15 Best Things to Do in Strasburg, PA

Strasburg, PA
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In the heart of Lancaster County lays the charming Strasburg, a historic small town close to all of the wonderful amenities of Lancaster.

The easy commuting distance via Baltimore and Philadelphia, the spectacular countryside scenery, and the mix of culture combined with tradition.

There's nothing like traveling back in time while enjoying all the modern conveniences of living in the 21st century, and those are not the only reasons why Strasburg, Pennsylvania tops most must-visit lists.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is home to a lot of wonderful places that are all packed into Strasburg: theaters that only offer first-class performances, world-class restaurants, historic museums, wonderful retreats, and several outlets for shopping.

Strasburg, Pennsylvania, is home to Strasburgh Creamery, one of the best ice cream shops in the country.

In addition to luscious desserts you can look forward to, you can also go shopping for furniture at shops along the street and dine on local specialties, such as their famous cuisine.

This locale truly has something for every family member, from trains and trinkets of history to whoopie pies or perhaps an old-fashioned buggy ride.

When people come from far and wide looking to have a good time, there are only 15 things to do in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, that you can count on for a great time, which are listed below!

Glide along Lancaster’s Historic Railroad

A black train at Lancaster’s Historic Railroad.
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The Strasburg Rail Road is a historic rail line that has been in operation since the time of its initial foundation.

Today, the Strasburg Rail Road offers passengers a unique opportunity to experience steam locomotives and their rich history through scenic excursion trips along a heritage train route within south-central Pennsylvania.

The railroad also provides an important service to its neighboring towns by delivering goods throughout the region and transporting trash away while being environmentally conscious at all times.

A black train at Lancaster’s Historic Railroad with green trees on the side.
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Strasburg Rail Road offers an interactive, fun way to really get insight into what it takes for the engineers and firemen to make these historic "iron horses" come alive on the tracks.

You can see what's behind each of their controls and watch them engage in a simulated run from Strasbourg to Paradise, all from the comfort of First Class seating with deluxe wine, cheese, and cracker tastings on their vintage coaches.

Steam coming out of a train at Lancaster’s Historic Railroad.
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Strasburg Rail Road also offers thrilling family-friendly entertainment and activities throughout the year.

From January through June, you can explore Cabaret performances, an Escape Room experience, bingo, trivia, and more!

Enjoy Your Stay at The Barn at Strasburg Bed & Breakfast

Not only is Strasburg, Pennsylvania, steeped in American history, but so is the historic bed and breakfast that bears its name.

A luxurious accommodation situated on twenty-three wooded acres with Strasburg Rail Road Park as a bordering neighbor, the Barn at Strasburg Bed & Breakfast synergizes rusticity with elegance to impart the region’s quintessential essence of 'country chic.'

Here, you can stay in one of three guest rooms with private baths and feast on an array of scrumptious cuisine samples served in their Gathering Room, all while enjoying ornate courtyards boasting quaint English antiques.

This 4-star bed and breakfast has a Garden Suite that includes a romantic pillow-top queen bed with a claw-foot bathtub.

If you’re the outdoor type, then the Shaker Suite is perfect for you; it drew inspiration from those craftsmen of the past and was kept simple to highlight the original structures’ natural charm.

What makes Barn at Strasburg the perfect place to stay in when you visit Strasburg, Pennsylvania, is that all their rooms come with DVDs, free Wi-Fi, and cable TV.

For last-minute snacks and late-night munchies, the Barn at Strasburg Bed & Breakfast also features a refrigerator and microwave.

Glide through Lancaster with Strasburg Scooters

Strasburg Scooters is the best professional and award-winning scooter tour company in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

The company's field of expertise solely revolves around providing tourists with a once-in-a-lifetime experience to showcase the beauty and warm demeanor of Amish neighbors and nearby landmarks that are not so easily accessible.

With this unique outdoor attraction, you can glide on your scoot coupe and duckwalk with the best of them while exploring this charming town and taking in the most beautiful scenery that Lancaster has to offer.

You'll ride past Amish riding buggies and horses, pass by picturesque rolling farmlands, Amish historical landmarks, farms, and even nature preserves filled with exotic wildlife and more.

Lancaster locals lead the Lancaster tours offered by Strasburg Scooters and will make sure you have the absolute best experience during your ride through Amish country.

Get a Scoop of Ice Cream at Strasburg Creamery

Far exterior view of Strasburg Creamery
John.Packard, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

With more than 300 unique flavors already sampled so far, the Strasburg Creamery makes and distributes both better-for-you and indulgent frozen desserts that children and adults alike can enjoy.

Customers from all over, and even neighbors nearby, can swing by for a scoop of premium frozen treats.

Just walking into Strasburg Creamery, you can smell the fresh waffle cones being baked each morning.

All of the ingredients they use are super fresh, and they make all their ice cream onsite to ensure it's as creamy as possible, rotating over 140 unique flavors throughout the year.

Their seasonal peach, strawberry sundaes, and apple dumplings are too good to pass up, although their signature milkshakes might be your favorite!

See "Frozen JR." and Other Phenomenal Shows at Servant Stage

Servant Stage Company is proud to be a touring theatre company that brings joy and love with its shows to audiences all over.

By performing plays at schools, parks, nursing homes, retirement communities, community events, and churches across middle Lancaster in places where many people might not otherwise have access to.

As a non-profit NPO, one of the greatest things about this company is that the generous support of its audiences and partners makes it possible to give back to their local communities by offering exceptional entertainment opportunities.

Since they pride themselves on having one of the only pay-what-you-will theatres in the country, as well as a full lineup of music productions each season, this theatre company seeks to challenge its patrons while providing them with an experience that educates and entertains on all levels.

Servant Stage has plays that are appropriate for people of all ages, including the popular and moving "Frozen JR." (their version of Disney's blockbuster hit), "A Christmas Carol" (a retelling of Charles Dickens's classic tale with a Christmas twist), shows for preschoolers, as well as their own original adaptations of timeless stories.

Visit Strasburg Bakery and Try Their Yummy Treats

For this next best thing to do in Strasburg, PA, it's time to get your sweet tooth going with those classic holiday cakes and cookies!

Located within the premises of Strasburg Square and formerly known as The Yule Shop, the Strasburg Bakery is a popular spot for many due to its wide variety of baked goods, seasonally themed sweets, and delectable delights for every taste and need.

Not only does it create its daily lineup of tasty breakfast pastries, but it also provides some old family favorites like cookies, sticky buns, pies, fruit bread, cakes, and tarts.

Strasburg Bakery also boasts a range of freshly brewed coffee, tea, and different kinds of bottled drinks from the cold aisle to enjoy.

You can also create custom orders for breakfast delights or cakes with fun shapes for corporate gatherings.

Celebrate What Makes Lancaster Great at the Hershey Farms Whoopie Pie Festival

Welcoming tarp of Hershey Farms Whoopie Pie Festival.
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Once each year, Hershey Farm offers a Whoopie Pie Festival of sorts where big fat Oreos are launched at a target and played like checkers on special boards with black and white pieces, and there's so much gobbing!

Since 2005, Hershey Farms has been hosting this delicious event known all over the Lancaster region as whoopie pie day.

Whoopie pies are Lancaster's favorite dessert, so it only seems right to have a day dedicated to these delicious treats by celebrating this sweet tradition.

Opponents of whoopie pie prohibition proudly come together each year to express their sweet tooth at the annual Whoopie Pie Festival, which has gained a cult following in Strasburg.

People lined up at Hershey Farms Whoopie Pie Festival.
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The event, which has been described as being one that's "the highlight of the year," is an especially phenomenal experience for children and grown-ups alike because it lets them show their love for such a delectable goodie despite not having any before.

If you're someone who finds this type of thing fascinating, you may want to peruse the displays of each absurdly large food item that will be on display as part of each day's menu along with the other fun activities.

You don't want to miss out on the chance to see these gigantic desserts!

Go on a Live-action Train Adventure at Choo Choo Barn

Nothing says, "Welcome to America," quite like a ride on Traintown U.S.A.'s Choo Choo Barn display of American-themed locomotive action and excitement!

The best way to experience the full scale of a real American railyard right in YOUR backyard is with this 1,700 square foot of more than 150 handcrafted enchanting animated figures and 22 operating trains.

All these are just waiting for YOU to steer them all over the rails at this world-class attraction that's been delighting visitors from all over states and even from around the world since 1961.

When visiting Choo Choo Barn, you'll find truly overwhelming displays, both intimidating and exciting, to think of the amount of time that must have been dedicated to its design and fine-tuning to be able to achieve such an authentic representation.

Some people might argue that it's the handcrafted woodwork or best-in-class model trains which take center stage, but it is the structure itself that makes this exhibit so one of a kind.

And to make sure everyone is fully enraptured by the display, they also provide you with a printable list of your own personal scavenger hunt so that you don’t miss any hidden details.

Eat Delicious Grilled Sandwiches at Isaac's Restaurant

When Isaac’s Restaurant owner Phil Wenger first opened the doors of the first Isaac’s by 1983, it was simple – he wanted to make grilled sandwiches that people would flock to not despite, but because of their unique names and quality.

Today, Isaac’s still has 11 signature items from that original lineup out of a total of 29 sandwich selections.

And while the menu might change a little bit over time, you can rely on Isaac’s Restaurant to ensure there are always some deliciously seasoned delights available.

You'll love their Firebird - Fire-braised grilled Buffalo chicken breast with melted Swiss, red onion, fresh spinach, pretzel roll, and house-made ranch.

Or, you could go for their The Hawaiian Phoenix - Smoked ham with melted provolone, mayo, pineapple, and kaiser roll.

With these changes have come fresh takes on soups and salads alongside tasty treats, including their famous Fudgie Wudgie and delic classics consisting of the Hummingbird - Tender roast beef with bacon, Ikey’s Sauce, melted Swiss, and rye.

Visit the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania and See How Railroads Shaped America

A train display at Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.
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At the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, you'll see about 100 locomotives and tons of rolling stock - all on display to give you a better understanding of how important railroads have been in shaping America as well as the way we live today.

The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania houses the coolest collection of superior pieces and papers that depict the remarkable history of Pennsylvania's rail network and how important it is for all those who care about locomotives and transportation around the country.

A band and people holding flags at Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.
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The museum contains everything from delicate pieces of china to massive steam locomotives, fine art to heavy track tools, station signs to lanterns and marker lights.

It also houses a vast collection of photographic materials that document the rich history of railroading in Pennsylvania itself and some portraits taken by locals depicting specific moments in time during the golden age of railroads.

Interior train displays at Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.
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And not so far from the museum is the Whistle Stop Shop, where you’ll find railroad gifts galore, including DVDs, clothing, CDs, prints, ornaments, cards, posters, toys, jewelry, souvenirs, collectibles, home décor, a wonderful array of books, and more!

Find the Perfect Strasburg Dining Experience

One of the best things you can do in Strasburg is to dine at one of its many fine dining establishments.

If you're in the mood for some of the tastiest pizza Strasburg has to offer, know that there's Strasburg Pizza on 520 Historic Drive where you can find tasty pizza like their Buffalo Chicken Pizza made with buffalo sauce, chicken, mozzarella cheese, and a choice of Ranch or Bleu Cheese dressing.

The Italian restaurant Pizza City at 6 E Main Street serves reasonably-priced pizzas with unbeatable thin crust crunch, evenly distributed and melted cheese, and perfect sauce and pepperoni.

The Fireside Tavern offers remarkable service, a welcoming tavern, cozy dining areas, private banquet rooms, and scrumptious menus like their deliciously-seasoned 14 oz steak that brings with it the accompaniment of a dinner roll, salad, and steamed green beans.

You’ll be blown away when you taste their cuisine prepared so carefully that you won’t need a bit of sauce included on the side.

And if you want fantastic brisket and corn nuggets and amazing mouthwatering BBQ Mac & Cheese, just head to Smokestack BBQ at 15 W Main Street, Strasburg.

Speckled Hen Coffee is a cozy little spot in Strasburg on the east end where you can get not only some delicious coffee but also some mouthwatering food and drink.

They have huge croissants, fresh-baked cinnamon bread, exquisitely prepared French toasts, and scrumptious breakfast pastries.

Visit Antique stores and Browse for Missing Treasures

One of the best things to do in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, is visiting antique stores for some cool treasures, and one of the fantastic places to visit is A Find In Time: a hidden gem that houses a variety of lovely lighting pieces and vintage home goods.

Another nice antique store is Main Street Antiques, where you will find the most stunning collection of framed artwork that'll give your living space that one-of-a-kind yet classy look to make it stand out from the crowd.

Don's Collectibles has a little something for everyone, from all sorts of hobbies and collections such as sports, toys, decor, and coins.

The incredible wealth in numberless wonder makes Don's Collectibles feel like that old-fashioned attic of your grandma, where every other treasure you uncover is another unique story full of good memories.

The locally-owned and family-run HodgePodge shop that’s on the central square of historical Strasburg provides a wide-ranging selection of cross-stitch supplies as well as specialty threads.

While it’s also a popular place for local artists to buy high-quality fabrics, HodgePodge is best known for its mid-century antiques and Americana collectibles.

Other antique stores in the area that will surely delight your Strasburg treasure hunting expedition include Strasburg Antique Market, Old Mill Antiques Store, and Len's Antiques.

Come for the Trains, Stay for the Memories

Far exterior view of National Toy Train Museum
Smallbones, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you head to 300 Paradise Lane in Strasburg, you'll find the well-known National Toy Train Museum that houses superb displays of toy trains.

The amazing collection available dates from the early 1800s through the current production and features many rare items rarely seen in the contemporary market.

The establishment sits just steps away from the Choo Choo Barn, the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, and everyone's favorite Strasburg Rail Road, where visitors can hop on for some fun adventures with family and friends.

Entrance of National Toy Train Museum
Klaus Nahr from Germany, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Here, you'll also find six working train layouts, the National Business Office of the Train Collectors Association, and some of the rarer references and archival materials found in the museum's Toy Train Reference Library that serve as valuable resources for model railroaders.

Established in 1977, the goal of the National Toy Train Museum is to support the hobby of toy trains and to preserve the history and culture of the toy train industry, and it remains a highly well-respected authority among enthusiasts for people of all ages.

National Toy Train Museum at Strasburg
Jim Capaldi, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Explore the Strasburg Community Park

Maintained by the Strasburg Community Park's Foundation, the Strasburg Community Park is a natural gem in Lancaster.

The park serves as an oasis where people can experience beautiful views of nature, hold a family event at the site's rental area, perform in or see a concert at the pavilion, or just spend some time getting away from it all.

While this park doesn't include any thrill rides or water slides, the views are enough to delight both children and parents with its flowers, picnic shelters, walking paths, boardwalks, and wildlife.

At Strasburg Community Park, you can also enjoy a variety of recreational events, including everything from classical concerts to yoga classes and educational wildlife programs.

Strasburg Park is also a wonderful place to take your kids and the dog out for a walk, and with Jaycee Park connected to it, you can also bring your little ones along and let them play on the playground.

Plus, there's a baseball field and a basketball court here if you want to work on your skills during your free time.

The park also serves as a venue for an awesome community event every year by First Presbyterian Church known as Fiddlers Festival!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Visit Cherry Crest Adventure Farm  and Beat the Corn Maze

Nestled among the rolling hills of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, lies the Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, a unique place where family, farming, and fun come together in one amazing adventure.

On top of being a family-owned and operated farm with over 300 acres of crops, there are also numerous and varying activities offered here, from year-round agricultural experiences to summertime farm adventures.

Families who visit this farm can enjoy a 5-acre corn maze that has been entertaining people young and old and has more than 2.5 miles of paths, nice bridges, and clues.

There are also some other events families can attend at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm throughout the year, such as their Cider Donut Festival held in early June, their Baby Animal Festival held in mid-June, and their Sweet Corn festival held in late July.

Add on top of all these amazing music concerts and late-October to early November fireworks show, and you've got yourself a place with as much fun as anywhere else!

The Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is just 6 minutes (4 miles) away from East of Strasburg.

Final Thoughts

If you're heading to Strasburg, you'll definitely want to make sure you have an entire day of activities planned out.

There's just way too much cool stuff to do!

From the trains and train sites to its histories, this borough is teeming with attractions that will appeal to any type of passion.

And if that isn't enough, there are also all kinds of cultural attractions like museums, antique shops, and art centers revolving around diverse themes.

The list of things do to in Strasburg is pretty exhaustive, actually!