15 Best Things to Do in Tiburon, CA

Tiburon, CA
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Scenic, vibrant, and dreamy—these are words that come to mind when trying to pinpoint what makes the town of Tiburon special.

This beautiful coastal town in California boasts scenic views of the bay, the San Fransico skyline, and other nearby coastal areas.

Spend a fun day at the picturesque parks, learn about the local history in historic sites, and explore the scenic natural areas.

Still not convinced about spending a weekend getaway in the small town of Tiburon?

Then, read on for the 15 best things to do in this small, idyllic town!

Take a Casual Stroll to Blackie's Pastures

An open field at blackie's pasture.
Buzzlovestravel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A trip to Tiburon won't be complete without meeting the iconic Blackie at Blackie's Pasture.

This scenic waterfront park is home to a swaybacked horse named Blackie, a bronze sculpture standing in the grassy fields, which is an icon for locals and visitors.

Blackie's Pasture is the perfect destination in Tiburon where you can enjoy a casual stroll and the sight of expansive grassy fields and beautiful views of the bay.

A horse statue at blackie's pasture.
Buzzlovestravel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pack some snacks, lay down a blanket, and have a picnic at the park while you enjoy the breathtaking views of the water.

The park also features a play area for the youngsters, making the place an ideal family destination.

If you want to spend a laid-back time while enjoying the scenic offerings of Tiburon, Blackie's Pasture is the place to go!

An open field with green grass at blackie's pasture.
Buzzlovestravel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Book Your Stay at The Lodge at Tiburon

If you’re looking for a cozy and homey place to stay on your vacation to the charming town of Tiburon, you should book your stay at The Lodge at Tiburon.

This hotel offers a taste of sophistication with its gorgeous Craftsman-style structure set on 3 acres in the sailing village of Tiburon.

The hotel offers all the amenities required for a comfortable stay, where you'll feel at home and relax after a whole day of exploration in town.

The Lodge at Tiburon features an outdoor pool, a patio with a fire pit, and a tavern that will allow you to appreciate the beautiful location more.

Don’t forget to book your accommodation in advance at The Lodge at Tiburon for a hassle-free getaway.

Go on a Ferry Trip to Angel Island with Angel Island Tiburon Ferry Company

A ferry on a body of water.
Frank Schulenburg, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Angel Island is a beautiful and awe-inspiring place off the coast of Tiburon, and it's a perfect getaway for anyone looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Luckily, Tiburon is only a 12-minute ferry ride away from the scenic Angel Island.

The Angel Island Tiburon Ferry Company can take you on a ride to explore the island, where you can marvel at breathtaking vistas of the bay area and natural surroundings.

A trip to this historic bay island offers great hiking opportunities that lead to different vista points offering panoramic views of the surrounding Bay Area.

If hiking seems a daunting task to you, you have the option to take the tram tour to the island.

Don't forget to pack some snacks, so you can enjoy a picnic while marveling at the fascinating views of the area.

Get Lost in Nature at Old Saint Hilary's Preserve

If you're looking for a nature respite among the suburbia, check out the scenic Old Saint Hillary's Preserve in Tiburon.

This charming nature preserve makes for an idyllic getaway trip filled with relaxation and adventure.

The Old Saint Hilary's Preserve is a 122-acre natural area with rare wildflowers, an abandoned church, and even a bay view.

Hike up a hill, and you'll find yourself at the base of an old stone church where you can enjoy some tranquil time surrounded by the beautiful sight of nature.

So if you're looking for a unique place to go and get lost in nature when you're stressed out from your daily cares, then visit the Old Saint Hilary's Preserve.

Ride the Swing of the Hippie Tree

A kid using the swing of hippie tree.
QuimGil, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Swing as you enjoy the spectacular views of the city along with the glistening blue waters.

The Hippie Tree is a hidden gem located along Gilmartin Drive in Tiburon, a quintessential spot for fantastic photo ops.

The landscape view from the hippie tree.
Srishti Sethi, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Hippie Tree has a tree swing where you'll feel like you're flying off the hill and headed for the bay.

Feel like a kid again as you ride the swing, appreciate the beautiful sight of the bay, and breathe in some fresh air.

A side trip to the Hippie Tree is a must if you want a unique and memorable experience on your visit to Tiburon.

Have a Picnic at the Paradise Beach Park

Fill your vacation to Tiburon with memorable experiences as you spend an afternoon at Paradise Beach Park.

This 19-acre park boasts sweeping views of the bay, gently rolling hillsides, a fishing pier, and beach access.

Dip your toes in the waters, have a picnic with your loved ones, play some games, and take a relaxing stroll in the park.

You can also bring some fishing essentials and cast your lines in the fishing pier for some fresh catch or go paddling on a kayak to explore the bay.

This vibrant park in Tiburon combines the charms of nature and modern comforts for an idyllic outdoor trip that will delight all ages.

Get a Glimpse of History at Lyford's Stone Tower

Exterior view of the Lyford's stone tower.
Marthature, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you're looking for a unique and quirky place to visit on your trip to Tiburon, then look no further than Lyford's Stone Tower!

Built during the late 1890s, Lyford's Stone Tower was completed as part of a Victorian-era plan for a utopian health-obsessed village in Tiburon.

Exterior of the lyford's stone tower and a light post beside.
Sanfranman59, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The area was supposed to be called "Hygeia," which will serve as a gateway to the City of Health that never came to be.

The Lyford's Stone Tower is now a popular spot for its majestic structure, which offers fantastic views of the Bay, Angel Island, and San Francisco skyline.

This bizarre piece of history makes for a fun roadside trip, so make sure to stop by and pose for awesome pictures.

Marvel on the Fascinating Views at Winifred Bridge Allen Bench

The town of Tiburon is surrounded by the beautiful views of the bay and nearby coastal areas; you just have to find the perfect spot to capture all these scenic offerings of nature.

The Winifred Bridge Allen Bench is a public viewing spot where you can enjoy the stunning view that reaches from the far edge of Tiburon and Richmond.

On a clear day, you'll also get the chance to see the skyline of San Francisco, Angel Island, Alcatraz, and the Bay Bridge.

All of these iconic spots can be seen from the Winifred Allen Bench, where you can take a quick stop and snap some fantastic photos with a great background.

If you happen to drive along Beach Road, don't forget to make a quick stop to glance at the area's beauty.

Climb the Bouldering Rocks of Ring Mountain Preserve

Open space at ring mountain preserve.
Eric in SF, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bring your friends, families, and even your furry friends on a beautifully scenic hike at the Ring Mountain Preserve.

Bordering the towns of Tiburon and Corte Madera is the elevated scenic landform on the Tiburon Peninsula.

A white flower on the ground of ring mountain preserve.
Miguel Vieira, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

While observing the rare Marin dwarf-flax, make sure to stay on the petroglyph rock access path.

If you feel parched after the hike, you can take a quick break and be surrounded by breathtaking scenes at The John Thomas Howell bench.

Reach the summit and marvel at the gorgeous views of the bay and Mount Diablo on the East, Red Rock Island, and the Golden Gate Bridge peeking over the southwest.

A calochortus at ring mountain preserve.
Eric Hunt, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Experience History and Elegance at the Charming China Cabin

Do you appreciate the combination of history, architecture, and spectacular views?

If so, you should check out the China Cabin located along Beach Road.

The China Cabin is a first-class Victorian social saloon built in the 1880s, featuring ornate details with gold highlights.

It is now an ideal spot for events and sightseeing while enjoying the history behind the cabin.

Don't forget to check out the China Cabin to experience history and elegance on your trip to Tiburon.

Learn about Railroading History at the Tiburon Railroad and Ferry Depot Museum

Exterior view of Tiburon Railroad and Ferry Depot Museum.
Elizabeth Iris / Shutterstock.com

If you enjoy learning about history and you adore the tiniest details of historical explorations, then you may want to check out the Tiburon Railroad and Ferry Depot Museum.

Located on Paradise Drive is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Tiburon built in the 1880s; this depot has become a local treasure for anyone who loves trains.

Exterior of the tiburon railroad and ferry depot museum.
Rhododendrites, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The museum is filled with all sorts of railroad memorabilia and models, pictures of the town through the years, and artifacts that showcase the maritime history of Tiburon.

You'll get to explore how railroading history affected the development of Tiburon and learn about the town's maritime history.

A visit to the Tiburon Railroad and Ferry Depot Museum will transport you back in time that will truly delight all ages.

Exterior of the Tiburon Railroad and Ferry Depot Museum.
Frank Schulenburg, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Immerse Yourself with Great Views and History at Richardson Bay Audubon Center and Sanctuary

If you're looking for a change of pace from the hustle and bustle of downtown, or you want to escape for a day to get some fresh air—the Richarson Bay Audubon Center is a must-visit!

It's a place where you can immerse yourself in the natural beauty of a sanctuary overlooking Richardson Bay while also taking in the historical elements of the Richardson Bay Audubon Center.

This charming nature respite in town is perfect for birdwatchers, sightseeing, and picnicking, making for an idyllic outdoor adventure.

Head out for a laid-back trip, pack some snacks, and enjoy the best time with your loved ones in this scenic spot in Tiburon.

Richardson Bay Audubon Center and Sanctuary have it all: beauty and history, as well as great views that will delight all ages.

Shop and Dine at Downtown Tiburon

The view of downtown tiburon.
MARELBU, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A trip to Tiburon won't be complete without taking a stroll through downtown, where you can shop, dine, and get acquainted with the charming town.

This is where you’ll find great Bay Area shopping, dining options, scenic parks, historic sites, and world-class wine shops.

Shops at downtown tiburon.
MARELBU, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Whether you're looking for something unique or trendy, there are plenty of shops to scour through offering the best shopping opportunity.

After your shopping spree, you can stop by any restaurant that fits your palate or relax in a cozy coffee shop.

Downtown Tiburon boasts a vibrant, small-town atmosphere that you'll surely appreciate!

Stroll along The Tiburon Peninsula Historical Trail

Do you feel relaxed and lighthearted after a good walk?

If so, you should spend an afternoon strolling along the scenic Tiburon Peninsula Historical Trail.

This scenic walking trail is over two miles long and follows the town's coastline, offering great views of the Bay, San Francisco skyline, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

It's easy to get lost in your thoughts as you gaze into the horizon at the Pacific Ocean and enjoy the vibrant scenery combined with the rich historical background of the place.

A stroll along Tiburon Peninsula Historical Trail is a must if you want to get the full experience on your trip to the charming town of Tiburon.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Hike the Trails of Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Sunset view of Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
Bill45 / Shutterstock.com

Hiking is a great way to escape the daily grind and get back in touch with nature.

Located 15 minutes outside of Tiburon is the scenic nature respite where you can hike, bike, and see beautiful sights.

Scenic view of Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
Jon Bilous / Shutterstock.com

Golden Gate National Recreation Area has over 82,000 acres of trails that lead you through some of the most beautiful landscapes you can imagine.

Enjoy scenic vistas along your hike through lush forests and stand on towering cliffs overlooking the ocean.

A short drive to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area is truly worth it if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily stresses.

Aerial view of Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
Robert Bohrer / Shutterstock.com

Final Thoughts

Tiburon combines the excitement of outdoor adventures with scenic water views and charming historic places making for an idyllic weekend getaway.

If you’re planning to spend a getaway in this charming town in California, make sure to reference this list for a memorable trip to Tiburon!