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20 Best Things to Do in Strasburg, VA

  • Published 2023/03/24

Strasburg, Virginia, is a historic city officially incorporated in 1922.

It’s best known for its Civil War battlefields that attract history buffs and enthusiasts.

Natural barriers surround the town.

The Shenandoah River and Three Top Mountain are on the south and east, while the historic Cedar Creek and Little North Mountain are on the north and west.

Strasburg is a charming city with a friendly community.

Its residents will be happy to welcome first-time visitors such as yourself!

Here are the best things to do in Strasburg, VA:

Enjoy the View at Buzzard Rock Trail

Scenic view from the Buzzard Rock Trail

Vladimir Grablev /

Buzzard Rock Trail is a famous area on the city’s southeast end that mainly attracts hikers.

Offering a 6.1-km trail, Buzzard Rock Trail is a moderate hike made up of mostly dirt and rock.

The rocks of Buzzard Rock Trail

Vladimir Grablev /

This trail is also known for its astonishing views extending to the Shenandoah River.

There are designated camping areas where you can bring your tents and roast marshmallows over a campfire burning in the stone fire pits along the trail.

Learn Local History at the Strasburg Museum

Start your vacation at Strasburg at the Strasburg Museum.

This famous museum contains numerous exhibits and displays that detail the rich history of this city.

Likewise, the museum is now a National Historic Landmark.

Since 1970, this museum has collected and housed well-preserved historical artifacts that date back as far as 250 years ago.

Their popular exhibits also contain authentic Strasburg pottery collections, historic photographs, and even some Native American artifacts.

Enjoy the Outdoors at Strasburg Town Park

Strasburg Town Park is a must-visit tourist attraction, especially for those visiting this city for the first time.

Bring your kids to play at their playground while you soak in the warm sun and cool breeze.

Swimming pools are also open in case you want to beat the heat.

You can also play basketball, tennis, soccer, baseball, and more.

This park has riverside access where you can admire the lovely view.

Spend quality time with your loved ones at Strasburg Town Park.

Visit an Iconic Battlefield at Ramseur’s Hill – Fisher’s Hill Battlefield

It’s no surprise that Strasburg is home to several battlefields.

Another famous battlefield in the city is Ramseur’s Hill, also known as Fisher’s Hill Battlefield, where the Battle of Fisher’s Hill took place.

Some preserved areas of the site include interpretive walking trails.

The American Battlefield Trust has preserved the Fisher’s Hill Battlefield due to its cultural significance.

This destination is a must-visit for history buffs and war history enthusiasts.

See Civil War Artifacts at Hupp’s Hill Civil War Park & Museum

Hupp’s Hill Civil War Park & Museum seeks to tell the public all about Shenandoah Valley during the Civil War.

Likewise, the Battle of Hupp’s Hill happened on this site.

This park also features several trails that wind through the old battlefields, which you can explore.

The historical museum features several displays and exhibits on the battle, short films, recorded testimonials, and presentations.

You may spot some war remnants in the park and learn a new thing or two at the museum.

Grab a Craft Beer at Box Office Brewery

Box Office Brewery was once a Strand Theater that opened in 1920 and underwent renovation.

Box Office Brewery is the first movie theater in Shenandoah County.

Featuring important local artwork, Box Office Brewery has the oldest known murals in Shenandoah County.

Today, Box Office Brewery is the “gathering place” for people on a night out.

The building still has the original stage door with the names of stars from the 1930s-40s etched into the glass.

Eat a Hearty Brunch at the Pancake Underground

The Pancake Underground started as a food cart in Portland, Oregon.

Today, it’s a fully established restaurant that has expanded even to small cities such as Strasburg.

After starting with pancakes, the Pancake Underground now offers various filling meals.

This brick-and-mortar restaurant features a live singer.

Sit back and relax with friends and family in a stress-free environment.

For those who think they can handle a challenge, they hold a pancake-eating contest with a reward of $25 gift cards.

Purchase a Unique Item at the Strasburg Emporium

The Strasburg Emporium has a huge showroom full of antique items.

It’s a well-organized antique store offering a large selection of items, with products ranging from affordable to pricey.

With the largest selection of antiques and collectibles in the Shenandoah Valley, the Strasburg Emporium offers items collectors can only dream of.

For example, the Strasburg Emporium features various furniture and rare coins.

Check out The Strasburg Emporium during your visit.

Go on a Shopping Spree at Woodbine Farm Market

Woodbine Farm Market first opened its farm market in 2006.

Since then, Woodbine Farm Market has come a long way, offering 60 varieties of herbs, perennials, annuals, hanging baskets, tomato plants and much more.

Woodbine Farm Market also offers 25 types of apples.

Bring your kids to its one-of-a-kind playground designed for kids ages two to ten years old,

You may also bring your pets as Woodbine Farm Market has a designated area for your four-legged friends.

Just clean up after them and follow the signs.

In addition, Woodbine Farm Market offers four unique cottages.

Hike the Strasburg Riverwalk Trail

Strasburg Riverwalk Trail is a relatively easy trail for inexperienced hikers.

This 2.9km trail takes about an average of 33 minutes to complete; get a few steps in for a quick workout.

This track is ideal for hiking and trail running.

You can also bring your dogs as long as they’re on a leash.

You can also easily access the Shenandoah River and enjoy floating on the river on kayaks, tubes, or canoes.

Breathe in the fresh air with trees surrounding you nearly every step of the way.

Sip Local Wine at Star in the Valley

Star in the Valley is Strasburg’s famous winery dedicated to planting, producing, and bottling the best local wine.

It has become the best winery in Shenandoah County, with more than 11,000 grapevines planted.

You can find its vineyard in the oldest mountains in the world.

Star in the Valley guarantees you healthy wines made from ripe fruits.

Enjoy fresh wine with your friends, family, and pets.

In addition, they offer exclusive wine in their tasting room, where you can sip their best-selling wines.

Grab a glass of wine while enjoying the fantastic view of Shenandoah Valley at Star in the Valley.

Play a Round of Paintball at Skyline Paintball

Skyline Paintball is an outdoor paintball field you should visit with friends and family.

Skyline Paintball features ten different playing fields that may seem quite intimidating but are a lot of fun.

They offer low-impact and traditional impact paintball for players as young as seven years old.

This establishment ensures high-quality paint and an excellent entry-level gun to prioritize safety while having fun.

Browse through the Slot Cars at Strasburg Hobbies

If you love cars and everything nice, Strasburg Hobbies is a must-stop in town.

The hobby store specializes in slot cars and trains with lots of rigs and other interesting accessories and hobbyist items to add to your collection.

If you’re in good timing, the store also hosts races and features a crawling course, a circle track, and a drag strip for smaller RC cars.

Stop by and browse these great selections of model kits and bring out your family to see the races!

Strasburg Hobbies is located at West King Street.

Shop for Quaint Finds at Clementine Vintage

For a truly unique shopping experience in Strasburg, Clementine Vintage makes a charming gift shop, where you can find interesting stuff to take home.

This charming gift shop has a little bit of everything from vintage finds, jewelry, home decor, handcrafted products, and many other unique items.

Most of these products are locally made by artisans and vendors in Strasburg, which makes it more interesting to shop knowing that you’re supporting local businesses in town.

It’s one of the must-visit shops in Strasburg before heading back home.

You can find Clementine Vintage on East King Street.

Let the Kids Play at Signal Knob Playground

If you’re traveling with kids in tow, they too can have their time of life at Signal Knob Playground.

The park features a nice playground with equipment for them to explore and interact with other kids while enjoying the swings, a climbing wall, and more.

There’s also a walking trail by the river with beautiful views of the mountains.

The park is also fairly shaded, which is perfect for the kids to run around without having to worry about long sun exposure.

Signal Knob Playground is located off Park Road.

Get Your Coffee Fix at Nancy’s Coffee Bar

Fuel your mind and body with a delicious cup of coffee at Nancy’s Coffee Bar.

The coffeehouse serves Red Rooster coffee, a Virginia-based roastery, as well as handmade espresso, tea, and cold beverages in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Freshly baked pastries are available if you’d like to pair some sweet goodies with your favorite cup.

Also, if you’re vegan or gluten-free, you can enjoy its plant-based options while enjoying your delicious coffee, and you can also ask for soy or oat milk.

Visit Nancy’s Coffee Bar at East King Street.

Read a Book at Strasburg Community Library

The relaxing nooks of Strasburg Community Library are the best spots where you can take comfort in the solitude of reading as a book lover.

The library keeps a great selection of books for kids, teens, and adults, as well as many other resources for reading, study, and research.

You can check the library’s e-books, audiobooks, DVDs, and many more.

There are also lots of programs and events for all ages, including poster contests, reading clubs, and storytime.

Kids and teens also have their own spaces to explore

Strasburg Community Library is located at West King Street.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Tour the City in a Balloon with Valley Ballooning

Valley Ballooning over Virginia

Tim Causa /

Valley Ballooning is in nearby Edinburg, Virginia, 20 minutes from Strasburg.

They can give you a bird’s eye view of the city as you take to the sky in their hot air balloon.

Their trips range from 30-60 minutes.

Valley Ballooning gives you astounding views through a unique tour of Strasburg and its surrounding areas.

Valley Ballooning provides one-of-a-kind tours that only a few people will experience in their life.

Their balloons fly mainly during the first hour after dawn or the last hour before dusk.

Bring the Kids to Heavenly Heart Farm & Mini Petting Zoo

Heavenly Heart Farm & Mini Petting Zoo is a big hit with the kids.

You’ll find it in Edinburg, Virginia, 26 minutes from Strasburg.

Heavenly Heart Farm & Mini Petting Zoo embody their slogan “Where We Have A Heart For Animals.”

You can feed the animals at this petting zoo, making it something your little kids would remember forever.

Zookeepers and professionals will also ensure your safety when you get up and close to ponies, goats, and even the little hamsters and guinea pigs.

Bring the whole family to the Heavenly Heart Farm & Mini Petting Zoo.

See a Live Show at Theatre Shenandoah

Established in 1890, the Theatre Shenandoah is a non-profit community theater in Edinburg, 21 minutes from Strasburg.

Since then, locals have performed live shows in the building, including high-quality plays and musicals.

They also offer theatre classes, musical theater, workshops, and readings, where aspiring artists and actresses can improve their skills.

Final Thoughts

Strasburg is a historic city that played a significant role in the Civil War, along with its stunning views and sights.

It’s a recreation-friendly city that offers lots of natural wilderness.

This lovely city caters to a wide range of people with its art galleries, museums, theaters, restaurants, and outdoor attractions.

Book your Strasburg trip today!

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