15 Best Things to Do in Suffern, NY

Suffern, NY
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Have you ever heard of the town Ramapo?

It is one of the several towns you can find in Rockland County, New York.

This town features different spots for you to visit.

One place you can visit in Ramapo is Suffern.

Suffern is a village on the southeast side of Ramapo, which gained recognition in 1796.

Currently, the 5.517-square-kilometer village is one of the small villages you can visit in the state of New York.

It may not be the largest location in Ramapo, but it is a village with charm, history, and multiple places to shop and eat.

Here are the best things to do in Suffern, New York:

Have a Laugh at Rhino Comedy

Catch a show at Rhino Comedy and enjoy plenty of laughs with the different comedy performances in the venue.

In addition to comedy shows, the venue hosts different events that guests can join, including game nights and open mic nights.

Aside from hosting shows, Rhino Comedy features a bar area called Hardware Bar, where you can enjoy pizza and a selection of wines and beers.

The venue also hosts workshops and classes you can join and features a shop where you can get merchandise.

You'll find plenty of entertainment by visiting Rhino Comedy at Lafayette Avenue.

Enjoy a Play or Musical at the Antrim Playhouse

Do you like the performing arts?

If yes, the Antrim Playhouse is the place for you.

Located along Spook Rock Road, the theater features different plays and musicals and has a history dating back to 1936.

Unfortunately, the theater doesn't show performances throughout the year.

You can make an appointment to join auditions or check out upcoming shows.

There are nearly 200 seats available in this theater, which hosts shows in a range of genres.

If you want to catch a show in Suffern, go to the Antrim Playhouse.

Discover Fun Items at Wow! That's Unusual!

One of the most interesting shops in Suffern is Wow! That's Unusual! at Lafayette Avenue.

The store features a variety of items ranging from crafts to collectibles, and you can discover something new every day.

Whether you want to get vintage crafts or find a unique gift, you will find something interesting in this store.

If you like finding fun knick-knacks and gifts, then head to Wow! That's Unusual!

Get Candles and Gifts at Bell Books & Candles

Check out the Bell Books & Candles shop if you like candles or crystals on Orange Avenue.

Bell Books & Candles is a Botanica & Specialty Shop featuring various items you can purchase.

These items include different types of candles, crystals, and herbs, to name a few.

All items at this store feature natural and organic ingredients and come in small and large batches.

Wherever your interests lay, you should check out the variety of items available at this store.

Satisfy Your Chocolate Craving at Le Chocolate of Rockland

Le Chocolate of Rockland is a must-see spot in Suffern for chocolate lovers.

You can find the shop on Ramapo Avenue and purchase a wide range of chocolates and other sweets.

These chocolates include bars, fudge, wafers, and nuts.

You can also find a long list of pretzels, cookies, jellies, and other treats featuring chocolate.

In addition to various sweets, the shop offers a selection of sugar-free options and gift boxes.

When it comes to satisfying your chocolate craving, you should go to Le Chocolate of Rockland.

Buy Your Choice of Drink at Lafayette Liquor Shop

While there are multiple places to enjoy a drink in Suffern, there are also places where you can buy one to enjoy at home.

If you want to get a simple bottle to enjoy, check out the Lafayette Liquor Shop.

It may not be a highlight attraction in the village, but it is a prime place to browse for different drinks.

As the name states, you can find the store around Lafayette Avenue.

Enjoy a selection of wines and beer at the Lafayette Liquor Shop.

Enjoy Soul Food and Live Entertainment at Diddy’s Soul Food & Lounge

Enjoy a hearty meal and bumping music by dining at Diddy’s Soul Food & Lounge.

Diddy’s Soul Food & Lounge is an eatery along Lafayette Avenue, which features outdoor seating, live entertainment, and plenty of food options.

As its name indicates, the eatery offers a list of soul food dishes, from fried chicken to collard greens.

In addition to various dishes, the eatery offers different cocktails and spirits, such as Casamigos.

If you are interested in live entertainment, you can enjoy live music or a comedy show depending on the day.

Visit Diddy’s Soul Food & Lounge to enjoy soul food and live entertainment.

Enjoy Italian Food at the daNina Italian Restaurant

The daNina Italian Restaurant is a top spot to check out if you like Italian food.

You can find the eatery near Wayne Avenue.

While dining at the daNina Italian Restaurant, you can try traditional Italian dishes like veal.

In addition to various classic and traditional Italian dishes, the eatery offers a list of wines and champagne.

If you want to experience elegant dining with different Italian dishes, check out the daNina Italian Restaurant.

Bite into Healthy Meals at the Rendezvous Kosher Restaurant

Whether you want a snack or meal, you should check out the Rendezvous Kosher Restaurant.

The Rendezvous Kosher Restaurant features various sweet and savory dishes you can try with fresh ingredients.

If you are craving something sweet, the restaurant offers a selection of cakes and smoothie bowls you can make yourself.

You can also enjoy a coffee break at the restaurant with their range of coffee blends.

As for the savory dishes in the restaurant, you can enjoy a range of panini, pizzas, and pasta.

You can find the restaurant by heading to Route 59.

Eat Barbeque at Fink's BBQ

Fink's BBQ is the ideal place to get barbeque in Suffern, and there are different dishes you can indulge in every day.

There are a variety of smoked meat dishes you can enjoy at this restaurant, including baby back ribs and cheesesteaks.

In addition to smoked meat dishes, the restaurant offers sauces, sides, spice rubs, and dressings made from scratch.

The restaurant mainly serves lunch and dinner meals, but you can enjoy a selection of desserts and cocktails.

If you want to enjoy barbeque or chicken wings, check out Fink's BBQ around Orange Avenue.

Try the Drinks and Meals at Curley's Corner

Take a chance to try Irish beer and dishes by stopping at Curley's Corner.

Curley's Corner is an Irish pub and restaurant located around Orange Avenue, featuring different types of beers, including pale ale and stouts.

While dining at Curley's Corner, you can try their homemade shepherd's pie or steaks and sandwiches.

You can also enjoy your meal with various beers or try other blends.

Curley's Corner is where to go if you want to enjoy a good beer with a meal.

Golf at the Spook Rock Golf Course

You must check out the Spook Rock Golf Course if you feel the need to play in Suffern.

Featuring 150 acres of land and 18-holes, among different facilities, the Spook Rock Golf Course has plenty for golf enthusiasts to enjoy.

These facilities include a driving range, a practice field, and different services for events.

Whatever experience you have with golf, there are several options you can try at this golf course.

To find the golf course, you must look around Spook Rock Road.

Relax at Deja Vu Salon & Spa

A little pampering can be a nice treat if you're exploring a new place.

If you want to relax after checking out different spots in Suffern, visit the Deja Vu Salon & Spa at Park Avenue.

The salon and spa offer several services, including hair, skin, and other health treatments.

Whether you decide on a manicure or facial, you're sure to find a treatment to refresh your looks and spirit.

Pamper yourself at Deja Vu Salon & Spa.

Check out the Suffern - Bear Mountain Trailhead

While there are plenty of shops and eateries you can check out in Suffern, there are also natural areas you can explore.

One way you can check out the greenery and wildlife around the village is to traverse the Bear Mountain Trailhead.

The Bear Mountain Trailhead is a nature trail that spans around 37 kilometers.

Likewise, it's one of the more challenging trails in the area.

You can locate the start of the trail near Harriman State Park.

During your trip, you are free to go hiking or camping.

While traveling this trail, you can find different views, such as various creeks and vast expanses of land.

Take a Break at Sutter's Mill

Sutter's Mill is one of the different bars in Suffern; it has also operated since 1984.

A highlight of this bar is the various types of chicken wings you can try with your choice of drink.

In addition to featuring chicken wings, the bar offers a selection of top-rated burgers.

Sutter's Mill may be one of the more casual bars in the area, but you're sure to get great wings and burgers there.

You can locate the bar by heading to Route 59 and looking near South Airmont Road.

Sutter's Mill is a top spot to visit if you're interested in exploring the local nightlife.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Enjoy a Wine Tasting at the Torne Valley Vineyard

Exterior of Torne Valley Vineyard
JERRYE & ROY KLOTZ, M.D., CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you love wine, visit the Torne Valley Vineyard in Hillburn, New York, six minutes from Suffern.

You can find this vineyard northwest of Suffern and sample a selection of wines.

The vineyard has produced wines since 2009 but features architecture that dates back to the 19th century.

In addition to featuring different wines, the vineyard hosts several live performances and events.

Drop by the Torne Valley Vineyard, and you can experience wine tasting, good food, and lively entertainment.

See the Trains at the Mahwah Museum

Shops and eateries are aplenty in Suffern.

However, if you want to see more attractions in the surrounding area, check out the Mahwah Museum in Mahwah, New Jersey.

Traveling to this museum from Suffern takes less than five minutes.

It's worth checking out if you love history and other fun stories.

The Mahwah Museum opened in 2001 and featured exhibits, including miniature models of several historical settings.

One of the prominent displays you can find at this museum is the model trains.

In addition to the different stories displayed in the museum, you can find a souvenir at the museum store.

If you like exploring different stories or like trains, check out the Mahwah Museum.

Try Tubing at Campgaw Mountain Ski Area

Enjoy winter activities by visiting the Campgaw Mountain Ski Area at Mahwah.

Located southwest of the village, the ski area is less than 15 minutes away from Suffern.

Some activities you can enjoy at this venue include tubing and snowboarding.

If you're unfamiliar with winter activities, there are different lessons you can take.

You can walk down several trails and areas to do different activities.

You'll have plenty of options for fun in the snow while visiting the Campgaw Mountain Ski Area.

Final Thoughts

Suffern is a village that offers its charm with plenty of spots for you to discover.

If you want to enjoy a show, there are plenty of places to catch live entertainment and have a laugh or appreciate a performance.

Aside from different shows you can look out for, there are plenty of unique shops you can seek out for fun crafts and products.

If you want to explore and have fun discovering different options, consider Suffern your next stop in New York.

Book your trip today!

You might find even more things to do in Suffern or nearby areas after you arrive.

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