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15 Best Things to Do in Stockton, NJ

  • Published 2022/08/17

If you drive through the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania and along the Delaware River, you will encounter a quaint suburban borough known as Stockton.

With a modest population of 495 in the 2020 decennial census, Stockton is a small borough that belongs to New Jersey’s Hunterdon County.

But don’t let its vintage feel and small size fool you because Stockton is doubtlessly rich in history, nature, and culture.

It has historical attractions dating back to the 18th century, parks and places brimming with nature’s gifts, and pubs and diners serving must-try cuisines that reflect the borough’s rich culture.

Without further ado, here are the best things to do in Stockton, New Jersey:

Tour the Historical Grounds of the Prallsville Mills

Exterior of Prallsville Mills

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Go back in time as you visit the Prallsville Mills, a 10-building complex that features 18th and 19th-century architecture and industrial culture.

Found on Risler Street, this cultural establishment comprises different types of mills: a sawmill, a linseed oil mill, a grist mill, and a granary.

This unique destination captures hearts with its old-school vibe and offers excellent scenery of the Delaware River.

Entrance to one of Prallsville Mills building

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The mills also host various exciting celebrations and events, such as art exhibits, talks, seminars, music shows, classes, and more.

You can even book the mills and celebrate private events, weddings, and parties with a unique theme for a truly out-of-the-ordinary experience.

Make sure to visit the Prallsville Mills and see the beauty of the past.

Signage of Prallsville Mills

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Book a Stay at the Ageless and Momentous Woolverton Inn

Visit and check in at Woolverton Inn, located on Woolverton Road.

This sophisticated inn sits on a 10-acre country estate confined by tranquil forests and bountiful farmland, giving you the country feel and ambiance.

Its building is set on a 1792 stone manor house, complete with top-notch amenities in a beautiful setting, such as a grand fireplace, scenic views of the landscape, and outdoor hangout areas fit for an elegant twist on your vacation.

The food that this bed and breakfast serves is also something that should not be missed.

From gourmet breakfasts to afternoon snacks and evening refreshments, each meal is truly a delectable experience.

Make no more reservations and book a room at Woolverton Inn to elevate your country trip.

Taste the Hearty Wines of the Federal Twist Vineyard

Curious about how wines are perfectly crafted?

Visit the Federal Twist Vineyard on Federal Twist Road to witness the vineyard’s dedication to producing high-quality wines.

Fall head over heels as you sniff the rich aroma and taste the breathtaking flavors of the five different wines crafted by the vineyard.

This place also offers wine slushies and great food, accompanied by live music for a more immersive and laid-back visit.

You also get to see the well-kept grape farms from where the wine is made and the area’s environment, which is situated in a valley along the river banks.

Stop by the Federal Twist Vineyard with your travel companions, and you will undoubtedly take home a bottle or two.

Enjoy Authentic Italian Cuisine at Via Ponte Ristorante Siciliano

Nothing can go wrong with the authentic taste of Italy that Via Ponte Ristorante Siciliano will gladly serve you.

This restaurant on Bridge Street features upscale Sicilian cuisine and amazing brick-oven pizza with its elegant decor and interior.

Your taste buds will take you to Italy with their antipasto and specials such as their fresh pasta, meat entrees, and seafood selection.

Delizioso” isn’t enough to describe the flavorful and full-course Italian meal waiting for you.

Via Ponte Ristorante Siciliano indeed lives up to its name as one of the top restaurants in the borough, so do come with your family and friends for a wonderful meal.

Hike at the Delaware & Raritan (D&R) Canal Trail Stockton

Spending an entire day relaxing amid Stockton’s unique natural environment is worthy of being part of your vacation itinerary.

You can start your hike or stroll from the D&R Canal Trail Stockton-Bull’s Island and walk through the borough and along the river.

This trail is part of the more prominent 25-mile canal state park with a well-kept path along the borders of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

With varying landscapes and hiking options, you get to choose the best part of the trails to walk through or hike all the way to view all the best sights and scenery the path offers.

If you want to challenge yourself and your travel buddies to go further, you can all choose to reach D&R Canal Trail Stockton-Lambertville, which would be a proud feat.

Enjoy Your Beloved Comfort Food at Cravings

No other restaurant in Stockton can give you the taste of homey comfort food like Cravings.

This restaurant on Risler Street serves tasty classic western food at an affordable price.

From filling subs and sandwiches to flavorful salads, milkshakes, and ice cream—name your favorite American classic, and they serve it.

In addition to its great indoor atmosphere, you can enjoy your food in the outdoor seating area with fresh air.

No wonder Cravings is every tourist and resident’s favorite go-to diner.

Shop for Fishing Supplies at Skip’s Outdoors

For those seeking a laid-back and destressing activity where you get to relax and enjoy nature simultaneously, fishing should be the right thing for you.

Visit Skip’s Outdoors on Risler Street to learn more about fishing in the borough and obtain necessary fishing equipment and supplies.

From there, you can visit Stockton’s river bank and canals rich in marine life and enjoy fishing.

When fishing along the river banks, you can surely expect to enjoy the incredible views and calm ambiance of the Delaware River and see the other side of the river, which already belongs to New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Skip’s Outdoors has everything you need for an unwinding fishing experience in Stockton!

Fall for the Incredible Beer from Odd Bird Brewing

Are you already feeling drained from all the incredible destinations and activities?

You can always recharge by enjoying a good beer!

Found on Risler Street, Odd Bird Brewing is a brewery that serves exceptional and delectable beers that will excite you and your taste buds.

With a wide variety of tap beers you can choose from, such as brew styles from around the world, you will find the best brew perfect for your taste.

Since this brewery does not have a kitchen, customers are allowed to bring in and enjoy outside food.

If you can’t get enough of Odd Bird Brewing’s beers, ales, and beverages, you can surely get a bottle or a crowler to go.

Marvel at the Breathtaking Scenery of the River from the Centre Bridge

Entryway of Centre Bridge

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As one of the primary access points into the borough, the Centre Bridge along Bridge Street connects Solebury township in Pennsylvania to Stockton, New Jersey.

It is an 825-foot steel bridge situated over the Delaware River.

This bridge holds a rich past since the original, an uncovered wooden structure, was built in 1814, making it the third private toll bridge to be built and opened across the Delaware River connecting New Jersey to Pennsylvania.

View of the river from Centre Bridge

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After many unfortunate problems, accidents, and reconstructions, the Centre Bridge was transformed into the beauty it is today.

It would be a missed opportunity not to be able to visit or pass the bridge and look at the magnificent view of the river and the environment.

Structure of Centre Bridge

Jag9889, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Try Jewish Specials at The Borscht Belt

Are you craving something different from the usual Western cuisine?

Look no further and try out mouth-watering Jewish food at The Borscht Belt, found on Bridge Street.

This New York-style restaurant serves treasures of food ranging from Jewish specialties to sandwich classics that will truly leave you hungry for more after the first bite.

The elegant restaurant prides itself in serving the best meals made only from high-quality and fresh ingredients, topped off with stellar friendly service and a homey ambiance because it is what the guests deserve.

Take the whole family or your squad for a dining experience you will never forget at The Borscht Belt.

Other Things To Do Nearby

Stockton is surrounded by cities and towns with flourishing cultures and interesting pasts worth revisiting.

So, stop by the following attractions for a more productive trip.

Ride the Traditional and Historic Trains of the New Hope Railroad

The train of New Hope Railroad

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If you are curious about the feeling of riding historic trains that once ruled the railroads in the golden age of train travel, you should visit the New Hope Railroad.

A 10-minute ride south from Stockton will take you to Bridge Street, New Hope, Pennsylvania, where you will find a railroad operating both diesel and steam trains along its route of 18 miles.

People at New Hope Railroad

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Ride the train and prepare for an educational yet entertaining escapade filled with interesting stories from long ago.

You will also be met with scenic views of the landscapes, farmlands, old buildings, and streams as you go through the valleys and mountains of Bucks County.

Come to the New Hope Railroad and travel like you are in the 19th or 20th century as you feel the fresh air and hear the train whistle.

Restaurant beside the tracks of New Hope Railroad

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Have Fun with Your Children at Giggleberry Fair

Are you searching for a great place to bond with your children or for them to have fun and socialize with others?

If you drive 12 minutes southwest of Stockton, you will reach the perfect destination: the Giggleberry Fair at Carousel Lane in Peddler’s Village.

This indoor amusement center will surely keep your child happy and smiling with all the toys, games, obstacle courses, and the grand carousel.

The place also has a cafe that serves satisfying and tasty treats for the little ones to recharge and get back to having fun.

Spend a day with your kids at Giggleberry Fair for a fun and thrilling escapade.

You can also celebrate birthdays and other special events here.

Let Your Jaw Drop at the Magnificence of Fonthill Castle

Exterior of the Fonthill Castle

Harriet Duncan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Fonthill Castle is a gigantic mansion of pure architectural beauty that was built in the early 1910s and features antique tiles and prints.

Featuring a staggering number of 44 rooms, 18 fireplaces, and over 200 windows, this castle is located on Court Street in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, a 20-minute ride southwest of Stockton.

This was owned by and is the home of the renowned Henry Chapman Mercer, a famed lover of history as an archeologist, tilemaker, and artifact collector.

Glass windows of Fonthill Castle

Francis valocchi, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In the approximately one-hour tour, you will visit the rooms adorned with meticulous details and awe-inspiring stylings and learn the tales behind every design.

You will also get personally acquainted with the stories of the man himself, Henry Mercer as if you were transported to the time he was alive.

Enjoy Nature’s Beauty and the Panoramic Views at Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve and Tower

A 15-minute ride south from Stockton will lead you to these must-visit tourist spots: Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve and tower on River Road, New Hope.

The 134-acre Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve houses about 800 species of plants native to the beautiful parts of the Delaware Valley.

It provides guests an excellent chance to learn, explore, and discover the different flora that grows along the preserve grounds, and visitors are encouraged to grow their native plants.

On the other hand, the tower gives its guests incredible views of the town, the river, and surrounding landscapes that will take your breath away.

This tower, which was built in the 1930s and is made primarily of fieldstone, sand, and cement, is bordered by tall trees and has picnic areas.

These fascinating spots are worth going the extra mile.

Catch a Glimpse of the Early American Lifestyle at the Mercer Museum

Exterior of Mercer Museum

KForce at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

After visiting Fonthill Castle, it is impossible not to enter the doors of the Mercer Museum and take a peek at some notable artifacts such as everyday tools and equipment, out-of-date vehicles, and historical exhibits from before the industrial revolution.

Situated on Pine Street in Doylestown, this museum is a six-story castle built between 1913 and 1916 that was designed and directed by the same Henry Mercer who built Fonthill Castle.

It boasts a collection of about 50,000 pre-Industrial tools from 60 varying trades and crafts such as food preservation, glassware, architectural hardware, mining, fishing, and more.

Atrium of Mercer Museum

Bestbudbrian, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These phenomenal displays show the dedication and hard work of the early Americans before modern technology and industry were born.

The museum also has a research library fit for scholars and students eager to learn about the past and the humble beginnings of Bucks County.

Stopping by the Mercer Museum is always an educational yet exciting treat.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, Stockton is the perfect example of the saying, “Do not judge a book by its cover,” because it holds so much wonder and interest for a small borough along the outskirts of New Jersey.

Its diverse cuisine, exhilarating activities, and inspiring stories make it easy for visitors to feel at one with the borough’s community.

Start planning your visit to this charming destination and enjoy all the best things to do in Stockton, New Jersey.

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