16 Best Things to Do in Strongsville, OH

Strongsville, OH
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Strongsville, Ohio, is a beautiful place to visit for the thrill, adventure, and nature.

Aside from the numerous engaging activities and attractions, it is particularly child-friendly.

This beautiful city is widely referred to as the "Crossroads of the Nation."

Strongsville Township was founded on February 25, 1818, and was renamed Strongsville City in 1961.

The city is located around 20 kilometers south of Cleveland in Northern Ohio.

You may easily walk between a variety of restaurants and entertainment venues nearby.

Are you up for one of your most thrilling travel experiences?

Try out some of the best things to do in Strongsville, Ohio:

Go Boating at Cleveland Metroparks

The Cleveland Metroparks in Strongsville is the ideal place to visit if you're looking for a home for outdoor activities.

The park offers exciting activities, such as cycling and hiking paths that wind through wooded and grassland terrain.

You can also try boating or fishing on the lake or relax and observe nature at work.

Gardens, sculptures, and other works of art can be seen across Cleveland Metroparks, adding to the area's abundant natural beauty.

While adults enjoy a meal at a picnic table, your children can enjoy climbing and playing on the park's playground equipment.

Visit Gardenview Horticultural Park

Are you fascinated with a wide range of different types of plants?

If so, Strongsville's Gardenview Horticultural Park is the perfect spot for you.

Established as a non-profit botanical garden and greenhouse in 1961, the 16-acre park is named after horticulturist Henry Ross.

His artistic endeavors have developed a wide variety of plants, such as the mildew-resistant Monarda 'Gardenview Scarlet' and the white-leaved Ajuga 'Arctic Fox.'

A 10-acre botanical garden and a six-acre English Cottage Gardens have been added to the landscape for the first time.

There are over 2,500 odd trees in the nursery, including 500 species of flowering crabapples interspersed with daffodils.

The garden also features azaleas, 1,500 tuberous-rooted begonias, hundreds of tulips, and an extensive cactus collection.

Ice Skating at OBM Arena

Your weekend will fly by when you enjoy all that Strongsville offers, packed with fun activities.

There are dozens of entertainment venues in the city where people may visit, including places where they can take their children or relax by participating in sports.

If you love ice skating and hockey, go to OBM Arena.

It also offers several eateries where you may purchase refreshments when you become too tired to practice.

Teenagers of all ages come here to improve their skating and hockey abilities.

In addition, some competitions are also taking place here.

One of the numerous advantages of this location is the parking lot, which is big enough to accommodate many visitors.

This location is welcoming to individuals who have special needs.

Learn Pottery at Maggie & Ellie's Pottery and Art Studio

Strongsville is home to local arts.

It may not be the location that receives the most tourists in the city, but it is a beautiful place to come if you want to appreciate nature and art.

Suppose you are interested in creating your very own piece of art.

In that case, you can participate in various art-related activities and possibilities at Maggie & Ellie's Art Studio.

You may also try to paint on canvas here, aside from painting the pot you made or your favorite beer mug.

They will give you the canvas, a template to trace, and written instructions if you wish to paint on a canvas they have provided.

They provide you with various tools, including stencils, stamps, and concept books, to assist you in creating the kind of art you will enjoy.

Go Hiking at Mill Stream Run Reservation

Fall in love in this sanctuary in Strongsville, Ohio.

It is easy to fall in love with the natural beauty surrounding this small, quaint city not far from Cleveland's south.

The Mill Stream Run Reservation offers numerous recreational opportunities, including hiking and swimming.

Berea, Middleburg Heights, North Royalton, and Strongsville are the four communities that make up this reservation.

In the 19th century, this location provided local settlers an excellent opportunity to improve their standard of living.

Following the construction of sawmills and gristmills in that area, other types of enterprises such as pubs, tailor shops, and basket factories opened their doors.

Try Local Wine at Don's Pomeroy House

Don's Pomeroy House in Strongsville is the place to go when you are away from your usual drinking area but still want a glass of outstanding wine.

The restaurant is an 18th-century mansion with multiple formal dining rooms and a tavern with a more casual ambiance.

This establishment is famous for its alcoholic beverages and impressive culinary selections.

They have fresh seafood, steaks, and chops available just for you.

This traditional American grill, which has a magnificent view of Town Square, is known for its excellent service.

The home underwent extensive renovations in the 19th century so that it might be returned to its previous splendor.

Drink Local Beer at The Brew Kettle

The Brew Kettle is the place to go if you want to let your inner brewer out to play.

At this place, guests can choose from one of the 70 available recipes to brew their own batch of beer.

Samples of various beers, ranging from Belgian Red to Irish Stout, are available in the taproom.

You can place an order for a particular beer in advance, and you will be able to pick it up once the fermentation process has been completed.

The brewery provides yoga classes and trivia evenings, which are excellent social opportunities for beer enthusiasts from the local area.

Go Shopping at SouthPark Mall

SouthPark Mall is Strongsville's one-stop shopping mall.

Dick's Sporting Goods, Dillard's, JCPenney, Macy's, and a 14-Screen Cinemark Cinema are some of its anchor stores.

The mall contains more than 170 specialized shops and eateries.

The Royalton Road and Howe Road crossroads in the quickly growing community were wanted for commercial use as early as the 1960s.

Art Modell, the previous owner of the Cleveland Browns, had a covert plan to build a new stadium there in the 1980s, which was later shelved.

The Richard E. Jacobs Group eventually purchased the land and soon presented its preliminary ideas for a significant commercial mall.

Get a Personalized Clock Souvenir at the Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is the ideal place to engage your interest in collecting memorabilia while seeing the breathtaking view of Strongsville.

It is located in Strongsville Commons and is often considered among the most exciting landmarks in the area.

You can buy a one-of-a-kind inscribed brick to place on the paths around this distinctive Tower, which enhances the City Commons' historic appearance.

Thousands of tourists visit this location every year to take high-quality photos.

When future generations visit the Clock Tower, they will have the opportunity to understand this region's unique legacy.

Learn Something New at the Strongsville Historical Society

Strongsville is a little city in Ohio, yet it overflows with history.

Visit the Strongsville Historical Society if you wish to gain a taste of life in Strongsville in the past.

Here, tourists can examine eight buildings throughout the city that have been moved and refurbished.

The Strongsville Historical Society aims to explore, collect, preserve, document, and explain the history of the Strongsville region via activities that inspire, stimulate, and educate the community.

The general store is open momentarily before and after the tour for shopping.

When you are there, try not to leave without stopping by their yard sale!

Toys, books, and various other products will be available for purchase.

Morning Trail at the Toboggan Chutes

Two big ice chutes at Toboggan Chutes are designed for thin wooden sleighs to go down.

The chutes are 700 feet long and are accessible for several winter months.

You can also tour over 15 reservations, including expansive trails, golf courses, eight lakefront parks, and a zoo of national renown.

A few instructors in the area attempt to provide tourists with a more meaningful experience.

This place provides a wide variety of hands-on educational experiences that foster connections with nature and encourage conservation and sustainability.

Over the past three years, this attraction in Strongsville has provided bus coupons to more than 8,000 urban children to alleviate their transportation expenditures to the parks.

Swim at the Strongsville Aquatic Center

The Strongsville Aquatic Center will help you develop your swimming abilities, whether you are a beginner or an expert swimmer.

The swimming pool is accessible to the general public during the warmer months.

The aquatic center also has a lap pool, a steam room, a sauna, and a hot tub, which are excellent for relaxing with loved ones.

These facilities are available for use by the general public.

The online "open swim" schedule is available to the public, who can consult it whenever they feel like going swimming.

Outdoor Adventure at Go Ape Zipline and Adventure Park

Strongsville offers more significant opportunities for outdoor activity.

Go Ape Zipline and Adventure Park provides a variety of enjoyable activities, including treetop adventures and zip lining.

The Treetop Adventure course will keep you engaged at the moment and challenged.

Flying across the treetops of the forest canopy takes approximately two to three hours.

Another enjoyable pastime that allows participants to experience the rush of successfully hitting a target with an ax while taking place in a picturesque park is Axe Throwing.

Lastly, the Go Ape Monkey Drop is an experience that should not be skipped.

You will begin by ascending a 40-foot-high wooden platform and connecting to a jump line.

Camping at The Chalet at The Mill Stream Run Recreation Area

Cleveland Metroparks' natural splendor provides the ideal backdrop for every season.

The Chalet at The Mill Stream Run Recreation Area is available for spring, summer, and fall private rentals.

It is accessible for spring, summer, and fall rentals, including family vacations, group parties, company picnics, and weddings.

Grills, picnic tables, a sand volleyball court, a playground, swings, and corn hole boards are available in the recreation area.

Nearby, there's a multi-use path that can be utilized for sports such as bicycling, running, skating, and walking.

The Chalet at The Mill Stream Run Recreation Area is a beautiful spot for friends and family.

If you're looking for a change of scenery for your next gathering, consider holding it at this venue.

Family Picnic at Bonnie Park Picnic Area

Sometimes, all you want to do is lay back on the grass and take in the fantastic views.

Strongsville's Bonnie Park Picnic Area is the perfect place to kick back, unwind, and take in the sights of the natural environment.

You can have a barbecue and access parking spots and facilities at the same time.

This picnic ground was originally a part of the Albion community.

In 1924, a physician in Cleveland named Bonnie Park purchased the land that would later become a picnic park.

Cleveland Metroparks purchased the site in 1934, and the area was then named Bonnie Park.

Catch a Fish at Ranger Lake

Ranger Lake, located in Strongsville's Cleveland Mill Stream Run Reservation, is a terrific area to try catching some fish if you're searching for a way to enjoy the outdoors while fishing.

Numerous fish species are supplied at Ranger Lake.

The lake has been stocked with trout to make ice fishing possible during the winter.

Those interested in fishing will find this location conducive to their efforts.

Largemouth bass and rainbow trout are subject to unique fishing restrictions at Ranger Lake.

Final Thoughts

A trip to Strongsville might be the trip of a lifetime you've been dreaming about.

You'll feel right at home in the safe and welcoming community.

While you're there, you should take in the breathtaking views and get to know some locals.

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