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20 Best Things to Do in Social Circle, GA

  • Published 2023/03/02

Social Circle, a southern city in Georgia’s Walton County, is an emerging weekend getaway destination for visitors coming from Atlanta.

Social Circle’s laid-back vibes and natural attractions draw people from all corners of Georgia for some rest and recreation.

In addition, Social Circle has a fascinating history which adds more excitement.

There are also dozens of outdoor attractions in Social Circle, such as parks, lakes, and nature reserves.

Here are the best things to do in Social Circle, GA:

Wander the Hard Labor Creek State Park

Signage at Hard Labor Creek State Park

Billy F Blume Jr /

One of the best ways to start your travel adventure in Social Circle is by discovering its natural attractions.

The Hard Labor Creek State Park provides solitude for those who yearn for a short respite.

Although locals know this park as a vast golf course, it still features a wide array of recreational activities in its natural setting.

Most visitors love to return to its lakeside beach, a popular swimming spot at Hard Labor Creek State Park.

Lake at Hard Labor Creek State Park

I20sc, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Meanwhile, it also offers a worthwhile hiking experience through its 24-mile trail leading you to various forested areas teeming with local flora and fauna.

In addition, many of its visitors spend the night there as this state park features cottages and modern campgrounds.

The Hard Labor Creek State Park was once a tilled timber field where thousands of slaves worked.

This state park spanning 5,804 acres got its name from that miserable period in history.

Pour a Glass of Wine at the Fox Vineyards and Winery

If you want to treat your tastebuds to excellent wine, then head to the Fox Vineyards and Winery.

This small winery in Social Circle specializes in Southern fruit sweet wines, which you should try when you’re in the city.

This local vineyard and winery aim to produce a distinct wine variety with character and flavor to complement traditional Southern cooking.

Don’t forget to taste its finest wines and pair them with the tastiest Southern-style dishes to complete your experience.

Have a Picnic at Cornish Creek Reservoir

Before you arrive at Lake Varner Reservoir, you’ll pass the Cornish Creek Reservoir.

Unlike Lake Varner, Cornish Creek is a lot smaller, but many people from Social Circle love to spend weekends there for a lovely picnic and outdoor activities.

Cornish Creek Reservoir boasts one of the most tranquil atmospheres you can find around Social Creek.

It’s an excellent place for those who yearn to shake off stress from the hustle and bustle of city life.

This place offers visitors a serene atmosphere where the singing birds and the rustling of leaves and branches from the wind are the only things you hear.

Explore the Social Circle Heritage Museum

To learn more about Social Circle’s fascinating backstory, head to its local museum.

The Social Circle Heritage Museum, also known as Gunter Hall, houses the Historic Preservation Society of Social Circle.

The museum features numerous exhibits and galleries detailing Social Circle’s history dating back from its founding in 1820.

In addition, hundreds of historical artifacts fill the museum’s displays.

Likewise, the Social Circle Heritage Museum is a place of learning and other fascinating programs for those curious about history.

Tee Up at the Creek Golf Course at Hard Labor Creek

If you’re taking your R&R to a new level, head to the Creek Golf Course at Hard Labor Creek.

This vast golf course in Knox Chapel Road in Social Circle features an 18-hole par 72 field, challenging enough for newbies and experienced golfers.

Amid the challenging golf course, you’ll also appreciate Creek Golf Course’s natural beauty, which features Georgia’s natural landscape.

While playing golf, you’ll quickly notice the peaceful ambiance and the pristine natural setting of the golf course.

Go Sightseeing at Walton Public Dove Field

This 200-acre location in Social Circle is a famous place to spot local wildlife that you shouldn’t miss.

Walton Public Dove Field is a state-owned outdoor attraction in Social Circle which features crop fields and wooded areas teeming with local wildlife.

People visit this place for sightseeing and wildlife viewing.

At the same time, this outdoor attraction aims to educate the public about agriculture through its vast fields that grow sunflowers, millet, and wheat.

Local wildlife love to come to this area to feed, allowing wildlife enthusiasts to see animals closely.

The most common animals in Walton Public Dove Field are rabbits, deer, quail, dove, and squirrels.

Seasonal hunting is also allowed in the area.

Traverse the Trails at Social Circle’s Project Road Share

Social Circle had passed an initiative that paved the way for numerous scenic bike trails throughout the city.

Project Road Share is an informal trail system that spans Walton County, doubling as a tourist attraction and a thoroughfare.

It’s an excellent place to hop on your bike and tour the areas you haven’t discovered.

Besides biking, it’s also suitable for hiking and other outdoor activities.

In Social Circle, there’s a 4.5-mile trail part of the Project Road Share you can ride your bike on.

The trail leads you to numerous tourist and historical attractions in the city.

There are also other trails you can traverse.

These trails are the Social Circle-Monroe, Social Circle-Madison-Rutledge, and Social Circle 51 Mile Scenic Ride.

Travel Down Memory Lane with the Historical Social Circle Walking Tours

Besides managing the Social Circle Heritage Museum, the Historic Preservation Society of Social Circle also hosts historical walking tours.

It’s an activity in Social Circle that’s hard to pass on because of the fascinating historical sites and stories you’ll discover along the tour.

The tour takes you to turn-of-the-century buildings and houses, historical landmarks, and sites throughout Social Circle.

Lastly, during the tour, you’ll discover why Social Circle is nicknamed “Georgia’s Greatest Little Town!”

See a Show at the Social Circle Theatre

Before returning home from your Social Circle adventure, head to the Social Circle Theatre to see top-notch live performances.

This local theatre is known throughout Walton County as one of the best places to watch Broadway-like performances.

Social Circle Theatre, which opened in 2000, has already produced countless shows.

This non-profit community theatre continues to provide locals and visitors in Social Circle with top-notch shows scheduled regularly.

Sign up for a Horse Riding Lesson at Liberty Stables and Saddle Club

If your idea of an ideal vacation involves horse riding, Liberty Stables and Saddle Club may be the spot for you.

This horse farm sits on 54 acres of astonishing green rollways within fenced pastures and horse boarding facilities.

It also has an outdoor arena, a viewing area, and tack rooms for your equipment needs.

Aside from boarding services, this facility offers party packages and hourly horse riding lessons.

The site also has a Farm Kids Club where your little one can ride on tractors and explore the countryside ambiance of the farm.

Get going to Knox Chapel Road to reach Liberty Stables and Saddle Club.

Enjoy a Picnic at South Walton Park

South Walton Park is your premier family-friendly outdoor destination when you’re in Social Circle.

Opened in 2003, this park is one of the newer ones installed within the county during its time.

It spans at least 45 acres—enough space for some sports play.

The sports complex area of the park includes a baseball diamond, a basketball court, and a soccer field.

If you’d rather have a passive break, the park has picnic facilities you can take advantage of.

The little ones may like the playground area onsite, too.

The park also comes with a community center with multi-faceted rooms.

South Walton Park is on Fairplay Road.

Play Basketball at Stephens Park

River Otter at Stephens Park

Brian Lasenby /

Spend time outside and take in the sights and sounds of Social Circle’s naturescape at Stephens Park.

This community park sits on 9.2 acres.

Among the park’s facilities include a baseball field and a rentable picnic pavilion.

Scenic view of Stephens Park

Wildnerdpix /

Take your outing to the next level with a cookout with the park’s grills.

So, bring the whole family over for some outdoor entertainment

Stephens Park is on Annie P. Henderson Drive.

Alligators at Stephens Park

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Nurture Your Creative Side at the Social Circle Friendship Festival

People strolling around the Social Circle Friendship Festival

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At Social Circle, there’s always a reason to celebrate camaraderie and fellowship.

The Social Circle Friendship Festival is an annual event that brings the community together with shared memories and fun entertainment.

To kickstart this festival, there’s a giant-themed parade and impressive live music.

The festival also sponsors quality local and homemade food, as well as an arts and crafts fair.

For the little ones, the event offers kid-friendly activities and contests.

There’s also a 5k run for those who would like to celebrate with more movement and energy.

The Social Circle Friendship Festival takes place in downtown Social Circle on a Saturday in October.

Enjoy Live Music at Friendship Park Concert

If you want a music-filled vacation at Social Circle, don’t miss out on attending Friendship Park Concert.

This annual July event is the ultimate summer kickoff celebration.

It features outstanding live music from local bands and artists.

There’s also good food served by food stalls and trucks, so you feel energized all throughout the program.

Interested in attending?

So, mark your calendars for Friendship Park Concert!

This event takes place in Friendship Park near South Cherokee Road in Downtown Social Circle.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Test Your Fishing Skills at Lake Varner Reservoir

The waters of Lake Varner Reservoir

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A few miles west of Social Circle lies the Lake Varner Reservoir, a vast reservoir and a famous fishing destination for Georgians.

Find it in nearby Covington, Georgia, 12 minutes away from Social Circle.

Lake Varner Reservoir is an excellent place to cast your line, have a picnic, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Lake Varner Reservoir is also Newton County’s primary water source.

Rocky shore of Lake Varner Reservoir

Georges_Creations /

Likewise, it’s a famous outdoor destination for hikers and off-road mountain bikers because of its paved trails around the lake.

However, the best activity you can enjoy there is fishing.

While casting your line at Lake Varner Reservoir, you might catch some of its notable species.

This reservoir has breams, catfish, crappie, chain pickerel, largemouth bass, hybrid bass, red ear sunfish, and white bass.

Lake Varner Reservoir's wooden dock

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Hike the Trails at the Alcovy Conservation Center

This famous outdoor destination in Covington features some of Georgia’s most excellent hiking trails.

The Alcovy Conservation Center offers top-notch trails, including Dogwood Trail.

This trail takes you through Alcovy River down to Tupelo Gum River Swamp, which boasts scenic woodlands, marshes, and meadows that serve as natural habitats for local wildlife.

Alcovy Conservation Center’s guides also offer guided tours for everyone.

They also have educational and training programs for volunteers for their conservation efforts.

After hiking, don’t forget to visit its 15,000 square feet conservation center.

You can join various lectures about nature and the environment or visit its library, classrooms, and numerous gardens featuring native plants.

Learn to Ride a Horse at Dabney Riding Academy

This prominent horseback riding academy in Mansfield, Georgia, is an excellent place to learn horseback riding with experts.

Mansfield is 11 minutes away from Social Circle.

Besides horseback riding, Dabney Riding Academy is also an exciting place to visit during summer.

Bring your kids to join its annual kids’ summer horse camp.

During the summer camp, your kids will undergo fun-filled riding lessons, arena games, trail rides, and crafting with the academy’s equestrian experts.

Volunteer with the Georgia Wildlife Federation

If you’re a hardcore nature lover, join one of Georgia Wildlife Federation‘s volunteer programs.

These programs guarantee a fun-filled and valuable experience protecting Georgia’s flora and fauna.

Its volunteer program has already produced hundreds of conservationists around Georgia since 1936.

Georgia Wildlife Federation is situated in Covington, west of Social Circle.

You can choose from various programs such as the Georgia Hunters for the Hungry, Camo Coalition, and Georgia Water Coalition.

Of course, there are many more programs waiting for you there, so don’t forget to list down Georgia Wildlife Federation in your itinerary.

Have Another Fishing Trip at Lake Rutledge

The waters of Lake Rutledge

savoryexposure from Atlanta, GA, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re itching for more fishing adventures while in Social Circle, then head to Lake Rutledge, 17 minutes east of the city.

Visiting this famous fishing destination in Rutledge is genuinely worthwhile, especially if you’re an avid angler.

One of the best things about Lake Rutledge is the abundance of fish you can catch.

Some of Lake Rutledge’s common fish species are striped bass, largemouth bass, channel catfish, bluegill, bream, and black crappie.

Visit an Official Movie Set at Camp Daniel Morgan

You must have already seen the iconic horror movie Friday the 13th, set in a secluded summer camp called “Camp Crystal Lake.”

In real life, Camp Crystal Lake is Camp Daniel Morgan in Hard Labor Creek State Park.

It’s a fascinating place to visit and set up camp and wander its vast forested area, minus the infamous Jason Voorhees.

Today, Camp Daniel Morgan often welcomes many visitors.

There are campers, golfers, and horror movie fanatics who want to see the actual place where they shot the iconic horror movie.

You can even kayak across the famous lake where Jason Vorhees emerges, which they call “Lake Brantley.”

In addition, Camp Daniel Morgan also offers nightly hikes and a fun scorpion hunt for everyone.

Final Thoughts

This small city in Georgia is an excellent weekend getaway destination.

If you’re looking for a quality R&R without burning a hole in your pocket, consider traveling to Social Circle.

Start planning your Social Circle trip today!

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