15 Best Things to Do in the Dominican Republic

15 Best Things to Do in the Dominican Republic

The second largest country in the Caribbean, surrounded by Atlantic Ocean on the one side and Caribbean Sea on the other, the Dominican Republic is one of the most promising and entertaining countries in the world.

From being home to lush green vegetation, to beautiful beaches, the place offers a variety of fun and recreational activities. The country is one of the most diverse countries, which makes it pretty interesting and a perfect blend of various cultures and history.

The country inhibits some of the most hospitable and amicable people around the world, who are always ready to welcome others in their territory. The magnificent country, Dominican Republic has the following much to-do activities to offer:

Santa Domingo’s Zona Colonial

Santa Domingo’s Zona Colonial
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The city of Santa Domingo in Dominican Republic is house two buildings that are more than centuries old. The city is also believed to be the first place in America where Christopher Columbus landed.

The lights in the city is very Bubbly and busy at the same time. The houses covering the streets of the city, the museum, restaurants, shops, as well as the hotels are great examples of colonial architecture.

The place has a different fashionable vibe around it, which completely blows your mind. There is also a beautiful and busy street which is very famous for shopping and dining alfresco. The city presents living, and on-the-verge of death buildings magnificently.

There are some beautifully preserved buildings in the city such as Catedral Primada de América which is believed to be the first cathedral in America. You can enjoy eating a delicious pizza in a vintage colonial bin building.

You can also spend your night in a 400-year-old hotel and feel a unique vibe about the city. The unique architecture, and the lively energy around the city of Santo Domingo makes completely worth of your time and.

Resort Life of Punta Cana

Punta Cana
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Covered with beautiful white sand and stretching towards crystal clear sea green waters, Punta Cana is believed to the premiere resort destination in Santo Domingo.

Different form of Resorts from luxurious to all-inclusive, couple friendly to family friendly, the place is home to a large number of resorts which can very easily fit into anyone’s budgetary requirements.

The place also has clean and attractive beaches which allow the visitors to enjoy their time in doing various water activities. Bravaro Beach is one such beach.

The place is also quite famous for its beautiful restaurants that offer classic tasty food. You can enjoy activities such as swimming, boating, fishing, or even just sunbathing on the island. If you are looking for some adventure and water sporting, Punta Cana is your place.

Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata
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Another resort destination, Puerto Plata is one of the most famous and beautiful stretch of beaches. The beautiful golden sand beaches or famous but less populated with people. This place has a calmer and tranquil vibe.

You can actually enjoy sitting in silence and watching the waves hitting the shore. However, the beaches here do not offer activities such as Boating, or others water sports, but you can enjoy swimming or snorkeling.

The place is actually very heavenly to walk and discover undeveloped beaches.

Cabarete and The Beachside Restaurants

Santo Domingo beach
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Cabarete it is one such place in the Dominican Republic which is the famous for its light atmosphere and casual restaurants situated along the coasts of beaches.

This is the perfect place where you can enjoy dining on the sand. This place does not have a high-end or all-inclusive resorts like other cities. Rather the place is more famous among people who are free-spirited, backpackers, and who enjoy water activities.

This is one of the most famous locations for kite boarding across the island and you can easily spend a few weeks or months during the winter season here.

The place has everything to offer, from tasty food to affordable shopping, from adventurous sports to musical performances and their talents etc. The night life at this place is fabulous, and something you should definitely not miss.

Las Galeras

Las Galeras
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Las Galeras is a small town which is located at the farthest tip of the Samana Peninsula. This small town is so remotely located that it is one of the most favorite towns among people who want to spend some time in tranquility and calm spaces.

The stone is lined with palm trees and white sand beaches which create a beautiful look with turquoise waters. Some of the most beautiful but undeveloped beaches are believed to be discovered in this area.

The place is completely opposite to famous resort destinations and offers a more personal experience for every visitor. You can easily rent a boat to enjoy your evening at a remove the beach or simply take a morning or evening walk. You can also walk from when beach to another and do not even realize it.

The town is also famous for having only one main street which is covered with restaurants. The restaurants are operated by the French expats, due to which the food here is delicious but amazingly cheap. You can also drive from town and have some good food in the surrounding mountains.

These mountains located a bit far have more options. Las Galeras is the place which is very far from rush and normal city life. If you want to spend some time and stay away from the busy schedule, this is the place for you.

Kiteboarding on Kite Beach

Kite Beach Dominican Republic
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The Kite beach is about a 20-minute walk from the waterfront of the Cabarete main beach. The kite beach has its own vibe which is unique in the different times of the day. You can easily see that the beach is very quiet and less populated in the mornings, with only a few walkers or runners or swimmers.

The scene changes dramatically in the afternoon, as the beach is quite filled with people. As soon as the wind picks up, Kite boarders can easily be seen on the Beach and the sky is filled with kites.

The place has quite a good number of restaurant which offer delicious food with more focus on vegetarian and healthy offerings. The place also has some other entertaining options to enjoy.

A free circus on Friday afternoons, the annual Master of the ocean championship in the month of February, wind surfing, surfing, and paddle boarding are some of the best activities that could be enjoyed at this place.

If you do not know how to do the sport, you can also take up lessons from numerous schools which are located alongside the kite beach.

Samaná Bay

Samaná Bay
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Samaná Bay is the Place which is densely populated with whales during the months of December to March.

The bay is believed to be the place where thousands of humpback whales come to meet and give birth, making this one of the most welcoming place for all those who enjoy watching these giants.

However, apart from the whale watching the place does not offer anything much, so you can also take day trips from this location which are offered by various companies.

Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas
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Las terrenas, is again a small yet busy city in the Dominican Republic. The city is a beautiful place, with a large number of small French cafes, beautiful and tall palm trees, beaches, and the ocean.

You can just rent a motor bike and ride this city and understand the way of life that people lead in the Dominican Republic. If you want to get an insight into the culture of the Dominican Republic, this city is your best shot.

Bahia De Las Aguilas

Bahia De Las Aguilas
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Stretching over an area of 8 kilometers, Bahia De Las Aguilas is a remote beach in Jaragua National Park. As beautiful as this beach is, the place is very clear, hygienic, calm, and has a white sand bottom.

The beach is a bit under developed due to which it does not receive a large number of visitors. The beach is located almost a six-hour drive away from the city of Santo Domingo.

It is advised that if you wish to visit this beach, plan the trip short, as there is very less infrastructural development around the place.

You will not be able to find any luxury resorts, but the serene environment, the calm winds, the cool breeze, and the beautiful landscapes are something that you can offer your family or your friends or your partner on any given day.

Parque Nacional De Este

Parque Nacional De Este
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Parque Nacional De Este is a World Heritage site. The place is seen and filled with natural beauty, and provides home to a large number of plants, animals, birds, as well as aquatic animals.

This place acts as a magnet for all the tourists, for the beautiful view is that it has to offer. The soft sand beach and the turquoise water never fail to attract any day tripper.

There are no Resort on this beach, you can still find a relaxing lounge chairs and soak up the sun. The place is a paradise in itself.


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Jarabacoa is an argued destination in Dominican Republic, for some people believe it to be a summer destination while the other believe it to be a winter destination.

However, unaffected by the conflict, Jarabacoa is a fairly popular destination among the tourists as it offers a lot of fun things to do. Activities such as rafting, hiking, biking, and explorations are quite famous.

The place is situated at an elevation of 500 m due to which the temperature here is cooler as compare to other places in Dominican Republic.

La Romana

La Romana
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Located near Punta Cana, La Romana is one of the lesser-known resort destinations in the Dominican Republic. The place has unique resorts that different ideas.

Some of the resorts in this place are great for travelers were looking forward for self-catering. The place also has a large number of beaches and shops. Altos de Chavón, inspired from a 16th century artisans village, is a cool place where you can shop for crafts and souvenirs.

You can also join an organized shopping trip around the village and enjoy golfing in this popular area.

Los Haitises

Los Haitises
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Los haitises is a national park in the Dominican Republic which has been attracting many eco-tourists in the recent years. The Park looks very unique.

You can locate soaring coastal mountains as well as deep valleys and some rainforest in this one location. A large number of flora and fauna is present in the woods of the park.

You can also hike around the park and visit the caves which are as mysterious as the walking-trails in the park.


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For all those mountain enthusiasts visiting the Dominican Republic, Constanza is a token of appreciation. Situated in the deep heart of the country, Constanza is a small yet beautiful mountain town in the soaring heights of Cordillera central.

The place has a number of apple orchards and strawberry plantations, with a cool highland breeze to welcome you home. You can explore the town with a bicycle or just simply hike, or enjoy the cultural diversity at the place.

Party Night at Coco Bongo

Coco Bongo
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Coco Bongo is a pro night life colossal arena that offers everything one demands of a night. With the best electronic music to groove on, laser shows, dense smoke, confetti all in the air and gravity defying trapeze performances, Coco Bongo adds life to the night in Dominican Republic every Tuesday to Sunday.

The place has an energy that could not be soaked in one night. Definitely a must visits, you have to have the vibe of this place at least two times in your life.

Dominican Republic is a place which is as diverse as a multi-cuisine restaurant, offering different and unexpected experiences at every step.

This place is definitely a great place and has to offer something to everyone. The warm hospitality and comfortable resorts will not let you miss your homes for even a minute during the entire visit.

Explore the Amber Museum

The Dominican Republic is noted for producing very high-quality amber, and most of it contains significant petrified plant and animal remnants.

The beautiful Villa Bentz farmhouse in Santo Domingo, which was constructed in 1918, is where the Amber Museum is housed.

A very magnificent collection of amber from the island and across the world is housed at the museum in a suitably elegant setting.

You may learn more about the history and applications of amber, which is made of petrified tree resin, by taking a guided tour of the museum.

After viewing the spectacular displays, you may stop by the store to browse for a range of amber jewelry.

Appreciate the Seas of Saona Island

Saona Island is an 11,000-hectare tropical island off the La Altagracia province of the Dominican Republic.

It is well-known for its beaches and has frequently been utilized as a backdrop for movies and advertisements by companies aiming to portray a clichéd "deserted island" atmosphere.

The communities of Mano Juan and Catuano are the only two permanent settlements.

Mano Juan is a fishing community with wooden dwellings and a navy detachment near "Catuano beach."

Tourists from all around the Dominican Republic flock to the island on planned excursions in large fleets of catamarans as well as small motorboats every day.

Take a Photo of the Columbus Lighthouse

The cross-shaped Columbus Lighthouse honors the legacy of one of history's greatest explorers who first set foot on the island in 1492, Christopher Columbus, situated on a beach nearby.

It is a mausoleum memorial in Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic.

The sophisticated lighting system that casts a giant lit cross into the night skies, which is visible from more than 40 miles away, is the lighthouse's most distinctive feature.

In the middle of the imposing 10-story building, which serves as both a tourist destination and a cultural hub, is a chapel believed to house Christopher Columbus' mortal bones.

When planning your Dominican Republic holiday, include a stop at Columbus Lighthouse in your schedule.

Unwind and Tour Around the Bavaro Adventure Park

In the Punta Cana area, the 110-acre Bavaro Adventure Park is a must-see tourist attraction.

The park was built in a sizable area of natural woodland and offered thrilling eco-friendly adventure activities for the whole family in a back-to-nature setting.

There are various activities to choose from, including a flight simulator, zip-line adventure choices, bikes, Paintball Rapid Shooter, and the Climbing Garden.

Youngsters will enjoy visiting Dino World, which features animatronic dinosaurs, and the playground, which offers climbing walls, tightropes, and small zip lines for children.

You may unwind and cool down in the Waterfall Pool between activities, and you can also take a guided eco-tour to observe butterflies, orchids, parrots, tortoises, and other creatures.

See Tropical Plants at National Botanical Garden

The picturesque National Botanical Gardens atop Mt. Isabel de Torres provide residents and guests with a tranquil and pleasant setting.

It is a chance to reconnect with wildlife and learn about the incredible range of tropical plants native to the Dominican Republic.

More than 200 acres of land, there is a vast network of walkways and trails for running and strolling.

The many ecosystems and plants, such as bromeliads, orchids, and palms, are all covered in detail.

A butterfly garden and a gorgeous Japanese garden are also present.

You may board the miniature train for a sightseeing tour of the gardens.


The Dominican Republic, which is surrounded by miles and miles of beaches, is the ideal island retreat.

You may spend time exploring the state's fascinating history and taking in the colonial architecture at Santa Domingo's Zona Colonial, in addition to taking part in a variety of water activities.

You won't have a dull moment in the Dominican Republic, thanks to the variety of indoor and outdoor activities available.

Discover new things and make lasting memories!