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20 Best Things to Do in Thackerville, OK

  • Published 2022/11/17

As a town of only 500 people, Thackerville, Oklahoma, might be a place people consider very skippable and not worth checking out.

If you’re one of these people, you will join them in being wrong.

Thackerville, just an hour and a half away from Dallas and two hours away from Oklahoma City, hosts the world’s largest casino resort.

If you dislike crowds or if you prefer exploring secluded nature, Thackerville is also the perfect little getaway.

Roam the rolling hills, explore the flowing waters, and experience nature at its most beautiful.

Do you want to know more about Thackerville, OK?

Here’s a list of the best things to do in town:

Try Your Luck at the WinStar World Casino and Resort

The iconic landmark of WinStar World Casino and Resort.

Kym Koch Thompson, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The largest casino in the world promises to bring you only the biggest and most exciting gaming experience you’ve ever had.

During your visit, you’ll see 8,500 cutting-edge electronic games packing the floor space of more than 500,000 square feet.

View of WinStar World Casino and Resort

RaksyBH /

Likewise, you have your pick out of the 101 table games and 55 poker tables.

You can even go to the bingo hall if you want.

Front View of Palace of Westminster at WinStar World Casino and Resort

RaksyBH /

If you’ve had enough of games, you can check out the WinStar Global Event Center for some live entertainment, such as concerts from world-famous artists.

On the other hand, if you’re planning a corporate expo, book the WinStar Convention Center for the best space.

Take a Break at the Thackerville Chickasaw Travel Stop

Don’t let unforeseen events derail your Thackerville adventure.

Drive to the Thackerville Chickasaw Travel Stop and refill your supplies with essential goods and services for the intrepid traveler.

For example, boost your vehicle with the highest quality fuels around, or simply take a bathroom break at squeaky clean restrooms.

You can even take a shower there.

If you need a snack break, you can sample their selection of freshly prepared food.

The Chickasaw own also owns this place, one of many travel plazas and trading posts throughout the Chickasaw Nation.

Spend the Day at Thackerville Park

Thackerville isn’t just for casinos and gaming.

It’s also got its fair share of outdoor attractions, such as Thackerville Park, where you can spend an entire day hanging out with friends or family.

Play with your kids in the open space, or let them make new friends while you take some time for yourself.

For example, they can play on the swings.

If you’re alone, you can walk or jog along the trails, too.

The park is a popular spot for Thackerville locals, so if you want to meet new people, you’re likely to do so there.

Get Closer to Nature at the Love Valley WMA Camping Site

Another outdoor attraction you can visit in Thackerville is the Love Valley WMA Camping Site.

Located east of Interstate 35, this campsite spans 7,746 acres of eastern and south-central Love County.

What can you do once you’re there?

Besides camping, you can hunt games each season.

You can find bobwhite quails, white-tailed deer, rabbits, turkeys, and waterfowl.

These animals roam around the property, so you’ll have to explore grasslands and timber forests.

The nearby Lake Texoma hosts stripers, crappie, catfish, and bass in terms of fishing.

If you’re not a hunter, you can simply watch out for bald eagles, who spend their winters on the site.

You’ll find Least Interior Terns nesting on the Red River sandbars during the summer.

Camp Out at the Red River Ranch RV Resort

The Red River Ranch RV Resort is a popular spot for tourists because of its proximity to the WinStar World Casino and Resort, which is just five minutes away.

So, if you’re in the mood for a little camping, rent a trailer and camp out at Red River Ranch.

Don’t worry about the facilities, too.

This resort overlaid its campgrounds with gravel, assuring you of stability and comfort.

Likewise, there are restrooms and other amenities to help you stay comfortable.

The resort has a lot of space, with well-maintained campgrounds connected to paved roads.

You can even let your kids pick their choice of entertainment while you go to the casino.

Grab a Tasty Meal at the Palladium Sports Lounge

All that gaming should make anyone hungry.

When you hear your belly grumbling, you better head right away to the Palladium Sports Lounge, located at the WinStar World Casino Resort property.

While watching your favorite team play live, you can enjoy delicious food, such as the smoked cheddar ribeye burger.

Besides live sports screenings, the lounge also hosts live music performances.

Otherwise, you can simply hang out there and relax before hitting the casino floor again.

For drinks, the Palladium offers wonderful brews and cocktails.

However, you’ll need to book a reservation since the place can get pretty quickly, especially on the weekend.

Learn Native American History at Norton’s Jewelry and Indian Territory Museum

Buy luxurious jewelry and learn more about US history at this unique jewelry store in Marietta.

First of all, don’t even worry about the price since the store sells high-end jewelry at affordable prices.

You can browse their selections of rings, bracelets, and necklaces with various cuts and stones.

The unique thing about Norton’s is that it also features a private collection known as the Indian Territory Museum.

If you look here, you’ll find unique and interesting historical artifacts from the state, such as arrowheads, antiques, historical documents, and even old soda pop bottles.

You’re not only indulging your desires at Norton’s, but you also satisfy your curiosity.

Practice Your Swing at the WinStar Golf Course

Spanning 350 acres of rich, pristine green is the WinStar Golf Course, one of Thackerville’s most popular attractions.

When you go there, you might begin calling it the “golfer’s dream course,” thanks to its challenging course and gorgeous nature views.

There are two 18-hole championship golf courses at the party, each with different difficulty levels and landscapes.

You’ll swing amid enormous blackjack oaks along the wide banks of the Red River, living your pro golfing dream.

The green also comprises lush well-trimmed prairie grass, adding to the luxurious experience.

Go to the Extreme at the I-35 MX Park

You might not expect this from a city like Thackerville, but it also lets you unleash your wild side.

For instance, why not try motocross at the city’s I-35 MX Park?

Just rent out the bike or ATV there, buy the gear, and race across the rough and rugged terrain.

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner.

The park offers three tracks featuring different difficulty levels.

So, there’s a track for beginners, one for intermediate riders, and one for veterans.

Regarding terrain, the dirt tracks pass through sandy and rocky ground and wild foliage, adding to an extreme and exhilarating experience.

Go Hunting at the Addison Ranch

If you’ve ever wanted to try hunting, you should visit Marietta and head to the Addison Ranch, which offers the best whitetail deer hunting in all of Oklahoma.

The family-owned business also sits near the Red River in an area teeming with wildlife.

Hunters can pick from a selection of hunts.

For example, you can choose from management whitetail hunts, hog hunts, duck hunts, and trophy whitetail hunts.

Before you go out, the ranch will also supply you with a full-time hunting guide.

After a long day’s hunt, you can retire overnight inside the ranch’s beautiful onsite lodge, which accommodates six people.

Prepare to Win at the Border Casino

Exterior view of Border Casino

Jphill19, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

On the other hand, if you just want to game in peace, you can try your luck at the Border Casino, still in Thackerville.

You’ll have the opportunity to play over 2,300 electronic games, including the latest trendy ones.

Of course, you can still play the classics you know and love.

Take your time to explore the casino to boost your chances of winning thousands of dollars in daily jackpots.

Besides gaming, the casino also offers delicious drinks, including a monthly special.

You can also grab a tasty meal like Nathan’s famous hot dogs.

Sleep under the Stars at the Fun Town RV Park at WinStar

If you want to camp out even closer to the WinStar World Casino and Resort, you could park your treasured RV at the Fun Town RV Park at WinStar.

Staying at this campsite gives you the best of both worlds.

You’ll enjoy sleeping under the dark nighttime sky, plus you’re just a short drive away from the world’s biggest casino resort.

Right on the edge of the WinStar World Casino and Resort, the Fun Town RV Park also sits in the middle of the foothills of southern Oklahoma.

You have 15 acres to explore, offering over 160 sites with full amenities, such as water and sewer dumping stations.

Likewise, you can take a dip in the pool for guests or play sand volleyball.

You can also hang out in the outdoor pavilion or the 1,400-square-foot clubhouse.

Explore the Town’s History and Services at Thackerville Information Center

Three miles north of the Texas–Oklahoma state line, the Thackerville Travel Information Center stands just off Interstate 35.

Travelers may get information on Chickasaw Country and the rest of Oklahoma at the Thackerville Information Center.

Visitors may get help from knowledgeable employees and peruse a wide variety of free printed pamphlets covering recreation, history, culture, and commerce.

There are always public facilities, vending machines, and parking for RVs and buses available on the premises.

Stop by the Thackerville Travel Information Center for recommendations on what to see and do in south-central Oklahoma.

Visit the gift store to pick up some Oklahoma-made swag.

Don’t forget to bring your camera to document the many exciting exhibits in the facility.

Grab Newly-Harvested Fruits and Veggies at Farmer Jim’s Fresh Produce

Located on Highway 77, Thackervilleis Farmer Jim’s Fresh Produce.

Pinto beans, okra, green beans, tomatoes, jalapenos, and other seasonal fruits and vegetables are available here.

It offers excellent customer service in addition to fresh vegetables.

Don’t miss this farm stand if you’re in Thackerville for a few days or even if you’re only passing through.

Prepare healthy meals using your haul from Farmer Jim’s Fresh Produce!

Experience Glamping at The Connect Resort

Thackerville now has a glamping option, thanks to the Connect Resort.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and recharge your batteries.

Inside the dome, you will find a comfortable living area, bedroom, exercise bike, and bathroom—an outdoor, private shower with a view of the valley.

Each dome has outside seating and a fire pit to enjoy the sunset and the cool evening air.

As you go off to sleep at night and wake up in the morning, you can take in the complete symphony of natural noises surrounding you.

Visitors to town who are searching for a special place to pitch a tent will find the dome to be an ideal solution.

This small, outdoor-oriented resort is close enough to the Winstar Casino to be easily reached on foot.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Learn Local History at the Love County Pioneer Museum

The story of the pioneers who settled America is an interesting tale, and you can learn more about it at the Love County Pioneer Museum in Marietta, Oklahoma.

You don’t even need to go far from Thackerville to get there since Marietta is only 14 minutes away.

What will you see inside the museum?

You’ll see life-sized, full-scale recreations of a late 19th and early 20th-century kitchen, living room, and bedroom, complete with period-accurate furnishings.

Likewise, you’ll find Native American artifacts, such as tools, and tribal art, which will teach you about the various Native American tribes who lived on the land before the settlers came.

Celebrate Milestones at The Ven

If you’re looking for a simple but charming venue for an important occasion, like a wedding, you should visit The Ven in Marietta.

Since it sits halfway from the DFW metroplex and Oklahoma City, The Ven is ideal for major events like weddings, reunions, or corporate events.

Many gatherings have happened here, from business meetings, training classes, art shows, craft events, baby bridal showers, and birthdays.

You can even invite as many people as you want since the place can fit up to 160 people.

You also get the tables and chairs you need at zero additional cost when you book The Ven.

The space is open and clean, and once your event finishes, the staff will clean it all up for you.

So, you don’t need to bang your head against the wall worrying about party logistics.

The Ven will solve everything for you.

Honor American Heroes at the Love County Military Museum

Exterior view of Love County Military Museum

Melodibit, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

American history teems with heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend American democracy and the American way of life.

In honor of their heroism, the US has built several museums and monuments throughout the country over the decades.

For example, Marietta hosts the Love County Military Museum.

This museum remembers the sacrifice of the courageous men and women from Love County who gave their lives for the flag.

During your visit, you’ll find collections of over 700 photos, war memorabilia, and other artifacts from World War I to the Iraq War.

The museum is open to the public, and admission is free.

Admire the Views of Lake Murray from Tucker Tower

Aerial view of Tucker Tower

Kit Leong /

The original intent of Tucker Tower, established in the 1930s, was probably to provide a relaxing getaway for Oklahoma governors.

It was built for that purpose but never used for anything other than a geology museum and, more recently, a nature center for Lake Murray State Park.

Fred Tucker, a state lawmaker around the time that Lake Murray was under construction, is honored with the naming of Tucker Tower.

Interior view of Tucker Tower

Kit Leong /

If you visit Lake Murray, you must climb to the top of the tower to take in the spectacular views.

The clear blue lake water is a sight to behold.

Alternatively, on most days, you can gaze down at the coastline and see the bottom of the lake due to the clarity of Lake Murray.

Tucker Tower Nature Center is a 25-minute drive from Thackerville.

Viewof nature centre at Tucker Tower

Kit Leong /

Explore the Region’s History at Greater Southwest Historical Museum

It’s hard to find a better museum dedicated to the history of south-central Oklahoma than the Greater Southwest Historical Museum, 28 minutes drive from Thackerville.

The museum’s displays cover various topics and use exciting objects from across the area.

Here you may see one of the oldest examples of a steam-pump fire truck beside an early electric automobile.

Initially serving as an armory for the local National Guard, this massive WPA-built structure opened its doors in 1935–1936.

May 2017 saw the completion of the museum’s most tremendous expansion to date, “Tools of Our Land.”

Here, you can explore the region’s agricultural and ranching heritage in two brand-new, 5,000-square-foot structures.

Final Thoughts

Thackerville offers travelers a perfect blend of natural attractions and entertainment centers.

You don’t even have to venture very far to reach these outdoor spots because they gravitate toward the city’s biggest draw, WinStar World Casino and Resort, the world’s biggest casino resort.

If you’re looking for historical sites, you could also drive to Marietta and visit the fascinating museums there.

Otherwise, you can simply stay near the WinStar casino and enjoy gaming with your buddies.

The place also has enough amenities to tide you over until the next game, such as the Palladium Sports Lounge.

So, don’t stress yourself out looking for your next weekend getaway.

Book your Thackerville trip today!

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