find refuge and rest after a long journey.

The trails they walked back then, all those years ago, still exist.

The Bunched Arrowhead Heritage Preserve features a trail that connects Travelers Rest to the rest of the world.

It’s generally considered an easy walk, taking only around half an hour to complete.

The trail itself is great if you’re looking to do some birdwatching, but if you aren’t, it’s still a fantastic place to walk through if you’re looking to hike.

It doesn’t demand much from you, only your enthusiasm, appreciation, and love for the outdoors.

Watch a Concert at Trailblazer Park

Trailblazer Park is one of Travelers Rest's most popular and fun destinations.

It’s a lovely urban green space near the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The place is a venue for various cultural presentations and celebrations, so if you’re looking for a good time, this is the place to go.

Various concerts play there throughout the year, with different artists playing on other dates, giving you a glimpse of what local musicians offer and what contemporary country music sounds like.

The park also has movie screenings, making it an excellent destination for families.

Take a look at what’s showing there while you’re visiting the park, and give it a chance if it fits your interests.

Or try it out if you’re looking for something new, engaging, and fun to see while traveling.

Try the Wine of the Tasting Room

Wine enthusiasts are definitely in for a treat if they visit The Tasting Room.

The establishment sells wine and craft beers, focusing on products from small production vineyards from all over the world.

So, if you want to support local businesses, wish to try out high-quality wines and beers that you usually don’t see in stores, or both, then go to the Tasting Room.

The venue also hosts several events throughout the year, so who knows, you may even catch some live music or a beer or wine tasting event if you get lucky.

Visit the Farmers Market

A farmer’s market is where you can get access to local products and mingle with residents.

It’s where you can see what the culture and vibe of the area feel like.

The local Farmers Market at Travelers Rest is a beautiful destination if you want to explore the heart of the area.

There, you can find the works of several artisans, and you’ll get the chance to purchase products, such as pottery, textiles, woodworks, fashion items, and so much more.

You can also find fresh honey there, so you can find some sweet treats to take home once you’re done with your travels.

Stroll along the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail

The Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail is twenty-two miles long, and it perfectly exemplifies the small country charm of Travelers Rest.

The trail, despite its name, is a greenway that runs along Main Street and connects Travelers Rest to Greenville.

While walking through this path, you’ll stretch your legs and appreciate your surroundings.

Breathe in the fresh air and take a lazy stroll with your traveling companions.

There’s no pressure to be or go anywhere; look around you and fall in love with the area's natural beauty.

And, if you get tired, there are a lot of benches and gazebos scattered along the path, so feel free to rest.

You’ll also pass by several restaurants while walking, so get yourself a treat while taking a stroll.

Play Golf at the Cherokee Valley Course and Club

Have you ever considered golf?

It’s not as physically demanding as other sports, and it’s a great activity to do if you’re looking to chat and hang out with your friends and family.

The Cherokee Valley Course and Club has a great course, and they strive to provide an impeccable golfing experience for all their visitors.

Golf isn’t the only thing they have to offer.

They also have a pool and fitness center that you can try out once you’re done with the course.

And, if you ever get hungry, there are also dining options available to you after golfing your heart out with your traveling companions.

Join the Festivities of the Fall Bluegrass and Harvest Market

The Fall Bluegrass and Harvest Market is one of the most significant events in the farmers' market and deserves a section.

In October, vendors, makers, and farmers come together to set up a festival to share their local produce and the products made by local crafters.

This event is great if you want a chance to mingle with the locals and have fun with them.

You’ll also sample local delicacies and listen to authentic Bluegrass music; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event you definitely shouldn't miss.

Try the Wines of Wellborn Winery

The Wellborn Winery is a small-scale winemaker that expresses its love for the drink by creating wines using their Italian ancestors' old-school and traditional methods.

They have a small, unpretentious vineyard focusing on producing quality fruits for their wines.

Likewise, they source their berries and peaches from nearby growers to produce different flavors.

The winery wants to produce a taste that captures the history and culture of their home of upstate South Carolina, so give their products a shot if you want a glimpse of this area.

Go Horseback Riding at JMG Ranch

JMG Ranch gives you a horseback riding adventure that you only ever dreamed of.

The founders started the ranch in 1994 with only three horses, and they moved to their current location in Travelers Rest in 1996.

The establishment hosts group trail rides on horseback.

If you’ve never ridden a horse before, it's time to explore the wilderness like the travelers of South Carolina did many years ago.

You can join their 2-3 day long camping trips where you’ll go to equestrian-friendly state parks and ride through the mountains.

There are also guided trail tours you can participate in where experienced riders will take you along the ranch alongside a small group and give you the time of your life.

Shop at Sunrift Adventures

Sunrift Adventures is a novelty shop that you won’t want to miss if you’re a fan of outdoor adventures.

Check out their products, such as kayaks, bikes, and other outdoor tools and apparel for a backpacking adventure.

There are also bike rentals available if you want to explore the area on them.

You can get your adventuring tools here before you embark on one of the trails in Travelers Rest, or you can stock up on new supplies after going on a camping trip or a trail walk.

Try the Baked Goods of Upcountry Provisions

After exploring, you may just be looking for an excellent meal to give you the energy to do more.

If that’s the case, the treats of Upcounty Provisions will do the trick.

Try their freshly baked bread and muffins as you walk through the area.

You’ll love every bite, and they’ll fill you right up to prepare you for more adventures ahead.

Try their croissants while there; they’re absolutely to die for.

There are also gluten-free and hormone-free options.

Have Fun at Gateway Park

The Gateway Park has many activities you’ll enjoy doing with your traveling companions.

The place was the original location of a local high school, but it became a recreational area in the 90s when the school relocated.

There are different sports facilities, such as basketball and tennis courts and a baseball field, if you’re looking to play a game with your family and friends.

There’s also a trail you can explore if you’re looking for more adventure in the wilderness.

Give the Spirits of Copperhead Mountain Distillery a Shot

The founder of Copperhead Mountain Distillery has German, Irish, and Italian ancestry, all cultures with strong cultural ties to beer and wine, which inspired them to start this business.

This distillery has a lot to offer to any traveler that happens to come its way.

There’s a wide variety of spirits in this store, so try out what piques your interest.

If you're not sure what’ll suit your tastes, ask their staff for advice, and they’ll be more than happy to assist.

The store also sells different merchandise if you want to bring something with you as a souvenir.

Taste the Sweet Honey of Carolina Honey Bee Company

Now, it’s time for something to get a little sweet as you prepare to end your travels to go home.

The Carolina Honey Bee Company is one of the most popular honey sellers in the entire state, and you’ll love what they have to offer.

The owners have kept bees for over a century, and they use this wealth of experience to produce the best honey for their customers.

So give it a try, and share some with your friends and family back home.

Browse the Inventory of Charlie’s Southern Rustiques

Now, here’s where you can get a lot of souvenirs to commemorate your trip to Travelers Rest.

Look for the old Sinclair Gas station, and you’ll find Charlie's Southern Rustiques.

They sell old and refurbished antiques that’ll make incredible collectibles or great gifts for your loved ones.

Some of the items in their inventory include paintings, old memorabilia, signs, and unique items.

So check out what they offer; who knows what you’ll find?

Improve Your Golfing Skills at John Masters Golf Academy And Club Repair

It's never the wrong time to play a round of golf with some friends when you're in Travelers Rest.

And at John Masters Golf Academy And Club Repair, you have all the time in the world to try your aim.

This golfing facility-and-shop has a family-friendly range layout with seasonal tees and 35 hitting bays.

The range goes by the name Spring Park Golf Range.

It sits at the center of the facility with a small chipping area for practice sessions.

Get your arm ready at John Masters Golf Academy And Club Repair on South Main Street, right off of the Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail.

White Rabbit Fine Arts Gallery offers a different look into art for all of Travelers Rest.

This quaint gallery may be small in nature but it doesn't shy away from the charm of local artistry and creativity.

From acrylics to watercolors, you can find a variety of art displays to satisfy your quest for artistic inspiration.

Open all throughout the year, this gallery also features Signature Art Classes for those interested in pursuing their talent.

White Rabbit Fine Arts Gallery is on South Main Street, next to The Topsoil Cafe.

Flaunt Your Biking Speed at the Bike Skills Flow Park

If you prefer a more active outdoor excursion, you can never go wrong with a bike ride along the Bike Skills Flow Park.

This bike park is a challenging terrain of trails ideal for competitive bikers.

It is a hit among mountain bikers wishing for a more thrilling progression in their ride.

The track comes together in a figure-8 and comes with a cross-country trail and a youth-centered route.

With its low humps and spiraling turns, the site navigates newbie bikers around simple tracks that focus on their handling skills.

The Bike Skills Flow Park is part of Gateway Park on Henderson Drive.

Let Your Kids Explore Their Creativity at TRee House Cafe & Studio

Located along South Main Street, TRee House Cafe & Studio introduces a new way for children to have fun without going outside.

This art studio mixes a snack break with an impromptu art learning session.

While you much on their famous paninis and sip on an energizing cup of coffee, you are free to draw or paint using the cafe's supplies.

Who knows?

You might draw your next big masterpiece while staying at this cafe.

Your little one may also love painting birdhouses and taking home their works as souvenirs.

Will you be adding TRee House Cafe & Studio to your itinerary?

Take a Photo of the Laodicea Langston Springfield Marker

Travelers Rest is not only a historical district, but it's also a place of tribute.

And this is significantly true with the Laodicea Langston Springfield Marker.

This marker, erected in 1933, is a triangular hearthstone-covered sculpture placed next to the home of Laodicea "Dicey" Langston Springfield.

Dicey was a modern heroine who fought for her family and community.

Her most remarkable sacrifice was jumping in front of her father and Tory raiders who wanted to take his life.

The Laodicea Langston Springfield Marker is on Tigerville Road.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, people need a break from their chaotic and too-exciting lives and find relaxation in a place far from their home.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then Travelers Rest has everything you need.

So, plan your trip today and leave a lot of room for free time to savor the peace of the area you’re visiting.

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